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I sniffed the scented envelope, my anticipation rose, I just received another love letter from my sweet girlfriend back home. I opened the envelope and the scent of her perfume became stronger. Her perfectly folded stationary and perfect hand writing teased my senses. What new words of love would wraps for me?

As I read her letter, it became abundantly clear her letter was a Dear John; I was crushed. She wrote of discovering an independence from what contemporary society thinks. “That includes being exclusive property of one man,” her letter stated. She closed by telling me that when I get back, she would not be around.

I moped through the rest of the day waiting to hit the ‘club’ to drown myself in booze. The club is nothing more than a canvass tent top over simple 2×4 studs and plywood walls. The music is loud and booze flows faster than river rapids. This evening would become my crowning moment for drunken debauchery and surely net me a reprimand. Mostly, I just did not care.

When I reached the club and found a seat, I scanned the area for anyone I knew from my office. Across the room I spied Mary Alice. Mary Alice is in my department although our tasks have us working on different projects. We don’t have too much interaction except at morning meetings. She sat alone just as I was.

I guess Mary Alice’s age about the same as mine, almost 28. She is attractive in a cute sort of way. She isn’t one of those size zero girls who look anorexic. Compared to me ex-girlfriend, Mary Alice is probably a size eight or nine and it is all distributed nicely over her five feet five inch frame.

From where I sat, it looked like she was feeling down just as I. Initiative took over, I picked up my drink and wedged my way through the happy hour crowd toward Mary Alice.

“Hi, Mary Alice. Don’t see you here often. How’s your project coming along?” I must have startled her from the way she jerked hearing her name called.

“Oh, shit, John. You startled me, surprised me really. Yeah, I don’t come here often. Today just happens to be a day when I want a little alcoholic encouragement.” It took her a moment before offering a smile. “What brings you here tonight?”

I wanted to answer with one of my wise cracks, yet Mary Alice mood wasn’t one for a crack and neither was mine. “Like you, I guess. I want some alcoholic encouragement also. Do you mind if I sit for a moment?” Mary Alice’s response was a nonchalant wave of a hand at the chair next to her; I calmly sat.

“So, Mary Alice, how is your project coming, any advancements?” A work conversation was better than no conversation.

“I’ll tell you about my project! I don’t have a fucking project. Fucking Anderson decided to take it over and get all the glory for himself. I’m sure it is because I don’t put out for him. All you guys think about is dipping your cocks in any woman’s pussy and claim some bragging rights.”

I began to stand and leave, Mary Alice was in the foulest mood I had ever encountered. “I’m sorry about your project. I’ll leave you to your misery.”

“Except you, Martin. You are always fair with everyone and you don’t chase skirts. I wish I worked with your project team.” Her voice was still hard and cold although some of the cutting edge of her tongue had dulled. “Come on, sit down. I’m just being a bitchy woman today.”

I had reservations, “Are you sure? I don’t want interfere with a good sulk.”

Another brief smile and Mary Alice retorted, “I’m not having a sulk. I’m getting drunk. Now tell me, why are you here.”

I sat back in my chair, “I’m planning a night of drunkenness and whatever trouble I can get into. You’re pissed at men and I’m pissed at women.” I waved for more drinks.

“How can you be pissed at women? Women around here drool over you. You are always polite with everyone. Besides, ass hole, you came over to me.”

Finally, a laugh escaped her and her mood changed a little more. “Mary Alice, truce. We are pissed but not with each other. Short story, my girlfriend decided to write me the proverbial Dear John. I wanted to give her a good life. I came here to earn some big bucks and provide us with a home and comforts. So much for that idea.”

Mary Alice giggled again. “Wait until the ladies find out you are available. You will be their star bachelor. I know your star is rising over me.”

“Please, don’t go baiting any hooks just yet. I am not on the rebound and definitely not rebounding with a workmate.” I did not want the world in on my plight. “Just keep it under wraps, between you and I.”

In these last few minutes, my desire to get drunk and foolish abated. Mary Alice lightened my load with her revelation about the women on site. She made an obvious hint to my star rising over her. “Mary Alice, lets go over to the other side and have a bite of dinner together. I’ll even let you pay.”

“You’re right, Martin, getting drunk just isn’t what its cracked to be. I’ll pay but you have to walk me home.”

Several eyes followed us as we tried to illegal bahis cross the crowded room over to what was supposed to be the dining room. By tomorrow tongues will have Mary Alice and I in some kind of perverted romance.


We ate what the club called a steak. Frozen in liquid nitrogen, vacuum sealed, thawed a couple day ago, fried on a hot grill, and served with french fries packed the same way made for a dinner tender enough to be mistaken for shoe leather. With Mary Alice at the table with me, dinner almost tasted good.

We left the club after eating and began the long walk across the compound to our rooms. It was a clear night and the sky glowed with millions of pin-pricks of star light. In a quick gesture, Mary Alice laced her arm with mine as we walked. I felt at ease with Mary Alice and actually forgot for the moment my lost love at home.

“Martin, we don’t have to let the night end now,” Mary Alice smiled. “We can listen to music and dance in my room if you would like.”

Her voice was friendly, not seductive, and having a good time with a cute available woman sounded like a good diversion. “I’m a painful dancer, Mary Alice. You better wrap pillows around your feet if you want to walk tomorrow.”

“Then the challenge is on. I bet you dance well enough, and if not, there are other things besides dancing.” Mary Alice snuggled more tightly as we walked.

This time there was denying the seduction in her voice. I placed my free hand over her hand wrapped through my arm. We walked on.

Our rooms were little more than conex boxes, shipping containers about seven feet wide and 18 feet long. They were insulated and air conditioned for comfort but the furnishings were surplus military barracks furniture. One small corner was walled to separate a minimalist bathroom of small shower, toilet, and sink. The only difference between male rooms and female rooms was color. Women had more pastel colors on walls and men had gray walls.

We arrived at Mary Alice’s room and slipped in quietly. Others were out and about though no one seemed to give notice of us. Mary Alice’s room was comfortably cool compared to the warm humid evening outside.

Mary Alice had a few personal items on a dresser and a few more on one of the corner tables. She had pictures from home and small decorations on her walls. There were two side chairs turned toward the other marking something similar to a living room space.

“I see you used the same designer I had.” It would be silly to complement her room décor as each box had exactly the same furnishings.

“Yes, vintage conex boxes are his specialty. You will have to invite me to your little box one evening. Can I give you a drink, Martin, whiskey?”

“Ah, I hear a song bird playing my favorite tune. Yes, a short whiskey would be nice.” I settled in one of the chairs as Mary Alice fixed a couple drinks. I watched her move about the room with grace and purpose. I noticed her form, full breasts, tapering to her waist before flaring out over her hips. Maybe I am wrong, she is probably a size six or seven not eight or nine. I kept my gaze on her as she moved about.

“Martin, are you checking me out? I feel your eyes burning on me.” Mary Alice smiled in an I caught you looking giggle. “Size six, 36B, 27, 37, 124 pounds, and I work out in what we try calling the gym. I want to tone up more and drop 12 to 15 pounds.”

“Sorry, Mary Alice. Yes, I was checking you out. You have many attractive qualities and you move about the room with grace, no movement wasted.” I am smart enough to say nothing about weight. I rose to meet her as she crossed with our drinks.

Mary Alice handed me a glass and I noticed her hand quivering. I took the glass with one hand using the other to touch her out stretched arm. “Mary Alice, are you okay? Your hand is shaking a bit.”

“Of course it is shaking a little. I am alone with a man and I don’t know where I am going with this.”

“Mary Alice, let me finish this drink and leave. I don’t want to make any unreasonable advances.”

“Martin, do you make reasonable advances?” Mary Alice looked apprehensive but not frightened, overtly sexual but not aggressive. If I labeled it, I would call Mary Alice’s demeanor coy. I enjoyed her shyness and imagined her reaction to advances I make.

“There is a fine line between reasonable and unreasonable, Mary Alice.” I tossed back my drink and continued, “Tonight I am hurting because of a letter and you are hurting because your work got taken away from you. Don’t make a mistake you or we will regret.”

I could see Mary Alice process what I said. When she finished digesting everything, she asked a simple question. “Is this weekend open for you?”

“Yes, I think I can clear a couple things this weekend. We can get a car and drive off the compound to a little spot I know that is secluded and very private.”

“Will you make advanced, reasonable or unreasonable?”

“Mary Alice, I’ll make reasonable and unreasonable advances illegal bahis siteleri if you want.”

We set a date for Saturday and although the sexual tension remained high, neither of us acted on the urge. We parted with a hug and a little peck of a kiss. Saturday is just two days away.


I set out to get drunk, get in trouble, and get reprimanded. Instead, Mary Alice and I made a connection I would never have expected and I was happy with the outcome.

As I walked to my room, Mary Alice was on my mind. Why does she want to loose weight when all she needs is a little toning? I thought to myself how cute she is and how desirable she is. Thoughts of her as a workmate, a formidable woman who is intelligent and educated were not thoughts on my mind. By the time I reached my room, I had mentally undressed her. I realized I was walking around the compound with a hard on. I reached the privacy of my room, there to relieve the pressure that built inside me.

An after thought occurred, write a letter to my ex. I spilled my guts onto paper, my work, my desire for us, all the plans we shared, all the love we shared. I was sure she would read the letter as some attempt to change her mind.

“So, as I conclude this letter, as I reminisce about our memories, I realize they are only fading memories of what could have been. Now, I can find another with whom to make new memories and her name is Mary Alice.”

I crossed the compound to my work center making a brief stop at the mail room to post my letter. It cost more than I usually spend on express mail because I wanted my ex reading it before Mary Alice and I enjoyed our date.


My first check in of the day was with my team and our project. I made an excuse to see Mary Alice’s team leader and learn why he took over Mary Alice’s part of the project. He gave some limp excuse that senior members of the project bla, bla, bla. He is not my team leader so I went over his head.

“What! I need her on that project. She is the one keeping that part of the program up to speed with your part. I’ll talk to Anderson.” He assured me that my name will not come up.

The work day ended and I stayed behind to work out some figures and make some progress updates. About 45 minutes later, Mary Alice stopped at my desk. “If I find out that you had anything to do with my full reinstatement, I may forget where we are and show you just how many thanks I can heap on you.”

“Come on, Mary Alice, lets leave.” Last night we were arm in arm, today I took her hand and entwined my fingers in hers. “The project needs you on it. That is all I have to say.” I continued to hold her hand as we walked from the work center across the compound.

We reached the housing area of the compound and my shipping container of a room came into view. “Step in with me Mary Alice. I want your opinion on decorators choices.” With a laugh we entered my room with its sparse furnishings.

“Chic, Martin. I like your minimalism. Hey! How did you get a double bed?” Mary Alice went straight to the bed and stretched out. “This is a luxury, you should share,” she sighed as I heard her shoes hit the floor.

Seeing Mary Alice luxuriating on my bed was a simple turn on. Her body, her curves, seeing her pleasure drew me to her. Mary Alice extended her arm to me, took my hand. With a gentle pull of her hand, I sat on the mattress next to her. What was the next move?

The next move was Mary Alice’s. She sat up on the bed and wrapped her arms around my chest pulling us into a hug that she followed with a deep kiss. Her action took me by surprise at first and she reacted by pulling away. I quickly pulled her back into the hug and returned her kiss with one of my own.

This time we were ready. I felt her body molding into mine and heard her breathing change to sharp raspy inhales followed by sighs as she exhaled. Mary Alice and I, locked in this pose, felt our urges build. We fell back sideways across the bed, laid side by side, and continued kissing and hugging.

When our kiss broke, we looked into the other’s eyes. Mary Alice had passion in her eyes, lust and desire. I felt her breasts against my chest, her stomach and hips pressed against me. There was no doubt in my mind that she also felt my cock reacting.

“Mary Alice, is this what you want? We are moving fast to the point of no return. I will not be offended if you leave before we cross any more lines.”

“Martin, I feel your arousal,” Mary Alice whispered. “Touch my nipples, you’ll feel my arousal. I want to cross some more lines.”

I returned to the kiss and moved my hand up to cup her breast. Mary Alice sighed her approval. Her breast felt wonderful in my palm and my finger tips felt her hard nipple through the fabric of her clothes and bra. I gave her nipple a little pinch and received a moan in reward. I felt her hand rubbing my cock through my clothes.

Call it a primal instinct or any label you like, my fingers went for the buttons of Mary canlı bahis siteleri Alice’s blouse. Each button exposed a bit more of her flesh and as one button opened, Mary Alice sighed then sharply inhaled.

My breath also came in pants as Mary Alice massaged my cock through my clothes. Her fingers making me more excited with each squeeze. The next button of her blouse exposed the mounds of her breasts and a very fashionable lace bra. I sighed, “You are a lovely woman, Mary Alice.”

Her blouse was fully open and my hand found the front clasp of her bra. In a motion like the snapping of fingers, the clasp opened and beautiful 36B breasts greeted me my eyes. Mary Alice stopped massaging my cock using her hand to pull my knit shirt from the confines of my pants. I helped her pull my shirt off. When we returned to our kisses, her lovely breasts touched my skin. We both sighed at the feel of this new sensation.

My belt buckle popped loose as Mary Alice groped with greater determination. The waistband and zipper of my pants opened by her touch. Fingers snaked into the elastic of my undershorts; Mary Alice grasped my cock. Her body reacted as she moaned through our deep passionate kisses

My hand skimmed down her body to her waistband. Mary Alice wore pants with a zipper on the side; I was lucky that the zipper was easy to reach. “Martin,” Mary Alice panted, “is this when we get naked and hope performance meets expectation?”

“I hope my performance satisfies you, Mary Alice.” I tugged gently at her pants and with a couple well executed hip wiggles, her pants slid past her hips. I took my turn slipping fingers into the waist of her panty. Only a little tuft of hair greeted my finger tips as my hand dipped further toward the sweet honey pot hidden in her panty.

“Uhm, very satisfying, Martin.”

“Mary Alice,” my lust filled voice moaned, “I want to make love with you.” My fingers found her pussy wet with her nectar. I pushed against her opening. Mary Alice responded pushing her hips against my hand. My palm was against her pubic bone giving her clit a little stimulation. Mary Alice responded again, this time a loud moan escaped her mouth and fresh juice escaped her pussy.

Her panty slid easily over her hips and down her leg. We had our pants around our knees and worked to kick them off. Mary Alice moved to the center of my bed and waited for me to join her. We lay on our sides facing each other. Mary Alice hoisted a leg over my hips giving my cock a feel of her wet pussy.

“Your body feels nice, Mary Alice. I could lose myself trying to kiss every square inch of you.”

“I’m feeling something nice too, Martin.” With a couple wiggles, Mary Alice had my cock positioned where she wanted it. She used the leg over my hips to encourage me and encouragement was not necessary. I pushed past her outer pussy lips into her waiting vagina.

Mary Alice took several fast breaths, cried in pleasure, and pushed against me. I buried my cock to the hilt. Mary Alice rolled us over so I was on my back, she sat down hard on my lap giving her clit a good rubbing against crotch. Her pussy muscles squeezed my cock.

Mary Alice stared into my face. I stared back just as intently. She had her weight centered pushing hard against my cock and keeping me firmly pinned to the mattress. The only movement was Mary Alice grinding her clit against me as her pussy squeezed my cock.

A minute passed, two minutes, three minutes, time was no longer important. All that mattered was centered on my bed. With no warning, Mary Alice orgasmed in loud cries. She tried to reach a pillow to muffle her cries but was too far gone. Anyone outside heard her.

“Oh god! Me too Mary Alice, I’m cumming. Get off or I’ll cum in you.” She pressed harder making escape futile. I pressed back as hard as I could unleashing millions of little sperm cells into her pussy.

When it was all over, Mary Alice fell against my chest in complete satisfaction. We both panted from excitement and slowly our breathing became normal again.

“Martin, you’re still hard!” I was still hard, turned on by the sexual minx on top of me.

“We just started Mary Alice. Your body deserves as much loving as you can handle. I hope I can handle you.” I began making slow movements in her.

We turned on the bed rolling into missionary. Mary Alice lifted her legs high and I linked my arms behind her knees. A couple pillows under her hips lifted her butt higher allowing me better depth in her pussy.

“Fuck me, Martin,” panted Mary Alice.

I wanted this one to last as long as I could make it last or until Mary Alice begged me to stop. I started sawing out and in but not hard and aggressively. The wetness of Mary Alice from her cum and mine made for little friction.

Mary Alice wrapped her arms around my back drawing me tightly against her. She babbled words that made no sense to me, “…pussy …my …me …fuck …Martin.” I lowered my head planting little kisses on her neck and giving her ear little bites. I must have found a sweet spot because Mary Alice bucked hard against me, clamped my cock with her pussy muscles and detonated in another orgasmic roar. This time I smothered her screams with kisses. My head echoed with her orgasm.

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