lesbian story


lesbian storyAs I sneak into your room I findyou sitting at you vanity brushingyour hair, you are only wearingyour Bra and Panties with aGarter Belt and Stockings,thinking that I would be visitingyou tonight you chose myfavorite set. You have alwaysenjoyed the feeling of the brushon your hair so much, your eyesare closed in pleasure. I stepforward to you, and grab youfrom behind, covering yourmouth so you cannot scream. grandbetting yeni giriş Ilook at you in the mirror eyeswide in terror, whispering inyour ear I tell you to stand upand move to your bed, I can hearyou whimper behind my handand I smile enjoying theknowledge that in a few shortminutes you will be screaming ina mixture of pain and pleasure.As we reach the foot of your bedI place a ball grandbetting giriş gag into your mouthand fasten it onto you head and Itie your hands to the bed withyou still standing, but, face downon the bed so that your perfectass is in the air. Now is when Ihave to decide how I am goingto take you. As I look aroundyour room I see you left outsome of the object that youhoped that I would fuck you withtonight, grandbetting güvenilirmi I see a very large strap-on dildo, two sets of nippleclamps, and a large set of analbeads. Standing there looking atyour waiting backside i decide tostart with the anal beads, I startinserting them in one by oneuntil they are all inside of yourass, from there I will take thenipple clips and attach one set toyour nipples and then from thereI will take the second set andattach one clamp to the middle ofthe chain and then after I openyour pussy lips I will take thesecond clamp and attach it toyour clit. Now I am left with thestrap-on I take my time putting iton all the while using one of myhands to stroke you wet pussy.

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