Limo Ride

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I can’t believe you dragged me to this party. I don’t care what the function is for; it is just an excuse for them to make me wear a suit and tie. But I have to admit, looking at you in the dress makes me think that maybe tonight won’t be that bad and I’ll be “rewarded” for having to come. I love that dress on you, the short green one that is sheer and ties around your neck. The way your legs slide around inside the material makes me want to just slip right into you; slide myself around those legs. And those legs look even better in those high-heeled shoes you are wearing. So firm and taunt. I love looking from your ankle, up your smooth calf, to the material covering your thigh, and finally bringing my eyes to rest on that delicious ass. Sashaying slightly as we walk, my eyes bounce back and forth watching it.

You stop short of the entrance so we can walk in arm-in-arm. You pat my hand gently, reassuring me that this won’t be as bad or boring as I think. I roll my eyes, because we both know it will be. We enter the party and look around. It is essentially a big round dance room with a bar on the side and hallways on the opposite side leading to the bathrooms. On the far wall opposite us is a band playing music for the older people, the majority of the people here, to dance to. I give you an “I told you so” look and you just drag me over to people you need to talk to. Stupid science functions. You make boring conversation that I know you don’t enjoy too much and answer stupid questions while I stand there with a plastic smile. After two or three of these, I’ve had enough. I whisper into your ear that I’ll be at the bar, kiss your cheek, and then leave.

I order a drink or two and then turn around. With a drink in hand and my back to the bar, I scan the room. The old people are doing some sort of slow dance while the band plays elevator music. I watch you approach me from across the room. You come over.

“Is everything all right?” you ask.

I reach behind your head and pull you into me; kissing you hard on the lips, my tongue tasting yours.

“It is now that you’re back.”

You smile and cuddle up next to me. I stroke your back and sides, letting my fingertips graze the sides of your breasts. I elongate my stroke and begin to brush your ass too. Sometimes, I gently cup it, feeling it fill my hand. I reach down further and lift your dress slightly so I can stroke your thigh a little. It’s innocent enough, but I can feel the goose bumps along your thigh.

And then we are interrupted. Some old people come by and want to talk to you. You spin around and rest your back against my chest. However, my hand is still down by your thigh. I continue to stroke and squeeze it as you talk. Then I decide it’s time for a little payback. I begin to raise my hand, lifting the back of your dress as I go. There are too many people by the bar for them to notice, but you notice and are helpless to stop it. I mean, you can’t spin around and reprimand me and it would look quite odd if you kept swatting your ass or thigh to get rid of my hand. I run my fingertips along the inside of your thigh, feeling the heat increase as I move higher. I can hear your voice change and waver as I rub the upper are of your thigh. Involuntarily and without thinking you spread your legs slightly. I smile as I my fingers travel further. I feel the silky material of your thong as I run my finger along the part that covers your ass. I slide it down and press up, firmly rubbing the part covering your pussy. I hear your voice jump as my finger passed over your pussy. I continue stroking it as you regain some control of your voice. I put two fingers outside your thong and slowly stroke the area right next to your pussy, moving them up and down about an inch. I feel this smooth area and I can feel your legs shake slightly next to mine. I begin to move these fingers closer together, rubbing them in circles now as I bring them closer and closer to your opening. I use your thong to add stimulation as I begin to rub these two fingers into your pussy. Feeling the dampness through the material, I wonder if you are even paying attention to the conversation. And then I stop. I watch your chest heave once or twice at the reprieve. But I have only stopped so I can slide your panties to the side a little and let my fingertips begin to trace around the wet hole that leads up into your pussy. I use your own wetness and rub it into your bald, smooth pussy lips – making them all slick. I look over your shoulder and wonder if anyone notices how hard your nipples have become.

Finally I hear you say those magic words,

“Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom.”

You very quickly make your exit and begin to cross the room. The other people involved in your conversation look at me queerly. Apparently, you picked an odd time to cut-and-run, but I couldn’t care as I weave my way through the crowded dance floor and over to you. And there you are, about 20 feet down one of the hallways that leads to the bathrooms. I take you further into it, where it is darker. I push you up against the wall and kiss you, letting your highly pendik escort sexually energized tongue explore my mouth.

“You bastard! Do you know how hard it was to be in that conversation with you doing that?”

“No, how hard?”

“This hard” you say as you reach your hand down and into my pants.

You grab my hard cock and begin to stroke it. We continue to kiss as you stroke my cock. I reach my hands up and begin to cup your breasts, squeezing them in the palms of my hands. I lean down and kiss your neck. I can taste the steam rising off of it as I rub my palm and your dress material onto your hard nipple. A couple walks past us, but they are coming from the other way – walking towards the party. They look like they are in their lower 30’s and full of energy. They smile at us as we continue to make out. I know that they must have had some fun in the bathroom, but that’s not where I want you. Plus, in a few minutes, the band will stop playing for an intermission and there will be a whole mess of people running to the bathroom. Not to mention how they will think of you walking through the party with sex head. No, we have to wait a little while and go back to our hotel. Forcing myself away from you I explain the situation.

“Sorry hon. Trust me, I hate it to, but we have to go.”

I see you pout slightly because of how much you hate waiting, but you also know that waiting will lead to sex and that’s always fun. We make our way out through the party and outside. I walk out into the street and begin to hail a cab.

“Hey. HEY!” I hear someone calling me from behind.

I turn around to see the other couple standing there by a limo.

“Are you trying to get a cab?”

“Yeah, we’re going back to our hotel.”

“Well, that will cost you an arm and a leg. Why don’t you come with us in our limo and we will drop you off.”

I look over at you and ask, “What do you think?”

“They seem friendly enough and we are kind of strapped for cash.”

So we walk over to the limo. Inside the limo we walk to the couch by the front of the car and they take the one in the back; we are facing each other. There is a table in the middle. As the ride starts, I put my hand on your thigh and begin to rub it, trying to calm you of any fear you might have. I notice the man, who is sitting opposite me, is doing the same thing to his wife. The man is slightly older looking with short brown hair that says “I am a business man and probably a yuppie”. He is in a fancy suit with Italian leather shoes. His wife, on the other hand, is gorgeous. I think she is a trophy wife but what a trophy. She has long auburn hair, a nice set of breasts and nice legs. She is wearing a red dress that’s about the length of yours except it is a different material and cut very low in the chest.

“So,” says the man “you too looked pretty hot in the hallway.”

“Thank you. You two must have had fun in the bathroom” I reply.

They look at each other and smile.

“How did you know about that?”

“Lucky guess. And,” I look over at you, “it’s not that uncommon.”

You smile remembering the times we’ve had hot sex in bathrooms.

“Actually,” the man continues “it was because of that that I asked you here.”

We both look at him oddly.

“I guess you could say we had ulterior motives.”

The man stops rubbing his wife’s leg and leans in towards us.

“You see, we used to be a young couple like you. Lots of sex, all the time. But age has taken its toll on me and I can’t last as long as I used to. But my wife is as horny as ever.”

His wife licks her lips, looking you dead in the eyes.

“She would very much like some release.”

“Look,” I interrupt, “I’m sorry. But we’re not going to have a threesome or whatever…”

“No, no. You got it all wrong” he interrupts me.

“She just wants to watch. That’s all.”

“She just wants to watch?” I ask.

“Watch what?” you ask.

“Why, the two of you!”

It takes a minute for this to sink in.

“What?!?” you say.

“Hear me out. My wife loves fucking me and I can’t say I don’t enjoy it, but like I said, I now tire earlier than I used to. She needs more and is right now is still very horny. Aren’t you darling?”

His wife nods emphatically.

“Usually, we solve this problem by watching porn and either her masturbating or me eating her out or fingering her pussy. But we saw how hot and sexy you two were and thought we might get a little live-action porn instead.”

“That’s all,” his wife says, “We just want to watch you two make love.”

She spreads her legs, letting her skirt ride high up her thighs.

“I’m sure it will be hot.”

I look at you. Of course we’re both still horny. It’s just a matter of whether we want to do it. I look into your eyes. G-d I want you right here and now and I don’t care who sees. But, I would never do anything you didn’t want to do, so I leave this to you. I lean in close and whisper into your ear,

“Whatever you answer, will be fine with me.” I kiss your ear and back away. You roll the escort pendik idea around for a minute before say,

“Sure. We’ll do it.”

Before this really sinks into my head, you pull me close and begin kissing me. I slide my jacket off and feel your hands press into my back. I run my hands over your arms, up your shoulders, up your neck, and through your hair. I begin to kiss and lick your neck, working my way up to your ear. I let one hand stoke your thigh. I lick your earlobe and whisper into your ear,

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes.” you moan into mine.

“They wanted hot,” you say “then let’s make it hot.”

You lower your hand into my lap and begin to rub the crotch of my pants. You can feel my hard cock dance in my pants as you rub it. I kiss my way down your shoulder, massaging it with my tongue as I go. I look over my shoulder to see the man kissing his wife’s shoulder as she rapidly opens and closes her legs. I reach behind you and undo the knot on your dress. As it falls, I kiss the hot flesh that it reveals. I make my way down to your breasts and begin to lick them. I suck on your hard nipples, licking them all over with my tongue. I flick the tips of them as I roll them around my mouth. I look over and see the man squeezing his wife’s breast. She has bunched her skirt up and has begun playing with her pussy. I notice she is not wearing any panties as her finger slides deep into her pussy. I continue to suck on your breasts. Using my hand to play with the one I’m not sucking on. You lean back in the seat to allow me better access. I roll your nipple between my fingers and pull on it. I use my tongue to dance on the tip of your nipple. I can hear you moan and I know you are loving this. I can also hear her begin to moan, obviously enjoying the show. I feel your hands on my chest, pressing against it. You start to undo the buttons on my shirt and when they are all done, you pull the shirt from me. Your hands fall onto my back and begin to rub my shoulders. I release your breast from my mouth and begin to kiss you again. I reach down and begin to rub your calf. I can feel those goose bumps as my hand travels further up. I begin to lick behind your ear as my hand rubs your inner thigh.

“Spread your legs wide. Let her see your hot wet pussy” I say into your ear.

You spread your legs as wide as you can. I can hear the woman moan as she sees your panty covered pussy and wonderful legs. You dress is bunched around the waste and I decide it might just have to come off. I ask you to stand up and you do. I help you pull the dress off and then have you turn around and bend at the waist; letting them see the thin thong run up in between the crack of that beautiful ass. I run my hands along it as you lean over and kiss me. I watch the other couple and inform you to do the same. You see the woman now has her top down. She is rubbing and squeezing her breasts as her husband fingerfucks her wet pussy. I hook my fingers around the waistband of your panties and slowly drag them down. Yet you are not to be outdone and you suddenly sit down in front of me. You undo my belt and pants. I lift up off the seat so you can pull them down. My hard cock shoots up into the air. You smile at me as you open your mouth wide and engulf my cock. I shake with pleasure as you lick and suck the head of my cock. You then begin to slide up and down my cock, getting it all wet. You then release me from your mouth and use your hand to stroke me. You look me in the eyes and say,

“Look at her.”

I look over at her and see her writhing in pleasure.

“Do you want her?”

“I want you and I really want your mouth back on me.”

You speed up your hand.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have her suck you?”

I pick you up slightly and kiss you long and passionately.

“I only want you my love.”

You smile and continue to suck me. I lean back with pleasure, feeling your tongue glide all over me. I pull you up and then lean you back, letting you gently fall onto the table. I lean over you, kissing you. I feel your legs run along mine.

“I want you to look at her. I want you to look at her face.”

“Why?” you ask.

“Because, the pleasure she is feeling is only a minute representation of the pleasure you are about to feel.”

I begin to kiss my way down your body. I slowly lick the outsides of your breasts and circle my way to your nipples. I lick them all over and then make my way further down your hot body. I kiss your hot stomach and I feel it flutter with anticipation. I finally reach my destination and I place your legs over my shoulders; rubbing your thighs. I lean forward and lick the smooth area outside your bald pussy. I circle my tongue in, closing in on your pussy, but I refuse to lick it. I lick all around it, but I won’t touch your wet pussy. I can see the juices begin to leak out of you and that is all I can take. I lick all the way up your slit, taking in all the juices that have leaked out; tasting how good they are. I then begin to lick those bald pussy lips. Running my tongue gently up and down them. I pendik escort bayan then jab my tongue into your pussy and lick all around it; trying to lick all the juices from inside you. I then run my tongue up and down your slit, making sure it is all clean. And then I run it further up, to your little clit. I lick your clit up and down. Faster and faster. And then I stop. But only to reposition myself so I can push down on it with my tongue. I push down on that clit and rub it in circles. I begin to suck on your clit. I move my hands up your body and begin to squeeze and twist your nipples. I try to match the movements of my tongue and hands. I begin to circle your clit with my tongue as my hands twist your nipples. As I pull on your breasts, I push down on your clit. I can feel your legs wrap tightly around my head. I begin to lick you fast. I run my tongue up your slit, tease your clit, and then repeat. I can hear you moaning loudly and I know you are getting close. But I stop, not letting you come. Yet, instead of silence, we can hear the other woman moaning. I watch your head roll back so you can look at her and her husband work her pussy. As soon as you have a good look I begin to slowly lick you. I’m just licking your clit now. Circling it with my tongue. I begin to circle faster and faster as I can feel your orgasm begin again. Yet, once again I stop short of letting you cum.

“No! Don’t stop! Make her cum! Please! I want to cum and I want to watch her cum! Oh please!”

I hear the other woman moan. I lift you up and roll you over. On all fours, with your knees on the table, I step up behind you. I position my hard cock at your wet hole. I rub the head around to get it all wet. I can feel you push back against me, eager to get my cock inside of you. I slowly push forward, wrapping my fingers around your waist. I pull you back onto me and hold you there for a second, letting the sensation settle in. I then begin to fuck you with long, slow, deep strokes. I watch the other couple. The man has stopped helping his wife and just stares at us. He is slowly rubbing the crotch of his pants. His wife is frantically fingering her pussy. As I watch her, I absentmindedly speed up. I begin to fuck you faster, driving my cock deep into you. I feel your cervix with the head of my cock and I begin to bury myself into you. I feel your walls begin to shake and tighten as I fuck you hard and fast. I can feel how close you are. I suddenly lift you up and pull you back onto the seat with me. You put your legs on my knees as I fuck up into you. I use one hand to rub your breast and the other to rub your clit. I feel your body spasm as an earthquake rips through your pussy. I feel your juices pour out and over my legs. I watch the other woman cum just as you do and that’s all I can take. I explode up into you. The finger on your slit begins to shake, partially due to me and partially inadvertently due to my orgasm, and I feel you rocket into a second orgasm. Or maybe it’s just the second part of the first one. Either way, your still shaking walls milk my cock of it’s cum. I feel drained as I pull you tight against me.

We are smiling and playfully kissing. We finally remember that there are other people here. We look over to see the woman approaching us, on her knees with a huge smile. She walks up in between our legs and looks you in the eyes.

“That was fantastic and you looked like you really enjoyed that. I know I certainly would’ve.”

“Yes, I really really…”

Before you can respond she is driving her tongue into your mouth. She reaches behind your head and holds you still as she kisses you. Finally, she breaks the kiss.

“Mmmm…you taste good,” she say, ” I wonder if he does?”

But instead of leaning across you to kiss me, she starts to move down your body. She lifts you up and slides me limp dick out of you. She begins to lick your pussy. Sticking her tongue deep inside of you and drawing out our collective juices. She looks up, “G-d you guys taste good together.” She then dives back in and continues to lick your pussy. She uses one hand to play with your clit and the other hand she snakes around my cock. She begins to stroke me as she eats you out. The site of her licking you, the sounds you are making, and her hand on my cock have me hard again in no time. I lift you up and put you on the seat so you are more comfortable and she has better access. As she continues to lick all of our cum out of your pussy, I move behind her and slide into her pussy. As I fuck her I drive her mouth and tongue further into your pussy. You open your eyes to see me fucking her. I lean over her and reach behind you. I pull you over her body and kiss you on the mouth, letting our tongues dance together. I begin to fuck her faster, feeling her pussy grip my cock. I hear both of you moaning loudly. It seems that the deeper I drive my cock into her, the deeper she licks you. And the faster I go, the faster she goes. The three of us are rapidly approaching orgasm. As I see you about to cum, I pull you close and kiss you; feeling your orgasm surge through your mouth and into mine. I begin to cum into her trembling pussy as all three of us cum together. After everyone has finished, still kissing you, I step over her and begin to kiss you passionately all over your face and neck. I kiss my way up to your ear,

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