Let’s Begin

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You had understood now that your ass was being readied for the thick pressure of my very well lubricated cock. Your hips and belly shifted, moving hard against the rumpled softness of the thick towels beneath you—your soaking wet cunt and that hard clit of yours grinding you into your own cum desires. Your arms I had bound flat to the bed, your fingers wanting to fuck your clit but you were not to be released yet.

I had come home earlier than you had apparently expected. Finding the bedroom door closed, I stepped into the bathroom and through the partially open door I saw you kneeling over another man. The only real view was of your gorgeous round ass, the rest of your body away from my sight and you were down between his legs.

I watched your head move in slow and lengthy rhythm as you in no doubt were sucking this man’s cock. I could see your fingers both gripping and rubbing his thighs as I watched your long auburn hair fall about the object of your attention. You seemed to nuzzle downwards, probably turning attention to his balls as I got a good glimpse of his rigid cock…a reddened purple color, your one hand gripping it tight around the shaft. Perhaps, you sensed him releasing himself in your mouth and you were saving him for more. Or maybe you just liked feeling canlı bahis a thick cock in your throat.

I stepped away, deciding to allow your own pleasures and left the house. I returned a couple, perhaps obligatory, hours later. In that time, I had done some errands and spent some time at a local bookstore and I had imagined numerous scenarios of what you and your lover had been doing in my absence.

I caught you at the top of the steps. You were wearing a sarong tightly curled around your hips. You were topless and I noticed the body glitter, that I so enjoyed on your exposed chest, covering your breasts and belly. You certainly noted my look and had I noticed that you blushed. I stepped closer to you, no words being spoken but your mouth and lips quivered. I could feel your eyes searching deep within mine. My own gaze drifted slowly downwards and my fingertips lightly touched the soft smoothness of your breasts…and acknowledged for you the pleasures I found, still remaining on your skin from the other man. Did you allow him to slide that cock of his in your firm cleavage as he came, pressing your tits around that shaft? Had he pulled out of your cunt and did you just end up with his hot cum thick upon your breasts? Or had you just continued to suck him off as I had watched, bahis siteleri giving him that wondrous feeling as only you are able and then at the last moment pulling back to release him onto your neck…his own desires for you having dripped further down.

I carefully had arranged my plans for you while I was out and brought you back into the bedroom…the bed was still unmade with the comforter and sheets in disarray, pillows laying about on the floor. I saw a new red satin thong laying on the floor and picked this up as I looked directly at you. You matched my gaze with…what…a challenge? Or just an acknowledgment that we both knew what happened today. I pulled out the silk ropes that I kept for you from the bottom of the dresser.

“So, what are you wanting to do to me?”, you asked somewhat coyly but sure I was aware of what you had been doing earlier.

I gently grasped your wrists, slowly looping the silk loosely around your hands. I looked directly into your eyes and I reached up to grasp the hair falling about your shoulders. Your eyes widened as I twisted your hair hard up against your neck…your legs resisting minimally as I pushed your head downwards until you were on your knees. Your eyes showed some uncertainty yet you still had not chosen to speak. I brought bahis şirketleri my own hands down and slowly and deliberately released the end of my belt from its clasp. I decided to slowly rub my hand over the fabric of my pants…against my thickening cock. You saw the hardness pushing out toward you. Were your lips opening for me or were you still wondering what awaited you. I pulled down the zipper and allowed my trousers to slide down below my knees. Your eyes dropped down. I lifted my length up toward your mouth and leaned slowly forward toward you. Your lids gently closed as you felt me enter. I could feel your lips tighten around me as I slid the first few inches in. My cock reached its full length with only a few short strokes.

I wondered how you would feel. You had seemed a little surprised that I pulled you away from the sex your mouth had been giving but I wanted to fuck you. You seemed to so willingly allow yourself to be tied down…the length of the rope captured under the mattress and your wrists pulled out to the sides. That gorgeous ass of yours fully exposed as I positioned you on your knees. Perhaps you were surprised, yet you weren’t resistant. I wondered if I would feel a little more wetness as I entered your cunt. Had you ensured that the other man came frequently for both his and your own pleasure? As I gently stroked your pussy, I felt some slickness about your ass and at that same time noted the bottle of lubricant on the nightstand.

You felt the pressure of two fingers.

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