Lee Claims his Sex Coupon


“OK Lois, tell me how you got Lee to go to mothers last weekend. John wouldn’t go no matter how much I begged.”

“At the time I thought I was being smart, I offered Lee one of my free sex coupons and then told him anything he wanted. I was thinking one of my sloppy BJs that he likes so much but no, he thinks he wants me to let him do my back door. I know what I promised but there’s no way I’m letting him put his thing in my ass.”

“Are you saying you don’t like anal or that you’re afraid to try it? Lois, it’s a little embarrassing to tell you this but I love anal. No, don’t look at me that way it’s the truth you should try it. Believe me I was the same as you but just to shut John up I let him play around back there and ended up liking it.”

“Mary, you’re crazy, I not letting Lee put anything up my rear. It’ll hurt…”

My sister interrupted me to tell if it’s done right, it won’t hurt and then proceeded to give me instructions on how her and her husband did it. She made it sound easy and I did promise Lee anything he wanted so I told her I at least try it.

After coffee with my sis, I drove to the Love Boutique on the boulevard to look for the special lube Mary recommended. I had been to this sex shop before almanbahis and as it caters to women, I felt more comfortable shopping there. However, it was still embarrassing when I had to ask for the product. Once I was home, I hid the lube in my nightstand and then went to shower. I made doubly sure that I was fresh and clean back there. While I was at it, I decided to make myself hair free both back door and front door as an added treat for my hubby.

I was already on my second glass of wine by the time Lee got home so I was as relaxed as I could get and still be able to walk. I took him to our bedroom and told him to undress, and then I showed him my new shave job. I pushed him on the bed. I climbed on his face and as he licked me, I told him I was first and after we would try to honor his coupon. As he teased and pleased my clit as only he can, I instructed him on how I would be willing to try back door sex. After one more tsunami of an orgasm, I got off him and pulled the lube out of the nightstand.

My husband was so excited I thought he might cum before we even started. As for me, I felt pretty relaxed between the wine and the orgasms I was as ready as I ever could be. I lay on my back like Mary suggested so I could watch almanbahis yeni giriş what Lee was doing and it felt sexy to be all exposed as I pulled my legs up and apart. He poured the lube on my crack and it felt warm and messy but in a good way. He carefully massaged my crack and gently rubbed some in my hole. He kept working his finger inside me and although it felt rather intrusive, it didn’t hurt. Before I knew it, he had two fingers in my butt rubbing my canal as he spread his fingers apart. I began to feel a warm glow, and maybe it was just the feeling of me giving myself to my husband but I was getting excited.

I told him I was ready to try him, just take it slow and easy. I watched him but the tip at my entrance and it looked so much bigger than my tiny little rose bud I clenched up tight. Lee poured more lube on me and his manhood and he just rubbed the tip while he instructed me to try to relax. He promised he would go no farther than I wanted and would stop when I wanted. He began his assault and I was determined to go through with it. I began to push myself upon his rod as I did the breathing exercises that they teach at Lamaze classes. Once he got the head in me, the rest was easy and soon my rear was impaled almanbahis giriş on his erection.

I couldn’t believe the feeling of fullness back there and I begged Lee not to move. Still I was not in pain and soon the fullness feeling turned to lust. I looked at my vulva empty and then my rectum so full. I felt like a wanton slut as I began to hump Lee and then he returned the movement. I was panting like a whore and I yelled,

“Oh, fuck me in the ass with that big cock of yours, I want to feel your jizz deep in my ass.”

I couldn’t believe these words were coming out of my mouth as I never talked like that, yet it felt so erotic and I climaxed again. My words gave Lee the green light and he began to ram it into me as I just kept begging for more. When he came I felt him shoot up inside me, it gave me such a rush to know I had just let my husband cum in my rear end. When he finally became so soft he fell out, I could feel the semen trickling out of my rear and up my crack.

“I bet you didn’t know you married such a dirty whore. It felt so slutty to have you back there; you know I really liked it.”

We took a shower together and I let him clean up back there and after we changed the lube and cum stained sheets. As we worked, Lee told me that he now owed me a love coupon and would gladly pay anytime I wanted. I told him I didn’t know when but I knew what I wanted and that was more backdoor loving. I couldn’t wait to call my sister to let her know how it went.

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