Like It Has The Antidote

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“I want a woman to suck my dick like it has the antidote,” was all John could think.

It’s not that he was thinking much mind you. When Carla went to work, few men could form thoughts more complex than “Damn, this feels good.”

Fewer still could form sentences with monosyllabic words. But hey, it wasn’t like she was complaining. She liked the grunts, moans and occasional “Oh fuck”s she was creating just fine.

But John couldn’t get that phrase out of his head.

“I want a woman to suck my dick like it has the antidote.”

It was part of a Chris Rock comedy routine John loved. Chris Rock was a funny man. But John supposed it wasn’t just the fact that Carla was good at giving head that made him think of that line.

It had to be the candy striper uniform she was wearing. Oh yeah, and the fact that he was laid up in a hospital with a broken leg.

Carla had shown up about 15 minutes before, peeking around his room’s door an 45 minutes after visitor’s hours ended.

“Hey sweetie,” she said, “I heard you had an accident and just wanted to see how you were doing.”

John was surprised to see her. They hadn’t talked for a while. John had gotten busy with work. Carla had too. And it wasn’t like they talked every day.

They weren’t seeing each other anymore – except for the occasional roll in the hay when neither of them had a steady fuck. It had been that way for the past year, starting a few months after they first dated.

It was a good arrangement. But John hadn’t told her he was in the hospital.

“How did you…” John started to ask.

“Laura,” Carla answered, anticipating his question. “We went out the other night and she mentioned you were laid up for a while.”

Laura was a reporter at the newspaper where John worked. The three of them had hung out before. The three of them had “stayed in” together too.

Laura was a knockout with a great pair of DD breasts and pretty, pouting lips. Carla had gotten wet the first time the two had met and proposed that the three of them go out for drinks sometime. After a little too much tequila and just enough sex talk, the three ended up back at John’s apartment. And it wasn’t long before Carla’s red head was in Laura’s lap.

The look of pleasure on Laura’s face was almost enough to make John pop before he even got into the action. It was the first time John had had two women at the illegal bahis same time and the thought of them getting together the other night made his dick jump.

And as those thoughts ran through John’s mind, Carla entered the room and closed the door behind her.

“Well, it looks like at least one part of your anatomy still works,” she said, looking at the tent that was forming in John’s sheets.

Damn, did she look good. The candy striper uniform fit just right, snuggling her perky b-cup tits, pulling in tight at the waist and accentuating the ass John couldn’t keep his hands off of when they were together. It barely covered her cheeks. That is not to mention the “innocence factor” the rented costume provided. John knew Carla was no angel, but looking at her now she could be mistaken for a college freshman doing community service for extra credit. It was almost as hot as the time she put her hair in pigtails and wore the plaid skirt for him. That was a fun afternoon.

“You hear to give me a spongebath?” he asked, joking but expectant. He knew she was up to something.

“I’m just here to make sure you get all better,” she said, effecting the voice of a mom coddling her child. “I snuck in here to check on you. Now, do you need me to fluff your pillows – or something else?”

And with that, she pulled John’s sheets back and examined the patient. Didn’t need too much fluffing, she thought, but she would do her best.

Carla reached out with her right hand and grabbed his cock about mid-way up the quickly-hardening 10-inch “Little John.” Right before lowering her mouth over his head, she said “Volunteer work has its privileges. Mmmmm.”

Her mouth was so warm and wet. Her lips were just thick enough to prevent her teeth scraping the skin and as she moved them further down his rod, she tightened them around him. She had one of the most talented mouths John had ever encountered and she was using it to full effect.

She kneaded his balls with her left hand as her right hand stroked him in time with her mouth. Up, down, up, down, twisting her hand as she stroked.

Her tongue worked over every inch of his head, like she was searching for just the right spot. Since she was off to the side, she was not able to pay as much attention to the underside of his dick as she would have liked, but she made up for it with that wrapping itself around as much of his cock as she illegal bahis siteleri could.

She took it in deeper then, wanting to touch the base of his cock with her lips, but knowing she couldn’t. She was talented, but not talented enough to make 10 inches disappear.

Still, she tried and got it in deep. Relaxing her gag factor, she pulled him into her mouth, past that heavenly tongue and to the back of her throat, banging the spot where her tonsils used to be – “gluk, gluk.”

And when she heard John say, “Oh God yeah” she thought, “That’s right, I am so good.”

Her mouth was so warm. John felt like he was near climax within a few minutes, but he couldn’t get over the edge. Maybe it was the pain medication. He didn’t know. But being that close and not getting there was driving him nuts.

That is when he decided to say it. Hell, what did he have to lose.

“Oh yeah. Suck it like it’s got the antidote,” he said and could almost immediately feel her smile around his dick. They had watched the Chris Rock special together, after all.

She lifted her head and smiled at him.

“OK,” she said, “but you have to help me.”

“Happy to oblige,” he said and motioned for her to hop onto the bed.

She wasted no time, grabbing the metal rail on the opposite side of the bed and hoisting herself up facing his feet. She clipped the top of his head with her right shoe but neither of them noticed much. The idea before them was too good to allow them to be distracted.

She got up on all fours and slid back to present her pussy to John. No panties. That was one of her things and John supposed situations just like this one were the reason why.

“Best looking hospital food I’ve ever seen,” John said, and both of them had a little chuckle. Of course, Carla was chuckling around John’s cock, which she already had back in her mouth.

John smacked her ass and then buried his face in her mound, which was steaming now. She was wet too. In fact, she was so wet John wondered how she had resisted diddling herself as she was sucking him off a few minutes before.

John ran his tongue up one labia and then down the other, teasing a little bit before getting to the good stuff. She tasted good.

He parted the outer lips with his tongue then, getting to the sweet meat inside. He liked her lips up and down, back and forth as she squirmed on top of him, canlı bahis siteleri gyrating slightly with pleasure and then backing up more to make sure he had full access to everything.

She wanted him to go after her now fully-distended clit and John knew it. But he was still warming her up. He knew what got her going and this was just the first course of his meal.

Back and forth his tongue went, barely grazing her clit as she maneuvered, probably unconsciously, to have it licked. He darted his tongue in and out of her, acting like a dick that was teasing the pussy it was about to pound.

John’s head was leaned up and her little brown pucker was right about eye level. He nudged forward and nosed it for a second, allowing his tongue to keep working on her inner lips. She bucked a little, but settled back into it, still trying to get him to hit that spot, but not wanting that nose to disappear either.

She was making the noise now. The noise that John knew meant she was ready to have her clit sucked. Not wasting anymore time, John leaned forward more, grabbed her hips and went to work on her swollen little “generalista.”

He pulled her closer to his body, and buried his face deep into her, forgetting her asshole and concentrating on the good stuff. He worked her clit like it was a joystick on one of those old Atari video games, flipping it every which way. He nibbled it for a second, batted it around with his tongue for a while, then sucked it into his mouth, pulling it in and out – a miniaturized version of the attention being paid his member only a couple of feet away.

That drove Carla over the edge, sending a wash of her cum onto John’s face. It was sticky sweet and everywhere.

Carla raised her head off of John’s rod and breathed a heavy groan, but never lost focus of what she was doing, continuing to stroke him with real clenched-fisted force, moving her hand fiercely up and down.

But she didn’t have to do it long. Almost as soon as he felt her relax into her orgasm, a spasm shot through his body and provided his long-awaited release.

A ropy jet of hot white cum burst out of him, hitting Carla in the face and startling her. His orgasm had been almost as much of a surprise to her as it had been to him. But she quickly recovered and raced to catch any remaining cum pumping out of him.

Pulling him into her mouth one final time, she sucked the rest of his seed from his cock, then playfully jostled his balls. She turned back to him then, lifting her right leg over his head again, and smiled a devilish grin.

“I don’t know if it was the antidote,” she said, “but I’d say I got it.”

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