Lesbian Prisoner in Jail Cell


Lesbian Prisoner in Jail Cell”Those are the rules” Mary Ellen confirmed feeling some pangs of sympathy for her unfortunate prisoner as the tears began to stream down the adorable redhead’s cheeks.”Couldn’t you … is there any way you could make an exception” Heather pleaded. Diabolical thoughts began to take shape in the young clerk’s mind. ‘She certainly seemed to enjoy the attention Sarah gave her yesterday … I wonder if she’s as good at giving as she seems to be at receiving.'”I don’t know … I could get in a lot of trouble” the plump brunette said making the concession sound difficult but not impossible.”Isn’t there someway … is there anything I can do…” Heather begged and she didn’t know it but she’d said the magic words. May Ellen felt her pussy twitch rather violently as the situation unfolded.”What would you be willing to do?” she asked the prisoner who had stopped crying now that there seemed to be some hope.”Anything … I’d be willing to do anything you want!” missus Logan really had no idea what she might be agreeing to.”So if I was to ask you to take off your coverall for me you’d do it?” The question started Caitie’s mother’s stomach churning very much like it had yesterday in the interrogation room. There was the nervousness that bordered on nausea but under it, almost hiding behind it, was the inkling of a sexual charge. She looked her jailer in the eye as she began ultrabet yeni giriş to pull the full length zipper down; slowly.”I’ll do it if you let me see Caitie…” she promised as the zipper descended past her waist. She was thinking ‘Christ everyone in this town is a lesbian … including me; it seems.'”I can make arrangements” the now excited clerk assured the woman in the cell. When she reached the lower travel limit two or three inches below her crotch Heather barely hesitated before shrugging the orange polyester garment off her shoulders. The baggy prisoner’s uniform did a free fall and landed in a heap around her bare feet. Mary Ellen was treated to the live version of the erotic display she’d watched yesterday on her computer screen. The electronic image didn’t do the sexy redhead justice. Her slim compact body was only made more exciting by the nearly transparent white nylon underwear. The Sheriff’s clerk drank in every inch of the defenseless woman’s near nudity.Heather shivered and it wasn’t from being cold. She could feel her nipples stiffening and pushing determinedly against the revealing confines of her bra. The heat between her legs made it impossible to deny her arousal. ‘How is this going to work … with the bars in the way’ the semi naked woman wondered. ‘Maybe she’ll open the cell … I could escape!’ The thought brought the nervous tension back to ultrabet giriş her stomach and she realized what a bad move it would be to attempt it. ‘The car is still out of gas and way out on the county road … I wouldn’t get far … they’d hunt me down and I’d be in even worse trouble. No I gotta play this hand the way it’s been dealt’ and that apparently meant subjugating herself to the sexual whims of the Oyster Gulch Sheriff’s office. Miz MacTier was wearing a brown jersey knit suit. She had no difficulty reaching up under the stretchy skirt to pull down her beige briefs. She tossed her underpants aside and stepped toward the cage.”Get on your knees” the clerk commanded reveling in the unaccustomed role of giving orders. When the underwear clad prisoner complied the meaty brunette pulled her flexible skirt up to her waist revealing the neatly trimmed bush decorating her plump mons. “Eat me” the woman on the outside of the bars said breathlessly. Heather had no idea what she was supposed to do but she was extremely excited by the prospect. The fragrance of arousal wasn’t new to her but the demanding young woman’s scent was distinctly different than her own. Mary Ellen pressed her hips against the bars to get her pussy in range of the imprisoned woman’s willing tongue.The demure crease revealed very little of its inner treasures. Just the slightest hint of the darker labia ultrabet güvenilirmi minora was peeking out. The kneeling woman was so overcome by the sight and smell that she almost forgot what this was all about. She was suddenly obsessed with the urge to explore this stranger’s genitals. Using both hands she pulled the plump outer lips apart exposing the delicate diminutive inner petals. The thick vaginal secretions clung to the bright pink folds that were guarding its entrance. The top of the boat shaped gash glowed an inflamed red and the woman’s very small prepuce revealed a love button no bigger than a grain of rice. Heather had no experience with, or knowledge of the size differentials that existed in clitorises. All she knew was that hers was at least ten times the size of the one now being presented to her. ‘Small or not that’s where her trigger is located’ the scantily clad redhead determined and applied her tongue to the tiny nub.She heard the younger woman’s ecstatic wail and did her best to maintain contact with the moving pudenda. Her face was pressed up against the hard cold unyielding bars while the succulent pussy gyrated on the other side. ‘Oh my God … I’m actually enjoying this’ the prisoner had to conclude ‘that seals it I’m a lesbian’. Somehow coming to the conclusion didn’t bother her. At that moment all she could think about was lapping up more of the Sheriff’s clerk’s sweet juices and feeling the soft velvety flesh under her tongue. Flipping her tongue over the modest pleasure center as rapidly as she could, she wanted to do so much more Would you like to read more? http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bearcat22ENJOY the special pleasure

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