Liam , Katy

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Liam’s new job presented him with a new set of challenges, not just from a work aspect, but the female staff also. He was now working straight days as a Project Leader in a firm of Quantity Surveyors.

There was Sharon and Lizzie in his own office and then there was Sam, Dawn and Katy upstairs. Sam and Katy were the only pretty ones and young enough.

It came as a surprise when all of a sudden Katy turned to him one day and started talking to him. He had been there for a few months and had not yet talked to her.

They had been no need, for she worked in another department and had no direct dealings, on a day-to-day basis. That day, the department where she worked in Accounts had a problem and she came to Liam, as head of his own department.

He had dealings with the cause of their problem. She was secretly attracted to him. Problem discussed and a few phone calls later, problem sorted. He reported this to her and she was pleased.

Following his call to her she turned up at his office a few minutes later. She beckoned him outside; he got up from his desk and followed her outside. She thanked him again and enquired if she could buy him a drink as a way of saying thank you.

Now he understood why she had asked him to step out of his office, which was open plan and shared. No need to start any office romance gossip.

He told her it wasn’t necessary, just part of the job, but accepted her invitation nonetheless. They arranged to meet after work that day at the nicer of the two local pubs. She bought a round for them and noticing her near empty glass, he motioned to her to have another.

She nodded. They talked about work and life in general as well as her probing him about his background.

She became quite animated and tactile. They sat at the bar on stools and faced each other. She was quite pretty. Wide brown eyes, nice teeth, shoulder length blonde hair that was not from a bottle.

She wore a knee length skirt, which was higher on her leg now that she was sitting.

Her legs were covered in thick ribbed tights and she wore a chunky güvenilir bahis sweater. Even so, he could see that her breasts were small. It was winter.

Conversation between them took on a more personal nature and Liam found out that she thought he was quite dishy and if he were to ask her out for a drink another time, she’d accept.

He dropped her off near her home. She kissed him. He kissed her back.

Katy got out of the car. No need for asking when he’d see her again or anything like that, they worked for the same firm.

Two days later, they were again at the same pub. This time, there was less drinking and more kissing, Within weeks of first talking to her, suddenly he’d gone from hardly seeing her with no conversation to now, where she was forever popping down to his office and being animated and chatty.

They’d gone to the same pub again that evening and sat on the same stools facing each other as before. She was in a good mood and was wearing a black knee length skirt. Her legs had sheer black nylons covering them.

She had noticed Liam keep glancing down at them. She leaned forward and pinched his inner thigh. ‘Ouch that hurts’ he yelled. She laughed back.

‘So, you like them?’ pointing at her legs. ‘They’re stockings you know’ she added grinning all the while. ‘I put them on for you’. She took his hand and placed on her knee and pushed it up under her skirt, stopping his hand at her stocking top.

See, told you so’. She left his hand there and took hers away. He kept his hand up there, just idly fingering her bare flesh and smooth nylon. ‘Want another?’ she asked him, looking at his near empty pint glass on the bar.

He shook his head. ‘How about some more of this’ he said stroking her thigh with renewed interest. ‘C’mon then’ she said pulling her skirt down and stepping off her stool. He quickly downed the remnants of his pint. It was dark outside.

He kissed her when they were in his car. He slid a hand under her skirt again, but she stopped him.

‘Not here’ she said. ‘Where then?’ he asked, ‘I don’t know this area türkçe bahis very well’ he continued.

She did and directed him to a quiet spot. Her right hand had reached across and was gripping his cock through his trousers throughout the short drive.

‘Seems you like me too’ she said to him teasingly, tightening her grip on his cock. Reaching the appointed quiet spot, he killed the engine and lights. Her hand was inside his pants as he turned to kiss her. He shoved his hand under her skirt and without stopping at the bare thigh he felt her wet panties.

She lifted her bottom from the car seat and he pulled her knickers down. They were black too, like her skirt. She knew that black was a colour of women’s underwear favoured by men.

She pulled her knees up and slipped her panties over her feet. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and Liam climbed over and knelt in front of her. He pulled her forward and slid into her wet and welcoming pussy.

She was wet but tight and gasped as he penetrated her fully. He came very quickly, so quickly that she did not reach orgasm. He stayed inside her for a more moments then withdrew. Neither of them spoke or attempted any more fondling.

No oral sex this time round, too cramped in a car. He drove her home and they kissed goodnight. Her panties were still lying in the foot well of his car. He’d take them back to her in the morning, after he’d sniffed on them for a while. ‘You keep them’ she’d said when he proffered her panties, from the previous night. now concealed in a brown envelope.

She smiled at him as he put the brown envelope back in his attaché case and snapped the lid shut. His office colleagues were giving them both curious looks,

He could have taken her to his home, but it was getting late when they’d left the pub and besides, he lived over an hour away. One day he’d take her there and have slow, sensual sex. That day came, the night of the firm’s Xmas party.

They had stunned everyone at work as they walked into the function hall together. Whispered gossip went around the room accompanied by the glances. güvenilir bahis siteleri Confirmations of the rumours going round the office were proven. They ate together; they drank with colleagues and danced the night away. They were not the first couple to leave, but did not stay till the end.

When they got to his house, he took her coat and offered her a drink. He sat in front of her. Pulling at her knees, he prised her legs open and was greeted by more stockings and sheer black panties. He stuck his mouth on her panties.

She was damp she was ready. He tugged at the elastic on her knickers and snuggled his nose and mouth into her pussy. She squirmed a bit, for a while, but soon protested and eased him away, saying ‘I need to use the bathroom’.

He heard the toilet flush but no sign of Katy. He called her, but got no reply.

Eventually, he climbed the stairs and found her in his bed, naked. Her clothes were lying in a heap by the bed; even her stockings were off too.

He stripped off and slid into bed beside her. She immediately got on top of him and lowered herself on to him. She was tight again, maybe she was small there he thought. Her breasts were not big either.

He could see them clearly in the light flooding in from the hallway light.

There was to be no further foreplay. She preferred penetration to sucking, so he let her have her orgasm and came himself about the same time. She rolled off and was asleep in an instant.

He made her coffee when she woke in the morning. She was fully dressed by the time he’d carried it upstairs to the bedroom.

Shortly after coffee he took her home. It was a Saturday, not a working day for her, so what was her rush to be home. They hadn’t spoken much that morning on the car journey to her home.

There was not much to say, they were having sex, not in a relationship and never would be.

He called into the office after dropping her off near her flat.

He might as well; he was up this way anyway.

On Wednesday of the following week she quit her job and a month later was gone.

They had spoken during that month but no more visits to the pub. Liam was saddened to see her go, but not too sad.

He had a pair of her panties as a keepsake.

There were plenty of other fish in the sea.

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