Subject: Leo Gives 7 Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome ail. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between men above the age of 18. Nifty provides us with a platform to post and share our stories. Please consider donating below to allow Nifty to continue this fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 7 Leo woke with his alarm at 6:00, he silenced it before it woke his bed-mate, the blond ski stud, Ian who was still holding Leo’s arm and was snuggling against Leo’s body. Ian’s breath was still slow and measured in his slumber, his body was radiating warmth and the pale skinned boy smelled good too. Leo decided that he could get use to waking like this. As much as he would like to stay in bed, his bladder was overruling his desire. In his mid to late 30’s, Leo proud of still having a body desired by a guy of 22. Leo slid his hand away from the sleeping boy and extracted himself from the bed. He wandered in to the master bathroom to take care of his full bladder, of course his dick was at full mast with morning wood. He chuckled at the fact he had to wait for his piss stream to be able to force it’s way through the hard member. Very soon his piss was coming out with full strength, he closed his eyes as he was slowly drained. He was almost finished when he heard another splash of piss, opening his eyes he saw the bleary eyed Ian, in the same morning wood state, with a grin as his stream was crossing Leo’s. Leo moved over to give more room to accommodate Ian. Leo finished draining his bladder and was shaking the last drops of piss from his still mostly hard cock. “I did not mean to wake you. You could of had some more sleep.” Leo advised him. “It seems that my body was thinking the same thing as yours.” Ian quipped as he finished shaking his member. Peering up at Leo, his blue eyes flashing through his blond eyelashes. He stepped closer and pulled Leo into a hug. Leo tilted his head and their lips met. After a brief battle of tongues, Leo separated the kiss and swatted Ian on the pert ass. “Let’s take a shower and get cleaned up.” Leo said as he started toward the large luxury shower. “I would rather share a bath with you. I can shower back at school, but I do not have access to a good bathtub.” Ian countered. “Your wish is my command, but since I have to get the bath ready you get to make us coffee.” Leo replied pointing toward the drink service in the master bedroom. Ian smiled and headed that way, parading his hot body past Leo. Leo started the water going in the soaking tub, he grabbed a few towels and put them on the bench next to the tub. He added some bath salts to the filling tub, eucalyptus and jasmine. He swirled the waters around and tested the temperature – it was almost ready. He grabbed the body wash and shampoo from the shower shelf, placing them on the back lip of the tub. The water was ready, he turned it off and glanced over to see Ian coming in with two coffee mugs, with steaming coffee. Leo pointed to the bench next to the tub, as he stepped his nude body into the steaming tub. His tall 6’1″ frame of tanned skin over his tight muscles and his mostly smooth skin highlighted his still mostly hard cock jutting below his trimmed pubes. He sank in to the water as Ian stepped in, flashing his smile. His tight athletic muscles rippled as he lowered himself in the space between Leo’s legs. He turned his body to be able to lean back on Leo’s chest. Leo circled his arms around the pale skinned athlete, his tanned arms looking more bronzed in comparison. He pulled the boy in tight, feeling his cock graze the hot athletic ass. Ian sighed as he draped his head back on Leo’s shoulder, his face turning to meet Leo’s. They began kissing again, relaxing against one another, letting the hot water comfort their muscles. Leo moved his hands over the tight chest under his arms, he brushed Ian’s pink nipples, making the boy squirm back against his body. Ian’s ass wiggled around rubbing Leo’s cock – making him hard again. Leo dipped one hand lower in the water and found Ian’s cock, quickly stroking it to full length. Ian moaned in their kiss, thrusting his hips to and fro – continuing to rub ass against Leo’s hard member. Leo’s submerged hand quested lower and began to play with the hard balls, flicking kocaeli escort a finger or two past Ian’s taint. The boy allowed his hips to float up some to grant Leo access to his ass. Leo crossed his hand on Ian’s nipple to the other side, hugging Ian’s chest against his and playing with the hardened nub. His wet hand slid down to play in the waiting crack. His fingers brushed the tight pucker, that caused Ian’s now exposed dick to twitch. Ian was mostly floating in the warm water having his nipple teased, deep in a kiss, and feeling Leo’s fingers trace and circle his pucker. His mind was awash with sensations. He took a free hand and played with his open nipple. His other hand snaked back to rub Leo’s cock nested between them. He was tracing up and down on the former model’s shaft when he felt Leo’s fingers enter his hole. Ian started making a low growling sound, tongue still deep in Leo’s mouth. Leo’s fingers were teasing and stretching his hole. Ian’s body started flexing in the water, trying to get more of the fingers in his hot hole. Ian gasp loudly, breaking the deep kiss as Leo’s fingers started to massage his prostrate gland which was swiftly getting hard from the attention. Ian’s cock started leaking strings of pre-cum as Leo manipulated the boy’s gland – rough and hard, then soft and stroking. Ian was reduced to making mewling sounds, he started to bring his hand to his cock. Leo made a tutting sound and shook his head. Ian peered deep in Leo’s hazel eyes, projecting waves of desire and lust. Fingers still working in Ian’s ass, rubbing his gland, Leo used his other arm to pivot the boy’s body bringing the boy’s cock closer to Leo. Leo leaned over and licked the hard, dripping 7 inch cock, letting his tongue pick up as much of the pre-cum as he could. Leo then took the cock in his mouth and slid all the way down to the trimmed blond pubes. He held the cock deep in his mouth and started to suck, his fingers started jabbing the abused p-nut. Ian’s hips started to buck, forcing his cock in and out of Leo’s mouth. Leo continued his suction and he could feel the athlete’s gland turn rock hard. With a strangled yelp, Ian started to shoot his load right down Leo’s hot sucking mouth. Rope after rope of cum was jetting from the skier’s cock, as Leo kept up his prostate massage. Ian had been thrashing, but as his orgasm crested he settled and floated with support in the warm tub water. “My God! I am not sure I have ever shot that hard.” Ian gasped as his breath was returning to normal. Leo had moved the boy to be back lounging on his chest. They share a kiss and Ian can taste his seed from Leo’s mouth. Ian reaches under and can feel Leo’s cock still rock hard under him. With a small side up Leo’s chest and a tilt his hips, Ian guides the hard member to the entrance of his ass. Pushing forward, lifting his body up he then squats down, taking Leo’s fully hard 8 inches in him. He stops as he feels the tickle of trimmed pubes against his ass lips. Leo flings back his head and lets out a moan of pleasure as Ian starts to flex and massage the dick buried in his ass with his ass muscles. He is starting to feel more accustomed to the girth, the warm water and his past climax helping with the relaxation. Ian started to raise and lower on Leo’s cock, gripping the tub edge for balance and support. Leo was starting to thrust upward when Ian would lower, their bodies slapping together – Ian’s slightly deflated cock was flopping and bouncing off Leo’s balls and inner thighs. The strokes up and down were slow and intense, building pleasure in both men. “Lean over the tub.” Leo instructed Ian. Ian stood up, Leo’s cock popped out. He leaned over the tub edge, making an effort to arch his back and make his ass available. Leo moved closer and dove his head in between Ian’s ass cheeks. His mouth and tongue attacked the puffy pink hole as he licked and teased the freshly dick deprived hole. As Leo spread the pale ass cheeks further apart and dipped his tongue in deep, spearing the insides of the slightly gaping hole, Ian started to curse and moan. Leo slipped a hand lower and began to fondle and massage the boy’s cock and balls. Leo could feel the cock starting to harden up again, his own was still hard. Leo stood up and used a hand to slap the exposed ass, leaving a slight red hand print on the muscled flesh. Ian grunted at the strike, but wiggled kocaeli escort bayan his hips and flashed a grin over his shoulder to Leo. Leo used his other and and slapped the other cheek resulting in a matching red patch. Ian grunted again, but flexed his ass up higher. Leo rubbed his hand over the flesh, then he swatted the boy’s ass. He began alternating rubbing and swatting both sides of the athlete’s muscled ass. Leo could feel heat start to rise from the spank marks, he dipped his fingers into the water and made drops of water run down the reddened flesh. The cooler temperature of the water against the hot spanked flesh made Ian coo. Leo kept randomly dropping drops of water, keeping Ian guessing where the next one would fall. Leo was now aching to have Ian. He flicked the rest of the water from his hands, using them now to spread the heated cheeks open. He stepped forward and placed his cock head at the entrance and plunged all the way to the hilt, his balls and pubes resting on the athlete’s tight ass. Leo could feel the heat radiate from the spanking against his hips as he paused briefly. He gripped Ian’s hips tightly and started to piston in and out of the boy’s ass. Leo was making long, forceful strokes into the hot ass. Ian was moaning with each thrust, pulsing his inner ass muscles around Leo’s cock. The additional pressure and the excitement from the paddling he had given Ian was making Leo’s climax build quickly. Leo gripped Ian more tightly and started to slam his full weight into the strokes. His balls were slapping Ian’s ass and hard cock that was pointed down the side of the tub. Leo’s climax started fast, in the next stroke he was shooting his load deep in the hungry hole. With a yell, he slammed himself as far as he could go, pumping his hot cum deep in Ian’s ass. Leo slumped over the boy bent over the edge of the tub. He pulled himself up, his cock slipping out and dripping cum down in the water. Leo then assisted Ian up to standing, both still in the tub. “That was a hot fuck, young man. You had better behave or I might have to spank you again.” Leo told the boy in his arms, hugging again. He dipped his hands to rub against the still warm ass flesh. “I promise to only be so good, I may need another spanking soon.” Ian replied. He laid his head against Leo’s chest and melted in. “The bath was great, but we still need to clean up before we get you going.” Leo advised. “How about we finish with a shower.” Ian nodded his head, still on Leo’s chest. Leo lead both of them out of the tub and set it to drain. Leaving Ian to stand just outside of the shower, he went in and got it started and the temperature adjusted. He retrieved the shower gel and shampoo from the side of the tub. He also moved the towels over. Leaning in he felt the water was just right, he led the patient Ian into the large shower. He had set the shower to use combination of all the different shower angles, so they were being covered thoroughly in water. In the steamy shower he grabbed the shampoo and put some in his hands, then started to rub it into Ian’s blond hair – soaping it up. Satisfied that he had it fully soaped, he added more and put it is his own hair. Leo was finishing putting the shampoo in his hair when he felt soapy hands apply shower gel to his body. Ian was paying special attention to Leo’s pits, chest, crotch and with a turn his ass. When Leo turned back around he grabbed the shower gel and copied the washing he received to Ian. They stood together and rinsed the soap and shampoo from their bodies. Cleaned bodies, Leo turned off the shower and grabbed the towels for them. They started to dry off, Leo noticed that Ian winced just a bit when he dried his still rosy cheeks. Leo walked in as got his skin smoothing lotion, he applied some to his hands and proceeded to rub it in the afflicted flesh. “Use this for the next few days and the redness will go away quickly. Also it helps take some of the sting out.” Leo instructed. “I will send this bottle with you.” “Thanks Leo, that feels great.” Ian offered. Leo finished drying off and they retrieved the cooling coffee cups and went to the master bedroom. Leo set his cup down and drew Ian into a hug, pressing their naked flesh together. Their faces met and they started a slow passionate kiss. Tongues were flashing between each other’s mouths. Leo yahya kaptan escort pulled them over to the bed, which they settled down on, still embracing. Ian was getting hard again from the rubbing and kissing. His cock was starting to leak pre-cum again. Leo dipped a hand down and collected the sweet liquid, bringing it up to his mouth then opened for a kiss to savor the flavor. Leo wanted to send the boy off fully taken care of, so he rolled on to his back and pulled his legs up. Looking at Ian and gesturing him over. “I want you to fuck me, Ian.” Leo stated, “I need your seed in me today. Think you can do that for me?” “Fuck yes I can!” Ian answered emphatically. Ian moved between Leo’s spread legs and grabbed Leo’s cock. He gave it a few tugs and then slipped his lips around the cock head. He flicked his tongue around it a few times before releasing it and dragging his tongue down the shaft to lick Leo’s balls. Ian lapped and sucked the balls, before trailing down Leo’s taint and started to lick Leo’s waiting hole. Leo moaned as Ian’s tongue licked and made his pucker wet and slippery. After a few moments, Ian pulled his face up and slid his body up closer. He spit on his hard cock and pumped it a few times to slick it up. He placed his cock head at the Leo’s entrance. Ian leaned forward and slowly slid his full length into Leo. He paused a moment to get better traction, then started to fuck his cock in and out of Leo’s pucker. He was taking it slow and easy, enjoying the heat that was wrapped around his cock. Leo started to squeeze his ass together as Ian pulled out, creating additional friction on Ian’s sensitive cock. Ian kept a steady pace of smooth thrust, he leaned back to raise his upper body off of Leo’s. With the open space Ian made, he reached down and started stroking Leo’s cock. Ian spit on his hand and returned it to lube up Leo’s cock before he started matching strokes on Leo’s dick with his thrusts. Leo leaned back taking in the sexual energy he was feeling. Ian picked up the pace of his thrusts and hand job as he felt his climax coming. Wanting to make sure that Leo shot when he did, his fist started going faster on Leo’s cock. He saw Leo’s nipples harden into tight points and his balls start to rise. Leo’s breath was getting shorter like Ian’s own. Ian continued to furiously beat Leo’s cock, causing Leo to start to shoot ropes of cum from his chin, neck and chest. Leo offered a yell and his ass gripped Ian more firmly, causing Ian to start to unload. Ian’s cum was thrust deep inside of Leo, being pushed in further with the final thrust that Ian made after he released his hand from Leo’s spent cock. Leo reached and pulled them into a hug, lowering his legs. He kept them with Ian’s tender ass cheeks not rubbing on the bed. Ian’s breathing calmed down and Leo realized that the skier had drifted back into slumber after his second climax of the morning. Leo’s eyes drifted over to the clock which was just turning past 7:00. He let Ian rest as they did not have to have him up and around until just before 8:00. The spent boy started to lightly snore as he cuddled in Leo’s enclosing arms. Leo was content to just hold the boy as he rested. A short while later, Ian twitched in his sleep and jerked awake. His eyes wide looking for the clock and being relieved it was 7:40. Realizing he was not going to be late, he looked up and matched eyes with Leo who was still holding him. “I was just about to wake you up.” Leo said softly while rubbing his back, “You just beat me to it.” “That was wonderful Leo” Ian confided, “I am not sure I have ever just passed out after sex like that before. I can not say that I have ever been that comfortable, even with Russ.” “You are special that is for sure. I am glad you are that relaxed with me.” Leo advised. “I am going to miss you for the next few days until you guys come back.” “I know. I think I will miss you.” Ian said in all honesty. He just hugged Leo tight. Ian stood up and pulled Leo up with him. Leo grabbed one of the towels and wiped them both down. Ian set to getting his clothes together and got dressed. Leo pulled on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Leo transferred coffee to a togo cup for Ian as he finished getting ready. Together they went downstairs to the great room and kitchen. Grabbing some fruit, Leo handed it to Ian as the came to the door. Leo and Ian kissed and braced each other in a hug. Taking a last look, Leo opened the door and ushered Ian out. Ian headed towards the resort entrance where he was meeting the rest of his collegiate ski team to head back to college for four days before returning for competition.

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