Subject: Life of a Bollywood Star – Chapter 3- Gay/Celebriy Life of a Bollywood Star Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and a standalone piece. All references to specific, living individuals are based on fiction and the author has no claim to knowledge of their sexual orientation. Any and all mentions to and references of fictional characters and their properties belong to their respective copyright and trademark owner(s), production company (ies), and/or their publisher (s) and this author does not claim to hold these rights. The author can be contacted at ail The story will be long and in parts. There will be sex in the stories but the initial chapters will have less of it. So, bear with me and enjoy the story. — Chapter 3: America here we come *ANNOUNCEMENT* All passengers travelling to Mumbai — Atlanta flight, the boarding has started, please proceed to gate no. 15. Please keep your Boarding Passes in your hands. Varun was running late. With all that happening in his life, his life had become a mess. Karan had messaged him that his flight was at 8:00PM. But he somehow had forgotten about it. If it was not for his brother he would have missed the flight. *ANNOUNCEMENT* Passenger travelling to Mumbai — Atlanta flight, please proceed to the boarding gate no. 15 and start boarding. Varun was just over with his security check and now he was running. He was hungry also and he needed to pee. But there was not time for all that. He had to hold it in. *ANNOUNCEMENT* This is a passenger announcement for Mr. Varun Dhawan, travelling on the flight Mumbai — Atlanta. Please proceed to the boarding gate. Varun had almost reached the gate when he trampled and he fell. Somehow he made it into the flight and he was the last person to board the flight. The Airhostess was very warm and pleasant and showed him to his Business Class seats. There was someone sitting on the window seat beside. The guy had dozed off and he had covered his face with a hoodie. Varun had a major flashback. The guys built was like Aman’s (in present day time). The Airhostess had to nudge him once more and ask him to take his seat as everyone had boarded and the flight was ready for takeoff. He took his seat and put on his seatbelts. The urge to hold his pee and the thought of Aman had given him ma boner which was visible now clearly as he sat. The flight took off and then Varun headed to pee, finally. After returning to his seat, he saw who was his co-passenger. It was Siddharth Malhotra (the same guy he had met in Karan’s office). Sid was settling in and adjusting himself and in doing so he rubbed his crotch a few times. Varun was just standing and looking at all this had given him a hard on again. Then Sid looked up and finally saw Varun and gave one of his mischievous smiles. Sid, “Hey Man, come sit. We have a long flight. And a lot of catching up to do.” Varun, “Yeah. Hi. How are you. How have you been. Guessing Karan had both of us take the same etlik escort flight.” Sid, “Yea guess so. I have been good man. Karan is making me meet all these important people and expanding my PR circle” Varun, “That is awesome man. So, you are from Bombay or came here to become an actor?” Sid, “No, no I am from Delhi. Guilty as charged, I have come here to make it big in the industry. Also, dude, the first time why didn’t you tell me you were the son of the legendary David Dhawan.” Varun, “Hehe, yeah. I try and avoid that. I hope you will get it. I am trying to make it big in the industry by trying to not use my surname. I know it is unavoidable. But a man’s got to try.” Sid, “Yea man. In a way you guys have it difficult. Look at me. Lady luck is not with me. I had almost started shooting a movie but it got shelved. I got saved because Karan noticed me and decided to take me in Dharma else I would have been screwed.” Varun, “Oh sorry to hear about the movie. I myself wanted to start behind the camera and learn as much I could before I go Infront and wow everyone.” Varun was not becoming comfortable in the Sid’s presence. Sid gave off a warm and friendly vibe and he was easy to talk to. Sid, “Btw I know the Airhostess are hot and all but dude that tent in your pants is noticeable from a mile away.” Varun got super embarrassed. He immediately took off his jacket and covered his crotch and hid his hardon. Sid, “Don’t worry so much. Nothing I haven’t seen before. And as far as I could remember it was in its full glory.” Varun mind was again going dizzy. Why was this guy saying such things? Is he giving me hints? Should I say something. Should I make a move. Varun was flustered. Then the Air hostess arrived and Sid flirted with her and then they both placed their food ordered. They had their food in an awkward silence. After that the cabin lights were dimmed so that the passengers could catch some sleep. Varun and Sid were making small talks and discussing movies and all. Varun doesn’t remember but he had fallen asleep and was not sleeping with his head on Sid’s shoulder. Sid had adjusted himself so that Varun could sleep properly. Sid had placed his hands on the armrest and Varun’s hand were also on it. It seemed like they were holding hands and sleeping. As luck would have it the flight had only 1 double blanket left as a kid had thrown up and made few blankets dirty. So, Varun and Sid were sleeping while Varun’s head is on Sid’s shoulder and they are holding hands and their bodies are under the blanket. Varun’s sleep broke a bit. He slowly opened his eyes and found he had dozed off and his head was on Sid’s shoulder and he was covered with a blanket and he was apparently holding hands with Sid. This all made Varun feel very warm and fuzzy as he had the best nap in his life. The sudden movements seemed to have broken Sid’s sleep. Sid, “Hey buddy what happened? Any issues?” Varun, “no no. It’s just ankara escort bayan it felt really nice sleeping like that. With our hands together and my head on your shoulder.” Varun was thinking. Why did he say that? What if this freaks him. He had to be with him for a long time since the movies first schedule was 20 days at least. What if it is awkward all the while? While he was thinking all this. Sid lowered his head and gave a peck on Varun’s cheeks and squeezed his hands. Since the lights were dim and everyone was sleeping nobody saw it. Varun, “What? What happened? What?” Sid, “Do not worry. I also felt really good to snuggle with you and sleep. Also, you have the softest cheeks and sorry but I have to say it. A fantabulous ass. I remember you had noticed me in the washroom that day and the boner which you had seen that day was the result of your awesome fantabulous ass.” Varun, “Wait. What. You had seen me noticing.” Sid, “Off course. I had stopped also once before exiting the washroom. Because I had thought that I should at least make out with you and feel that ass of yours. But then decided against it.” Varun felt his ears go warm and he again had a hardon and was feeling all warm. He mustered some courage and spoke. Varun, “Then why did you not do anything? I was more than willing.” Sid, “I thought you would make some move at least like a wink or something. But you didn’t so I thought you were just a looker. But after knowing about you from the other guys in the office and knowing that you were a semi famous person and a star kid, I got that why you didn’t give any signals. Didn’t want to jeopardize your career even before it began.” Varun, “Yea. Kind of. Plus, I thought that I had imagined all that stuff. That thing in the washroom. Then your hug and then super squeezy handshake.” Sid, “Well since we have lot of time to kill and everyone is kind of asleep. We could have some discreet fun of ours now if you want.” Varun, “What? What do you propose? We obviously cannot go the washroom.” Varun was thinking in his head. What was he saying and why were he saying all these things? He had Natasha back home. And he had always promised himself that as long as he is with her, he won’t indulge in these things. But here was doing the opposite. Sid then tapped his shoulder and signaled him to keep quiet and not to make any sudden movements. Sd then took Varun’s hand and placed it over his crotch and pressed it. Sid was definitely hard and Varun could feel it in all its glory. Varun then threw caution to the wind and started massaging the dick. Sid just propped himself a little up and saw that everyone was asleep then lowered himself and in the way he quickly just kissed Varun’s lips and then sat back on his seat. To Varun it felt like he was thirsty for 10 years and now someone had given him a glass of water and then just after sprinkling a few drops on his lips had taken the glass back. Varun tried to follow through sincan escort and finish the kiss, but Sid stopped him and signaled it is too risky. Then Sid went ahead and started rubbing Varun’s dick. Sid slowly opened the zip of Varun’s pants and then lowered his undies and took his dick out. This extra dose of adrenaline was making Varun leaks copious amounts of precum. Sid rubbed Varun’s dickhead and smeared the precum and then took his hands back and licked the precum from his finger. This made Varun almost ejaculate then and there. But he controlled somehow. Varun also got some courage and he also opened Sid’s zip and lowered his undies and took out his monster. Varun couldn’t be bold enough and lick the precum, he knew he just wanted to go down and give Sid the sloppiest blowjob he had received. But he controlled himself. Varun and Sid started to jack off each other. They had eye contact at one point and Varun felt a wave of electricity and butterflies in his stomach when Sid gave him that infamous shit eating grin of his. Varun couldn’t control anymore and started Cumming. He was Cumming and Cumming and was not stopping. He shot at least 6 times before he started dribbling cum. Sid slowed down his jerking and cleaned the last drop of cum and as he had done before he brought his hand near his mouth and licked that last drop of cum from him fingers and cleaned it. Varun was spent and exhausted, but he wanted to finish off Sid and give him the pleasure that he received just now. He removed his hand from Sid’s dick and brought it near his mouth and spat on it quietly and then went back and started jerking off Sid again. This was giving immeasurable amount of pleasure to Sid. It almost felt like a blowjob with all the spit and all. And then Sid also erupted. He shot 5 times because before boarding the flight he had jerked off thinking about Varun back at his place. Varun finally gathered some courage and he copied Sid and licked his fingers clean off Sid’s cum. It tasted salty and felt gooey but it felt nice. Both men were spent and satisfied and had started something which they knew pretty well will continue once when they land and are in a hotel. They both zipped up and cleaned up with tissues and covered themselves properly. Varun wanted to just kiss Sid then and there but had to control himself. Varun made peace with the fact that at least he gets to sleep beside Sid with his head on his shoulder and they had a freaking jerk off session in the air with everyone around them. Varun closed his eyes and did not knew when he had slept off. –END OF CHAPTER– The next chapter would be Varun and Sid checking into a hotel and then finally all the tension and pent-up sexual energy will blast. But with work happening and Karan Johar getting suspicious. And Shahrukh having a special meeting scheduled with them and also a new face will try and get the attention of Varun. Will Sid be jealous? Will Varun give in to his desires? Will Karan do something? Will Shahrukh give an indecent proposal to the young boys? Well, we will find all this in the next. Till then you know the drill mail me the feedbacks. Mail me at ail Also, if any ideas or suggestions you have are welcomed and appreciated.

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