Subject: “Let’s Make A Deal” Greetings, dudes. Been stroking my dick to the amazing stories on Nifty since 1999, so I figured it was about time to do my part. I’ve been writing dirty family stories on my Tumblr � a4f101.tumblr � for a few months now, and I’m sharing them here with you too. There’s more there, too � more stories, from me and my likeminded buds � so come check it out. Hit the Story Time link at the top for more than 250 dirty tales, all by me, with the pics that inspired them. You can see this story, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/110316746394/ This story is an original work of fiction, copyright me 2015. I own it, and all legal rights to it. If you’re not of legal age in your jurisdiction to be reading it, do us both a favor and come back to it when you are. Love to hear from you guys. hoo. And hey � Nifty is an incredible, free resource. Changed my life, and probably did the same for you, this amazing treasure-trove of fantasies. If you can, please support them with a donation � even just a few bucks. Nobody pays for porn anymore, sure, and that’s why we keep losing incredible resources like Handjobs Magazine. Don’t let the Nifty Archive be another. Somewhere out there, a kid is just discovering this site. Having his world rocked, and his dick raised. You and me, we were kids like that, once. Let’s keep it going, for them and for fty/donate.html ***** Micah always got what he wanted. Maybe it was his easy charm, his big smile, his cute young good looks, his tight, athletic body. It was very likely that incredible ass, high and tight and perfectly rounded deeply muscled from years of wrestling, soccer, swimming. An ass that could make grown men and women fall down on their knees and beg, and frequently did. He dug that. And if they were very lucky, they might get a chance at his big, hard, thick young dick, beautiful with its upward curve, just shy of seven inches, perfectly cut, a big mushroom head capping it off, big round balls underneath. An outrageous cock to match that outrageous ass, and his outrageously easy way of worming his way under your skin and making you do exactly what he wanted you to. He wasn’t a bad boy, really, despite his tattoo and the attitude he could pull sometimes, and definitely not a bad kid. Just one of those naturally powerful people who’d found that his potent charm and good looks could get perfectly reasonable people to do things for him. If he’d been the malicious type, you might have been pretty close to a sociopath, but really, nobody knew him better than I did, and the little stud was basically a sweet dude. I always said I was immune to his considerable charms, and yet I’d found myself with a roommate. The way it started was as a visit, he swore, just a week or two gaziantep escort if I could spare the space. I’d opened the door to my little fifth-floor walkup in the East Village and found my little brother there with a bag, his phone, and a big charming grin for his big brother. Honestly, it was kind of fun having him around, showing him New York for the first time as an adult, and pretty satisfying to see him tone it down a bit. He was seemingly humbled by the challenge of taking on such a huge place, teeming with millions of people, most of them even more opportunistic than him, and sure as hell a lot more driven. Now, I’d never asked him about his sexuality. I just assumed he was getting plenty of whatever he was into, and I knew for a fact he hadn’t been a virgin since he was 14. He was cool with me being gay, loved me like a little brother should regardless, and he definitely loved meeting all my gay friends, making them go all gaga for him and that epic fucking ass of his. I’d just roll my eyes and watch him flirt with a wry grin, all my friends ignoring my warnings about him. Micah would be just fine, and getting your heart broken by a hot straight boy should be a rite of passage for every gay man anyhow, so I knew I could leave him alone to do his thing. So I was surprised when he came home one night at like 2am, and instead of going to the bathroom and then sacking out on the couch to sleep, he slipped into my bed. I woke up with a jolt when I felt his hand on my pecs, gently rubbing them as he whispered my name in my ear, feeling his hard-muscled bare legs rubbing teasingly against mine. “The fuck, dude?” I grumbled, snapping on the lamp. He was shirtless, pecs hard and tight, defined abs rippling their way down to a little brown ruff of fur. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. I could see the depths of his bush just above the sheet, the tip of that tasty-looking cock starting to peek as it firmed up. I gulped hard, put some space between us, stared at him. “Zach, bro,” he murmured, still rubbing my chest, shifting closer to close the gap between us again. “I love this fuckin’ town, dude!” “Uh, OK dude, that’s cool,” I said, “but the fuck are you doing in here, little bro?” He just grinned even bigger at me, and I knew what was coming. Micah’s Big Pitch. “Bro, I wanna stay up here. Like, move here. But, well… I’m not super flush with money right now, so I was wondering…” Now his hand had slid down to my stomach, rubbing it idly, deceptively so. Teasing the muscles there. Looking up with that sexy, thousand-watt grin, the one he used when he was being appealing, not trying to literally charm your pants off. Same fucking difference, really. I should have just pushed his hand aside, but I didn’t quite seem to be able to. My cock suriyeli escort was starting to firm up in my boxer briefs. Fuck, so this was the full Micah Effect… He didn’t really have to say anything else, just pressed up super close to me, let me feel the thick curve of that hard little bro cock throbbing against my thigh. nestled his face into my neck all intimate-like, lips caressing my suddenly sweaty skin as he guided my hand down to that ass. I found it, felt it, slid my palm over it, not needing his guidance one bit, exploring as he subtly worked it, thrusting gently, slowly against my hip with his big fucking cock, making his ass grind and flex and dimple. Making me practically pant for him. Making my cock throb even harder than his, just as big if not quite so pretty. His mouth found mine, the taste of vodka on his breath as he kissed me, slow and soft at first, then pushing inside, making me respond, making me kiss him back. Pouring out years of idle, horny thoughts about his rocking little stud body, and that ass of his, into my lusty kiss in return. OK, I said I was immune to his charms, but that ass was kryptonite. Fuck yeah, I’d jacked off thinking about it. Stared at it hungrily more than once. I’m a dude, what can I say, I can’t help it. Being his big brother never really came into it, as far as my dick was concerned. But speaking of being into it, Micah was for damn sure doing a good impression of somebody who was into this. I shut down the cynical part of my brain that knew I was being kind of conned, on one level, and revved up the horny, hungry part that told me to fucking take advantage of it. If my little brother thought he could make a mark out of me this way, then fuck, he was going to get the ride of his young life. He wasn’t the only one with skills and charms here. I think he was surprised at the fervor with which I pinned him to the bed, how hard and hungry my kiss was, but he got into it real quick, kissing me back with these horny, hungry little noises of his own that made me drip. If he hadn’t done this with another dude before, he sure as fuck was a natural at it. When he skinned off my boxer briefs and turned over, flexing that jaw-dropping ass for me all sexily, I guess he was expecting to be fucked, and sure as hell looked into it, but when I licked him down there, slow at first, a literal taste of things to come for both of us, he moaned with horny surprise. Moaned, ground his ass back at me, invited me in for more. And I took him up on that invitation, with gusto. I might look like a pretty regular dude on the outside, but believe me, I am a monster for ass… totally gay for it, you might say. Loved the feel, the taste, the power of it. Getting into it in long strokes, whether rus escort with my fingers, my tongue or my cock. I’d eaten quite a lot of ass, through college and up here in New York especially, and I gave Micah the full, dripping benefit of my experience. Showed him things the cocky little shit didn’t know, new kinds of pleasure from that tight, perfect muscle butt of his. My sheets were soaked with his pre, and he was sweating, writhing, the fitted sheet balled up in his fists as he begged me to fuck him. I lubed him up, probed him with two long fingers, teased that ass of him some more, spreading my copious spit around inside him, before slipping my big, drippingly hard cock up his sexy tail. Up inside that tight, still smooth hole, no idea if it was cherry or not, not giving a damn either way. Tonight, it was mine. It belonged to his big brother. And shit, if he was angling to move in here with me, I planned on making his ass a part of the rent. I fucked a load out of him, and then, ever the benevolent, beneficent big brother, kissed him, sucked on his hard, stiff nips, licked his sweaty, pumped ex-wrestler bod all over, most particularly that big curved cock, teasing it back into sticky, leaking hardness before sucking the second load out of his big young nuts. And then, just to prove to him that I wasn’t going to let him get the best of me, I jacked my second load all over his heaving pecs, spraying my thick big brother cum over the layer of sweat that covered them, then leaning in to lick it up before hovering over him. He gaped at me, still panting, and I knew from his face, the mix of confusion and apprehension and the hungry heat underneath it, that he’d never done this before. But he gave me that grin, opened his mouth, and I fed him my load from my tongue. He sucked it down eagerly, greedily, sharing it back and forth before he swallowed it, grinning like the cat who had quite literally swallowed the cream. We laughed together in the afterglow, kissed again, easier this time, and the tight, loving hug he gave me was totally genuine. So was the one I gave back. I looked deep into his eyes as I leaned over him, rubbing his solid pec affectionately, smiling, but my tone of voice was strictly business. “I’ll give you a break for another week, but then we split the rent and the bills down the middle. No hard drugs, and no fucking girls in my bed. Just you. And a lot more of this, for us both.” “Fucking deal,” he grinned, kissing me hard, then giving me his hand to shake on it. Then he leapt from the bed, heading to the tiny kitchen to grab two beers – my beer, of course – to celebrate. I watched that sexy fucking ass work as he went. “One more condition, little brother,” I grinned. “When it’s just us here, I want to see you bareass as much as possible.” He grinned that grin, real big, and wriggled his ass seductively. I felt my cock twitch again. And just when I thought I’d gotten what I wanted from Micah for a change, I knew that with that ass, he’d always have the upper hand. But I think I’d be OK with that.

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