Lisa Jones, RN Ch. 01

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Lisa Jones put her coat and purse into her locker then checked her hair and her face in the mirror inside the door of the locker. Her hair was dark red and cut short. The hair framed a round face with a peaches and cream complexion; the eyes were large and emerald green. Her lips were full; her cheekbones high and there were no lines yet. She made sure she was presentable and went out to the nurse’s station for report.

Lisa had been a RN for 6 years. For the past few months she had been working at the Williams Recovery Center. Sharon Roberts, her roommate from nursing school, had helped her get a job there. She enjoyed it much more than her last 5 years at the local general hospital. The base pay was about the same, but the hours were better. There was also extra money to be made doing special duty work. Another big advantage, as far as Lisa was concerned, was not having the unwanted advances of interns, residents and other’s with MD after their names. The ones whose egos made them think they had the right to bed any woman they wanted then discard them when the next pretty face attached to a nice body caught their eye.

Sharon and Lisa exchanged greetings, then the information on their patient. They both liked to take extra duty work, and often worked patients together. When they did they alternated the 3 to 11 PM and 11pm to 7 AM shifts so they wouldn’t get bored with the same shift all the time. Their current patient was Mr. Eugene Miller. Mr. Miller had been in a car accident. His wife and daughter were killed in the accident, and he’d been left in a coma. He’d stayed in the hospital until his wounds had healed, but once comatose patients no longer needed hospital treatment they were sent to places like this one to be cared for until they recovered, if they did recover.

Mr. Miller had been there about a week, and it soon became apparent that he had no other family that cared much about him. No one visited him. The only person who’d come had been a man claiming to be his uncle. This man was the one who wanted the special duty care for his nephew. Since his nephew’s insurance would not pay for special duty nurses the uncle said that the bills should be sent to his office.

Mr. Miller’s doctor was concerned that there was no one to visit him. People in comas needed to have people around them, talking to them and making contact. When he found that Mr. Miller would be getting special duty care the doctor talked to both Sharon and Lisa about filling the family void for the patient. Both young women had agreed they would do what they could.

“There have been some changes,” Sharon said. “His body waste functions are working on a regular schedule. He can be raised to a sitting position for a bedpan to be placed, and all someone has to do is place his penis in a urinal at the right time and he will void his bladder. All of his bodily functions seem to occur during the day shift so you shouldn’t have to worry about them tonight. Other than that his condition hasn’t changed much.”

They said goodbye and Lisa joined her patient. She checked the I.V. and feeding tube, his vital signs, and chart. She noted the last time he had been turned then rolled him on to his side because it was time. The whole time she kept up a one way conversation with him as if he was able to talk to her. She also held his hand for a while and stroked his face gently as a loving relative would do. Mr. Miller did not have movie star good looks, but he was not unattractive. His chart said he was 35, he had dark hair and a handsome face. It was difficult to tell what his body was really like. It had been a month since the accident and the lack of activity had allowed his muscle tone to sag.

When she was finished she pulled a chair next to his bed, and sat down with the book she was reading and read aloud. She tried to vary her reading material as much for the patient as for herself. She didn’t know how much he actually understood, but felt kind of silly when reading a romance novel to him, like the current one. But she had a wide range of topics she liked, and figured most of what she read he would like if he could say so.

Later that night, after rolling the patient to his back and taking vital signs, she was straitening the bedclothes when she noticed the covers were tented across his hips. She reached to smooth the covers but her hand encountered resistance when she tried to get the covers to lay down again. She lifted the covers to see what was causing the problem she was astonished to see an erect penis staring back at her. Mr. Miller’s hospital gown had ridden up so his groin area was completely exposed. Lisa’s experience, with men and their equipment, was limited, but she knew enough to realize that this was a very nice specimen. The column of rigid flesh in front of her almost begged to be stroked, but she resisted the urge to do that. She realized she was staring at the fleshy pole, and felt her cheeks flush as she quickly lowered the covers.

She took a movable screen and placed it so that the bed could not be easily seen from the hall to protect the patient’s modesty. Then she wondered what she should Kadıköy Escort do about the situation. She reached for his chart to make a note of the phenomenon sure that this was an encouraging sign for the patient. She returned to her seat and continued reading, then caught herself stealing glances at the tent in the bedclothes and was disappointed an hour later when the tent was gone.

Lisa stayed around longer than she usually did the next morning in case Mr. Miller’s doctor had any questions about the night before. She was talking to one of the orderlies when the doctor came in and looked at the patient’s chart.

“Miss Jones,” the doctor said.

“Yes, Dr. Morris?”

“Are you positive about what you put in the patient’s chart,” he asked?

“Yes Dr.,” she said. “I am.” She felt her face flush as she said it.

“This could be significant,” he said.

“Do you think so?”

The doctor explained that there was no physical reason for Mr. Miller to be in a coma. He said that a CT scan, EEG and MRI done in the hospital had all shown that there was no significant damage to the brain that could cause the coma. Yes, Mr. Miller had received a bump on the head in the accident, but the tests showed it was not severe. One explanation was that shortly after the impact he was conscious and was able to see that his wife and daughter were dead. The shock from his injuries caused him to loose consciousness and the psychological trauma of his loss could have caused the coma that followed. What happened last night might indicate that his mind was coping with his loss, and would soon let him wake up.

“What have you been doing for him at night,” he asked?

“Well, I try to talk to him a lot. I also hold his hand from time to time and stroke his face some. Most of the time I read to him.”

“Keep it up. It may be helping him more than you know. What do you read to him,” he asked?

“I try to vary it. I’ve read action adventure, murder mysteries, biographies, and romances,” she said.

“What were you reading last night,” he asked?

“A romance. What’s known as a bodice ripper actually,” she replied.

“Do you remember what you read just before you noticed Mr. Miller’s reaction?”

Lisa thought for a second then blushed. Sheepishly she told him, “The man in the story had just come on the woman he was after in the woods. She had found a stream with a quiet pool and decided to take a swim. He watched her remove all of her clothes and wade into the pool.”

“Was the description of the woman and the disrobing graphic,” he wanted to know?

Lisa blushed again as she said, “As a matter of fact it was. It was quite graphic and erotic.”

The doctor smiled at her then said, “Would you try something for me tonight?”

“Sure. If I can.”

“If you can, read him another such passage and see what happens. Do you think you can do that?” He could see she was a little uncomfortable with all this.

Taking a deep breath she said, “Yes doctor. I’ll do that.”

“Thank you,” he replied. “Let me know what happens in the morning,” he said.

“Yes doctor.”

That night, before she went to work, Lisa looked over her small library. One title jogged her memory. She remembered when she first read it how erotic it was. This would be a good test for the doctor’s theory. She slipped it into her bag as she left for work.

At report that night Sharon asked her about what happened the night before. “Did he really have a hard-on,” she asked?

“Yes,” Lisa replied. “He really had a hard-on.”

“Was it a nice one,” Sharon asked her voice dropping almost to a whisper?

Lisa felt herself blushing. “From my limited knowledge of such things I’d say yes it was a nice one,” she said quietly.

“Lucky girl,” her friend giggled.

“What do you mean,” Lisa asked?

“You can have a dildo that’s real.” There was a smile on Sharon’s face and a lustful look in her eyes.

Lisa couldn’t tell if her friend was serious or not. “And what is that supposed to mean,” Lisa wanted to know?

“You figure it out,” said her friend as she turned and left.

Still disturbed by her friend’s words, Lisa entered her patient’s room and did her usual routine. Later that night, at 2 AM, she had rolled Gene Miller onto his back. Somewhere along the line she began thinking of him as Gene. She positioned the screen again, then sat in the chair beside the bed and pulled out the special book she brought from home. As she read to her patient the erotic language began to arouse her. She looked over at Gene and noticed a slight bulge in the bedclothes. The book entered one of the more erotic passages a few pages later. She looked again and saw the sheet tented, as it had been the night before.

Lisa also noticed the she had become very aroused. She wasn’t sure that her arousal was because of the book or the affect it was having on Gene. The passage continued growing in erotic intensity. Lisa suddenly realized that she was fondling her own breasts through the front of her uniform. A look at the bed showed that the sheet was tented Kadıköy Escort Bayan almost vertically. Unable to restrain herself she lifted the sheet and saw his erection standing almost strait up. It seemed even larger than it had been the night before.

She dropped the sheet and continued to read. Without realizing it she had unbuttoned the top of her uniform and her hand had found its way inside a cup of her bra. She stroked her breast and tweaked its nipple as she continued to read. Scolding herself she withdrew her hand but did not attempt to button her top. The next time she came to herself she found her hand under the skirt of her uniform stroking her mons through the crotch panel of her panties, and the crotch panel was very wet. The peak in the tented sheet had a small moist spot at its apex. Another peek under the sheet showed that the rigid flesh was leaking drops of pre-cum from the tip.

Lisa had not allowed a man into her bed since her divorce 2 years before. Her only release had been through masturbation. The circumstances now had her in a state of arousal she had not known in more than 2 years. Her body was craving sexual release. She looked quickly to make sure the screen was placed properly; then stood up and stripped her panties off leaving them to the floor. Hiking the skirt of her uniform above her hips she sat back down. She placed a foot up on the side of the bed frame and spread her legs for easy access by her hand. One hand returned to her breast while the other found her mons and began to rub with more vigor.

She watched the tent in the sheet on the bed as her hands stimulated her body. The hand in her lap began rubbing faster and harder. One then two fingers worked inside her and her thumb found her clit. She heard heavy sighing and little moans, then realized they came from her. She bit down on her lower lip to stifle them, but the moans got louder and louder as she brought herself closer to orgasm. Her orgasm hit her with intense force. She was panting and little squeals of passion came with each breath. Her eyes were closed tight as her hand fluttered between her legs trying to wring every ounce of pleasurable feeling from the orgasm.

Lisa had gone slack in the chair and almost passed out from the intense orgasm she’d just experienced. As she came back to her senses she saw that she was sprawled in the chair with her legs spread lewdly, the skirt of her uniform bunched at her waist, and little tremors of the after shock of climax coursed through her body. She looked toward the bed and saw that the little wet patch was now a huge wet patched and realized that her companion had orgasmed with her.

Forcing herself into action Lisa quickly got to her feet. She pulled the sheet off the bed, then cleaned the sticky mess from Gene’s body before re-making the bed. His prick was not standing strait up now, but was still partly engorged and laid across his lower abdomen. She finished straitening up, but her was still on the erection that was lying within reach so she looked under the sheet again. He had not gone down a bit; in fact it looked to be growing again. With a timid hand she reached out and covered the rod of flesh at its base. It looked huge in her hand. The hand closed about the girth and slid gently toward the bulbous head. The head was warm and swollen with blood, and grew larger as she stroked it. Soon his prick was standing strait up again, and her hands began a steady stroking of its length. At the top of each stroke she caressed the crown, and enjoyed the heat and hardness she found.

Lisa had taken a man in her mouth before, but had not enjoyed the experience. Looking at this man and his manhood before her she suddenly felt the urge to take him in her mouth. She crawled on the bed between his legs and lay on her stomach. She held the shaft with both her hands and began to kiss and lick the purple crown. The more she kissed and licked the more she wanted. Soon she engulfed the head with her mouth and was sucking it and licking it with her tongue like an ice cream cone. Her hands massaged the rigid shaft, and her head bobbed up and down on the crown. He was too large for her to take more than the crown in her mouth, but she made the most of what she could get. The slurping sounds her mouth made turned her on. She took one hand away from him and got it between her thighs. She inserted two fingers and began to ride them as she increased her attentions to him. Her mouth never left him as she came, and her screams of delight were drowned by his prick. At the peak of her orgasm she felt his prick begin to spasm, and soon her mouth was full of his sperm. There was a lot of it but she managed to get it all without losing a drop. She didn’t even have to clean him up afterwards she had licked him so clean.

By the time she got everything straitened it was nearly time for shift change. She took his chart and made her notes before giving her report to the day shift. The only detail of the night’s events she recorded or related was the fact of the erection as a result of reading the book. She left before the doctor arrived, and hurried Escort Kadıköy home. She had a hard time sleeping that day because her mind was busy with the details of what she planned for her next shift.

That evening she chose her clothes with care. She chose a bra with a front closure and scooped her white breasts into it. Next she pulled on white thigh high hose with lacy elastic tops and smoothed them over her shapely legs. She decided panties were not needed and left them in the drawer. Last was a crisp white uniform with a zipper from hem to neck.

At report that night she laughed and kidded with Sharon. She hoped that she hadn’t given away anything from the night before to her friend, but the look on Sharon’s face as she left made her doubt that she’d succeeded.

By 2 AM she was well into one of the steamiest passages in the book. She looked at the bed and saw the tent beginning to grow. Lisa set the book aside then stood at the side of the bed and pulled the sheet away from Gene’s body. She could feel the moisture of her arousal on the inside of her thighs. One hand gently cradled his scrotum and testicles while the other stroked his shaft and glans. Soon her ministrations had him at full attention. She unzipped her uniform and unhooked her bra. After climbing on the bed she straddled his hips and took his erection in her hands. Rising on her knees she settled her vagina over the bulbous head and used her hand to spread her lips and the other to place it just inside her. Slowly she moved her hips back and forth taking him inch by inch inside her. She almost passed out from the pleasure of having him slide inside, and a groan of pleasure escaped her throat when she had him fully insider her.

Lisa sat there motionless enjoying the feeling of being so full down there. Her hands began stroking her body, starting at her upper thighs crossing her abdomen to her chest and cupping a breast in each. Her hips began to move slowly as she massaged her breasts and played with her nipples. Backward and forward her hips moved like riding the back of a rocking horse. His shaft felt wonderful as it slid in and out easily and tickled her clit as it rubbed past. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through her as her body experienced things she’d denied it for so long. Her breathing became ragged as her passion grew, and she reached for the head rail of the bed to get leverage so she could grind herself harder against the staff of flesh giving her pleasure. She bowed her head and watched her breasts swaying to the rhythm of her movements.


Gene Miller felt a familiar stirring in his body, but it seemed to be coming from far away. He had felt something similar not long ago, but his mind could not focus on when that was. Next he detected motion around him that was rhythmic and urgent. He had felt that once before too. His nose detected a scent that was sweet and cloying, and something else that was pungent and earthy. He was trying to drag the names of the scents from his memory when sounds began to enter his consciousness. The first sound he identified was panting; the second was moans and squeals. Finally he sensed that where ever he was lying was moving back and forth.

He was finally able to open his eyes. He’d been struggling to do that for what seemed an eternity. The sight before him was very blurred at first, but something soft and somewhat baggy was bobbing in front of him. Vision began to clear and he realized that what was bobbing before his face were the breasts of a woman. The sounds he had heard were the breathing and moaning of a woman in the throes of passion. The movement of the woman’s hips against him caused the rhythmic movement he’d felt, and that movement was causing what ever he was lying on to move too. The scents he’d tried to identify were a woman’s perfume and a very aroused pussy. Then one more sensation revealed itself. His prick was moving in and out of a very wet and very warm place. It was the aroused pussy he’d smelled, and it felt wonderful. The last thing that came to him was that he realized he was having his brains fucked out.

Despite being in the throes of her own orgasm she felt Gene’s prick explode inside her. What seemed like an ocean of cum bathed her insides as one spasm after another racked his prick. It was some time before her hips stopped moving against him and she sagged forward on her arms trying to catch her breath. She suddenly felt a pleasant sensation in her left breast. When she opened her eyes she found Gene sucking contentedly on her nipple. She had sagged low enough that her nipples were directly over his face. He had taken advantage of their closeness to capture one with his mouth.

The attention of his sucking mouth started the sensations building in her again. She looked quickly at her watch, and saw that there was not time enough for more pleasure. Reluctantly she sat up and gently disengaged herself from his lips. Her body protested slightly as her pussy slid from his now softening penis. Once her feet were on the floor shame and embarrassment swept through her as she realized what she’d done. She was fumbling to get her breasts covered with her bra when she heard a sound from the bed. She looked at Gene’s face and he slowly shook his head. He tried to speak, but she couldn’t hear him. She leaned close to here him say, “No.” His hand came weakly to hers and tried to pull it away from her chest.

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