Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 02


If you had read my last story you would know by now that I love to wear women’s lingerie. I no longer wear guy underwear except when I go to the doctor, I only wear panties. It doesn’t matter what type of panties as long as they are either silk or lace, no cotton ones for me. My wife is some what supportive, but she doesn’t fully approve either. We have been married for around 10 years now, and she knew what I did before we got married, I didn’t want any surprises that might cause us to get a divorce. She allows the panties all the time, but I only get to wear my other lingerie about once or twice a month and that is usually when she has to leave town for work. A few months ago my wife gave me an evening that I will never forget, and hopefully she or her friend will never forget either (see last story). I have a special drawer in our bedroom full of bras, teddies, panties, stockings and my favorite long silk gowns.

Since that magical evening a few months ago, my wife won’t allow me to get dressed in my lingerie while we are having sex. I have tried to talk to her about it, but all she says is that it makes her feel like a lesbian if I am dressed in women’s clothes and she doesn’t know if she should act like a woman or the man. I don’t understand the problem especially after our night with Stacy, but I decided not to push the issue. Our sex life is still good, but that one evening was enjoyable for me.

One night after the kids went to bed I was in the living room watching the ball game, and my wife was in the computer room. She said she had work to do (like normal), and didn’t want to be disturbed and since the game was on it was perfect for both of us. When the game got over and it was getting late, so I thought I would stick my head in the door and tell my wife that I was going to bed. When I opened the door, my wife jumped. I asked her what was wrong, but she said nothing but I could tell she was flushed. I went over to her to give her a kiss goodnight, and looked at the computer screen to see what she was looking at. All I saw was her work, however when I looked at the tab on the bottom of the screen I saw something that said “crossdressi”. I asked her what that was, and she told me that she found a site on the internet about straight men that like to crossdress. She said she was trying to understand me better and what I was going through so we could have a better and stronger life together. She found out that most men that crossdress are straight, even though she thought most were gay. I asked her if I could see the site she was looking at, and she said yes. When she maximized the window there was a guy dressed up in a bra and crotch less panties having sex with a woman. She informed me that seeing that reminded her of the night with Stacy. Also she was wondering if I would get dressed in my lingerie and control our sex that night, unlike the night with Stacy where the two of them were in total command. I said sure. She had to finish her work, but said she would be in the bedroom with in 30 minuets.

I pulled out a pink thong with the matching bra (38 b), and then found some thigh high stockings, a nice long silky pink gown and a pair of silicon fake boobs. The colors didn’t match completely but it was close enough for me. I stripped down to nothing and started getting dressed when I realized I hadn’t locked the door yet, so I quickly locked the door so no one but my wife could walk in and see me in all my glory. As I slid the thong over my feet, I started getting niğde escort an erection thinking about what was about ready to happen. When I got them pulled all the way up, I had to try to stuff my erection into this small thong, nothing I could do but let it peek over the top of the thong. I then grabbed the bra slipped it over my arms and then reached behind me to hook it. I then grabbed my fake boobs and stuffed them inside the cups. I didn’t buy very big ones or very expensive ones just something that would make them look somewhat real. I’ve seen my wife adjust her bra several times so I did the same to make sure the cups were over my nipples, and the silicone wasn’t sticking out. I then grabbed the thigh highs and rolled them up so I could slip one onto my foot. I slowly unrolled as I pulled it up to my thigh. I enjoy the feel so much I ran my hand up and down my leg just for the enjoyment, then I did the same for the other leg. I stood up looked in the mirror to make sure everything was straight. I then slipped the gown over my head and let it fall down to my ankles. I looked in the mirror again to see how I looked, I thought I was weird looking but didn’t care because it felt so wonderful I didn’t care that I looked ridiculous.

I then needed to pick something out for my wife to wear. Knowing every piece of lingerie she owns without even looking I thought it would be nice if we were wearing the same color and I thought of a teddy that she owns. I went to her dresser and opened the top drawer, I had forgotten about the strap-on that Stacy must have left but there it was peeking out from under her lingerie. I pulled out the strap-on and a pink silky teddy that has snaps at the crotch for easier access. I put the teddy on the bed, and the strap-on next to the bed on my side hoping she wouldn’t see it, just in case I wanted her to use it on me. As I was waiting for my wife I thought she should wear stockings too, but she didn’t have any thigh highs, all she had was pantyhose and that wouldn’t work. So I went back to my lingerie and pulled out another pair of thigh highs for her.

My wife finally came to the bedroom, and had to knock on the door since I had locked it before I started to get dressed. She asked me to let her in, which I did and I made sure I was behind the door where no one could see me. After she got inside she gave me a kiss and told me how sexy I looked. I could tell she was already aroused since her nipples were sticking through her bra and blouse. I told her she could first start by doing a striptease for me. I lay down on the bed and waited for her to start. She asked if I could turn on the radio so she could at least have music to dance to. She slowly pulled off her blouse while dancing around the room. Then she started undoing her shorts, she turned away from me let the shorts fall to the floor and then bent over to pull them off. What a site to see her butt up in the air like that. That is when I noticed that her panties looked wet. I asked what made her so wet and she told me the web site turned her on, that she couldn’t help herself. That while she was looking at the web site she got so horny that she stuck her hand inside her bra to play with her boobs. And also was rubbing her pussy through her shorts and panties. She continued with the dance first her panties came off and she threw them at me and I took a whiff of her fragrance. Then her bra was last to come off, she teased her nipples to make sure they were nice and hard, although I don’t nişantaşı escort think they got any harder since they already were trying to poke through her bra and blouse just a couple of minutes ago. She knows I am a tit man so she saved the best for last. After she was done I told her to put on the teddy and stockings that I had put on the bed. She sat down on the bed grabbed a stocking and rolled it up just like I did and then slowly pulled it up, and the repeated with the other stocking. She then put on foot inside of the teddy then the other foot. As she pulled the straps over her shoulders she started adjusting her boobs, and gave each nipple an extra twist just to make sure they were going to stay hard for awhile.

I instructed her to lie down on the bed next to me. I started rubbing my hands all over her body, paying a lot of attention to her nipples. As I started going further down, I could tell that she wanted me to start playing with her pussy which I didn’t do. I knew she was disappointed but she was enjoying the attention so she didn’t protest too much. I then lay on top of her so our silky bodies could rub against each other. I know she could feel my hard on, and I think she wanted me to fuck her right then but I had other plans. I made sure my fake tits were rubbing against hers. And that my dick was pushing hard against her pussy to make it that much wetter. She grabbed my ass and starting playing with it, I knew if she continued that I would cum, so I told her that she had to stop. She didn’t want to stop playing with it, and I told her that she wanted me in charge so it was an order to stop. She said yes master. We kissed deep and we kissed more passionately than we have for a long time. The last time we kissed that passionately was while we were dating and shortly after we got married.

I slowly moved my way down her body, making sure I nibbled on her ear, licked the inside of her ear (this is a major turn on for her), kissing her neck I continued moving down her body. I stopped and licked and sucked on each nipple for about 10 minutes. I didn’t move the teddy out of the way just sucked them right through the material. By the time I got done she had 2 wet spots from all my saliva and 2 very hard nipples. I continued my way further down her body, kissing her as I was going along the way down. She arched her back when I got between her legs, but I only kissed her pussy and continued my way down her stocking covered legs. At this point I don’t know who was enjoying themselves more, me or her.

As I slowly worked my way back up, I unsnapped the teddy so there would be nothing in my way of attacking her pussy. I started with a long lick from the bottom to the top, which made her arch her back and lifted her ass off the bed. I told her to hold that position so I could grab some towels to put underneath her (if you read the last story you would know why). After I put the 3 towels under ass and her legs I told her to lie back down. I took my fingers and spread her so I could have easy access to her clit. She loves to have it licked really hard and she loves to have it sucked on. As I was sucking on her clit, I inserted a finger inside of her not deep just enough so she could feel it inside of her. As I continued I put a second finger inside of her to make her hole a little bigger. I was sucking on her clit and fingering her so much that she had an orgasm with in a couple of minuets. She wanted me to fuck ankara olgun escort her then, but I said I was in charge and I wasn’t ready yet. I quickened the pace of my fingers going in and out of her and I continued nibbling on her clit. I heard the familiar sounds of her pussy getting wetter and wetter, knowing that she was about ready to squirt all over. I sat up on the bed, put my legs under her legs and continued fingering her as fast as I could. Just as she was ready to squirt I pulled my fingers out and let the spray hit me in my chest and stomach. I then inserted my fingers again knowing that she could do it again. I didn’t move from where I was sitting just inserted my fingers again and hit the magical spot again. With in a minute she started squirting all over me again, this time her body was shaking more than she normally she does. I asked if she was ok, and she was so I continued.

Normally after she squirts on me, I have to go the bathroom and dry myself off. I would use the towels under her, but they are always to wet. Since I was in charge tonight I laid on top of her. She started to ask me to get off, but I reminded her that I was in charge and she was going to have to feel how wet she got me when she squirted. I just kept moving my body up and down against her body until she was as wet as I was.

I then pulled up my gown far enough to pull my dick out so I could fuck her. As I entered her, she let out a sigh. She was wet enough we didn’t need any lube I just started going at her as fast as I could. As soon as she was about to cum, I slowed the pace down until she relaxed. After she relaxed I quickened the pace again and then slowed just as she about ready to reach her orgasm. What I wanted was for her to squirt while I was inside of her. She had never been able to do that before so I wanted her to experience a new sensation. I told her when she was close to squirting again to let me know so I could pull out like normal. After a couple of times more of trading between going fast and slowing down I thought she was finally ready to squirt for me. Instead of pulling out I put her legs over my shoulders and went as deep as I could, then I started playing with her clit. It didn’t take long for her to squirt and it got my dick nice and wet. After she settled down I knew it was going to be my turn to cum. I thought she had enough pleasure, so now I was only thinking of my self. As I was going in and out of her I could tell I was getting close, normally I just cum inside of her and collapse on top of her, but not this time. Just as I was about ready to cum I pulled out and jerked myself off right on to her already wet and messy stomach.

I then lay on top of her and slid my body all over her. Now you know what your pussy feels like after I have cum inside of you when you are all wet from squirting everywhere, I told her. She just looked deep into my eyes smiled and gave me a big long passionate kiss.

We finally got up out of bed and realized how much of a mess we made tonight. We got out of our wet lingerie gathered up the towels and put them in a small plastic bag. We didn’t want all of other dirty clothes to get wet, and since I was planning on doing the laundry the next morning we figured that would be best. When my wife got to my side of the bed she saw the strap on and asked about it. I told her that I was thinking she could use it on me, but I knew it was getting late and we didn’t have the time. I then went to take a shower, only to have my wife follow me in.

We finally got to bed around 2 a.m., and before I fell asleep my wife leaned over gave me a good night kiss and told me I could dress in lingerie more often if we could have nights like we did tonight. And maybe we could include Stacy in our next adventure, and use the strap on you again.

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