Le Tour

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“Thank you so much for joining us for BRAIN 2020,” said the middle aged woman with a very southern accent. “Once you’ve checked your bags at the trailer, you can go on and get started with your ride. Don’t forget to check out the aid stations here, and at mile 20, 45, and 60. Ride safe!”

The volunteers at these events are always over the top excited, and it almost makes me feel awkward. Six years ago, three friends and I started riding all of these cross-state bike rides that have became popular. This year the Bike Ride Across Indiana (BRAIN is what they call it) was on the list. Except this year, all three friends flaked out on me. They have all gotten married and some have kids, but I’m still just the bachelor.

I had registered ahead of time so I couldn’t get my money back. Plus, I just bought my new road bike- I can still spend money on this type of thing- and I decided I wouldn’t miss the chance to use it. This years ride is 5 days and 435 miles. I’m an average rider, but I’m in the greatest shape of my life at 36.

I am not excited that I’m riding by myself. Part of cycling is the camaraderie that comes from your pals suiting up together and the coffee stop at the end. Even more, these events always have parties with local beer, bands, and food at the end. Its a nice time to unwind. This year, it will just be me, and I could use some alone and quiet time.

On the first day, I ride the 85 miles in just over 4 and a half hours. There is no use pushing myself this early. I’ve still got miles ahead of me. After the first aid station and a water refill, I hit the road and find a group of guys that are riding at a pace I can stand. We finished up ahead of many of the 3000 riders in this years event.

As we roll into a small town in South Central Indiana, I go and pick up my bags from the trailer and head to my hotel. I’m getting to the point where I can’t sleep on the ground after this riding, so I booked rooms at all of the stops.

The next day, I head to the start line bright and early: 7:00 am start after 6:00 wake up, breakfast, and stretch. Day 2 has just 68 miles on the docket, with three aid stations. It is an easy day, but it will be a hot one, 98 degrees.

As I pull up to the first station to refill my water and grab a banana, I see a group of people pulling up as clip back in to the pedals. Near the front of the pack, I see a girl pull up to the water station. As she swings her legs off the bike and takes off her helmet, I catch her eyes for a moment. She is tall, 5’10” with dark brown hair that is cut short. Her eyes were light brown, and her nose curved up at the end to a little point. Her skin tight lycra exposed a busty goddess with a round ass and long, toned legs. Whoever she is, she is fit and sexy as fuck.

I unclip from my pedals and walk back to the station to grab another banana. I don’t really want one, but I want to get a closer look at this rider. I set my helmet on my bike and walk over to grab the snacks. She walks over and asks the attendant for a banana as I approach.

“It sure is a hot one out there. I’ve never ridden in weather like this!” She said to me.

“Yeah, you want to make sure your stopping at each aid station today. Where are you from?” I asked.

“Columbus. You?”

“Milwaukee. How are you enjoying your ride?”

“This has been fun, but I have to admit, I’m not in shape.” She snickered as she said this.

“Oh really, well you look fine… I mean, you look like your doing fine.” We both blushed a little as I illegal bahis said it.

“Thanks. Are you experienced? Like, as a rider?”

“Yeah, I’ve been riding for a while, and I do one of these events each year.”

“Really? This is my first time.” She paused and looked apprehensive. “Do you think I could ride with you for a while to learn?” She bit her bottom lip slightly and cocked her head as she asked.

As I stared at her beautiful body and cute smile, I couldn’t believe that she wanted to ride with me. I felt like I was living in a dream. “Of course.” I said. “Meet over there in 3 minutes to get going?”

“It’s a date!”

“Great. I’m Jeremy, by the way.”

“I’m Libby.”

I walked over to the road and put my helmet back on while reeling from the exchange. I was going to be riding for 40 miles with a sexy woman with a kick ass body. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

She met me on the road and we got started.

“I’ll start on the front and pull for a while. Try and match my cadence. You know that cadence is, right?”

“I think so? That’s how fast you move the pedals?”

“Yeah, that’s right. We will take it easy to start.”

As we rode, I started to find myself daydreaming at what an afternoon in bed with Libby would be like. I wanted to caress her breasts and grab her ass while she rode my cock, which was starting to show through my tight bibshorts. I need to stop this. It is getting to obvious.

“Make sure to ride as close to my wheel as possible. That will decrease the drag you feel and make your ride a little easier!” I shout behind me.

“Okay, Libby, now its your turn to take the front. This will be harder, but I’ll take a short break riding your wheel.”

As Libby passed me, I watched her legs churning. As I sat in behind her, I was mesmerized by her perfect ass in the tight shorts. I sat behind her imagining her naked body bent over in front of me.

“Okay, I need a break!” She yelled.

“Let’s slow it down. We can ride side by side.”

As we rode, we began to chat and laugh. It was brutally hot, so we were drinking lots of water, and eventually, we unzipped our jerseys. As she unzipped, she was wearing her sports bra that was doing everything in its power to contain her massive breasts. At one point, she caught me staring over at her.

For the last 5 miles, I pushed the tempo, partly showing off my strength, but Libby did well to hold on. I could tell it was too much for her, but she didn’t want to give up.

“Libby! You made it. You are an awesome rider.”

“Well, that is because I have an awesome coach. You are so strong. I could watch your legs pedaling all day.”

“Thank. I could watch you all day too. I mean, I was watching your form, and its really good.” What a dumbass I can be… “Well, I’m going to go check my bike in and then head to my room for a shower.”

“Ok, Jeremy. Are you going to come out to the party tonight? I hear its a country band!”

“Yeah, I’ll probably stop by. But you don’t seriously like country though, do you?”

“Oh God no!” She laughed and touched my chest, “But live music does something to me. I’ll see you out there.”

When I got to my room, I showered and masturbated thinking of Libby. I couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. I pictured the sweat glistening off of her body and her long legs wrapped around my body. After I got out of the shower, I collapsed on my bed and slept. It was 7:00 pm when I finally woke up an realized I was going to miss illegal bahis siteleri out if I didn’t leave soon.

I stopped at the beer tent for a few beers and got a burger from a local joint that had a booth. I walked over to the lawn feeling a bit tipsy, but generally full, rested and happy. The band was playing country classics, and while I can’t stand country, I was having a good time.

Shortly after I arrived, I heard someone yelling my name.

“Jeremy! I didn’t think you’d make it!”

It was Libby. She was wearing a white tank top with no bra and short short navy blue shorts. She might as well have been wearing nothing. As she walked over, every part of her was bouncing. People were staring and commenting under their breath.

“Come dance with me, silly. I’m having a blast!”

“How much have you had to drink?” I asked her.

“Like 5 beers. 5 beer? Beers? I don’t know. Get over here.”

She grabbed my hand and walked me out in the middle of the crowd. We started to move together to the music, both of us a little drunk. Our bodies came closer together, and I felt her chest against mine as our foreheads met and we stared at each other. There was still sweat drops on her shoulders and breast. Things were getting hot, and not just from the heat.

Suddenly, she turned around and started to rub her ass on my cock. She raised her hands in the air as I reached down to her hips to guide her body. She grabbed my hands and guided one to her breasts and one to her shorts.

“Libby, there are families watching. Maybe we should wait?”

“Shhh… Just move with me.”

Just then the band announced this was their last song and the evening would be over. As the song ended, Libby and I looked at each other, and she kissed me with a long kiss.

“See you tomorrow for another lesson?”, she asked.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

The next day, Libby and I met for the next stage. It was another hot day with 96 miles. It was the longest, most painful day of riding. Libby really struggled to hold up with me.

“Jeremy, just go ahead. I can’t do this.”

“C’mon Libby! Don’t give up.”

Together, we slogged through the rest of the day, and at the end, we collapsed on the ground next to each other.

“I can’t believe I made it” Libby said.

“I can. You’re amazing.”

Libby smiled and rolled over to rest her head on my chest. She then rolled her leg over top of mine. My dick started to grow hard in my lycra.

“Jeremy? Can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Can I shower in your room? These group showers are terrible and don’t even have hot water.”

“Yeah, Libby. That’s fine. Let’s get our stuff.”

As we checked in our bikes and grabbed our bags, I could see that today’s ride had really gassed her. She seemed like she was totally shot. As we got to the room, I opened the door and carried both of our bags into the room.

“I’m going to hop on in the shower if that is ok?”

“Yeah, Libby, go for it.”

Libby walked in the bathroom and locked the door and I heard the water turn on. When I thought it was safe, I took off my lycra and put on my gym shorts, then collapsed on the bed and dozed off for a moment.

Twenty minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and Libby walked out. Wearing nothing but the white hotel towel, she walked to the foot of my bed.

“You’ve been such a good coach, you deserve this.”

She dropped the towel exposing her naked body, still glistening canlı bahis siteleri with water from the shower. Every inch of Libby was perfect. She started to crawl on the bed towards me. We immediately began kissing, and her hand started to rub my cock. My hands reached for the small of her back to pull her close to me.

She pulled away from me and smiled, and said, “Go take your shower. I don’t want to suck your sweaty cock.”

When I got out of the shower, I returned to Libby sitting legs spread on the bed and fingering her pussy. I climbed back on the bed and we made out some more. This time, she pulled away and went down on my cock.

First, she licked the head, and I reached down to pull back her hair. As she continued to take more and more of my cock in her mouth, she looked up at me with her cute nose and eyes. My cock was throbbing as she worked it with her thick lips. As she continued to suck, she worked her clit with her left hand.

As I laid back, she stopped sucking my cock and straddled me. She slowly inserted my dick into her pussy that I could feel was warm, welcoming, and wet. She let out a slight sigh as she finally took all of me inside her. She started to rock back and forth on my dick. She felt so good, and watching her breasts move was entrancing. As she began to move more vigorously, I sat up and started to suck one of her nipples and play with the other. This drove her wild.

The bed began to creak as she used all of her muscles and weight to get my cock inside of her. She began to get loud and I continued to play with her breasts.

I pushed her off of me and laid her on her side as I laid behind her. I lifted up her left leg exposing her dripping wet pussy. I licked my fingers and rubbed her clit, then grabbed my cock and rubbed it against her clit. As I finally penetrated, I felt her body quiver. I wrapped both arms around to squeeze her tits. Now I was furiously giving it to her, pumping in and out.

Before I could cum, I pulled out, flipped her on to her stomach, lifted up her hips, and fucked her doggy style. She reached her orgasm as I pumped in and out. I said, “I’m about to cum.”

She turned around and started to jerk my cock and lick it, when I finally shot my load all over her tits.

“Holy shit, Jeremy. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.”

“And I’ve never been fucked like that before…”

“We better go clean up…”

As we walked to the shower, I knew that I wasn’t done with Libby. I wanted more. We hopped in the shower with steamy water pouring down on us. I rubbed soap all over her body, and we began to kiss again. I felt like I was ready to go again.

As we kissed, I started to play rough with her tits. I pulled her nipples, bit them, and squeezed her large breasts together. Libby like this as more than I did and screamed, “Take me again.”

I turned her around and pushed her against the wall of the shower and fucked her from behind. She worked her clit while I feverishly pushed my cock faster and deeper inside of her. Just before I came, she orgasmed, and I pulled out and blew my load all over her ass.

Once we finished, we walked back to the bed and collapsed. We slept through the night until the next morning and headed off for the next ride. That ride was much less eventful than the ride the night before, but at the end, we met in the hotel for yet another wild fuck.

Libby dropped out before the last day. She wasn’t ready for this kind of event. But on the last day as I crossed the line, she was there, waiting for me to go back to my room and suck my cock, tit fuck me, ride me reverse cow-girl, and let me pound her from behind three times that night.

This was probably my best ride ever. And Libby was an even better ride.

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