Subject: Learning to Like It Big, Chapter One This story is pure fiction and will contain scenes of sex between men and boys, some of which are related and/or underage. This story is my first on the site, I welcome any feedback and will try to respond to all messages. Email: malewriter7@proton.me Kik: StagInRut Learning to like it big Chapter one Tommy had for the most part had always knew he liked looking at other boys and men since he was old enough to remember. Living in a house out in the sticks gave him, his brothers, and father the opportunity to go naked often. He had grown up knowing what they all looked like and had many opportunities to see them up close. But then one night he saw something he really wanted to see more of. Upon waking up in the middle of the night he looked across the room. His next oldest brother, Peter who he shared his room with was sleeping naked like usual. But Peter had recently started growing hair on his body, just like his two older brothers and father. Also like them his pee pee, as Tommy called it, had started getting big. Tommy had been told this meant a boy was becoming a man. But unlike all the times he’d seen it before, it was now much larger and thicker. Tommy knew he wanted to touch it and play with it so he did. Getting out of bed, he crept across the small bedroom to Peter’s bed. Leaning in he marveled at the young teen’s throbbing hard on. Reaching out his hand, he grabbed the thick meat and began playing with it. He ran his hand up and down the shaft, feeling the veins and ridges. He gently rolled the foreskin back. Admiring his brother’s endowment, Tommy notice a clear fluid leaking from the large mushroom head of Peter’s dick. Seeing it wasn’t pee but something else the boy scooped it up and rubbed it between his fingers. He giggled at how slippery it was, but then he began to wonder what it was. In fact he has a lot of questions but knew his brother would be mad if he woke şişli travesti him up. So he decided to go back to bed. The following morning his older brothers had already gotten up for sports and driving to school. Tommy on the other hand went to elementary school, and not middle or highschool, so he had to be dropped off by his dad. Walking downstairs for breakfast he saw his dad sitting at the breakfast table in just his robe eating cereal. “Morning kiddo, how’d you sleep last night?” his dad asked. “Not bad, I woke up in the middle of the night but then I went back to bed.” Tommy noticed his dad was raising his eyebrow and looking at him expectantly. He knew he was going to ask a follow up question. “Is that all that happened last night? Do you do anything when you woke up? Maybe to your big brother?” Tommy turned bright red and started to tear up when his father rounded the breakfast table and hugged him “Don’t cry kiddo, you’re not in trouble. We just need to talk about last night.” His dad said while holding him to his chest. “I’m sorry Daddy, should I not have touched his pee pee?” the little boy asked looking into his father’s eyes. His boy cock was already hard thinking about last night and from being this close to his dad. He couldn’t help but enjoy his dad’s cologne and the feeling of his strong muscles. “Well son, it depends. You should only ask to touch someone’s privates if you have a special relationship with them. If you do have that kind of relationship then you can touch them but only if they say you can.” “Can I ask Peter when he gets home?” “Yes you can kiddo. But there’s something you need to know that’s very important.” “What’s that?” His dad stood up and picked his son up so they could look eye to eye. “A lot of people think little boys shouldn’t be touching anyone’s privates. Or that anyone should be touching theirs. So I need you to keep it secret if you do. Never tell anyone about beylikdüzü travesti all of this okay? If you don’t keep it a secret, me and your brothers and anyone else you do stuff with could get in a lot of trouble.” Tommy nodded very enthusiastically, not wanting to get anyone in trouble. He also noticed his dad was carrying him to his bedroom. “Um daddy, why are we going to your bed room?” “Well kiddo, I’m sure you have lots of questions after last night so I’m going to answer them for you just like I did with your brothers and grampa did with me when I was a little younger than you.” His dad laid Tommy down and asked him “So what did you see last night?” “I saw Peter’s pee pee but it was bigger than normal and hard. And clear stuff was leaking from it. Was he going to pee the bed daddy?” His dad sat down beside him “No, what you saw was an erection, or a hard on. And call it a cock or dick. The real word for is penis though, but adults call it a cock or dick. And he wasn’t peeing, what you saw was called precum. Men and boys make precum when their dicks get hard and something is making their dicks feel good.” “Do you do that too Daddy?” “Yes son. All men and boys get hard ons at some point in their lives. Usually very often.” “Can I see your pee-pee… I mean your cock get hard and make the clear stuff?” “Yes you can son. Just remember this has to be a secret.” Tommy’s Dad stood up and dropped his robe. He had seen all his brothers and dad naked before but this seemed different. Seeing his dad walk up and present his hairy cock and huge bull balls to him so he could explore it and seeing it get hard made Tommy get hard immediately. Reaching out he grabbed ahold of the thick and massive cock and asked, “Daddy, I can feel it getting hard! It’s so much bigger than Peter’s!” The boy marveled at the throbbing organ as his father said, “Yeah kiddo, the men in our family are bigger than most men. Even istanbul travesti you.” “Really? How much bigger are we?” Tommy’s father stood the boy up and stripped him as he rubbed the boy’s chubby little cock between two fingers. After he got him fully erect he walked over to his work clothes in the corner and pulled out a tape measure. Walking back he lined his son’s cock up. “Looks like you’re 4.5 inches hard son. That’s as big as some adult men.” “Really? Can I measure yours?” His father nodded as the boy took the tape measure in one hand and lined up the cock that made him. It was so thick his little hand didn’t even go a third the way around. “Wow Daddy, you’re 13 inches! That more than a foot right?” “That’s right kiddo, but you’ll be as big as me and your grampa. In fact you’re bigger than me when I was you age.” Looking down in amazement, “Daddy you’re leaking the clear stuff!” With a wicked grin the man asked “Do you want to taste it?” Without being told Tommy leaned over and took the tip in his mouth. Moaning loudly, he was shocked. He expected Tommy to use his finger to scoop some up or even just a lick but he wasn’t going to say no to a blow job. He stood there enjoying the feeling a tiny boy tongue swirling around his piss slit, lapping up his precum. The boy’s father grabbed him by the waist and held him upside down before laying down on the bed with his son in his hairy abs. While his son was busy tonguing his cock head and sucking up precum, the man began rubbing the boy’s tiny, pink, tight, asshole. As he gave it’s poke, he noticed his boy moan in pleasure. He licked his finger tip and began to press into it. As he felt the pucker give way, Tommy actually slid his ass backwards onto his dad’s finger, all the way to the second knuckle. However soon enough the man felt himself getting close so he pulled his son off his massive hairy cock. “Hey son, I’ve got some other stuff to show you if you want.” “Yes daddy, I wanna do more! It felt really good when you were poking my butt!” The man went to go call his son out of school for the rest of the week. He had some plans for the boy. Unlike his older brothers, it seemed Tommy was a natural bottom. More to cum…

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