1Leanne yelped as the first slap struck home on her bare arse cheek, leaving a red hand mark and a stinging sensation she hadn’t felt since she was very young. The second slap caught her other cheek and brought tears to her eyes. The heat was making her wet. Her embarrassment of having her arse stuck way up into the sky heightened her arousal. Being bent over a car bonnet with her pants around her ankles and her skirt hitched up over her waist was bad enough, but knowing that at least twelve men were watching her public humiliation and at least four of those were already jerking their cocks just added to her wants.“Harder,” she rasped between clenched teeth.His hand stuck her arse with a resounding slap that had her gasping and tears to course over her cheeks, carrying makeup in two streaks that joined at her chin before dripping off. She arched her back and stood on tiptoe, lifting her bottom higher and giving the audience an uninterrupted view of her shaven twat.He struck again, a stinging blow that added to the redness and the heat in her belly. Her pussy began to cream and drip.“Yes, beat me hard.”She wanted, needed to be beaten until she was ready to take those cocks she knew would be hers to milk, very soon. She intended to return home covered in man jizz. She wanted it to be caked in her hair, soaked into her dress and her skin, to be stinking of it. She intended to be absolutely drenched in baby-making milk. See how that fucking cunt, called her boyfriend, liked that.Enticing a stranger to provide transport to this popular dogging spot on the heath had been the work of but a few minutes only. Leanne had dressed for the occasion in a very short, plunge-necked dress and the highest heels she could find. A raised eyebrow in the pub had elicited many admiring glances and a few minutes later, had her being transported to the car park of the heath where couples went to fuck in public. Her poor driver had almost lost his load as she stroked his cock through his jeans while promising him that she was going to suck his balls dry. When she told him that he was to bend her over the bonnet of his car, yank her dress up and pull her pants down so he could spank her, he groaned and, somehow, managed to keep the car in a straight line.Only a few cars were parked up there when they arrived. Barry, her driver and the one chosen to be her instrument of punishment, pulled over and parked in a prominent position. At one o’clock in the afternoon, it was a bit early for the mainstream Doggers, but word had gone around the pub she had extracted Barry from and within ten minutes, six or seven cars pulled up alongside and a crowd of a dozen eager watchers was congregating.“Okay lover boy, time for the show.”She had told him as she opened the door of the car to get out, flashing her milky white thighs as she did so. She sounded rather more confident than she really was.Barry suddenly had an attack of nerves. Performing in front of his drinking buddies was a bit more than he had bargained for, so his exit from the car was a little hesitant, but he made it after a few seconds.Leanne bent herself over his bonnet and waited for Barry to lift her dress and pull her panties down. Again, he was a bit hesitant and needed her hissed encouragement to get on with it, more for her own benefit than his. She didn’t want time to change her mind.The forth slap really stung, Barry had put his weight into it. Leanne moaned and tried to lift her arse even higher. Her cunt was soaking now, glistening in the sunlight and dripping to the tarmac between her feet. Her arousal had reached a peak. She was ready to be used by these strangers, in any way. It was reckless, but Leanne didn’t care. If Rob wanted to go screwing around, then so could she, but in a far more spectacular way.Barry had other ideas and decided she needed a little more stimulation. Seeing his handprints on her bare skin seemed only to inflame his desire to punish this whore even more. His next slap landed slightly more central, his fingertips smacked against the puckered opening of her anus.Leanne yelped even louder and began to stand up in reaction.“You, and you, grab her and hold her down,” Barry yelled to the nearest on-lookers.Three men jumped forward, two grabbed an arm each, pulling her flat over the bonnet while the third grabbed her feet, lifting them off the floor. Her panties fell to the tarmac.“Spread them,” he ordered.Her legs were pulled apart, exposing her twat even further. Her wetness dribbled onto the paintwork of the car.He aimed carefully and landed a hard slap that caught her labia with a resounding slap of wet flesh. She screamed as the sting registered and then screamed again as his next blow landed squarely on her cunt.Leanne was sobbing now, protesting at the treatment she was getting, but her body betrayed her as she raised her hips to meet his blows that came regularly, hitting her moist lips and intimate parts. She knew she should stop this but at the same time, craved the attention and the mounting desire her body wanted.Barry stopped slapping her and pulled his cock out. The eight inches of purple-veined meat was hard and dripping pre-cum. He rubbed his lubricant over his bell-end and lined it up with her hole, his previous hesitancy forgotten in the heat of the moment.He shoved forward and plunged himself deeply into her, burying his bahis şirketleri whole length in one motion and began to fuck her in rapid strokes.Leanne was gasping and sobbing and snivelling all at the same time. To shut her up, one of the watchers who had been rubbing himself, grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so that his cock was level with her mouth. Dutifully, Leanne parted her lips and gagged a little as he thrust to the back of her throat and started to fuck her mouth.Leanne sucked as much as she could, tasting his knob and smelling the musk of his pubic hair. If she needed an aphrodisiac, that was it. His hardness in her mouth told her he was about to cum already. Somehow she managed to get his cock out long enough to tell him to shoot his load in her hair. A few rubs of his saliva coated cock had several good spurts of jizz spraying over her dark brown tresses.“Barry. Cum over my back please,” she gasped in time with his thrusts.As Barry pulled out of her twat, so another was entering her mouth. A fat cock pushed between her teeth to nestle on her tongue. She suckled on the stranger’s meat, relishing the taste of him. Barry’s load flew over her back, splashing on her exposed skin and catching the folds of her dress, staining it forever.She felt her arse cheeks being pulled apart and suddenly, a hard cock was pushing against her rosebud anus. Leanne had never been fucked in her bum, but wasn’t able to complain when the cock in her mouth was twitching, ready to deliver a fresh load. Another tick on her bucket list, being double teamed had long been a fantasy. The sudden pain of her anus being opened and spread by a thick cockhead, made her gasp, and the mouthful spurt its load. Leanne tried to swallow as much as she could, but quite a bit of the stranger’s creamy spend dribbled down her chin to soak into the front of her dress.The whole length of the unseen stranger’s cock was now deep inside her butt and was stroking at a rhythmic pace. She could feel every vein as it slid inside her. The sensation had her creaming; her orgasm approached as she thrust back on his cock, driving him deeper into her, the initial discomfort forgotten in the rush she was getting. Leanne found her hands free and managed to get a finger on her clit. It was a devastating move that took her completely. She shouted “Oh my God!” several times as she came squishily around her fingers.The pounding in her arse quickened — he was nearing his climax. She wanted it over her face and begged for him to let her finish him off. She was flipped over and knelt on the tarmac as she jerked his huge cock off. The guy groaned and shot a load straight into her eye, making her blink rapidly and laugh as the next spurt hit her nose and lips.Leanne could hardly support herself. Her knees were trembling too much and coordination was a little off. A couple of guys realised her predicament and helped her up, then laid her on the bonnet of Barry’s car. Three more cocks were being rubbed furiously until glob after glob hit her in the face and coated her hair. Cum dribbled down her front, leaching into her bra and dress. It was going to be ruined, but that was her intention.Her knees were parted roughly by unseen hands to allow another cock to enter her cunt. She looked down as she felt something huge being pushed into her. The new lover was a gigantic black man whose meat was fast disappearing into her wanton body. Leanne had never been so massively filled, it felt like a rod had been pushed up her cunt and was now fucking her hard, driving the breath out of her lungs at the force of his thrusts.Somehow, she managed to grasp a cock that was in her eye line and began to jerk it off in time with the black guys thrusting.“Oh…my…fuck…ing…god,” she moaned in time. Her cunt was on fire as another climax hit her in waves of pleasure. “I…want..to..swa…ll…ow… that.. moth…er…fuck…er.”He pulled out of her, leaving her feeling suddenly empty. His cock was huge as she got a close up of it. Ten, twelve inches she thought and parted her lips to receive the glistening head. Leanne worked her throat, managing to get most of it down without gagging. The size made her eyes water as she forced him as deeply as she could manage without throwing up on him. Everyone stopped to watch as probably nine inches disappeared. They could see her throat bulge where he was pushed way beyond the back of her mouth. She pulled him out, took a deep breath and then shoved him all the way into her throat quickly, knowing that he was going to blast his load straight into her guts and knowing that was exactly what she wanted.The black guy moaned as his cock stiffened and twitched.“I’m going to cum!” he yelled, giving her a chance to change her mind.But Leanne was bent on her task and forced him even deeper so that his balls slapped against her chin. Blast after blast shot straight down her throat. She didn’t need to swallow, it had nowhere else to go but right into her stomach.He pulled out and she gasped, tasting his spunk on her breath as ragged gasps filled her lungs.Another cock was pushed into her arse, but wasn’t quite so large so wasn’t a problem. He came very quickly, blasting his jizz over her stomach.Leanne was too fucked to take any more and held her hands up to let them know she was done. A few of her appreciative audience, jerked over her, shooting cum bahis firmaları over her body and tits while she rested, prone on the bonnet of her car..Then, one by one, they all drifted off to their cars and drove away. Some of them had the decency to tell her thanks and praise her as a complete star.“Barry, would you drive me home please?”She stunk of cum and sex and was as happy as she could possibly be.“Sure.”He helped her into the passenger seat and dropped her outside her apartment ten minutes later with a heartfelt thank you and a promise to do it all over again sometime. Her dress was ruined beyond repair. Cum dripped off of her and was congealing in her hair and drying on her body. Her pants were left behind in the car park, forgotten.Rob, her boyfriend would be waiting inside, probably going frantic by now, but fuck him she thought. His little escapade with her best friend was well and truly paid back now. She only wished she had thought about having someone record it, the same as he had done with Jill.2“Where the fucking hell have you be…”Rob stood at the top of the stairs, arms akimbo and his face red with rage. Midway through the sentence, he realise Leanne looked as if she had been in a train wreck.“What the fuck happened to you?” he yelled, not moving off of his spot to allow her to pass. “Fucking hell Leanne, you smell like a whore and you’re covered in goo. Where have you been?”“Having a fucking good time,” she answered and pushed past him.“What is that supposed to mean?”But he knew already that his girlfriend was splattered with spunk and judging by the amount, it was with more than one donor.“It means Rob, that I fucked a group of strangers in the car park on the common. It means I got well and truly reamed and it means I swallowed cock and cum till I was totally buggered and covered in it,” she paused to take a breath while he stared open-mouthed at her. “It means Rob, that you can fuck off. You’re extra to use.”Leanne headed for the bedroom, but Rob was not finished with her.“You did what? You fucking slut. How many of them?”“I gave up counting.” She rounded on him and screamed, “And, if I’m a slut, what does that make you eh? Is it alright for you to go fucking around but not me? Is that it? Eh?”“I ain’t been fucking around,” he answered, defensively.“Oh yeah, so what’s the fucking video you left playing on your laptop? Jill has a nice arse don’t she?” she spat at him venomously.He looked shocked, trapped and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came for a moment.“So lover boy, as I said, you can fuck off. I don’t need you anymore.”“Half the flat is mine.”“Half the stuff in this flat is your shit, but the flat belongs to Daddy, remember?”She knew she had won and could see the defeat in his eyes.“And, do you know what? I am going to do the whole thing again, perhaps even make a fucking movie, just like you and my ex-friend Jill did.”She drove the knife home, straight between his second and third ribs. Her words held a barb that ensured maximum damage.“Leanne, I can explain…” he began, but was cut off as she rounded on him and screamed.“Explain… Explain. What the fuck can you say to explain fucking my best friend and then, if that wasn’t enough, making a fucking video of it? Explain that away you total shit.”She paused for a breath and an effort to get her rage under control.“I can’t believe you’d fuck Jill. I can’t believe she would fuck you. She is going to get it… fucking big time. Now, fuck off Rob. Take your stuff and just fuck off. I don’t want to see you again.”He stood, transfixed, suddenly lost and realising that he had nowhere to go. Leanne could read his thoughts.“Why not piss off to Jill’s? She seems to like you well enough and a damned sight more than I do.”“Look Leanne, calm down okay? It was a one-off thing, it meant nothing.”He spread his hands in supplication and an effort to retrieve the situation.“Calm down? You want me to calm down? Rob, I gotta tell you, if I were calm, you would be fucking murdered in cold blood. I’m going for a shower to wash this shit off me. You had better be gone when I get out, otherwise, you might just find out how fucking angry I am when I have calmed down. Go on, fuck off.”She dropped her ruined dress to the floor and gave him a glimpse of just how much cum had covered her body and soaked into her bra.An hour later, after she had washed the collective mess left by her temporary lovers and spent a little time making sure her arse was thoroughly cleaned, Leanne sat on the edge of her bed, drying her hair and plotting her revenge. Rob had obviously just thrown some clothes into a sports bag and taken her advice. He was nowhere to be seen. She hoped that he hadn’t gone to Jill’s for succour because she didn’t want Jill to know, just yet, that she had been rumbled.“Hi Jill. Have you seen Rob?” she asked over the phone. She made an effort to keep her voice moderated.“No I haven’t seen him for a couple of days. Is everything okay?”“We had a fight…” That wasn’t a lie and was a safe statement. “… I could do with a friend right now. Can you come over?” She tried just about the right amount of pleading to appeal to her friend’s sense of sympathy.“Sure, I’ll bring a bottle shall I?”“Okay.”“See you in a few minutes.”Leanne hung up and loaded the CD that Rob and her erstwhile best friend had made. She realised that kaçak bahis siteleri it had been made at Jill’s flat. She recognised the curtains and furniture.The doorbell rang. Leanne buzzed Jill in and pressed play on the machine. Jill’s ass played on the large plasma screen on the wall. The sound was down, seeing her friend getting royally fucked by Rob was bad enough, listening to her scream his name as she was obviously having a fantastic orgasm, was a step too far.“Hi Leanne, I brought a bottle. So what… Oh!”She recognised what was playing on the large screen and stood in shocked silence as his cock was pounding her pussy as she rode him.“I threw Rob out and, before I kick the shit out of you, wanted to give you a chance to explain, if you can. Explain why my best friend would fuck my boyfriend, the guy I was going to marry. Can you explain that?”Leanne rose from the settee, full of threat, which was implied by her posture. Her hands made into fists and her complexion ruddy from anger.Jill stepped back automatically. Her mouth formed a moue of surprise and shock at the level of rage she was facing.“I… I can’t explain it Leanne, it just sort of happened.”She dropped the bottle of wine on the table next to her and made ready to run, keeping her hand on the door handle so that she could put the door between them if needed.“I’m sorry. Really, I am so sorry.”“Why Jill, why did you do it? I thought we were friends. Fuck me Jill, we’ve known each other since we were three. I trusted you above all else and this is how you repay me?”She nodded towards the screen where Jill and Rob were still joined in lust and fucking towards a climax.“I’m truly sorry. As I said, it just happened. It was just the one time.”She put her palm up in a placating gesture.“How could it just have happened? You made a fucking video for chrissakes. Did it just happen to be recording when Rob jumped you? It takes time to set the fucking machine up, it takes planning, not some spur of the moment fucking job. Jill, you fucked my boyfriend, you fucked him and recorded the fucking thing. How could you?”Tears coursed down her cheeks. Tears of anger and frustration that she hadn’t hit her friend, tears of betrayal, her vision was blurred which was probably a good thing because it meant she couldn’t line her friend’s face up to be slapped.“Rob told me he had left you. Actually, he told me you had thrown him out. He was looking for sympathy and somehow, we ended up in bed. The video was his idea. I don’t even have a recorder. It seems we were both tricked by him.”Jill took a step towards Leanne, wanting to throw her arms around her and try and make it all better.“Don’t Jill. Right now, I could fucking kill you. Best you just go.”Leanne turned away and hit the eject button on the remote.“You can take that as a souvenir.”“I can’t leave you like this Leanne.”She didn’t know what to say but didn’t want to leave with things unsettled between them.“You really need to go Jill. I want some time to myself and then we will see.”“Okay. I’ll call you, okay?”Jill didn’t want to press things, realising Leanne needed some time to get over the anger she was feeling right now. She left, shutting the door behind her. Leaving the wine and the CD and only remembering it after the front door had closed behind her.Leanne sobbed. Hiding her face in her hands as her shoulders heaved with each wracking sob threatening to overwhelm her. She had never felt quite as alone as she did at this moment in time. Never felt so betrayed and never felt quite so friendless. Hers was a forlorn sight and lasted for a few days.She had had her revenge on Rob. The escapade with Barry and the others from the pub flew around as a hot topic, growing in wildness as the telling went from one to another. Strangely, her reputation grew alongside the embellishments. Instead of thinking her a slut, those that knew she had slung Rob out and the reason for his expulsion, marvelled at her brazenness and her sense of revenge. She quickly passed into folklore as someone who had shown bravery akin to that on the battlefield. Rob didn’t fare so well and was universally shunned.Some months later, her doorbell rang. Leanne picked up the receiver on the door intercom.“Who is it?” she asked, not expecting anyone.“Um… Hi Leanne. It’s Barry,” the disembodied voice announced.“Barry who?”“From the pub, you know, from the common.”“Oh.” The mental picture ran through her mind. “What do you want Barry?”“Well, I was hoping you might like to come out for a drink.”It had taken Barry a few days to pluck up the courage to push her doorbell.“Er… No, it’s okay Barry. I’m… er… a little busy right now.”What she really wanted to say was, fuck off you creep. Having him in the car park was one thing, but having him as a boyfriend was something else entirely.“Oh! Okay. See you around perhaps.”He removed his finger from the intercom.His prospective call started her thinking. She didn’t want a boyfriend right now, but since her legendary episode in the car park, she hadn’t been laid and suddenly missed it. Up to now, she had been too busy feeling sorry for herself and licking wounds. But, Barry ringing her doorbell suddenly tuned her out of that phase. No, it was time to get back into the world, but on her own terms.She realised that, although her actions had been out of spite and in revenge towards the betrayal of Rob and Jill, she had really enjoyed the feeling of being used by any number of strangers. She remembered the total climax as their cocks used her body to dump their loads in and on. Then the thought struck her. Well, why not?

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