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It was their mutual love of lingerie that bound then together.

Two strangers

Two different rooms

Two different locations

Two people looking for that secret something to fill the void

An accidental meeting

Another late lonely night

A faceless chat room.

A spark

An instant connection

Igniting a deeper passion

Fusing them together

They chatted – likes, dislikes, hopes, fears – until they realised they had stumbled on something. In each other they sensed an inkling of their own needs. It ticked all the boxes. Their minds charged, their bodies tingling with anticipation.

Until the next time

Snatched moments

Pictures of desire built in their minds

Physical needs satisfied with words

No guilt

The rules agreed – no names, no photos, no voices – just their minds and fingers articulating their desires on the keyboard.

He loved her to wear beautiful lingerie when they were together in their virtual world. She photographed it and emailed him the picture, describing the items in minute detail, so he could almost feel the fabric and the way her body felt as he removed it. In his mind he pendik escort felt the dampness on the lace as he slowly removed the French knickers – holding them to his nose as he inhaled her scent. His own burgeoning hardness prompted the removal of his jeans, and boxer shorts. It was her fingers deftly undoing each button and sliding the denim slowly down over his muscular legs – lifting first one leg then the other and finally dropping them to the ground. The bra, his favourite, unhooked at the front allowing him access to her breasts as he slowly slid the slender straps off her shoulders and down her arms till it too dropped to the floor. They always took their time with this part – a ritual of the senses to be celebrated and enjoyed each and every time.

Then passion took over as they seduced each other – kissing, licking and sucking each and every part of their bodies – fingers furiously pounding the keyboards mirroring the intensity of their fucking. In perfect harmony and with an uncanny sense of what the other needed they would slowly and deliberately bring the other to a shuddering climax which left them both totally spent.

She took the greatest of pleasure in her shopping trips. She was buying escort pendik for him and it gave her a little frisson of excitement to know that her virtual lover would soon be removing her latest purchase. She would tell him in advance of her shopping trip so at the precise time she was making her choice he could be with her in his mind. In his office he allowed himself the luxury of time to think and be with her – a text perhaps – the thought of it made him hard and as he shut his eyes and sat back in his chair he was right there with her. “Buy pink” – the message popped up on her phone and she felt that familiar wetness.

In the changing room she removed her clothes and replaced them with the pink as he had requested – “I have it on” she sent him the text. The room had mirrors all the way round so she could see from each angle how the delicate material clung to her body, the shell pink complimenting her lightly tanned skin. She ran her hands over her breasts, her nipples standing to attention. She continued – her hands running down her stomach and over the delicate lacy fabric feeling the dampness between her legs. Looking at herself straight in the mirror she put her right leg on the chair and without pendik escort bayan thinking she slid her fingers inside the knickers and into her pussy. Pulsing electric shocks shot through her body as she slowly began to fuck herself. Her thumb circling her clit in time with the gentle thrust of her fingers – faster and faster as her need for release increased, her fingers soaking with her dripping juices. Caressing her breasts with her other hand she continued her now frenzied fucking until she felt that familiar build up in the pit of her stomach and she knew her orgasm was on its way. She had never cum like that before.

She would have to buy the underwear now and she smiled to herself wondering what the assistant would make of the soaking wet knickers. She had an idea and laid out the lingerie with the wet clearly visible. She took a photo with her phone and sent it to him. “My present to you” – he could see what she had done for him and was turned on more than ever. With his cock in his hand and staring at the picture he came with an intensity that even surprised him. Wanting to give her something in return he too took a photo of the hot sticky cum now evident on his office carpet “My present to you”.

Two strangers

Two different rooms

Two different locations

Two people who have found that secret something to fill the void

It was their mutual love of lingerie that bound then together.

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