Lisa’s Asshole Exposed On Camera

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Ralph had been a long-time friend of mine for the past 7 years. Guys being guys, we had discussed everything from sports to sex. Then one evening as we were sitting at a brewpub having a beer, Ralph wistfully revealed his desire to anally fuck his wife’s sexy asshole!

Geez, Ralph’s explicitly revealing comment was a bit uncharacteristic of his normally reserved nature. For the most part, our conversations about women and sex were usually rather tame and light-hearted. But Ralph’s new sexual revelation seemed to unleash a streak of startling honesty within him. As the conversation continued, I could sense a lustful spell had been cast over Ralph as he talked passionately about his wife Lisa and her sexy little butt.

Ralph and Lisa had been married for about 6 years. Ralph was now 34 and his cute wife was 31. I had met Lisa many times over the years and fully agreed with Ralph that she had an ass to die for. Lisa’s pert little heart-shaped butt wrapped in her tight jeans always turned heads as she walked by. But now my mind was flooding with explosively erotic thoughts, envisioning Lisa’s firm butt cheeks spreading apart as Ralph’s cock nudged up to the entrance of her virgin asshole. What a fuckingly sexy sight that would be!

I sensed that Ralph was fishing for a little advice on how he might tempt his wife into some anal experimentation. At first I was at a loss for words. What Ralph and Lisa needed was a well-planned scenario that would spark some of their secret sexual desires. Then out-of-the-blue a crazy idea flashed into my foolish mind…

Since I work as a full-time photographer, I suggested to Ralph that maybe an erotic photo shoot might help stir things up. Somewhat astonishingly, Ralph thought this wacky idea might have some potential.

Fast forward a few weeks later:

After mulling over my suggestion for a few days, Ralph finally worked up the courage to discuss the idea with his wife. At first Lisa really didn’t take the whole thing seriously, but play along thinking that her husband would soon back out of the whole scheme altogether. Nevertheless, as part of the initial plan, both Ralph and Lisa submitted to me via e-mail their private wish list of what would happen if the photo shoot were to occur. The seduction of the idea seemed to tantalize their sexual imaginations.

It was obvious by the tone of each of their e-mails that some sexual topics had been a bit taboo for either of them to bring up on their own terms. Lisa’s e-mail described her desires for some exhibitionism in their lovemaking, while Ralph’s e-mail discussed his craving for some anal play with his wife’s asshole. With their secret sexual wish list fully revealed, my creative mind started to whirl up some naughty ideas that I hoped both Ralph and Lisa might find simulating.

Nonetheless, Lisa was still a bit apprehensive about being involved in an erotic photo session. It took a couple more weeks of Ralph’s gently nudging before she started to warm up to the concept. The tipping point for Lisa’s approval was the knowledge that either one of them could stop the shoot at any time if they felt uncomfortable with it. That assurance seemed to seal the deal to go ahead with the naughty plan.

My crazy suggestion to Ralph that I had given him a few weeks ago had now been given the green light. Thinking it would be best to have a neutral location for the shoot, I told Ralph to book a large master suite at a nearby 5-star hotel for the following weekend.

It goes without saying that I had a few planning details to work on before the shoot. By far my best decision was to hire a fun-loving gal I had known for a couple years named Julie to work as my photography assistant.

Now Julie was a beautiful, petite, 5’8″ 26-year-old, free spirit who was always open to new adventures. As long as Julie felt comfortable with both Ralph and Lisa, I knew she would probably be willing to “assist” me with some special needs that might develop during the shoot. I just had to cross my fingers that the right chemistry would exist within the group for everything to work as planned.

The day of the photo shoot:

Carrying a couple cameras, Julie and I knocked on the door of the hotel suite. Lisa opened the door and greeted us a little nervously as she let us in. After introducing Julie as my photography assistant to both Ralph and Lisa, we sat down with some drinks to discuss some of the photos I wanted to capture.

Within 20 minutes of causal conversation, the slight tension that existed between everyone started to melt away. It was obvious that both Ralph and Lisa had taken a liking to Julie. The chemistry within the room was excellent. So far so good!

The pacing of the shoot was an important element in making this whole thing work. Right off the bat it was important for me to establish a level of professional confidence and control over this shoot, so that both Lisa and Ralph would quickly feel comfortable to what might otherwise be an awkward situation.

Without canlı bahis much ado, I casually asked Lisa to strip down to her bra and panties as I prepped my camera.

Standing in front of us, Lisa’s face became a little flushed from embarrassment as she slowly started to unbutton her purple blouse. It was obvious that Lisa was a bit self-conscious with the idea of stripping down to her underwear. But being a good sport, Lisa took off her blouse revealing her firm apple sized boobs nicely contained within her lacy white bra. Somewhat unexpectedly, Lisa’s nipples seemed excited as they pressed enticingly against the sheer white fabric of her bra. Damn she looked sexy!

Sheepishly, Lisa turned her semi-nude body away from our gaze. It was obvious that Lisa felt a bit vulnerable of taking the next step in removing her jeans in full view of our group. There was a slight pause as Lisa contemplated her startling situation.

Thankfully, Ralph murmured a few words of encouragement to his wife. Lisa exhaled deeply as her fingers fidgeted nervously with the buttons on the front of her jeans. Slowly the buttons of Lisa’s jeans popped open one at a time, giving everyone a nice glimpse of her white cotton panties.

To ease the tension, I playfully asked Ralph if it was OK if I had Julie assist his wife. Ralph agreed with a small chuckle. Without losing a beat, I instructed Julie to help Lisa with the removal of her jeans.

Julie gingerly reached over and grasped both sides of Lisa’s jeans and pushed firmly down. A little gasp escaped Lisa’s lips as she realized that her tight jeans were slipping off her sexy ass. Good God, what a sight! Lisa firm little heart-shaped butt came into view. It was absolutely heavenly!

Lisa’s face blushed a hot pink with her almost naked body now fully exposed. Holy fuck! It was now very obvious why she was a bit apprehensive about removing her jeans. Lisa’s sexy thong panties barely covered the crack of her lusciously firm ass! The view was seductively tantalizing as the rim of Lisa’s sexy asshole could be seen peeking around the narrow strip of thin fabric. Fucking damn sexy!

Starting the shoot, I took a few shots of Lisa’s sexy thong, which beautifully framed her nicely golden ass cheeks. Slowly, Lisa started to warm up to the flow of things, attracted by all the attention her sexy butt was receiving. The photos I was capturing with my camera were extremely titillating. The color contrast between Lisa’s nicely tanned ass and her white thong was fucking erotic!

Judging by the somewhat naughty smile she flashed back at us, Lisa seemed to be enjoying her newfound exhibitionist persona. The sight of Lisa’s beautiful sexy butt definitely energized the sexual electricity within the room. I could feel my cock was starting to take notice.

Wickedly, I decided to push this erotic shoot to the next level. Nonchalantly I instructed Lisa to bend over the bed so that her sexy ass would be sticking perfectly up in the air.

With just a minor pout of protest, Lisa obediently bent over the bed. Ralph enthusiastically was soaking up the view as he watched his wife being ordered to pose her sexy little butt in such a revealing position. Lisa’s sexy little asshole was immodestly covered as her white thong stretched provocatively along her butt crack. Holy fuck, what a beautiful sight! I snapped a few more vividly revealing pictures.

Teasingly, Julie suggested to Ralph that he should move his chair in closer so that he had a perfect view of his wife’s upturned ass. Ralph eagerly complied. Keeping things professional, I reminded Ralph that he was in charge of stopping us if anything being done to his wife made him feel uncomfortable. Ralph mischievously nodded in agreement.

The shoot was going superbly. Without skipping a beat, I asked Julie to apply some moisturizing lotion to Lisa’s butt so that it would glisten for the next series of photos. Lisa let out a slightly nervous giggle as she realized that Julie’s petite hands would soon be roaming over her highly exposed ass.

Julie teasingly dribbled some white lotion on each of Lisa’s firm butt cheeks. The slightly cool lotion tauntingly triggered small goose bumps to appear on Lisa’s flawlessly beautiful skin. My cock stirred with desire as I gazed longingly at Lisa’s sexy butt being splattered with the white liquid.

Slowly Julie’s cute fingers started to rub the lotion over Lisa’s golden skin. Ralph eyes were glued to the spectacle as Julie petite hands cheerfully explored his wife’s exposed butt. Occasionally one of Julie’s fingers would playfully bump up against Lisa’s white thong, shifting the thin fabric – naughtily exposing Lisa’s sexy little asshole for our viewing pleasure!

Before long, a wicked little game evolved where I tried to snap close-ups of Lisa’s asshole whenever Julie’s hand “accidentally” shifted the white thong fabric from the crack of Lisa’s sexy ass. Ralph laughed in appreciation upon seeing some of the explicit bahis siteleri photos of his wife’s asshole being displayed on the LCD screen of my camera. Things were definitely heating up!

The atmosphere within the room was rapidly becoming very sexually charged as Julie’s lotion covered fingers provocatively moved closer to Lisa’s anus. By the mighty bulge starting to form within Ralph’s pants, it was clear that he was really enjoying the sight of his wife’s anally compromised position. Becoming a bit bolder, Julie started spreading Lisa’s ass cheeks apart causing her little thong panties to totally shift over to one side. Lisa good-naturedly played along, whimpering in mock protest as she reached around to adjust her panties, so as to try and cover her increasingly exposed pussy and asshole.

But Lisa’s immodest thong panties provided little defense to the onslaught of Julie’s resolute fingers. Lisa halfheartedly tried to keep a semblance of decency, but it was a losing battle as little beads of moisture started to appear around edges of her pussy. Fuck, our sexy little exhibitionist was getting very wet! Then without warning, Julie pulled Lisa’s thong panties completely off giving us an unrestricted view to Lisa’s glistening pussy and cute little asshole!

Lisa’s sexy little asshole and pussy were now fully exposed for our visual examination. After firing off a half dozen photos of Lisa’s erotically exposed cunt and anus, I asked Ralph if it was OK if we conducted a little examination of his wife’s pussy. With a naughty grin on his face, Ralph eagerly nodded his approval. A small ripple of nervousness moved over Lisa’s body as she reacted to the thought of her pussy being examined in such an intimate way.

Lisa held her breath as she felt Julie’s petite fingers gently spread apart her sensitive wet pussy lips, revealing her hotly fired-up vaginal passageway. There was a momentary hush as our eyes roamed deep into Lisa’s enchanted little treasure box. Ah fantastic! Lisa let out a heated moan from all the pleasurable sensations of having three sets of eyeballs examining the most intimate details of her wet pussy hole.

Lisa’s mind shuddered with hot flashes of erotic energy. The thought of having a group of people closely examining the delicate folds, crevices and inner walls of her sexually charged vagina was absolutely mind-blowing! Lisa’s pussy gushed with her warm juices as hotly erotic thoughts swirled together with some of her most secret exhibitionist fantasies.

After being given a wonderful introduction to Lisa’s beautifully delicious pussy, I decided to up the ante a bit. I asked Julie if she could “pose” her beautiful face next to Lisa’s pussy and maybe do a little oral action for the camera. Julie gave me a mischievous wink as she knelt down and firmly spread Lisa’s sexy ass cheeks apart. Lisa muffled a sexy groan when Julie’s succulent lips pressing up against the very sensitive folds of her hot pussy. Fucking beautiful! I clicked off a few more great shots.

Julie started playfully flicking her wet tongue with wild abandon around Lisa’s sexually charged pussy and clit. Lisa moaned in delightful satisfaction as Julie’s soft tongue poked and wiggled into her secret honey pot of sensual delight. God, how my cock stirred with fucking desire for Lisa’s sexy wet hole!

Julie continued to playfully spread open Lisa’s pink pussy lips so that both Ralph and I could gaze lustfully into the raging depths of his wife’s hot little cunt. Lisa was panting in fire-up sexual desire from all the pleasurable activity happening between her beautiful legs. Our naughty exhibitionist was totally enjoying the thrill of being lustfully analyzed by her enraptured audience.

Having taken some wonderfully erotic photos of Lisa’s pussy being explored with Julie’s sensual tongue, my eyes drifted over to Lisa’s fully exposed, cute little asshole. I handed Ralph a bottle of oil. Wickedly, I suggested to Ralph that he should squirt some oil into his wife’s hot little ass. Ralph’s face lit up with a big grin as his wife’s sexy asshole contracted nervously in anticipation.

Julie continued to playfully lick Lisa’s pussy as Ralph and I focused on his wife’s beautiful butt that poked up temptingly into the air. Lending a hand to the situation, I helped spread Lisa’s firm ass cheeks apart so that Ralph had better access for inserting the tip of the bottle into his wife’s tight little anus.

Lisa let out a pleasurable groan as Ralph naughtily pressed the tip of the bottle into her tight anal passage. Holy fuck. We all had a front row seat as the plastic nozzle invaded Lisa’s sexy asshole! Without warning, Ralph gave the bottle a firm squeeze.

Lisa trebled in pleasure as the cool oil flowed up into her narrow passageway. Fuck that was sexy! Giving the bottle another squeeze, Ralph squirted another gusher of oil into his wife’s very hot ass. Lisa squealed in girlish delight, as her exhibitionist desires started to overtake her normally reserved bahis şirketleri sexual composure.

Using both of my hands, I pulled Lisa’s ass cheeks further apart so that everyone had a fantastic view of her oiled up anus. Fuckingly hot! Lisa’s sexy asshole was now fully lubed up and exposed between her beautiful ass cheeks.

Mischievously, Julie placed one of her petite fingers at the entrance of Lisa’s fully lubricated asshole as Ralph and I looked on. Lisa momentarily held her breath as her body froze with excited anticipation. Teasingly, Julie’s fingertip made a slow circle around the sexy rim of Lisa’s asshole.

Everyone’s eyes were firmly glued to this immensely erotic scene. I snapped a couple photos as Lisa’s little asshole tightened in reaction to the gentle pressure from Julie’s finger. Fucking erotic!

Seductively, Julie’s fingertip slowly drifted over the sexy rim and pushed ever so slightly into Lisa’s tight virgin anal canal. A soft groan escaped from Lisa’s lips as she felt Julie’s finger slowly slip in. Provocatively, Julie pushed her finger about an inch into Lisa’s naughty little ass. Holy fuck! My cock so desperately wanted to join in the fun!

What an awesome sight. Our eyes feasted on Lisa’s tight little buns framing a cute asshole that was being penetrated by Julie’s petite sexy finger. Lisa’s asshole quivered suggestively from all the pleasurable attention. Fuck, this was an anally explicit scene that would forever be imprinted on my mind!

Both Ralph and I soaked up the highly erotic show as Lisa’s asshole slowly gave way then tightened with each penetration of Julie’s finger. Lisa continued to moan in sheer delight. Fuck, it was so fucking hot to watch a 26-year-old babe anally finger fuck Ralph’s wife! I dutifully snapped some more amazingly erotic photos of this incredible mind-blowing scene.

Finally Julie playfully pulled her petite finger out of Lisa’s anus and firmly spread Lisa’s sexy ass cheeks apart, allowing us all to gaze lustfully at her puckered naughty asshole. Holy fuck, what a sweet sexy lubed up asshole!

Reinforced with her new found exhibitionist persona, Lisa started to breathlessly taunt us with fired-up comments about how horny it made her feel to have all of us looking at her very compromised little butt. Ralph’s cock pressed menacingly from his trousers upon hearing his wife’s audacious, anally suggestive words.

I could sense a change in the tide. Lisa glanced back at everyone with wickedly seductive eyes as her mind started to fully comprehend the erotic power that her naughty asshole was having on our group.

This whole erotically charged scene had left my cock standing at full salute within my pants. Oh, how I desperately needed to dump a big load of cum into a sexy little butt! Lisa’s sweet asshole was an enticingly tempting target. Nonetheless, that sweet little hole needed to be reserved for Ralph to exploit a bit later! Lucky guy!!

My sexually charged thoughts quickly gravitated to Julie’s tight jeans, which were wrapped beautifully around her sexy 26-year-old butt. That got my sexually charged naughty mind thinking…

With a matter-of-fact attitude, I asked everyone if they were ready to continue with the next phase of the photo shoot. There were happy giggles of approval from everyone. Fantastic!

With a teasingly wicked frankness, I told Julie that I wanted to get a few shots of her panty-clad ass next to Lisa. Ralph’s eyes lit up. Julie tossed me a mischievous smile as she obediently started to pull off her tight jeans and blouse.

Within moments, Julie’s beautifully toned feminine body was marvelously on display, dressed only in her white bra and panties. I instructed Julie to move right next to Lisa on the bed so that both women’s butts would be sticking up into the air side-by-side. Julie shot me a wicked little grin as she moved her panty-clad butt next to Lisa upturned naked ass.

I instructed Julie that I wanted her to start kissing Lisa as Ralph playfully started to massage and explore his wife’s sexy butt. Everything fell beautifully into place as moans, giggles and breathless sighs filled the air. I started snapping some amazingly erotic photos of my sexually charged models as they eased into hot little moments of pleasure and laughter.

Wow, what a fucking sexy sight. The addition of Julie’s cute little panty-clad butt right next to Lisa’s fully exposed pussy and asshole brought a whole new level of stiffness to my super excited cock. I continued to snap a few more wonderfully erotic photos of the ladies kissing in the background framed with two fuckingly hot sexy female butts in my foreground. Beautiful, fuckingly beautiful!

As both women teasingly kissed each other, Ralph was playfully poking his cock all around his wife’s fully exposed holes. Everyone was emitting moans of blissful pleasure in this sexy romp.

Mischievously, I proceeded to move directly behind Julie’s sexy upturned panty-clad butt. I had an uncontrollable yearning to showcase Julie’s asshole for the next series of shots. Julie let out a surprised whimper as my hand pulled down her thin white cotton panties revealing her fuckingly awesome little asshole and pussy.

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