Lightning Strikes Ch. 02


Everything changed after that day. The blow job she had given me immediately after being struck by lightning on that fateful day after regaining consciousness was merely an introduction to what was to follow, and a timid one at that. I remember well what followed that blow job and how it had left me equally gobsmacked. After finally recovering from the aftermath of the greatest blow job of my life, and seeing my prudish wife swallow my whole load with relish, I realised that I should check that she was ok, given that it had been merely minutes since she had been struck by lightning. I walked through to the kitchen, her favourite hang out (she was a magnificent cook) but she wasn’t there. Perhaps she had gone to lie down to recover was my next thought. I was partially right.

As I approached our bedroom, I heard her shuffling about hurriedly, busying herself with something. There was a pause, and then I heard what was unquestionably a moan escaping from my beautiful wife. This wasn’t like her at all. I hesitated at the door, wondering what was going on in there, when I heard her groan “Oh fuck”. With this I walked in, and found possibly the sexiest scene I had ever seen in my life up to that moment. My beautiful demure wife was naked on our bed, cupping one of her breasts with her legs obscenely far apart and two fingers sliding deep inside what was clearly a very wet pussy. My jaw dropped and my cock hardened.

She looked so slutty. Her head was lolling back in ecstasy as she touched herself, and every few seconds she muttered words that had never escaped her mouth before. “Fuck….cunt…..cock….pussy…..fuck me, baby….i’m your slut baby….” I couldn’t believe it and neither could my cock, which was pressing uncomfortably against my trousers due to the scene unfolding before me. In an instant I freed it from its confines, and began to vigorously masturbate as I watched my wife play with herself in front of me (although she did not know I was there at this stage) for the first time ever. It had long been a dream of mine to watch her masturbate, and despite numerous requests it had always been met with a firm ‘no’ and a look of disdain for even suggesting that she would do something like that.

Despite that, here she was fingering herself. I stared intently on Pendik Escort her fingers, watching them firstly ease inside her soft wetness, then she picked up the pace and began to pound her pussy roughly as she tried to force herself towards an orgasm she clearly needed. All the while I could hear her muttering various obscenities while she masturbated. Eventually I tore my eyes from her gorgeous soft pussy and found her looking directly at me, licking her lips seductively as she mouthed her obscenities in my direction.

My cock twitched in my hand and without thinking I walked towards the bed. She smiled lecherously, knowing she was about to get what she wanted. She reached out and took my cock in her hand and began to wank me while simultaneously playing with her clit. Her hand was coated in her own juices as she smeared them all over my shaft as her fist pumped at my rigid cock. I was in heaven.

“Oh baby, I need you to fuck me real bad. I’ve been such a naughty girl and I need to be punished by your big, thick, throbbing cock”. This was too much. I had to control myself to stop me going over the edge with those very words. This was everything I had ever wanted my wife to be in the bedroom – a wanton slut. I climbed onto the bed as my wife guided my cock towards her wet hole, her fingers never leaving her clit, never stopping the sensations my newly eroticised wife was experiencing. Without ceremony I slammed my rigid cock deep inside her tight wet pussy and she groaned with pleasure as she got exactly what she wanted.

Immediately I knew this would be different. Our sex life would normally be described as ‘making love’, a term I personally hated but was the only one my wife would use. However this time we weren’t making love; we were fucking. There was no gentle sweet lovemaking. It was simply hot, sweaty sex, as I drove my cock in and out of Katie’s sweet tight pussy. And she loved it. She wanted it. She needed it. Every thrust was met with a demand of more, each time my balls pressed against her ass she tried to pull my cock even deeper inside her. Her nails dug deep into my back as she fucked me, her hands grabbing my ass as she tried to press me deeper and deeper inside her, trying to satisfy what appeared to be an insatiable need to get fucked. Kurtköy Escort We would often kiss during sex, but this time it wasn’t the soft gentle kisses we normally made, but fierce tongue-duelling, with plenty of nibbling and biting. It was animal. Just how I had always wanted it; just as I had always fantasised it could be.

I could feel my orgasm approaching as I pounded deep inside her wet pussy but she beat me to it. With a guttural grunt she came, an orgasm which had an intensity to it that I had never been before. It lasted far longer than her usual orgasm, endlessly so as I continued to piston my cock in and out of her, until finally she slumped down on the bed. I figured she was spent. Quite often during our lovemaking her orgasm ultimately spelt the end of our sex session, and left me either to finish myself off or beg her to perform the honours, which she sometimes relented to, although clearly reluctantly. She was often too “tender” to continue after her orgasm, or so she said. It had often been a source of tension between us. But now, with my wife in this kind of mood, I no longer knew what to expect from her. I didn’t have to wonder long. Merely seconds after collapsing in a heap, she mumbled a single word to signal her intentions: “Again”.

My smile spread from ear to ear, and I began to thrust once more inside her. She pulled at my hair, licking my ear in a way that drove me crazy. She seemed to recover instantly to her orgasm and already seemed to be building towards her next one. I desperately wanted to bring her to another orgasm, something I hadn’t achieved in our time together, but it was seemingly impossible. The wantonness of my wife was too much for me to contain, and my orgasm was just moments away. She could sense me building towards it, and tried to coax me towards it with her words. “Give it to me baby…fill me up with your hot sweet cum”. I began to fuck her with extra vigour, the pressure in my balls rising. I was so close. And then she muttered something that set me off – “do you want me to finger your ass again baby?” She didn’t even need to put it in. Just the suggestion made me release another torrent of cum, this time deep inside her. I collapsed in a heap on top of her, sweat pouring off my body as she lay beneath me, chuckling Kartal Escort happily to herself.

After a minute or so I recovered enough to roll off her, my cock sliding out of her with a pop. She kissed me sweetly on the cheek, whispering “thanks for that honey, I really needed a good fucking today” and promptly rolled out of bed and into the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard the shower being turned on as she no doubt was washing away the evidence of our afternoon tryst. I gazed at the ensuite door, trying to come to terms with the events of the afternoon. What had happened to my wife? Was this permanent? Would I be able to help her return to what she had been? Did I want to?

The last question was the most difficult of them all. My mind flashed through all the sexual experiences that we had had together, all the futile attempts I had made to encourage my sweet and demure wife to try something new, something out of the ordinary, something a little bit kinky. But alas, it was all to no avail. She had never been interested in doing anything which would in any way raise any eyebrows. I always suspected that if she had her way, our sex life would always have been lights off, under the covers, missionary position. But now…. All kinds of possibilities were opening up to me. If this were to continue, how open to suggestions would she now be? Would I be able to live out all my fantasies? Would I find out what her deepest darkest desires were? Would we be able to live out the kind of kinky filthy sex that most people can only dream of? My heart skipped a beat as I contemplated where this journey would take us…

The next few days continued much in the same vain. We fucked again that night, and later in the middle of the night too. In the morning, after my wife poured out my cornflakes, she promptly dished out a nice morning blow job to send me off to work with. Work was merely a distraction, not helped by the string of text messages I received while in important meetings. ‘I’m not wearing any panties’ said one, ‘I’m wet’ said another, ‘I can’t wait to fuck your brains out when you get home’ she teased as I sat at my desk, my work sitting incomplete on my desk, my cock straining against the material of my pants. The messages continued to get dirtier, the language courser. ‘I’m playing with my pussy’ was followed by ‘I’m thinking about your cock inside my tight wet pussy’ and so on. As 5 o’clock struck I was already at the door with my jacket on, on my way home to see my gorgeous sexy wife.

To be continued….

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