Subject: Little-Alex-And-The-Machine-1 This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. From time to time, you will see words in all caps: if you “select” and “right click”, you could start a Google search for additional information or visual clues. For example, you may wish to look at Jim’s (Little Alex’s dad) bike, a 1950 HARLEY DAVIDSON HYDRA-GLIDE FL PAN HEAD … just try it! There will never be porn, only things or locations. Feedbacks welcome at ota. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! Thank you! *** Characters starring in this episode, in no particular order: — JIM CLINTON, Little Alex’s father – 40 y.o. � 6’4″ / 250 – Ex Navy and a horse breeder, he has deep blu eyes and black hairs cut short, no beard; he is quite hairy, muscular but with a beer belly. His dick is 8″ long and 6″ around. — LITTLE ALEX, son of Jim, almost 12 y.o – 4’5″/70 � Neck long blond hairs, deep blue eyes – He is completelt hairless, and his dick is just a little over 3″ long when hard, shoots watery cum, has a nice, round ass and a very white complexion – He is a 5th grader at Primary / Elementary School *** *** Little Alex *** Part 4 – Little Alex and the Machine 1 (M/b11, incest, toys) When Alex awoke the next morning, he immediately went downstairs to find his dad; his mom Brenda was the only one in the house, and she was in the kitchen making breakfast. “Mommy, where’s Daddy?” little Alex asked, urgently wanting to have the butt plug removed. He had a hard time falling asleep last night because of the discomfort, but now his butt didn’t seem to hurt as much: just as well, he didn’t like it in his bum hole. “Oh, I think he’s outside sweetie, out in the stable.” Little Alex took off quickly, and found Jim in the stud’s stall from the previous day, with Trey feeding the horses a few stalls away. At 40, Jim was a little overweight at roughly 250 Lbs but, if you didn’t focus on his round beer belly, he was otherwise in a very good shape, with a muscular and tanned body, covered by a nice, sparse mat of black hairs. His mischievous grin, the deep blue eyes and the nice, fatheaded 8-inch dick made Brenda fall in love with him roughly 15 years ago, when he left the Navy to came back to his late father’s farm after his, and his wife, sudden and still unexplained death. Alex was born exactly nine months after their honeymoon in Vegas. Johnny followed 16 months later and, after his painful delivery, Brenda gradually stopped any sexual activity with Jim. Father John, from the Methodist Church downtown, was not helping much, stuffing Brenda’s little head with piles of bullshit and eternal damnation threats. Jim noticed his little boy right away. “Hey hon’, how ya’ feeling?” he said to the boy with a warm smile. “Daddy, please take it out, you said you’d take it out now.” “Oh I will, just a minute now, what’s the hurry? You didn’t even say good morning, boy”. “Sorry Daddy, good morning”, Alex replied meekly. “I don’t like it daddy, it doesn’t feel good like you said.” “That’s cuz’ ya’ got to give it time, this time next week you’ll be begging for me to put something up that delicious butt of yours.” Then rubbing the back of the big stud, Jim said, “You remember this Fury guy sweetie?” Alex got beet red and gave a small nod. “You’ll get to know him a lot better in the future”, Jim added with a smirk. The kid stood motionless, the memory of the hot horse-cum shower still fresh in his mind; the traitor willy hosted on top of his marble sized balls started to chub up, to Alex’s absolute dismay. “Need to find a way to tame that stupid thinghy”, he thought, giving it a light squeeze and pull. Jim made sure Trey was out of reach and then, with a soft voice, he said “Alright then, bend over and grab your ankles for me”. Alex did what his Daddy said and bent over, with his hands circling his ankles. Jim came up behind the preteen and raised the oversized shirt off his butt, revealing the knob of the plug embedded in his rosy and hairless hole. Then Jim grasped the end of it and slowly pulled it out in one motion, causing little Alex to gasp out in shock and relief. His tiny butt hole slowly began to close but, before it did completely, Jim quickly moved forward and shoved his whole tongue into the boy, happy that his muscles were already beginning to loosen up. Then he pulled his tongue out, admired the little anus and swatted each of Alex’s very pale butt cheeks with his hand before standing up and handling the butt plug back to his son. “Ok, you’re done. Get out of here now, we have work to do.”, and off he moved to join Trey. Alex immediately stood upright and ran into the house, feeling much better now that the pressure inside his ass was gone. There was a little sense of emptiness, to be fully honest, but he was relieved the butt plug was gone. And at least, “the traitor” went back into sleeping mode! The next couple of days were pretty much the same for the little fifth grader: his Daddy would make him wear the butt plug several hours a day and while sleeping at night, as well as get his anus tongue-fucked whenever he was alone with him. One time he got to wear it even to school; worst part of it being his classmate Richie Jameson (or RJ) asking why he was funny walking, like he had “a log trying to escape his ass”, as he put it amidst a burst of giggles. Now, Richie was Bitchy Becky (or Bitchy BJ) little brother, but many thought he and Alex were non-identical twins. The way they resembled each other was amazing to most of the people who knew them both. Richie was a little on the diminutive side at 4 feet sharp and 65 pounds (Alex was 4.5/70 just before summer break) and with a lot of freckles on his cherub face framed by strawberry blond, curly hairs, kept a little long, at neck length. Alex wondered how such a little angel could think about something so gross. And be right on top of it, honestly. Considering Bitchy BJ behaviour, maybe that Jameson family was a little on the weird side. Well, what would you expect, after all they were all red headed, he thought. One evening Brenda went out for a church meeting with Father John and Jim sat at home with little Johnny and Alex, watching TV. Wanting a little fun, Jim had Alex climb into his lap while Johnny sat right next to them. His son rested his back against the dad’s hairy belly as he started to fondle the preteen boy bits. Johnny of course was oblivious to all that, as Jim repeatedly ground his hardening cock into the 11-year-old’s soft butt cheeks. Alex’s willy brain took over the control of his body and his pecker started to rise to its full 3-inch of hardness, luckily hidden by a loose pairs of running shorts. While he was enjoying the action on a purely physical level, his mind was still struggling to come to terms with the forced sex he had with Daddy only a week before. Alex could not stop his unruly dick to rise every time he was thinking about the sex he had so far. And his ass felt empty without a butt plug well buried within its tight confines. Truth to be told, he was now looking forward to have his loosening ass plugged up. Then, the show they were istanbul travesti watching finished and, as luck would have it, a football game was on, thus allowing Jim ample reason to move about while cheering for “his” team. When the team finally scored a touchdown, Jim humped upwards very hard, jamming his cock into his little boy’s ass just as he exploded into an orgasm. Johnny just sat next to them, slightly curious and intrigued, as his father’s cock twitched between Alex’s butt cheeks and he pumped his abundant cumload into his own underwear. That Saturday, Jim decided it was finally time for little Alex to get a ride on his new toy. He arranged it so that Johnny and Brenda would go out shopping, leaving him all alone for several hours with his kiddy-slut boy. Upon the two leaving, Jim went out to his shop, swithed the air conditioning on to full blast and got the fuck machine all ready. He fitted the device with the six-inch long dildo that he had shown Alex, and clicked it on to make sure it would work properly. “This is a thing of beauty,” Jim said aloud to himself, He then turned on the switch to his two hidden video cameras, as he wanted to capture every moment of Alex’s sexual training on tape. Next, he clicked the machine off, lubed up the dildo, and ran back home to get his 11-year-old living fuck-toy. “Sweet pea, its time. Did ya’ go poop this morning?” Alex had and nodded his head yes, keeping his eyes fixed on the tip of his Nike shoes. “Okay then, let’s go to the shop and have some fun.” Alex had been dreading this moment, and didn’t cooperate lightly. “Daddy, I can’t! I feel sick to my tummy, honestly. Can’t we do it some other time?” “Let me feel your head, hon’.” Alex didn’t have a temperature, of course. “Well, your head isn’t warm, so I’d say you’ve just got the butterflies, sweet pea. Which is normal to have when you’re nervous about something. But that still doesn’t change a thing, so get up right now before I have to tell ya’ again.” “Daddy, please don’t!” Jim grabbed little Alex and bent him down on his bed, his creamy white butt sticking up in the air. “Hon’, as much as I love you, I will still spank ya’, hard, then I’ll make ya’ come with me, and I know ya’ don’t want that.” Defeated, Alex reluctantly said ok and got to his feet to follow his Daddy to the shop. When the little boy got into the now chilling shop, his stomach was in knots, he hadn’t had the butt plug in him since the day before, which Jim had purposely planned so it would give the boy a rest before his ride today. Daddy immediately sat Alex down on a bench across from the machine and made him watch a demonstration. “Like I said before, we’re going to start off with this six-inch long cock, and if you’re good I’ll only use this one. It’s not very thick, ya’ see? I’m going to put it up your butt only a couple of inches as a start, just to get you used to it, and turn it on real slow like this,” He said as he clicked on the machine set for a 2-inch stroke at 20 per minute. A wide grin plastered Jim’s face once the machine whirred into motion. He then switched it off again. To Alex it looked way too big ans way too fast, but he liked that it was only going two inches into him, far less than his father’s thick 8-incher went just a week before. Kind of whimpering still, he said to himself, “That’s not so bad, I can handle it… I guess!” Jim continued, “Ok, sweetie, now take all your clothes off except for your socks, and hop over here.” The 11-years-old kid obeyed his father and undressed, his tiny body looking luscious to the old man. He didn’t have a single hair on him except on his head, and his pale butt was just a handful for him. Once naked, Alex padded over to the machine and waited. Jim said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on top of it, sweety.” Alex got onto the machine, and then sat down. His butt cheeks flattened onto the cold vinyl cushioning and he shivered at the sensation. “Ok sweet pea, now I want ya’ to scoot forward a little more and then bend toward me so that your butt is right over the hole for the dildo.” The little boy did as he was told and Jim moved the driveshaft, which brought the lubed dildo right up against the tiny, rosy anus. “Daddy, it’s so cold!” Alex said, his butt hole shrinking at the feel of the chilled rubber dong. “Well sweetie, I guess ya’ just have to live with it until you warm it up with your butt.” Jim retorted with a smirk, but switched the AC off, anyway. A slutty boy toy with a cold was a useless toy, at the end… Jim bent Alex forward a little more and then locked the machine in place so that only two and a half inches of the dildo would be inside his butt, with only two inches being pushed in and out. Jim stepped back and said “We’re all set hon’, now ya’ have to shove the dildo up your butt for me to start the machine.” With apprehension, the little kid lowered himself and nudged the tip of the dong past his sphincter. Then, he quickly shoved two and a half inches of the rubber cock up his butt hole. It was not very thick in fact, so he didn’t break a sweat getting the dong into his well trained hole, but the chilly feeling the dildo brought into his bowels made him tense, tightening his anus. “I’m ready, Daddy.” Unsurprisingly, his traitor willy was now getting a little interested in the ongoing action. “Here it goes.” Jim switched the machine on to 20 thrusts a minute: it slowly whirred into motion and the preteen boy immediately gasped from the shock of the cold, well greased dong sliding in and out of his butt. “Oh Daddy! Oh God! Oh, oh God!” little Alex groaned. “That’s it, boy, loosen up, it’ll start to feel good pretty soon.” Jim and his cameras watched as his little son straddled the fuck machine, which rhythmically drove two inches of the rubber cock into his anus. Compared to his father’s brutal ass raping, this was a piece of cake for Alex, and the initial discomfort soon started to change into a pleasurable sense of fullness. Traitor happily acknowledged. “Ok sweet pea, I’m going to increase the speed a little bit, not much though. Here we go,” and Jim doubled the speed to the machine, now driving into the preteen at 40 thrusts per minute. The machine immediately kicked in and Alex gasped at the change, but held firm, his butt cheeks still resting on the vinyl seating. Little Alex’s butt hole was loosened quite a bit by the anal plug he was forced to wear, and so far he was holding his own with the fuck machine. Jim asked, “How does that feel, pumpkin?” Flinching a little at the thrusts, he replied, “Ok… daaaddy… it doesn’t… feeeel… too ba… baaaad.” Traitor agreed wholehearted and become harder than steel, gently bobbing up and down in time with the dildo machine thrusts. “Good, you seem to be enjoying yourself” Jim chuckled at the sight of his boy’s 3-inch of pure preteen hardness standing at attention. “Now I have something else to show ya’…” Jim reached into a cabinet and pulled out a 16-ounce jar full of a thick white liquid, moving it over to his impaled and well fucked son. “Sweetie, ya’ know what this is don’t ya’?” Pleasurably distracted by the thrusting dildo, Alex couldn’t really disconnect from his willy brain and shook his head no. “Well Alex, remember last week when ya’ had that little adventure with that Fury stud?” Instantly Alex realized what it was. “Oh no! It can’t be, how could you!” “That’s right; this is a jar full of horse semen. I got it from your favourite furry friend this morning, this is how much he shot out in one orgasm, it’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? Now here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to play a little game; if ya’ lose you’ll have to swallow a certain amount of this horsey cum.” Jim had thought kadıköy travesti of this game the night before while lying awake in bed: it was fixed so that at the end his son would not be able to win, no matter what he did. The motor of the fuck machine continued to whirr as Alex’s anus was being repeatedly penetrated by the shallow thrusts; he sat still looking at the horse cum, partially in shock and partially warmimg up at the idea, the “traitor” already hot for it. “Here’s how the game works… Each adjustment I make on the machine will take away a little bit of cum that ya’ have to swallow: that is, if ya’ can handle the adjustment. So the furthers ya’ go, the less horse goo you’ll have to eat. Understood, sweetheart?” The preteen nodded yes, and the rigged game began. “Okay, first I’m going to increase the speed of the machine.” With that, Jim vamped it up to 60 thrusts per minute. Alex groaned a little, but kept his cool as the dildo penetrated his butt hole more quickly. The thing was warming up now and, thanks to the abundant lube, Alex was even feeling a little pleasure as his ass was repeatedly violated, his hard, throbbing dick being a living proof of that. Then, he got a kink in his foot, which was resting on the side of the machine, and moved to adjust his position. At his movement, the dildo popped out of his anus and repeatedly jabbed into his right butt cheek, shaking the flesh at each thrust. Jim saw what happened and told him, “Well, sweetie that’s your own fault, ya’ got to get it back in you, I’m not turning it off. Or ya’ can stop and eat the horse semen.” “No daddy, I can do it.” Alex said as he moved his puckered hole back into position. The rubber dong jabbed at his anus a few times then entered him and the 11-years-old sunk onto it again. A minute later, Jim said, “Okay, sweet pea, ya’ seem to be handling that ok. Now I’m going to lengthen the amount of dildo shoved into you.” Jim clicked the rod on the machine to increase the stroke to three inches, keeping the pace at 60 per minute. Alex had gotten used to the previous thrusting, but the new inch seemed like a completely new world; he gasped out as the rubbery cock shoved further into him. “Oh Daddy, it hurts! I don’t know if I can handle it,” the little boy whined. “Do ya’ wanna quit?” The little boy answered, “Owie… owie… nay… I caaan… I caaaan… I caan do iiiit…” At this point, some perspiration started to shine on Alex’s upper lip, little drops of sweat hanging to the blond peach fuzz already growing there. His cheeks were turning from pink to light red. A minute later, Jim asked his son, “Well sweetie, I’m going to increase the speed again. Ya’ can stop now if you’d like, but you’d have to eat an awful lot of the horse semen. What do ya’ say?” In his little boy voice Alex replied, “Gooo ahead… owww… Daaa… Daaddy… I caan… handle… it… owie!!” So, Jim increased the speed of thrusting to 80 per minute. Right away Alex cried out, “Owie… owie… owie! It hurts… Daaaddy!… Daaaddyyy… Daaddyyy… it… owie… it hurts!” Three inches of the dildo penetrated the 11-year-old boy’s anus over and over and over again. Traitor willy was having second thoughts now and slowly start deflating. Then, Jim noticed that Alex had raised his butt up a little bit, so that the full length of the cock didn’t stroke into him. He cured this by placing his big hands on his son’s thiny shoulders and forcefully shoving the boy down until his butt cheeks smashed against the seat of the machine, squishing on the vinyl. “Ouch Daddyyyy!” protested Alex. “Then don’t try and cheat, ya’ little slut. You’ll get what’s coming to ya’. If I see ya’ trying that again it’s over, ya’ hear?” In a saddened tone, Alex answered, “Yes… yes Da… Daddy.” The whole time, the dildo continuously drove into his puffy anus, and the little boy responded with random gasps, the initial pain always wearing off after a few strokes, replaced by a warm sensation of fullness. Without saying anything, Jim made two adjustments to the machine, lengthening the stroke to five inches and speeding it up to 120 per minute. Instantly, the machine kicked into high gear and punched into Alex’s gut; he immediately yelped and jumped up, pulling his butt off the dildo. Alex crouched above the machine, as the dildo below him rapidly pumped up and down. Jim said, “Ya’ know the rules Alex, ya’ have to get it back in ya’ all by yourself, or ya’ forfeit and have to drink the cum.” “How much will I have to drink?” “From your previous experiences, it would be too much for you to handle anyway. So better get that dildo in ya’ right now!” “Daddy… I… can’t… Why are you doing this to me?” Alex broke down a little bit, about ready to cry. So, Jim gave him a quick slap on his ass to bring him back to reality. “Listen sweetie, there are two choices. Ya’ can get that dildo back into your butt hole, or ya’ can swallow this jar of horse semen, either way I’ll be happy. Now which will it be?” After a second, little Alex wiped the oncoming tears from his eyes and positioned himself back over the dildo. The eleven-year-old mustered up his strength and crouched a little more, ready for his anus to receive more abuse. The tip of the dildo tapped against his left butt cheek a couple of times and he lifted up and moved over a bit. This time he was too far right when he came down, and the rubber cock jabbed hard into his butt cheek several times, making a dimple in his pale flesh and causing the little fat he did have on his butt to jump repeatedly. Thinking of a new approach, he moved up again and reached down with his hands to grip his butt cheeks and spread them apart, exposing his anus. “That’s a good boy, use what you’ve learned. Good boy!” Jim applauded him. But as he began to crouch down his footing slipped and he fell onto the vinyl, his butt cheeks slapping hard against the padded seat; the dildo missing his anus and jabbing his in the cleft of his butt flesh. Alex sat for a few seconds as the restless dong repeatedly rubbed along the outside of his asshole; then he got up and tried again. This time he succeeded and, with his hands holding his butt cheeks apart, the rubber cock tapped right against his anus and he slowly lowered himself. “Ouch… ow… owie… owie!… Daaaddyyy… ow daddy!” Alex wailed, letting the dildo further penetrate his rectum until his boy butt was again resting on the vinyl seat, the possessed rubber cock hurriedly fucking into the fifth grade boy’s abused ass. “Good boy, how does that feel, sweetie?” “Ouch… Daaa… Daaddyy!… Owie… ow, ow… Daddy… owie… it hurts!” was all little Alex could say. “Well, sweetheart, ya’ still have more to take up your butt, so I’m going to adjust it now.” He neared the machine as Alex cried out due to the torment of the thrusting dildo. Something in Jim made him not able to believe what he was seeing. His little fifth grade son naked, pale body weighing seventy pounds at the most, with his soft butt cheeks sitting on a machine that was fucking a rubber dildo five inches into his asshole. Jim’s cock was fully erect, and seconds away from blowing, so instead of adjusting the machine now, he approached little Alex and pulled his pants and underwear down in one motion, his cock bobbing right in front of the preteen. “Now sweetie, I’m going to cum on your cute little face, ya’ hear? I won’t cum in your mouth so don’t worry.” “Owie… ow… oookaaay… Da… ddy! Ow… ow… ow…” Alex yelped, the dildo swiftly jamming deep into his butt. With that, Jim moved forward and shoved his cock right into his little boy’s mouth. Alex tried to back away, but Jim grabbed at the back of his head to held him in place. Then Jim bakırköy travesti slowly began pushing his thick cock to the back of his son’s mouth. Alex was still gasping from the dildo, and now with his mouth filled with cock, his cries were muffled. At this point Jim, overwhelmed by lust, had no remorse for his son and pushed himself inside him till his cock head jabbed against the entrance to his throat. Alex flinched and gagged, but of course couldn’t move away with his dad’s hands still holding his head. Jim now had half of his eight-inch cock in his son’s mouth, but he wanted more. Little Alex felt Daddy’s hands tighten in his hair and the thick arms flex, ready to ram his 8-inch cock into his face. Then the head of his father’s cock entered his throat, but Jim did not ease off any pressure, instead he pushed harder with his hands on the back of his son’s head. The preteen flipped out, with the dildo still rapidly prodding his butt hole, and his father fucking his face. His willy was once again hard as a rock, with a tiny drop of clear fluid on top of the piss slit. Alex thought, “He’s gonna KILL ME… Please God!” Jim grunted, “Yeah, take it baby, I’m gonna give ya’ all of my cock!” The 11-years-old boy felt more of Daddy’s cock slowly slipping past his lips, over his tongue, and downn into his tight throat. And down it went. Alex’s throat bulged out as his Dad shoved the hard cock all the way into the small boy’s throat. The next thing Alex knew, his father’s hairy testicles were pushed onto his sweaty chin, one on either side, and his rough pubic hair was pressed onto his nose. Jim held his cock head deep in his son’s throat, who was now getting royally fucked from both sides. “Yeah sweetie, that feels really good. Swallow a couple times for me.” Alex was gagging and swallowing on his Dad’s cock, which stimulated Jim very much. “Yeah, milk my cock with your throat”. After holding his balls against Alex’s chin for a few seconds, Jim slowly eased his cock out of the little boy’s throat. When only the head remained in his mouth, Jim made his son suck his fatherly cock like a Popsicle for a minute. Then he quickly yanked his cock from Alex’s mouth just in time for his cum to spray all over the preteen’s face and hairs. His warm load shot all over Alex’s face, and oozed down his chest and stomach where it stopped at the top of his hard dicklet. Jim’s orgasm lasted a while, and he coated his little boy’s front with his thick semen; with his last shot he pointed his cock right at Alex’s face and squirted a clump of cum that landed on his forehead and dripped down to his nose. Alex didn’t like his dad’s cum shots very much, because it reminded him of the horse that had spunked all over him, and when his Dad shot the copious load on his face he immediately cringed and wiped the sperm from his face, leaving his hand sticky with the goo. Meanwhile, Jim used his still hard cock to spread his cum all over the preteen’s chest, taking time to rub his cock into the boy’s tiny, hard nipples. After catching his breath and with the dildo still pumping into his butt, Alex cried out, “Owie… youuu… youuu said… yooou wouldn’t… ooow… dooo that!” Still rubbing his cock on Alex’s semen coated face and chest he replied, “Mmm. No, I didn’t. I said I wouldn’t cum in your mouth, and I didn’t. That was so nice sweet pea. But now it’s time to move on.” Jim simply held Alex’s butt down on the seat, his now limp cock resting against the tiny boy’s chest. “Ok pumpkin, here’s the end of the game, I will hold ya’ on this fuck machine as long as there’s cum left in that jar.” Jim said and nodded toward the full jar of horse cum on the bench next to them. “Owie!… Daddy… It… It hurts!… Pleeeease!” “I know it does baby, that why I’m offering a way for ya’ to stop it, ya’ have to swallow all the horse semen in that jar. Then I’ll let you go.” Alex did nothing except cry out for a second, the 5-inch dildo fully penetrating his asshole. “Sweetie, do it now! This is your only choice. If I were really mean, I would tie you down to this machine and let it fuck into your butt for hours.” Something must have clicked in little Alex’s head and, just out of desperation, he reached over and grabbed the jar full of warm horse semen in his tiny hands. After a few more cries, he held the glass of thick cum up to his lips and breathed in the smell. The bitter smell alone almost made him throw up. But he had no choice; the dildo was torturing his butt hole! “Drink it now!” Alex, a little scared now, opened his lips and took in a mouthful of horse semen. He cringed at the sour taste, and almost gagged. His father yelled at him, “Now swallow it! There’s a lot more!” Jim was right: Alex had trouble with the first mouthful of cum, but there was at least a dozen more mouthfuls left. Finally, Alex brought his remaining strength together and swallowed the mouthful of sour horse semen. The cum was very thick, and it oozed down his throat, coating it with goo, and not really going all the way down. Alex coughed a few times, so that he wouldn’t throw up, and went for a second mouthful. His pink, pouty lips open, he poured a few large clumps of the sour horse cum into his mouth and quickly swallowed it, the thickness of the cream still getting stuck halfway down his throat. His father, holding his shoulders down, praised him as five inches of dildo still slammed into his anus at a fast pace, “Good boy! That’s my good boy! Go ahead and drink the rest now.” With over three-quarters left, the fifth grader brought the jar of horse semen to his mouth and this time opened his lips and started to drink the cum just like a thick milkshake, downing mouthfuls at a time without thinking to much. Little by little, the thick sperm disappeared into the little boy’s belly, which now felt warm and gooey. Incidentally, the motion of the dildo shoving up his asshole made the feeling of the sperm in his gut very weird; shaking it around and constantly reminding him what it is that he was drinking. With just a little bit of horse semen left, the preteen stopped and took a few breaths. The thick white goo still coated the roof of his mouth and his tongue, and the sour taste of the cum was very strong in his mouth. Then little Alex continued and took in a last mouthful of cum, his cheeks bulged with the warm goo. Finally, he swallowed, and the last remains of the thick horse semen oozed down his throat, where it helped fill his belly. Immediately Jim took the jar from his little boy and set it aside, then switched the machine off, grabbed him under the armpits and hoisted the boy off the fuck machine freeing his anus from the dildo. To his credit, Alex made it that far without passing out, but once the dildo was pulled out of his asshole he was lights out and collapsed in his dad’s arms. He hugged and kissed him and carried his naked body into the house and up to his bedroom, where he placed him in an oversized shirt and set his little boy on his stomach on his bed. Jim knelt down and gingerly licked at his abused anus. Alex had his wrinkled hole fucked for over an hour and it was still gaping from the dildo. “Ya’ are my sweet little kiddy-whore, I love ya’ so much. Ya’ will understand me and my actions soon, I promise” And with that shoved his whole tongue up his fifth grade son’s asshole. Then he pulled it out, gave him a kiss on the lips and slipped out the door, ready to share the footage of his kiddy-slut son’s ass training with his friends at the Bikers’ Club. ********* Now that I’m a “junior” author I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind reader. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for a “thank you” to the author: please do the same, emails are for free and we live (almost) for your appreciation. Please keep Nifty alive, donate to http://donate./donate.html Seriously, do it. My other stories on fty//bisexual/incest/little-alex-jenny-and-the-machine

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