LEARNING TO TAKE DICK-TATIONThe add in the paper read Assistant with some secretarial duties it promised great pay good hours health benefits you name it sounds too good to be true right? Still I had to find out I had been out of work for a while now the bills were piling up and I needed cash like yesterday so I went to see about the job…I dressed to kill wearing a clingy black number spiky heels and my almost real diamond earrings I got there for the interview early and the woman at the desk directed me to an office down the hall the door was closed so I knocked and heard a woman say “Come in please!” I opened the door and there she sat behind this huge desk in this huge leather chair that looked expensive and comfortable she had her hands folded and was looking me right in the eyes I stared back for a moment then looked down she liked that I guess and offered me the chair in front of her desk to sit in it was hard and uncomfortable and barely contained my bottom but I sat in it and folded my own hands across my knees the woman whose name I saw on the placard on her desk is named Kerry she takes my resume from the top of a pile of other resumes and places it in front of her she scans it over and looks up “So Miss Thomas I see you have experience and a good work history and that you live not too far away that’s good as we would need you to be quickly accessible to Mr. Johnston…hmmm looks like you’ve been out of work for awhile I know things are tough out there!” She paused as if considering what to do next then she asked me to stand up she looked me over then asked me to turn around so I did…”Mr Johnston likes a certain girl with a certain look and I must say you might fit the bill but you have to be able to do certain things things you may or may not object to doing!” “Come around the desk Miss Thomas please…” So I did then she turned towards me then hiked up her skirt she wasn’t wearing any panties and her vagina was staring right at me I was shocked to say the least I didn’t know what Kerry wanted me to do and then she told me! “I want you to have this job but you have to prove yourself to me first before you get it can you do that? I knew what she wanted me to do the Bitch and I was going to leave but I needed this job so badly I just had to get it so I said “Yes I can!” Kerry smiled a yeah I’ve got you now smile and said “Get on your knees NOW!” I did then she reached forward grabbed my face with both hands and guided me to her pussy “Now eat me!” She demanded! I had never licked a woman’s pussy before and I wasn’t sure how to do it so I stuck out my tongue and lapped at it a little then she said “Make me cum and the job is yours!” So I tried to remember all the things my boyfriend used to do to me to make me cum I slipped two fingers up inside her then I peeled back the hood of her clitoris and took between my lips then licked it flicking my tongue back and forth up and down Kerry began moaning and I knew I was doing it right then I remembered the G-spot and curved my fingers to find it under her pelvis bone I found it there and began massaging it rhythmically well that did it I thought the top of her head was going to explode the intense way that she came her hands were in my hair and she was rubbing my face all over her pussy until I was soaked with her fluids when she finished cumming she said “Two things Miss Thomas one you got the job and two please look at the ceiling behind you!” So I turned and looked up and there in the corner was a camera and a red light was on softly blinking I turned around to her and she was smiling “Mr Johnston likes to watch sometimes hope you don’t mind!” I didn’t know how to react if I got mad I could lose the job so I just played it cool and said “No it’s okay I don’t mind!” Then Kerry told me to stand up please so I did then she got up pulling her skirt down over her sopping wet pussy she told me to use her bathroom to freshen up so I went inside and looked at my face in the mirror it was all slick with her cum juices and my lipstick was kind of smeared a little so I washed my face clean of her then reapplied my makeup while thinking to myself I got the job but I had to eat a woman’s pussy to orgasm to get it what would I have to do to keep it? I didn’t have too much time to think about that as Kerry tapped on the door “Almost ready Amanda?” She called me by my first name she must have really enjoyed that…I exited the bathroom and Kerry took me to see my new office and it was gorgeous with a view and a beautiful desk with a nice comfortable looking chair she saw the way I was looking at the room and knew I was hooked then she took me to personnel to fill out all the paperwork blah blah blah then Kerry told me when I was done to come see her so a little while later I knocked on her door then she took me to meet Mr. Johnston his office which was upstairs and so we took the stairs up and I watched Kerry’s ass bouncing up the stairs the woman needed to cut down on the cheesecake… we walked down a hall to a beautiful wood door with a gold handle that bore Mr Johnston’s name Kerry knocked and we heard a “Come in!” so we entered a very lavish office Mr Johnston sat at the far end behind a very lavish desk he wasn’t that much to look at older slightly balding with a bit of a paunch I thought to myself he doesn’t look so bad…looks can be deceiving as I later found out! Kerry introduced us she said “This is your new assistant Mr Johnston!” Mr Johnston looked at me with hard eyes “Not yet she isn’t Kerry!” Then he got up and came over to me he gave me the up and down and a slow walk around then facing me he smiled and extended his hand “Now! She is!” as he took my hand and shook it just a little too long looking into my eyes I endured his scrutiny by looking coy and not looking defiant I knew what he wanted and he was going to get it that office was going to be mine I was a determined woman…”You start tomorrow!” he stated I beamed a smile at him “Thank you Mr. Johnston” he smiled a curiously devilish smile back and then dismissed us both on the ride down in the elevator Kerry gave my bottom a squeeze “Guess he liked what he saw Amanda you do have an amazing body I must say!” I smiled back at the woman whose pussy I could still taste in my mouth and said “Thank you I work out every morning!” I thought to myself its something you should try for yourself LOL…Kerry looked at my body wantonly she was a total lesbo I could tell and replied “Keep it that way he likes a firm tight body on his assistant it makes him look better to be seen by clients with a hot girl at his side!” “Will do Kerry!” I said softly I knew how to play this bitch too…The next morning I went to work and brought some stuff to make the office my own when I entered my office I saw my name on a wooden placard there sitting atop my desk the bitch knew I would take the job and had had the sign made up in advance she had it put there to let me know that she already knew I was going to take the position…that’s okay let her think she knows me so well maybe I’ll just surprise her sometime…yeah I had some ideas but I would have to suck up to Mr Johnston for awhile hmmm maybe that might be to prophetic a word for it but I knew what was coming I had no doubt about what might be expected of me from him no doubt at all…About an hour later I was summoned to his office he wanted me to take some dictation and I figured it would turn out to be me taking some Dick-tation but I was prepared for that I entered his office and there he was behind his desk looking like the little dictator king that he was there was a chair next to his and he beckoned me to sit in it so I did then he began to dictate a letter and I could see him staring at my cleavage…I do have nice firm breasts I keep them that way using a variety of exercises…yeah Mr Johnston was digging my tits big time so what the heck I let him see more I bent further over my steno pad letting my tits suspend there it was kind of a turn on teasing him like this and my nipples got hard Mr Johnston stuttered a few times and when I looked up he had a good boner working in his pants I decided to play with him a little so I took the end of my pen with the cap on it reached over and traced the length of his cock with it well that just made his cock get really hard he had a nice big cock too and I was curious to see it so I looked up at him smiled and said “Shall I do something about this Mr Johnston?” while still rubbing his cock with my pen Mr Johnston said “Miss Thomas would you take care of that for me!” I stood up zipped my dress pulled it up over my head then tossed it on his desk then I slowly removed my bra and panties Mr Johnston looked like he might explode in his his pants he looked so pleased “I like to do this naked hope you don’t mind sir!” I teased him“No please go right ahead Miss Thomas!” there was an urgency in his voice that told me to get busy or he would be having an underwear problem real soon I was still in my high heels as I knelt down before him I unzipped his fly then reached in and freed his cock from his undies it sprang like a jack in the box from his trousers all thick and veined the way I like them I leaned forward and blew gently on the head and he moaned softly I took his hands and placed them on my tits he squeezed them gently rubbing the nipples between his thumb and forefinger then it was my turn to moan and I took his cock head and kissed it then began to slowly suck it into my mouth his balls needed freeing so I took them out too huge they were tunceli escort ripe with fluids that needed releasing and as my head was bobbing on his cock I milked his juicy cum filled balls with my hands it wasn’t long at all before Mr Johnston blew his load it exploded against the back of my throat and I quickly closed my lips tight so no cum would escape and make a mess on his expensive trousers I swallowed his load then stroked his cock to milk the last drops from it licking them off the head smiling then I dried his cock off with a hanky and put it back into his pants and zipped him back up then I stood and letting him enjoy the view I slid my panties back on over my long legs then slipped my perky tits back into my lacy bra Mr Johnston was watching and smiling the whole time then I slid my dress back over my body then turned and asked him “Can you zip me please Mr Johnston?” He was more than happy to oblige me then we sat back down and finished the letter he was relaxed and smiling the whole time…As I left his office I noticed a camera in the corner pointed at his desk I wondered if Kerry was watching my performance from her office…turns out she was because at our weekly performance review which I called just a good excuse to get your pussy eaten meeting she commented on how well I took dictation drawing out the dick part of the word slowly so I got the meaning…I did I also got eaten by Kerry at this meeting that was fun…after I was done making her cum she tells me it’s my turn and seats me in her chair then takes off her clothes she had a nice body I had to admit and I told her so she liked that and gave my pussy a real good tongue lashing she made me cum three times before she took her face out of my crotch then we cleaned up in her bathroom and went back to work I got an excellent review by the way and a pay increase as well per Mr Johnston who just loved the way I took Dick-tation ha ha…That company was a hot bed of sexual release everyone was fucking everyone there but the wonderful thing was the way people worked together everybody smiled at everybody and I never heard an argument people were so relaxed from all the sex there was no reason for it…what a fun place to work I had found! I got my first spanking this morning from Mr. Johnston I only called him Jack when we were alone together and only when the situation called for it otherwise it was Mr. Johnston…Anyway seems I had misfiled an account folder and an important meeting was delayed while they had to find it…Mr Johnston called me into his office and reprimanded me firmly for my discretion then he told me to bend over his knees while he sat in this straight backed chair in the middle of the room embarrassed I did as I was told he lifted up my dress then pulled down my panties “That misfiling cost the company precious time Miss Thomas my meeting was delayed time was spent in finding that file so now you need to be punished so you don’t make that mistake again are you ready to receive whats coming to you?” Prostate over his knees I humbly begged his forgiveness “I’m sorry for misfiling that report it will never happen again sir!” I said “Damn right you won’t!” He said but I could hear a little excitement in his voice and as his hand met my bottom with a resounding smack I heard his breathing get deeper I gasped from the pain but I also was enjoying this I had never had a good spanking before my parents did not believe in it there was no TV no phone no going out the weekend things like that never a spanking…I felt the tremors run through my body as his hand met my bottom over and over I could feel my bottom turning red as the blood rushed to it I couldn’t help making some noises then I said “I’m sorry Mr Johnston! I’m sorry!!!” after a few more good slaps he stopped “Get up girl!” He commanded so I did then I saw his hard on bulging in his pants I went to pull down my dress and he said “Your not done with your punishment Miss Thomas now bend over my desk here!” What was he going to do to me now bring out a whip I hoped not I didn’t think I could take that my ass was smarting from the spanking but I did as I was told bending over his desk I felt his edge of his high school football trophy shaped like a football was pushing right up against my clitoris that felt kind of nice then I heard him get up and then I heard him unzip his fly thank goodness no whip for me I was going to get his cock instead that was okay with me…Then he said “The anus is the doorway to the back of your mind Miss Thomas I am going to give you some special protein to help your thought processes and you are going to come to my office every week on Friday afternoon for another dose then we’ll see how well you improve in your work performance!” Did I just hear right? He was going to fuck my ass then cum inside it to help me think and perform better? Whatever he wanted I would do I was not going to lose my great job over a mistake no way baby! I said “Yes Mr Johnston!” He said “Now spread your legs wider and lean over a little more!” I did and my ass raised up nice and high which was what he wanted then he got behind me and I thought he was going to jam that thing up my ass but he didn’t he stuck it into my pussy my pussy that had gotten wet with excitement from the spanking I didn’t realize how hot that had made me until he slid his cock into me I was gushing with girl fluids and they coated his cock as it sank to his balls into me! I couldn’t help but moan his cock felt so good he filled my entire pussy up with it and it was thick too the way I like it I hoped he would start fucking me and forget about my ass but after a few strokes he pulled his well lubricated cock from my hot pussy and stuck it into my never before fucked ass no I had never let any of my boyfriends do that to me it was pussy or nothing and my ass was virgin I was paying the price for my celibacy now for as his cock entered my anus I cried out in pain “Now Now Miss Thomas this is for your own good take your medicine like a good girl!” He said so I bit my lip and endured the cock riding deep into my colon my juices helped it slide in so slippery they were then he was all the way in and it felt like he was in my stomach he was so deep his hands kneaded the cheeks of my reddened ass and I moaned again and then he began fucking me and as his cock drove in and out of my ass I just held on until a funny thing happened that football trophy was rubbing my clitoris every time he pushed into me and it began to get aroused… then the pain went away and that cock felt so good in there I began to moan louder and as his cock fucked me harder I heard myself begging for it…then I felt my orgasm building with every stroke my clitoris rubbed that edge of that desk calendar it was ready to explode one more thrust and it happened…It felt like the top of my head was going to pop off the orgasm was so strong probably the most powerful cum I had ever experienced I gave myself up to it and just came moaning crying begging my pussy was contracting madly and so was my asshole then I felt Mr Johnston cum he let out a roar and drove his cock so deep into my anus I could feel him in my stomach at least that’s how it felt to me and I continued to cum as he poured his special proteins deep inside me when he finished I thought he would pull out of me but he didn’t he just left his cock in there not that I minded it felt good having him in there then I heard a drawer opening and then a box was held out in front of my face “Open your gift Miss Thomas!” He said I thought what a funny way to give someone a present standing behind them with your cock up their ass…hmmm I wonder what’s inside? The box said FunToysInternational on the lid I opened the lid and there inside a plastic package was a large rubber plug looking thing it was shaped like a large diamond and it had a silver ring on the end of it I had an idea what it was for but I asked anyway “What’s this for Mr Johnston?” He chuckled “Why Miss Thomas that’s to keep your special proteins from leaking out until your body can absorb them when I remove my cock I am going to insert this plug you are going to keep this plug inside you until tomorrow morning then and only then can you remove it by then you will have received the full benefit of my proteins take the plug and clean it very well then keep it in a baggie and inside this box bring it back to work and keep it in your desk every Friday when you receive your next dose of proteins I will reinsert the plug and you know what to do in the morning! Do you understand my instructions?” I meekly said “Yes Mr Johnston!” Then he slid his cock from my well fucked ass and quickly inserted the plug I gasped a little as it entered it was very wide at the middle then tapered down to the base it effectively stopped any fluids from escaping my anus! “There you go nice and secure now you may get dressed Miss Thomas and I expect to see you in my office on Friday if I forget you will remind me!” I was pulling up my panties as I said again “Yes Mr Johnston!” I could feel the plug between cheeks of my ass and I could feel the plug inside me as well it felt a little strange but I knew what it was protecting and was happy it was there! I finished pulling my dress back into place when I heard Mr Johnston clear his throat I turned and there he stood with his cock hanging all wet and cum covered “You need to clean up this mess you made Miss Thomas please be quick about it!” I didn’t see any Kleenex around to wipe it off so I did uşak escort the only thing I could do I cleaned his cock off with my tongue his cum tasted good and there was an earthy aftertaste I assumed was from being inside my ass but I cleaned it till it shined then I blew it dry pursing my lips to blow warm air all over it then I returned it to his pants and pulled up his zipper…He put his hand under my chin and raised my face up to look at him “Now that’s a good girl back to work now and don’t forget about our appointment Friday okay?” I stood up blushing a little “Yes Mr Johnston I won’t forget! And thank you for helping me this way and thank you for giving me your special proteins I really appreciate it Sir!” Then I left his office and as I walked down the hall I could feel the plug between my cheeks wiggling back and forth and every time I sat down it reminded me of that amazing orgasm I had just had and I could not keep from smiling the rest of the day was a blur…I awoke the next morning and went to make my toilet so I had to remove the plug carefully so I reached behind and slipped the silver ring inside my index finger and began to pull gently the plug would not budge and I got scared what if I couldn’t get this thing out of my ass? OMFG what was I going to do then…but I was determined and grasped the ring tighter and pulled harder slowly the plug backed out of my bottom I moaned as the widest point passed my anal ring and then it was out and I marveled at the size of it then I stuck my middle finger deep into my anus and swirled it around when I pulled it out it was clean no special proteins to be found I had absorbed them all good for me! Then I cleaned it and returned it to it’s bag and box put the box in my purse so I wouldn’t forget it today then finished getting ready for work in the shower though as I soaped up I imagined again the spanking how wonderful it felt to receive it and then his cock deep inside me and then my orgasm so intense I almost passed out…I came in the shower as my soapy finger happily played with my aroused clitoris I moaned loudly as it swept me away…The week was busy and Friday came quickly in the afternoon I called Mr Johnston to remind him of our appointment…He said “I was waiting for your call Miss Thompson please come up at once!” I grabbed my purse and took the box from my desk and shoved it deep inside it then I hurried to his office I knocked then entered Mr Johnston was standing behind his desk as I entered “Please come in Miss Thonpson are you ready for your treatment?” I was blushing furiously wanting to ask him something but afraid to…He said “You want to ask me something? What is it Amanda?” He called me Amanda I liked that he used my first name and so I told him what I wanted…”I’m ready for my treatment Sir but one thing can I please have the spanking part again I so enjoyed it last time maybe we can add that part to my treatment every week?” He smiled “Of course we may include the spanking part I’m glad you liked it so much and it will be no hardship for me to spank your lovely bottom each week before your treatment!” It was my turn to smile but I was still blushing and my cheeks were glowing as Mr Johnston then said “Please go get our special chair for your spanking treatment!” I practically ran to get it from it’s corner then placed it in the same spot as last time Mr Johnston the sat down into it “Clothes off please then across my knees quickly now Amanda!” I rushed to do as he asked my dress flew off then bra and panties followed I could feel his eyes roving over my body and I blushed again before taking my position over his knees…”I held back some last time Amanda would you like me to give it to you as hard as I can?” I stammered “Please Sir Yes Sir!” He laughed “When we have our treatment sessions you may call me Jack!” I said “Yes Jack as hard as you can please!” I couldn’t believe I was asking him to spank me harder but it was what I wanted…needed…had to have! His hand felt my bottom caressing kneading it felt wonderful and then the first blow fell and I gasped as his hand made full contact with the soft flesh of my well exposed ass then another fell then another I could feel the blood rushing to my bottom felt it glowing again and I gave myself over to the sweet pleasure and pain of it I felt myself spreading my legs a little wider so he could spank the soft inner flesh between my cheeks Jack saw what I was doing and helped me further by using one hand to spread my cheeks open while the other hand did it work soon I was fully spanked not an inch of my bottom was not glowing red when Jack finally stopped…”I may have to buy you a paddle Amanda all this hard spanking is hard on a guys hand!” Then he showed me his hand it was all red in the palm from hitting my ass so many times and I said “I’m sorry!” He laughed “Don’t be it was fun! You have a beautiful bottom Amanda even more beautiful from this position so we’ll get that paddle and when my hand gets sore I can use the paddle on you okay?” I stammered “Okay! Jack!” “Now lets get on with your protein injection shall we?”Jack announced and I reluctantly climbed off his knees I liked being in that position I felt completely free there it was where I belonged!I then assumed my position at his desk making sure the football trophy was against my clitoris I said “I’m ready!” but Jack said “Well I’m not ready! Would you please take out my cock and make it ready for me Amanda!” I turned and saw Jack standing his cock bulging in his trousers he wanted me to take it out how stupid of me not to have thought to do that for him… I deserved another spanking I thought then blushed again I was such a bad girl for thinking that but I needed that so badly…I got down on my knees in front of him and struggled to get his fly down over his thick hard cock then he said “You may unbuckle my pants if that will help Amanda!” I smiled up at him and nodded “That will be better!” I said while opening his belt then unbuttoning his pants I opened his zipper and his pants slid down and I saw his cock straining against the fabric of his briefs I hooked my fingers onto the waist band and slowly pulled them down over his cock which sprang up and hit me on the nose I giggled then took him in hand his cock pulsed with blood the veins throbbing to his heart beat then I pinned his cock to his stomach and sticking out my tongue I flattened it against the base of his cock then slowly licked my way to the head after licking the head I popped it into my mouth and gave it a good long suck then I licked my way back down to his balls and those I took one at a time into my mouth for a sucking I could hear Jack panting a little and then he said “I’m ready now Amanda!” I smiled up at him and said “Yes Sir now I will assume the position to receive my special proteins if that’s all right with you?” He chuckled “Please do!” he stated so I got off my knees and turned around I positioned myself against the football and spread my legs wide giving him a full view of my rosy bottom then he got behind me and slid his hands over my bottom to my hips I reached back and guided his cock to my pussy that was dripping wet at this point he slid into me with a sigh and I took him in with a moan his cock felt wonderful buried deep inside me and he began to slowly stroke it in and out of me I expected him to remove it and stick it up my anus but he didn’t he kept on fucking my pussy not that I minded I was enjoying myself and if he kept going like this I was going to cum and cum hard but I wanted to experience an orgasm like I had the first time he did me with his cock deep in my ass so I said to him “You can deposit those proteins in there if you like don’t worry I can’t get pregnant I’m on the pill!” I heard Jack stammer “Oh! I’m sorry I must have gotten distracted!” I said “I hope the distraction was that it felt so good!” He said “It was!” I said “Then the offer stands!” He paused for a second then said “No! I had said that it was supposed to be deposited into your anus so that’s where I will put it!” I smiled and said “Whatever you think is best Jack!” I liked that he was enjoying my pussy so much he forgot about my ass for the moment but now I was going to enjoy the ass fucking I so badly needed and I felt him reluctantly pull his big cock out of my very wet pussy and then begin to feed that cock into my anus and a long OHHHHHH escaped my lips as his big thick cock slid deep into my colon I moaned again as he began to fuck me and that football began rubbing my clitoris…I felt my orgasm building immediately and as Jacks cock continued to fuck me and I felt his fingers kneading my rosy ass I let go and the fireworks began and as my pussy and anus contracted rhythmically I heard Jack cumming too and he drove his cock deep and emptied his balls of their precious proteins inside me and I came and came coating that football with cum juices of my pussy until he finished I got the plug from my purse and handed it to him “Thank you Amanda!” He said as he slid his cock out and inserted the plug I still gave a moan as the wide part popped into me and when it was secure and his proteins protected he moved back from me and I stayed there for a moment giving him the full view of my pussy and plug filled anus then I slowly backed off his desk then turned around smiling “Let me clean that for you Sir!” I said sliding to my knees in front of him then I took his cock in hand and before I stuck it into my mouth for cleaning I said “You know if one deposit van escort of proteins is good for me and it is I have never felt more focused in my life…Then surely two deposits would be even more beneficial to me suppose one day of the week I could get those proteins deposited in the front and then the other day I could get them in the back! It’s just an idea what do you think?” Jack pretended to think for a moment then smiled and said “Well Amanda if you believe that they are truly helping you that much I don’t see why we can’t try doubling the dose …Yes! I think that is a fine idea! How about Wednesday? Does that work for you?” I smiled wide “Hump Day! How appropriate!” I said then giggled Jack laughed too “Now that is funny! So Wednesday it is then call me in the afternoon and we’ll make time for it!” I was looking into his eyes when I said “It’s a date Sir!” then I took that cock of his and happily cleaned it off for him and when it was squeaky clean I blew it dry pulled up his briefs then his pants buttoned then buckled his belt for him I patted his cock inside his pants before standing naked in front of him “Shall I get dressed now Mr Johnston?” I said reverting to our employer employee roles Mr Johnston’s eyes were all over my body and I liked that he was looking so openly then he said “Yes Miss Thomas we’re finished here please do!” He watched me as I put my panties back on then he helped me zip up my dress his hands lingered for a moment on my shoulders and I liked the way they felt then they turned me around and we were looking into each others eyes rather deeply until Mr Johnston broke the moment saying “So I’ll see you Wednesday afternoon Miss Thomas!” I said “I’ll be here Sir!” Nothing would keep me from keeping that appointment I’d make sure of that I wanted to feel him release inside my pussy and to orgasm as he did!That fantasy stayed in my head all weekend and the week flew by until it was Wednesday afternoon and I couldn’t wait to call Mr Johnston’s office to arrange our appointment but when I called he was in a meeting and would be delayed so I sat there a little frustrated but I knew he would call just as soon as he could…and he did…the phone rang and I snatched it up I saw his extension on the monitor and smiled “Please come up now Miss Thomas sorry my meeting took so long it was an important customer I was talking to!” Still smiling I said “No problem Sir I’ll be right up!” I flew up those stairs to his office I didn’t knock just ran right in Jack was behind his desk and our eyes met I ran over to him pulled off my dress I had already taken off my panties and I saw him smile at my now naked body! I’m ready for my first deposit of the week Sir let me get you ready to give it to me!” So I dropped to my knees and quickly unbuckled his pants dropping those I pulled those briefs of his down so I could get at his cock it was already semi erect and I smiled then I took him in hand and stroked him a little I liked the way his cock felt as it began to grow then he was in my mouth and my lips and tongue were doing their work and he was hard as a rock I stood up smiled and said “I think we’re both ready now Jack!” then I turned around and took my position on his football “Fill er up please!” I joked Jack picked up my cue and said “Will do Mam can I check your oil while I’m under the hood?” I giggled and replied “Yes please but your going to need an extra long dipstick to check my oil oh I see you got that covered!” We both giggled at that then Jack came up behind me then he took his cock and rubbed it up and down the slit of my pussy gathering my juices on the head of his big cock I was hot to have his cock inside me but was okay with him playing a little before doing his thing…He didn’t wait too long to slip his cock into me and I gasped with pleasure as he slowly stroked that cock into me every thrust went a little deeper until I felt his balls touching the back of my thighs his hands found my hips and he began to slow fuck me riding in as deep as he could then pulling all the way out so I could feel him enter me again I could feel my orgasm building as my clitty rubbed that football Jacks fingers began kneading my bottom the way I liked and it wasn’t long before I came and as I came my convulsing pussy brought Jack to orgasm too I heard him groan and then I felt him swell and a hot gush of Proteins filled the deepest part of me flooding my tubes and making me cum again…It felt wonderful to have him take me this way and I knew he had enjoyed himself because he didn’t pull out he left his cock deep inside me for awhile until finally he let it slip out I quickly grabbed a tampon from my purse and turning to Jack I sat on his desk and slipped the tampon insertion tube up inside me then I watched his eyes get smoky as I slowly pulled it out leaving a white little string hanging out of me! I smiled “There now nothing can escape those proteins are safe deep inside me!” Jack was smiling too “So they are! Damn but you look HOT sitting on my desk like that! I stood up and put a business like look on my face while saying “Thank you Mr. Johnston for giving me an extra dose of those special proteins I’m sure they will do their work in there just fine now let me clean you up so we can get back to work so I got down on my knees again you know I really liked doing this for him watching his face as I lick him clean…I saw a softness in his eyes and I felt his fingers touching my face as I labored to get him all squeaky clean then after I got him all zipped up I stood up and took my panties from my purse slipped them up my legs as Jacks eyes watched closely then I popped my titties back into my bra and slipped my dress back on and then Jack kindly zipped me up I felt his hands slip around me and he pulled me close briefly whispering into my ear “We are going to do some great things together you and I things for the business and beyond the business I’d like to discuss that with you soon… Are you possibly free for dinner Friday night?” I looked into his eyes trying to see what his intentions might be with this dinner was it just business or was he using it as a pretense to get me to out with him I couldn’t tell so I had to take a chance maybe it was both…So I smiled and said “We can do that Mr. Johnston just as long as we still have our session on Friday afternoon I wont be cheated out of my spanking! His eyes lit up and he said “I almost forgot to show you this!” Then he opened his drawer the wide one just below the desktop and there was my paddle it was about two feet long and about five inches wide with a smooth contoured handle perfect for spanking then he turned it over and there was my name AMANDA engraved into the blade of the paddle it was beautiful! “You made this for me?” I said as grateful tears formed in the corners of my eyes “Thank You Jack this is so special!” and without thinking about it I kissed him it wasn’t a long kiss but it was a nice kiss I broke away blushing a little “Sorry forgot myself for a moment!” He said “Don’t be I liked it!” I got out of there before we said anything else I had to think about this…did I want to take it to the next level be Jacks after work girlfriend I didn’t want to spoil things between us by getting to romantically involved these things seldom worked out but you never know sometimes its just right I would have to think about this and think hard!Friday came and I enjoyed my new paddle I even had an orgasm as he paddled my bottom with it now that was fun…Then came again and again over his desk…I needed this! This must not stop ever!I met Jack for Dinner later that evening he picked me up at my place and took me to a really nice restaurant the owner knew him and gave him the VIP treatment I guess he was trying to impress me a little and I was liking it more than a little we had a nice dinner and talked some business discussing plans for the companies future things like that but we also talked personal and he asked me a lot of questions about me where I grew up what I liked in music did I like the theater things like that and he was equally forthcoming about himself I learned a lot about him about how he struggled in the beginning almost losing it all then taking a chance on something new that became a hit to where the company is today I could see his eyes looking into mine I could feel the attraction we had for each other and I made up my mind what to do about it! So later when he was dropping me off at my place and walked me to the door I turned to him and said “Jack I really like you a lot but I just want to make one thing clear I can be your after work girlfriend that would be fun but at work we are as we are before and I still want my Wednesdays and Fridays that is non negotiable are you okay with that?” Jack smiled and his eyes softened “I’m more than okay with that Amanda!” Then it was my turn to smile “Then kiss me Jack what are you waiting for?” I was swept into his arms and his kissed me till my lips were bruised then I said “Would you like to come in for a nightcap or something?” Jack smiled and said “Or something please!” I took his hand “I like the way you think Sir this way if you please!” I led him to my bedroom I hadn’t had a guy in there in quite some time I was going to have to get used to this again…Our clothes flew off and we dampened the sheets with our sweat that night it was wonderful and amazing and I thought just as long as we play by the rules we will be fine…You know the thing about rules people just love to break them! It felt nice to have a man in my bed again and as I watched him sleeping peacefully beside me I began making some plans for the future Jack had no idea what he was getting in to…It was going to be a fun ride though…Hope his heart can take it…We’ll see!Never, THE END!

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