Lesbian Sex Academy Pt. 01


Today was an exciting day for me. Today was the day I, Chelsea Hart, 21 years old, begin classes at the Lesbian Sex Academy.

I arrived at the school later than expected, considering the school was quite difficult to find. I parked my car in the lot by the gates, then dragged my suitcases full of clothing and toys through the gates up to the registration table. Two girls sat behind the table, one a blonde wearing a white cropped button up and a miniskirt, the other a redhead wearing the same outfit except the shirt was open, exposing her tits.

“Hi, I’m here for registration?” I said.

“Name?” The blonde replied.

“Chelsea Hart.” She searched through her papers.

“Here you go! Everything should be in the welcoming packet. Just head on into the principal’s office.” She handed me a key. “This is the key to your dorm house, house 3. You’ll be there with Denise over there.” She pointed to the redhead and the redhead waved. “Just put your luggage over there and we can deliver it for you ASAP.”

“Thank you.” I replied and walked on through.

I walked into the office and saw the secretary sitting behind a desk typing on a computer. She was wearing a red crop top, cut so low her nipples were almost visible. She was also wearing a red skirt, legs open and no panties so I could see everything.

“Excuse me miss?” I said, walking up. casino oyna

“How can I help you?”

“Where is the principal? They told me to go see her at registration.”

“Take the first door on the left. Knock though, she may be with a student.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

I walked down the hall and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” A voice spoke. I opened the door to see a brunette lady, about 30 years old, wearing a black leather crop top, black leather shorts, and black boots.

“What can I do for you?” She said.

“The girls at registration told me to come here.” I sat down.

“Ahh yes. That’s just to simply discuss the rules.” She settled into her chair. “When you attend this school, you are required to stay in the dorms. After 8 years, you can still attend, but you must move off campus. We have only a few rules here, which are as follows: No rape. All sex must be consentual. You are able to engage in sexual actions with any students or staff, in public or private. Truancy is allowed as long as it is for a good reason, such as sleeping late or engaging in sexual activities. The dress code is loosely strict. You may wear crop tops, short sleeved shirts, and tank tops, as well as long sleeves in winter. Same goes for pants. You may wear shorts and miniskirts, with pants in the winter. Bra and panties slot oyna are required, and you may be topless if you desire, but a bra must be worn. If you and your partner wish to engage in sexual acts before class, you may do so in the halls. If you wish for privacy, you may fuck in any of the rooms marked with a red door. As for clothing, a walk in closet has been provided, stocked on one wall full of clothes you may wear throughout your years here as you stay in the same dorm. Once you graduate, you will take all your clothing and toys with you to the Porn House, where you will begin your job as a lesbian porn star. Any questions?” I shook my head. “Good. Now, I must test your abilities as a final acceptance.” She stood up dragged me up as well. She pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard.

I kissed back, gripping her ass tightly. I backed her into a table in the corner, that luckily had nothing on it. I ripped open her shirt after unzipping it, throwing it away. I smothered my face in her what had to be 44D tits, licking and kissing them. She moaned out as I unclipped her bra and began sucking on her nipples. I massaged her pussy through her shorts, making her moan more.

She pulled my shirt off and did the same as I did to her, making me push her head in closer. I pulled down her shorts and panties, leaving her entirely naked. I pushed her onto the canlı casino siteleri table, then removed my shorts and panties. I hung myself across her body, her face and my pussy on the table, and her pussy and my face off. I began licking her slowly, and she plunged her face into my pussy, fingering my ass all the while. I did the same to her, except I put in 3 fingers instead of 1. We moaned into each others pussies, making it harder to contain ourselves. I felt her hips buck as warm cum seeped up, and I licked it off. She licked mine off, and I pushed her on the ground.

I took the glass dildo off her desk and inserted it, leaving it slightly out. I placed myself in position and began scissoring her with the dildo inside, making it 10 times better than normal. We both moaned out, her louder than me.

“Oh fuck yes, just like that. Yes, god yes.” She tilted her head back and I went faster.

“Shit shit shit, fuck yes, I’m gonna cum.” I pushed down hard on her clit with my hand. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!!” She screamed as she squirted everywhere. I licked it up and kissed her, then got dressed, as did she.

“Congratulations. You are now part of the Lesbian Sex Academy. Your classes start tomorrow. Feel free to explore the various strip clubs and bars on campus as well as get to know your classmates and dorm mates until school starts tomorrow. You will find a map in your packet. And let me know if you need extra tutoring.” She said, a little out of breath.

I nodded and walked out, heading to my dorm house.

This school year is gonna be awesome.

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