Life of a village girl who moves to city-3


Life of a village girl who moves to city-3deletedREAD 1&2 PARTS…I said “what uncle” in very uncomfortable voice while covering my shoulder. Him: Haarika……if you don’t mind…….can you do something?…I have an idea to fix it…I didn’t respond. Him: Can you please go to the drawing room and put on something over and give me that top so that I can stitch that for you? I felt very scared at what he is asking. I can’t say no because uncle and aunty can’t see me like this.Him: Haarika, it is ok……lock the room from outside and put on my shirt hanging to the door inside and hand me over your …….this thing…..I will stitch it quickly……uncle and aunty may arrive……..soon…..I looked at him and didn’t understand what to do. I kept a face of discomfort. Him: Haarika, if you are feeling uncomfortable……you can take a fresh shirt inside cupboard……..ok?I kept staring silently………not having a clue what to say or what to do?I finally opened his cupboard and saw many clothes but no shirts…..Him: Haarika….I forgot…….my clothes all are either in wash or use……I have given some for ironing which I have to collect later………..Me: uncle then what now?Him: The two shirts over the door were worn by me already………may be You can wrap yourself in a towel if you want……..ok?I really wanted to run away from there but what to do……with loose shoulder……I finally took a towel and went outside the room. I quickly removed my top and wrapped towel to cover my top portion. I went near the door and opened it a little and thrown my top on bed near uncle and quickly closed the room door. Him: Haarika! Haarika! (Very louse voice)I quickly went near door and I saw my top on floor. He is unable to get hold of it.Him: please help me…….get me that……time is running……I stopped thinking and held my towel tight and quickly went and handed over my top to him and ran away from room and closed the door. Him: Thank you (in loud voice)I locked the main door of the house as I was in drawing room wrapped in towel covering my body. I waited by sitting on chair anxiously. I really don’t like the way Uncle looks at me. Now, he caused all of this. Did he do it by accident or purposeful? May be I am thinking too much…..he is my father’s age. He wanted to be friendly………but I don’t know…………It is better if I ignore him simply from now on. I heard voice of Varma uncle “Haarika…..haarika…..”I slowly went near the door and without opening it “What uncle?”Him: Your dress……….it is readyI slowly opened the door holding the towel tightly and bent forward and peeked into the room.Uncle: Here……take it…….I extended my arm……….Uncle has thrown the dress towards me but it fell behind the door. I bent down and slowly used my other arm to pick up my top and quickly closed the door. I put the towel aside and quickly put on my top swiftly. I took the towel and handed to uncle inside the room. Me: ok uncle…..I will leave……..Uncle: Haarika, please get me the ointment which is near that mirror………and leave…….I went near the mirror and picked up the ointment and handed it to him. I turned around and quickly started to leave the room. Uncle: Haarika!I turned around to see him. Uncle: Please keep this thread and needle in the draw…..I cannot walk….I kept the thread and needle inside the draw and started to leave.Uncle: Haarika, please……if you don’t mind…..Can you please get me some ice from the fridge? There is a frozen bottle in the deep freezer.I couldn’t say no. I went near the fridge and handed him the frozen bottle full of ice. Uncle: As you know, there are power cuts……this bottle……helps me to stay chilled…..I will apply the ice for few minutes and please put back the bottle in fridge……you can stay in drawing room…….please…..haarika…I didn’t know how to react. Given his age…..he might have got badly hurt…..but I don’t want to stay here any longer……..should I leave? Uncle and aunty are not there………I am stuck here……Uncle: haarika, I am lying down……on bed for some time……please help me……Me: ok uncleHe moaned from pain and slowly he adjusted himself and lied down on bed to the side. Uncle: Give me the bottle Haarika…….I handed him the bottle.He started applying the bottle near his lower back and suffered from pain. I couldn’t see him suffer and I offered to help him. I took the bottle and started applying it on him. He moved his shirt little up and I applied the bottle of ice. After few minutes:Uncle: Haarika, thank you very much for helping me…….really……all of this because of me……you sat on the steps…..I was the one who called you and it lead to this…….really sorry……Me: its ok uncleUncle: I forgot………your juice………there is still some……in kitchen…..I squeezed some juice for myself for later…….you can go ahead and take it…… seem tired……Me: no problem uncle…..its okUncle: No you can have it……..Me: Uncle, you need it…….you just got hurt……..I will bring that for you……I went to kitchen and brought the glass of juice to the room. He is lying on bed. Uncle: Haarika, please help me get up…………I will have the juice……..I kept the glass on table aside and felt uncomfortable at his request. Uncle: Haarika, I am sorry about last time……..just give me your handI extended my hand to him. He held my hand tight and gripped it. I pulled him to get him up. My force wasn’t enough. I used both hands and he could finally get up from bed with great difficulty and sat on bed. I handed him the juice. He drank the juice in a single go. He wiped his mouth with a small cloth. Uncle: Thank you so much Haarika, Now I feel much better………Me: okUncle: Can you call uncle or aunty and ask them when they will arrive?I went to living room and called murthy uncle. Me: Uncle where are you?Murthy Uncle: Sorry Haarika, we thought we would return by now but because of traffic, we got delayed. We took wrong route and reached wrong branch. We will return in 1 hour time. Where are you and what are you doing?Me: I am with Varma uncle…….upstairs….Murthy Uncle: oh that’s great…….don’t worry…….we will return in an hour. I went inside the room and told Varma uncle that they will return in few minutes as I wanted to get out this place. Varma Uncle: That’s good to hear….Me: konak escort Uncle where is ……………Varma Uncle: What Haarika?Me: Uncle………Varma Uncle: oh I am sorry……..door is in the living room. I went to washroom and returned. I went to bedroom. Me: ok Uncle, I am leaving……..Varma Uncle: Bye haarika….. Me: Bye uncle…..Varma Uncle: Please close the door……I will lock it later….I quickly took my college bag and left the house. I sat on stairs like before. I took my notebook and started studying as I don’t have anything to do for now. I started studying physics concepts as I am weak in that subject. Little heavy wind started blowing and pages of my notebook pages fluttered across and I held the book tightly as pages are getting disturbed by the wind. I turned my face a little to see the sky. Wind flowed very strong into my face. I made my eyes smaller and blocked my face with my hand to protect myself from wind. I quickly closed the notebook and kept it inside the bag to enjoy the weather. I kept my bag on steps and got down. Chilled air was flowing. Closed my eyes and kept my face up to enjoy the wind. It was so chilling and nice. I felt little droplets on my face and my hands. I opened my eyes and saw the ground. I saw tiny water droplets on ground. It is starting to rain. I quickly took my bag and decided to stay upstairs until aunty and uncle arrive. As I climbed the stairs to collect my bag, my dupatta flew from my neck and fell on bottom of the stairs because of the wind. I went down again and collected my dupatta and held it tight with my hands. I quickly got hold of my bag and started climbing upstairs. Water droplets got bigger. I reached the top and something fell on my eye. Meanwhile water started pouring. The water droplets got big and it started to rain all over. I couldn’t see anything because of rain, wind and my eye. I slowly got near the door of Varma uncle’s house and door was locked. I knocked the door but no response. Lightning started. The sound of wind, rain and lightning was strong. Even I couldn’t hear the knock of door properly. I went near the window and Varma uncle saw me. He slowly got up from his chair and walked towards the door. I felt very uncomfortable. He walked slowly with pain holding his lower back with his hand and finally unlocked the door. My whole body got completely wet because of the rain. I got drenched with water. My hair, clothes, face everything got drenched with rain. The door was opened and I quickly got inside the house holding my bag and dupatta with my hands. Uncle quickly closed the door. He looked at me top to bottom and was surprised to see me like this all wet. I felt little ashamed to be like this. My dress become transparent due to wetness and I sat on a chair quickly and covered myself with my dupatta. I kept my bag aside. Varma Uncle: ohhhhh…….you got drenched in rainI stayed silent. Varma Uncle: let me get towel for youHe got a towel for me. I covered myself immediately. He sat on other chair. Varma uncle: You should have stayed here until your uncle had arrivedI just nodded my head. Varma Uncle: I feel sorry for what happened beforeMe: It is fine Uncle Uncle got up to turn the TV on. I said its fine and asked him for switch. He showed me. I got up to switch on the TV. As I walked towards the switch, power went off. Everything is so dim. I could see some light coming from windows but everything is dim. Varma Uncle: Haarika, candles are near tv stand draw. Please get them. Me: ok uncleI slowly watched each step and somehow reached the TV stand. I slowly opened the draw and couldn’t see anything there. Meanwhile I saw some light. Varma uncle turned on flashlight on his phone. He got near me and finally I found candles. He went to kitchen by himself and got match sticks. He lit a candle and put it on table near the chairs we sat on. Wind was blowing because windows are fluttering back and forth. Candle stopped. Varma uncle asked me to close the windows near the door. I went and closed the windows. He lit the candle again. Now, it got lit properly. We sat in our chairs like before. My dress got little dry now than before. Rain has reduced now. The sound of rain is no longer high. Lightning storms also reduced. Uncle: Haarika, do you have a phone with you?Me: yes…..It was strange. Uncle: Tell me your number?Why is he asking my phone number? I told him my number very reluctantly. He called that number. My phone started ringing. He smiled and said “That’s my number… can save it…..”I saved his number. Varma Uncle: How much more time till sir and madam arrives?Me: No idea uncle. They said they are near. I didn’t know what else to say. Varma Uncle: hmmmmmm……..okVarma uncle: So Haarika, how do you spend time at your village?Me: I would just spend time at home, talk to people, help parents, study, go to school etc.Varma uncle: That’s good. Also, your parents have taken right decision to join you in college instead of marriage. I know many people who start looking for matches and marry off their daughters as they reach college age. In cities, that’s not an issue but in villages, it is still an issue. Me: hmmm…..I don’t want to marry uncle. I want to complete my education, get a good job and then marry. Varma Uncle: That’s great…….you have chosen a right path. Woman also should get exposure about the world. You get exposure when you meet people and work outside and live independently. Me: Hmmm…….Varma uncle: I am just curious. What are living arrangements if your aunty leaves abroad to live with your cousin.When he asked me this question, I really didn’t have any answer regarding that. I didn’t think about that. Me: I don’t know uncleVarma uncle: hmmmmm……After few seconds of gap.Varma uncle: Your uncle and aunt have always been together……..Me: yes uncle……Varma uncle: You know how to cook food? Perhaps you should teach your uncle how to cook. Me: No uncle, I don’t know much. I only know how to cut vegetables, fruits and I know simple things. Varma uncle: hmmm……Meanwhile my phone started ringing. I pick up the call.Murthy uncle: Haarika!Me: Uncle…..Murthy konak escort bayan uncle: It will take us lot more time. We got stuck in traffic due to rain. So, it is better if you make any arrangement for food. We are extremely sorry Haarika…..we didn’t think we would get this delayed. We should have planned properly.Me: its ok uncle (in low voice)Varma uncle: what happened? Me: Uncle and Aunt forgot something and they went back… they got stuck in rain……it will take them lot of time to reach home. Varma uncle: hmmmm…..roads get fully blocked when its raining like this. We have no power here. I haven’t cooked any food yet. I don’t know when the power will come….Me: Hmmmm……. Varma uncle: Haarika, if you can help me a little, I know how to cook food. May be your uncle and aunt also will be tired. We both can cook food for them also. What do you say?I couldn’t say no to it. I nodded my head.Varma uncle: Please call them and ask……I was very surprised. Not sure about his intentions. Varma uncle: otherwise wait……I will call them……Me: No problem…..uncle…..I will call themHe will know I am lying if he speaks anything extra with uncle. So, I immediately said I will. I called Murthy uncle and explained the situation and told him about Varma uncle’s proposal. He refused like I expected. Varma uncle asked me for phone. I reluctantly gave it to himVarma uncle insisted and finally Murthy uncle accepted. Luckily, they didn’t speak anything more than that. Meanwhile, Varma uncle called the power office to find out about power cut. They told him power will come in 15 minutes time. I felt little relief. Varma uncle: We will start in 15 minutes when the power comesWe just sat in our chairs waiting for the power. I wanted to use washroom but decided to wait as there is no power. Varma uncle: Haarika, you know how to ride? Me: What uncle?Varma uncle: I mean you know to ride a scooty or car?Me: no……Varma uncle: You should learn to drive……it is must in a city.Me: hmmm….Varma uncle: What’s your age Haarika? 17?Me: 18 uncleVarma uncle: Oh 18? I thought you were 16 or 17. Me: Yes uncle….I have 1 year gap in my educationVarma Uncle: oh…… are legally an adult now.Me: hmmm……Varma uncle: I married my wife when she was only 16 years old. By the time she was 18, we already had first k**. Me: wow….that’s too early. Varma Uncle: Those days, women used to marry early and had k**s so early. Now, people are more career oriented. Me: hmmm…….Varma uncle: These days women are different…………I see college girls going to pubs, having boyfriends, wearing very short clothes etc. Me: oh…..Varma uncle: I asked a girl why she is like that and she got offended and gave me an angry look and said it is none of my business and went away.Me: hmmm….(I wanted to laugh but controlled it)Varma uncle: Our relative’s girl recently got into fight with parents and married someone belonging to completely different state, language and community. Sometimes I feel it is wrong and when I think about it, it feels right as well because everyone should have choice. I nodded my head.Varma uncle: You think love marriages are good or bad?Me: I don’t know uncle….Meanwhile the power has come. Lights and fans got switched on. I felt relieved. Varma uncle: I guess we have to start now. I awkwardly got up and went to restroom. I went inside uncle’s room and then into the restroom. I finished and got into the room again. I saw something lying on the bed. As I was getting into the hall, I got closer to something which looked like a magazine which was opened freely. It is wrinkled and looking a bit old. I got shocked as I looked closer into it and saw a woman exposing her entire body in front of group of men. She is fully exposed shamelessly on both pages of the magazine. I don’t what language this magazine is written. Its not english. I felt disgust about Varma uncle after seeing that. I put a face of discomfort. How can a man like this can stay in this house? He looks dangerous to me. He is looking like an innocent man but he seems to be full of lust and also perverted. How can he look at things like this and that at his age? He talked about all good things like how to be independent, learning things etc. but never expected this kind of thing from Varma uncle. He is very lustful inside but normal on outside. All his sweet words are just fake. I should be extra careful from now on. I will never step into his house again. This is a mistake. Earlier also, he purposefully touched me on my shoulder inappropriately.I must act with full caution but also act normally because I don’t know what will happen if I talk about this now. I cannot confront him. This is something elders should be handling. I should probably complain to Murthy uncle about this situation. I will bring this to notice of Murthy uncle when we finish dinner. I don’t want to create a disturbance with this now. Let murthy uncle and aunty come here first and after eating dinner and when we go downstairs, I will explain it to them about what I just saw. I slowly opened the room door and went outside. Varma uncle: Shall we start Haarika?I decided to act normally for now. Haarika: What are the items we should prepare uncle?Varma uncle: Let’s make vegetable curry and chapatti. You know how to make dough for chapattis?Me: No uncle. I don’t know how to make dough but I know how to make dough into chapathis. Varma uncle: ok that’s fine for me. For the curry, you need to cut vegetables as well. I will teach you procedure as well. We got up from chairs. I kept towel aside and we both went into the kitchen. Varma uncle told me where vegetables, condiments, utensils and oil are. He showed me all ingredients we are going to use for the preparation. I started cutting vegetables and he said he will prepare the dough after few minutes. Meanwhile he got all ingredients ready. Meanwhile I cut onions and I got tears from eyes as these onions felt strong my eyes. Varma uncle: Please give me those onions…..I will cut them…Me: No uncle, its fineVarma Uncle: No….no…..its ok give me thoseMe: its fine uncle….I will finish escort konak it in a minute.He held my hands and stopped me.Varma uncle: Haarika…..please……you are guest here…….I can’t make you cry…Me: I am not crying uncle……I said “Uncle, I am halfway done…..please let me finish it”.He said ok.I resumed my work. I didn’t like him holding my hands like that. I felt discomfort. I started sweating because of heat in the kitchen. I was thinking about what happened earlier also when my shoulder piece got lose because of him holding me. I suddenly hurt my finger while cutting onion. There was small cut and my finger started bleeding. All these thoughts distracted me. I got little panic after seeing the cut and said “sssss……”Varma Uncle immediately saw this and got worried. Varma Uncle: Haarika…..I told you already……see now…..what happened. He immediately held my hand and put my finger in his mouth. I got fully shocked. Before I tried to utter something. He started pulling me towards the sink and took my finger out and kept it under running water. I felt sharp sensation as the cold water ran on my finger. Varma uncle: I will get Dettol…..wait…..He turned off the stove and he went inside and I was surprised about what just happened. He came back in few seconds with cotton and Dettol. He held my hand and took me near chairs we sat earlier and applied Dettol with cotton on my finger. He is not leaving my hand. I asked him to give me the cotton and he finally gave it. He immediately said he will prepare the dinner and left. I am not at all liking the way he is behaving with me. I just sat there disturbed. I kept cursing him whole time. One hour later….Uncle and Aunty arrived. I felt lot of relief after their arrival. My finger felt alright now. We all had dinner. I felt very uncomfortable about Varma uncle. Uncle and Aunt kept praising him for cooking and taking this difficulty and I hated it to the core. I decided not to tell the issue to Murthy uncle now. I am going to tell me him everything once we go downstairs.We finished dinner and went downstairs. As we went downstairs, I waited for Aunt to get busy. I didn’t want to say these things to aunty. I asked Murthy uncle to the side and decided to tell him about Varma Uncle. I didn’t know how to start. Me: Uncle…..Murthy uncle: huh?Me: Varma uncle…… there right? I want to tell you something about himMurthy Uncle: ok…..tell me…..Me: Uncle……I saw something in his house few hours earlierMurthy uncle: What is it?Me: I saw a magazine…….Murthy uncle: ok…….What about it?Me: Uncle… has women on it without any clothes and so many men tooMurthy uncle: Wait……you are saying it has woman without clothes??Me: hmmm…..Murthy uncle: Haarika, magazines these days have pictures like that……Me: No uncle……no…….woman was completely without clothes. Everything can be seen. Murthy uncle: ohhh……….that’s not goodMe: Varma uncle also………he also……Murthy uncle: He also……….what??Me: He fell on the floor earlier and I helped him get up but he held my shoulder tight while getting up and my cloth got torn……..Murthy uncle: Did he try to do anything to you?Me: No uncle………no…….he didn’t do anything……but I didn’t like his behaviour…..Murthy uncle: He did anything to you or hurt you?Me: oh no………he didn’t…..but his behaviour is too bad……Murthy uncle: This is serious issue Haarika…..I will not let such people stay in place like this……I will kick him out….tomorrowMe: Uncle……please send him off……thank you…..I am feeling very unsafe now…….thank you…….Murthy uncle: Don’t share this with aunty, she may feel panic ok? I will handle it tomorrow when you go to college. I will just tell him to vacate. Me: wow thanks uncle…….thank you so much…..really…..He smiled and said “I’m happy that you told this to me now…..I will handle the issue… worries….ok?”I felt happy that this issue will be resolved. I went to my room and went to sleep. Suddenly I felt someone’s hand on my waist and I got up with anxiety. Varma uncle is lying beside me on bed and said “shhhhh………” and closed my mouth. I was breathing heavily. I got fully shocked seeing Varma uncle sleeping on bed beside me. I started breathing heavily. Varma uncle: Your uncle and aunt will not wake up anytime soon……..Me: hmmmm…..hmmmmmm…….(his hand still on my mouth)Varma uncle: I mixed some tablets in their glass of buttermilk. They won’t wake up anytime soon. I tried to scream but couldn’t because Varma uncle’s hand is covering me. Varma uncle: If you scream, what will happen? Nobody will respond. Even if someone responds, I will tear off your clothes fully…… then……will you face them without any clothes on your body?I started sweating and I got fully nervous. Varma uncle: Here……..(and he stuffed a cloth into my mouth and told me not to scream) I resisted with my hands but he overpowered me. Varma uncle: If you don’t cooperate, then…..I will………..I was in salwar and kameez. He pulled my top with full force, I got torn and my bra got exposed. Varma uncle: Cooperate with me for 1 hour or else I will tear off the rest…….right now…..Tears rolled down my cheeks and I begged him with folded hands. He didn’t stop. He removed cloth from my mouth. I screamed hard and he immediately tore off my full top and I only had bra on me. I felt scared and immediately stopped my screams. He put his lips on mine and kissed me forcefully. I resisted but he held his lips tightly on mine. He continued to kiss as tears rolled down my cheeks. He slowly removed my bra from back with his hands. I held my hands tightly but he pulled the bra with force and it tore off. Now, I became topless. I immediately covered my top with my hands. He kept his hand on my shoulder and brought his lips closer to mine and said “Stop the tears……or else……” and he brushed his hands on my hips.I held my hands tightly covering my breasts. He held my hands tight and spread my hands apart on bed and he got on top of me. “Stop resisting……or else……I will…….” And he kissed me on my lips again for few seconds. He slowly brought his face and started feeling my breasts with his lips. I felt disgusted but didn’t resist or scream because he is going to tear off my remaining clothes as well. His lips touched my nipples and he kissed my chest, breasts and nipples and my body got wet as his saliva was oozing during the kisses. Suddenly, door of the room got opened and I got fully scaredTo be continued………….

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