Life of Paul – Graduation Ch. 03


All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentional.

If you are enjoying these stories, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t, or things you want to ready more of. I’ll take advice into consideration when I’m working out the next parts of the LoP stories.


Mid June 1998, Last Days of High School

After a hearty helping of omelettes and coffee, the mood and energy levels of us all were restored to normal. And normal for us was somewhat bizarre for others. But still, that is what friends are for.

As we went to the car, the wind started to pickup. Leila’s unbound, extremely curly locks blew wildly but it only amplified her allure. She didn’t speak until we reached the car.

“You know,” she said to the group, “it was nice to invite me to breakfast but I don’t want to keep you from your fun. I can meet up with Paul later.”

Amber was apparently taking on the mantle of the brains of the group and the controller of the schedule. “We won’t be back until tomorrow night maybe,” she told Leila. This did not do much to boost Leilas mood.

At this point I had to pause and ponder the situation I was in. A woman, beautiful and sexy, was bummed that she won’t be able to have her way with me for another few days. That kind of a thing needs to be properly appreciated just for the sheer humor the universe has decided to show me. But I digress.

“Well,” suggested Ashley, “we can take the long route home through the back hills. That way Paul and Leila can have some fun and it won’t take away from our plans.”

Leila, surprisingly, was seriously considering this. After a few furtive glances at me, I tried to communicate my silent agreement that ‘I’m game if you are’.

Amber sweetened the pot a bit too. “We’ll even drive the speed limit, give you as much time as possible so Paul can adequately defile you.

This drew a smile from Leila. “OK,” she said finally. “Besides, it’s only fair. I got to watch you have your way with Paul, so now you can watch me.”

Ashley started at this. “What? When was this? Is that why you were all hot and bothered to watch Paul and I?”

Amber blushed so much her very tan skin looked almost sunburnt. “It was a few weeks ago and I only stopped by really quick. I saw her shadow but was so horny I didn’t really care.”

Ashley tossed the keys to Amber. “You’re driving. You already got to voyeur.”

We all climbed into the Green Goblin, Leila and I in the back, Amber driving and Ashley shotgun. Amber started for home via the scenic route and, true to her word, went the speed limit. That alone was a miracle in itself.

Leila sat close to me, her hand going to my leg. My arm went automatically around her.

“So,” she said softly, “how do you want to start? Do you want to give them a show or just have fun?”

I moved a hand to her thigh as well. “Since this is all for your benefit, I’d suggest we do all we can to get you satisfied.”

“I like that plan,” she said through a smirk. “Now, let’s get you ready to please me.” Her hand moved to my zipper and buckle of my shorts, deftly undoing them with one hand. I lifted up to wiggle out, and my semi-hard member flopped back upwards once released.

“Oh,” said Leila, “already started. Good.” She grabbed the base with one hand and, holding it firmly to increase my rigidness, took the head and a few inches into her mouth. She pressed her lips firmly, creating a warm, wet, heavenly feeling through my cock.

Ashley, shamelessly, was turned sideways in her seat, watching me, for the second time in two days, get a blowjob in the back of my own car.

Being watched, I found, was a wonderful aphrodisiac. Within a few minutes I was at full mast. Leila stopped her blowjob and wiggled out of her shorts and panties. She kept on the black spaghetti strap tank top which was amazing since she wasn’t wearing a bra, so those straps were near their breaking point from her ample DD cup breasts.

When she was free of her shorts, I laid her down sideways on the seat and raised one of her legs straight up. I then dove into her soft, wet folds with vigorous licks to her entrance and clit.

“Oh, fuck, yes, that is perfect,” she moaned. I licked until she was sufficiently wet, then pulled her up to straddle me.

“Ride me,” I told her, “ride me hard and don’t stop until you cum.” Her response was to slam down on my long, thick cock in one motion, impaling herself to the hilt. Over her shoulder, I could see Ashley looking down at Leilas ass rising and falling on my cock. She had her tongue out, licking her lips. Amber, I saw, adjusted the mirror to get at least a partial look at the action.

Leila wasn’t super loud, so the audience in the front seat didn’t get any indication, or warning. I could see in Leilas face that she was close, so I angled as best I could to give her all I had in order to get her off.

“Ohhhhhhhh Fuck Paul, fuck, yeeeeeesss, istanbul escort OOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she screamed suddenly. I could feel her pussy contract on my cock in several long, firm pulses. After a few moments some aftershocks hit as well, drawing a quiver from Leila.

I knew what she liked, so I didn’t move yet. Instead, I grabbed her ass and pulled her down on me firmly, pushing up with my hips.

“oooohh,” she moaned at my efforts. I kept up my grinding into her, feeling through my cock that she was cumming again.

“FUCK ME FUCK! YES!” she screamed even louder than before. Leila put her head down on my shoulder, breathing heavily but steady. She laid like that for a few minutes until Amber pipped up from the front.

“Just FYI, we’re about half way back now. So, you know,” she said nonchalantly, “go ahead with the making-him-scream portion.”

Leila pulled her head up smiling. “You hear that,” she said, “our captain gave us an order.” Leila pulled completely off of my cock, but then tucked it behind her so she could slide on it a bit. She looked over her shoulder at Ashley. “How’s it look from there?” she asked her.

Ashley looked back up at Leila. “Really, really hot,” she said.

Leila, for whatever reason, turned around on my lap and leaned over, putting her head over the front seat. Seeing her ass so tantalizingly close to me, I rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks. She raised up a bit at this presence and, in one motion, I inserted my still hard cock into her pussy once again.

“Oh, fuck!” she exclaimed, looking back at me. The angle she was at made her all the tighter, and I was pressing on new parts inside her to, from her expression, good effect.

She started raising and lowering her ass on my cock. The sight was hypnotizing to behold; watching her slick, pink vulva stretched around my the girth was a new sight to me and only spurred me on with its hotness. I reached up and pulled down her tank top, releasing those marvelous DD mounds. I kneaded her breasts and nipples with my hands while she continued to ride me.

Ashley and Amber now had a very nice view of Leila bouncing up and down in the back seat. Ashley, though, back to resting her head on the seat back, got to fully see Leila riding my pole. I could see her right hand dip below the seat back and her arm start to move. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but then I had other thing occupying my attention.

After few minutes of this, Leila stopped and dismounted, laying on her back in the seat. “That was great,” she said, “but you need to finish now. So I want you to fuck me hard and cum in my mouth. Can you do that for me?”. She batted her eyes mock-innocently at me as she asked this.

Of course I could.

I twisted into a kneeling position and lined my cock up to her pussy, re-entering her smoothly.

“Yes,” Leila said encouragingly, “fuck me. Show your friends how hot I make you.”

With that encouragement, I started thrusting into Leila’s hot, tight pussy with gusto. It’s true that a lot of times I’m not the longest lasting in the sack, but I can’t really be blamed when a woman talks to me with such a filthy mouth.

I grabbed her breasts roughly, holding on to them for leverage as much as fun. I took long plunges with my cock at speed, which cause a slapping sound of my balls against Leila’s ass.

Before long, I was ready to cum again. Ashley, for her part, put it over the edge.

“Do it Paul,” she said, “cum in her mouth. Show us how hot you think she is.”

“Oh fuck, yes, aaaaahhhHHHHHHH,” I yelled. I pulled out of Leila just as the first shot fired onto her tits. She was able to bend up and catch the second shot on her tongue though, and continued to stroke me off into her mouth, tipping up my cock and her head so she didn’t spill any.

When I was spent, Leila turned to Ashley, the lake of cum held in her mouth, and swallowed it in one audible gulp. Leila scooped up the cum from her tits and likewise swallowed it down.

“Well fuck,” Leila commented after a minute, “that was new for me. And fun.”

Ashley was seemingly in a daze from her semi-vacant expression. “That was super hot to see. You really are beautiful, Leila.”

Leila blushed at the compliment. Ashley tossed the small pack of baby wipes to us just as we were pulling into my apartment complex. We were clean and dressed by the time we parked.

Since our camping stuff was already packed in the car, we just had to drop Leila off. As Ashley let her out, Leila say her goodbyes. “Thanks again for breakfast,” she said, “and for the ride. And,” she smirked, “for the lift home.”

Ashley put the seat back down but not before getting into the back seat with me.

“Um, hi,” I said to her as she snuggled up nearly on top of me. “What’s up?”

“Amber,” she said without taking her eyes off of me, “I need you to drive for a while.”

“Sure thing,” confirmed Amber. She adjusted the rear view mirror again as Ashley moved in and started to kiss me with more passion that avcılar escort she ever had before.


The road trip to the desert was…well…I missed the first part of it. Ashley had been so turned on by watching Leila and I that she absolutely blindsided me. I couldn’t service her fully (even a hormone raging high school guy can’t recover that quickly) but she was very pleased with what my hands and mouth were able to do for her.

We arrived at the spot in the high desert a little before noon. There were already several 5th wheels, motorhomes, and several dozen cars parked in a lopsided circle surrounding a makeshift DJ stand and an actual taco truck. Wether it was borrowed or stolen I didn’t know, nor did I ask.

As soon as we arrived we were gifted all the forms of alcohol one could imagine. Sadly, most of the days festivities were a bit of a blur. I do know that more than a few times I was dancing in the crowd and a woman or two specifically brushed up against certain parts of me in a fashion that could not at all be accidental. I recognized many of them but some were new faces to me.

Still, the day turned into night and the great many drunk high schoolers started falling down one by one. Thankfully, Ashley had the foresight to make us setup the tent and air mattresses before we got too drunk. Having a nice place to crash certainly made things easier after a hard day’s partying.

It had also been said to me that water is key when drinking in the desert. So I had a bottle of water for every (or every other) beer I consumed. This made it not so terrible when the hangover eventually came.

During the day I lost track of Ashley and Amber, only to find them again, and then lose them again. When I finally turned in for the night it was pitch black, with no moon and only weak starlight and a bonfire far off to light my way. I eventually found my car and peed the day’s drinking out for what felt like an hour. Empty of beer and significantly lighter, I found our tent and stumbled into in, barely managing to strip naked cause it was so freaking hot and I needed to cool down a bit.

I crawled noisily onto the air mattress in our 6-man tent and discovered that I was not alone. A similarly naked female figure was also in the bed. Seeing as this was the only bed we brought, and since I was in no position to think otherwise, I figured it was Ashley or Amber. So I snuggled up behind her, wrapped an arm around her middle and fell asleep.


With dawn came a weak light around the world and a light wind on the tent. The smell of the desert in the morning is quite a unique thing. Kind of like the smell of dusty streets just before a rain storm. It was a calming feeling and one that would not last long.

I opened my eyes fully to find that I was snuggled up next to a woman. However she did not have the brown or platinum hair as I expected, but a large mass of curly, bright red hair.

Uh oh, was my first thought. Her warm body was my second thought, which made my member wake up against my explicit instruction to stay at ease.

I was not sure how but I was obviously in the wrong tent. The wrong tent, that had my clothes bag in it. That also had the roof with the smiley face stain. Set up next to my car. Way far away from everyone else. Huh.

Being delicate so as not to wake her, I tried to get up and leave.

“Wait, don’t go yet, it’s just getting good,” said the sultry female voice. She turned over to face my fully, head still resting on my arm.

“Alexis? What are you doing here?” I said.

“Uh, sleeping, duh,” she replied, “until that anaconda tried to slither into my ass at least.”

Of course, the shock did nothing to diminish the growing erection which was now brushing up against her stomach. She lifted the cover to look down. “Oh, look at that, it likes me,” she commented.

I also got a good look at her body when she did this. She was fit, pale, curvy, with D cup breasts and pale pink areola and large nipples that were currently full and perky. Her right hip had a small heart shaped tattoo on it and her bush was a trimmed mop of curly red pubes in a sharp V shape so it was covered by a bikini. At least, that is what I would assume were she wearing a bikini. The whole sight was quite spectacular really as she was stunning in her nudity.

I had known Alexis for a few years now and almost never talked to her. We shared a couple of classes but never hung out in the same groups, ate lunch in the same places, or even exchanged pleasantries when we sat next to each other in class. So why, of all the tents in all this party, was she in my tent, naked, currently ogling my cock?

“Uh,” I started, “do I have the wrong tent? Or, do you?”

She smirked at my awkwardness before covering us back up. “No, I’m in the right place. The question is, what we’re going to do about this situation we find ourselves in?”

I thought about this for a second. “I suspect that this situation is something that was planned rather than happenstance. Am I right?”

She şirinevler escort smiled wider. “Yes, this was planned, but not very far in advance. It actually happened last night.” She started to run her fingers up and down my shaft idly as she explained. It made it hard to follow her explanation.

“So,” she started, “I was hanging out with Amber and Ashley and a few others last night in Hayleys motorhome. We were all gossiping about stuff and it came to light that you were servicing them both with great effectiveness and enthusiasm. Considering what the others were saying about their boyfriends this was quite the shock in the conversation.”

Alexis moved onto wrapping her hand around my girth and slowly stroking me. “Anyways, later I cornered them and asked if you really were all that and a bag of chips, and they confirmed it by saying that if I wanted to know, then I should try you out myself.”

“Huh,” I commented, “you make me sound like a used car.”

“Not at all,” she said, “however, you have to admit that there are stories going around about you. And I can feel that they are very much correct.”

Her stroking remained constant and slow. She was not in a hurry it seemed so I tried my best not to make a mess on her. At least, not yet.

“Still,” she continued, “I was curious and they were willing to sleep in the motorhome while I snuck in here and used my feminine wiles to have my way with you. And, be honest now, you are more than intrigued about what I can do as well.”

She had a point. Or rather, she had my point. I was curious what she’d be like in the throes of passion. And what her hair would look like matted and sweaty from love making. And if she was filthy, or sweet, or some combination of the two.

While I was thinking about this her stroking increased in speed and pressure. This had the effect of robbing me of nearly all my higher brain functions. I was still cognizant enough to answer her though.

“Yes,” I told her between heavy breaths, “I’m very curious about what you’re like in situations like this.”

“Well,” she said mock sweetly, stroking me at a quick pace, “I will tell you this; I am about as filthy a woman as you will find. I am an absolute slut for cum; having it splashed on my face, or my tits, but especially tasting it and swallowing it. It is the hottest and sexiest thing for me when a man blows his wad between my lips and watches as I swallow it all down.”

Her words more than her anything else were getting me hot. My hips were thrusting forward with her hand job and I was getting closer by the second. I looked into her eyes as she kept up the pace. She smirked at me, knowing I was about to cum.

“You want to see how filthy I am, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” I told her.

“You want to cum in my mouth and see me swallow your load?”

“Oh, fuck yes.” I confirmed.

“And if I do, will you return the favor? Will you treat me as good as I’m treating you?”

I was nearly there, so I wasn’t about to argue to point. “If you let me blow in your mouth, I will lick your pussy into next week. I will tongue fuck you so well you won’t walk right for days.”

“Oh,” she said brightly, “I like the sound of that.”

Alexis, still stroking, turned me onto my back and settled between my legs. She flicked her tongue on the head and underside of my cock while still jerking me off. The sight of her tits hanging down, jostling side to side with her actions was hypnotic. I couldn’t take any more.

“Oh, fuck,” I blurted out, “you’re gonna make me cum!”

“Yes, blow your load in my mouth.” Alexis opened her mouth wide, still flicking her tongue on the head as I came. The first large shot went past her mouth and onto her cheek, eyebrow, and forehead. She aimed my cock slightly toward her and caught the next shots all in her mouth. I didn’t count how much I shot into her sensual mouth, but when I was spent she tried to show me but ended up letting a bit fall out. She closed her mouth quickly and swallowed audibly.

“Fuck, that was a huge load,” she said. She started to lick up what spilled out on her hand and my cock. The feeling was amazing despite how sensitive I was after cumming. I was lost in limbo for a bit as she gave me a gentle blowjob, licking the shaft and balls lightly, cleaning and getting the last bits of cum she missed.

When she was done she crawled off me to rest her head on my shoulder. I started to get up but she kept me down.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I am totally going to hold you to what you said. But enjoying the moment is important.”

She kissed me lightly. She didn’t taste like cum which was surprising to me. “We have nowhere to be. And I want you well rested, cause I am going to suck as much of that tasty cum out of you as I can.”

Resting sounded good. But then again, her mouth sucking my dick and swallowing my cum sounded even better. I did pass out for a few minutes at least, but when I came too I was ready to go.

Alexis had her eyes closed but wasn’t asleep. I moved my arm from under her and started planting kissed along her collar bone, shoulders, and eventually moved down to her full and firm breasts. A sucked on her nipples for a few moments before moving down to her stomach and then positioning myself between her legs. She opened up to me eagerly, stroking her pussy a little as I kissed the insides of her thighs.

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