Subject: Little-Alex-And-The-Machine-II This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states, the state may have forbidden you from reading this story by law. Please understand this is a work of fiction. The actions described in the story are not real nor encouraged or condoned in real life. It’s fiction, folks, and remember that, please. While most of the locations are real places in the real world, all the characters are absolutely fictional and any reference or resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental or just functional to the plot. Feedbacks welcome at ota. I’m not native English speaker, so please be kind to me! Thank you! *** Characters starring in this episode, in no particular order: — JIM CLINTON, Little Alex’s father – 40 y.o. � 6’4″ / 250 – Ex Navy and a horse breeder, he has deep blu eyes and black hairs cut short, no beard; he is quite hairy, muscular but with a beer belly. His dick is 8″ long and 6″ around. — LITTLE ALEX, son of Jim, almost 12 y.o – 4’5″/70 � Neck long blond hairs, deep blue eyes – He is completelt hairless, and his dick is just a little over 3″ long when hard, shoots watery cum, has a nice, round ass and a very white complexion – He is a 5th grader at Primary / Elementary School From previous Part 8 *** “Boy, we need to go or your dad and my bro will kill me when they return and see Fury has not been taken care of”. That said, the two boys dressed back and returned to Fury’s stall. Before resuming the brush down, Danny said, “Why don’t you come with us at the movies this afternoon? It will be Ethan, Darnell, the Jameson’s kids, and me. It’s The Avengers. What you think?” “Wow! I’d like that, but dunno… need to ask permission to the ‘rents”. “Of course, go home now and I will speak to your father when he comes back, ok?” “Great, thanks Danny, I really had fun with you today, and hope to get to the theatre this afternoon. And thanks for my first cum!” Alex rose on his feet and placed a cummy kiss on Danny’s meaty lips. After that, the happy little boy, with the taste of Danny’s cum load still lingering into his mouth and his hard willy leading the way, trotted back home to do some homework and take another shower. *** Little Alex *** Part 9 – Little Alex And The Machine II (M/b11, toys, anal, oral, cum) Little Alex was still doing homework in his room on the first floor of the Clinton’s nice country house when his dad Jim come to see him just before lunch time. “Hi seat pea, how do you feel today?”, Jim said and sat on the boy’s bed. “Hi Daddy, I’m fine. Just a little sore… you know, down there …” answered a shy Alex, blushing a little. “You are so cute when you blush, hon’. Now, lemme check your lovely hole. Undress and hop on your bed, then stick your nice but in the air and use your hands to spread your cheeks.” The boy quickly complied, firstly because he knew better than upset his big father and, secondly, because he was honestly looking forward to some hole manipulation or even a tongue-fuck from Daddy: this confused him, but he was looking forward to it nonetheless. Is it worth to notice that “traitor” willy was already waking up? Yes, it is!! With his white ass up in the air and cheeks well spread, Alex waited for his father’s next step. Jim could not think of anything more attractive than his young offspring with his ass in the air, open for him to enjoy, the pink hole in plain view. The boy’s anus looked a little red and puffy, but no damage in sight. Jim bent over and started to lick it with his adult tongue. Alex was in heaven. After a couple of minutes of licking, Jim started to tongue fuck his son’s anus. Alex was now fully hard and gasping, his anal ring gradually opening to his father probing tongue. Jim didn’t want to move farther on with the ass probing and finger-fuck his young son. “Ok, now get up and get dressed. You have nothing to worry about, your hole is as good as ever”. Jim continued “When I came back from town, I met Danny in the stables. He told me you have met this morning”. Alex nodded yes. He was now starting to be a little concerned his father might know what the two boys have been up to and maybe another tape will pop up out of nowhere just to make things worse. Jim affectionately ruffled the boy’s blond hairs and continued “He said you wanna go to see The Avengers with a bunch of them Moore’s istanbul travesti and the two younger Jameson’s later today. Is that true?” “Yes Daddy, I’d really like to see the movie and spend some time with the kids”, a now grinning Alex replied. “well if i let you go, then you have to do something for me as well, it’s only fair…” said Jim, putting a newly formed plan in place. “Yes Daddy, whatever you want” Alex was willing to do anything for a chance to be again with the black, big dicked teenager. The movie was a welcome addition to the pleasure of having to be with Danny again. “Okay, so that’s the deal. After lunch you come with me to the shop and we will have a little more fun with the dildo machine your little ass loved so much. When we finish there, you get ready and I will take you to the Moore… with the Harley”. “But.. but Daddy… please… why the machine? I’m still sore from yesterday, you know … Mr. Jameson was so big and… rough, can we do another time, Daddy? Please!?” “Sure hon’, I understand… Let’s do as you like. Of course you will go to the movies another time as well” Jim stood up and started to move out of his son’s room. “No Daddy, wait…” Alex brain was working full speed now, “… ok… Ok, Daddy. I will do it”. “you will do what hon’? I can’t guess… you have to tell me, my boy” “I will … I will play with you and the machine after lunch, ok?”, said a beaten Alex. “Which machine? The lawn mower?” Jim said with a smirk. “I will play with you and the… fuck machine, Daddy. Please”. Alex was beet red at this point, but nothing would have stopped him now; he was deadly committed to go and see both Danny and the movie. “Ok, if that’s what you really REALLY want, that’s what we will do” smiled Jim. “And then I gotta go to the movie with Danny later? Right?” asked Alex, still a little doubtful. “Sure sweat pea, I only have one word, you should better remember that”, was the stern response from Jim, “Now get ready for lunch and join us downstairs, quick quick”. Jim left the boy’s and went downstairs. Little Alex had to act fast now: in order to be ready for the fuck machine, he wanted to be well lubed inside his ass before going to the shop, just in case Daddy wanted to swing to the rough side. He made a quick trip to the bathroom and recovered the lube his father had used the night before and liberally greased his anus, pushing as much lube as possible inside his rectum with the fingers. His hole was now so slippery his own whole little hand almost slipped inside. He then cleaned his cheeks and anus, washed his hands and joined his family at the lunch table. The lunch was a little awkward: Brenda had not yet said a word to his husband, evidently still upset for last night squabble with him. Little Alex was daydreaming about the earlier adventure with the black teenager God Danny, and Johnny was unsuccessfully trying to get his attention, eager to talk to him about the previous night events. Jim was unfazed by them all, only focused on the next ordeal his little son had to go through. Soon after lunch, Jim turned to Alex and said “Sweet pea, it’s time. Come with me to the shop and help me out with my bike, so we may have a ride to the Moore later.” Alex reluctantly, but not TOO reluctantly, got on his feet to follow his Daddy to the shop. “Since you are already taken my 8-incher and Dave’s beer-can thick dick, today we’re going to start off with this 10-inch long cock. I’m going to put it up your butt and turn it on real slow like this,” He said as he clicked on the machine set for an 8-inch insertion and a 4-inch stroke at 15 per minute. He then switched it off with the big dildo in the full down position. To Alex it looked huge and way too fast, but he appreciated that it was “only” going eight inches into him, same as his father’s big 8-inch dick, and it was slender than Dave’s. Kind of whimpering still, he said to himself, “If I could handle Dave and Daddy yesterday night, I can handle this as well. And then get to see Danny”. He absently mindedly pulled on his willy, that happily answered to the call and started to inflate with blood, as ready to join the party as every single-minded dick would be. Jim continued, “Ok, sweetie, now take all your clothes off including your socks, and hop over here.” He wanted to have a nice look at his son’s pretty, little feet this time. The fifth grader obeyed his father and undressed completely. Then, he turned to his father and asked “Daddy, can I have lubrication please? kadıköy travesti It would help, you know … getting it in”. Jim didn’t want to harm the boy. So, he opened a drawer, took a can of Crisco and gave it to the waiting boy. “Here, grease the dong and your ass thoroughly and we will start the fun pronto!”, said Jim. Alex did as instructed, secretly happy to have greased his anal canal in advance as well. When he was done with the greasing, Alex padded over to the machine, got on top of it and then sat down. Jim was hard as a stone and immensely enjoying the scene so far. The newly added sight of his slutty kid rosy, little feet dangling from the fuck seat was the cherry on the cake. “Ok hon’, now scoot forward and bend toward me so that your butt is right over the hole for the dildo.” The little boy did as he was told and Jim moved the driveshaft, which brought the lubed dildo right up against the puffy, rosy anus. With that, Jim locked the machine in place so that eight inches of the dildo would be inside his boy’s butt, with only four inches being stroked in and out. Jim stepped back and said “We’re all set hon’, now you have to push the dildo up your lovely butt as ya’did last time and we are good to go. Hurry up, you don’t want to be late for the movie, do you?” With a little apprehension, and a few expectations, the eleven-year-old lowered himself onto the huge dildo and nudged the tip past his welcoming sphincter; then slowly, sooo sooooo slowly, he lowered himself, taking all of the eight inches protruding from the fuck seat into his well-greased anal passage. The now familiar, pleasant sensation of his stretched anal ring and overfilled bowels returned. He felt every single ridge and vein sculptured over the fake cock passing through his overstretched ass hole. The boy was feeling so full, his inner flesh tube tightly wrapped around the invading dildo. His 3-inches dick was harder than steel and pulsing with every heartbeat. “I’m ready Daddy.” Said Alex with a little sigh. “… I guess…” “More than ready, I see hon’… Here it goes,” and Jim switched the machine on to 15 thrusts a minute and four inches of stroke. “Oh daddy! Oh God! … Oh… oooh Gooood!” little Alex groaned with pleasure more than pain. “That’s it, my boy, loosen up, it’ll start to feel good pretty soon.” Jim switched on his cameras and watched as his little son straddled the fuck machine for the second time in barely a week: the machine rhythmically drove four inches of the rubber cock into the kid’s anus, slowly in and out. Compared to his father’s brutal first ass raping and to Dave’s power fuck of yesterday night, this was a welcome change for Alex, and the initial discomfort soon started to turn into a pleasurable sense of stretching and fullness. The very big dildo slowly massaged the boy’s prostate, sending waves of tingles all over him. “Ok sweet pea, I’m going to increase the speed a little bit, not much though, here it goes,” and Jim doubled the speed to the machine, now set to drive the dong into the preteen at 30 thrusts per minute. The machine immediately kicked in and Alex gasped at the change, but held firm, his butt cheeks still resting on the vinyl seating, his hard dicklet pointing north and his legs jerking around. Sweat was dripping from the boy’s forehead, his blond hairs now damp and his cheeks red from the excitement. Jim asked, “How does that feel, sweet pea?” Flinching a little at the thrusts, he replied, “O… ok, daddy… it doesn’t… feel too… too ba-ad. It tingles … it tingles inside… my… bum.” “Good, you seem to be enjoying yourself” Jim chuckled at the sight of his boy’s 3-inch of pure preteen hardness standing at attention. He gently caressed its pointy head, causing the 11-years-old to squirm in pleasure. The motor of the fuck machine continued to whirr as Alex’s anus was being repeatedly penetrated by the shallow thrusts. A minute later, Jim said, “Okay, sweet pea, you seem to be handling that ok. Now I’m going to lengthen the amount of dildo shoved into you.” Jim clicked the rod on the machine to increase the stroke to six inches, keeping the pace at 30 per minute. Alex had gotten used to the previous thrusting and so he gasped out loud as the rubbery cock shoved further into him. He was unable to resist anymore and, with a loud moan, spurted two watery volleys of cum out of his throbbing cock while his ass ring twitched like mad. “Now sweetie, you can cum? That’s great, getting a big boy, aren’t you ?! bakırköy travesti We need to celebrate, so now I’m going to cum as well. I will do into your mouth and you will swallow it all, you hear?” “Yes, okay… Daddy! But… please stop… stop the ma… machine now, it hurts!” Alex said softly in the afterglow of his second orgasm today, his willy still hard and throbbing. Jim neared the machine, his cock was fully erect, and seconds away from blowing; he didn’t switch the fuck machine off yet but indeed he reduced to strocke to two inches at 15 thrusts per minute; then, he pulled his pants and underwear down in one motion, his cock bobbing and leaking precum like an open faucet, and approached the little, panting boy, firmly planted on eight inches of rubbery dick. Jim moved forward and shoved his cock right into his little son’s mouth. Then, he slowly pushed his thick cock to the back of the boy’s little mouth. Alex was still gasping from the hand-free orgasm and, with his mouth now filled with daddy’s cock, his moans were muffled. At this point, Jim had no remorse for his son and forced himself inside the boy till his cock head jabbed against the entrance to his throat. Alex flinched and gagged, but of course couldn’t move away with his dad’s hands holding his head and his body impaled on the huge thrusting dildo. He tried to open up more for his Daddy, wanting to feel him down his throat. Jim now had more than five of his 8-inch cock in his son’s mouth, but he wanted more; he slowly increased the pressure until the head of his cock entered Alex’s throat, but Jim did not ease off any pressure, instead he pushed harder with his hands on the back of his son’s head. Alex’s dick was still hard as a rock, with drops of watery sperm still oozing out the piss slit. Jim grunted, “Yeah, take it little slut, I’m gonna give you all 8 inches of my daddy cock!” The 11-years-old boy felt more of Daddy’s cock slowly slipping past his lips, over his tongue, and into his tight throat. And down it went. Alex’s throat bulged out as his Dad shoved the hard cock all the way into the small boy’s throat. The next thing Alex knew, his father’s rough pubic hair was pressed onto his nose. Jim held his cock head deep in his son’s throat, who was now getting spit rosted by his Daddy and the fuck machine. “Yeah lil’ cocksucker, that feels really good. Swallow a couple times for me… Fffuuck Yeah… milk my cock with your throat, boy!”. Alex was gagging and swallowing on his Dad’s cock, and his throat muscles contactions stimulated Jim very much. After holding his balls against Alex’s chin for a few seconds, Jim slowly eased his cock out of the little boy’s throat. When only the head remained in his mouth, he slammed it back and pushed fully down the boy’s throat. Jim repeated this maneuver a few times, Alex eyes now watering and his spit and nose snot glazing over his Daddy’ hard cock. Jim retracted his cock from the happily sucking boy’s mouth and made his son suck his fatherly cock like a Popsicle for a minute. Then he quickly yanked his cock from Alex’s mouth just in time for his cum to spray all over the preteen’s tongue. “Now, don’t swallow and show me how much fucking spunk you have in your mouth, my little cumslut!” There was a real mouthful of hot, creamy spunk in Alex’ mouth. He swirled his tongue around a bit, trying to appreciate the texture and the salty-sweet taste of the cum load. Then his Daddy nodded a Yes, and the little boy swallowed everything, showing his father the now empty mouth and glistening tongue. Jim lowered his face into the boy’s and gently French kissed him, tasting the remains of his own, salty cum still lingering all over Alex’s oral cavity. He finally switched the fuck machine off. “That was soooo fucking nice, sweet pea. But it’s now time to move on. Go back home and get ready to go to the Moore’s while I take the Harley out”. Little Alex quickly dismounted the machine, his ass gaping and leaking lube, dressed up in a flash and scampered back home to take a quick shower and change into some fancy dress. Jim swithed the camera off and sent the video file to the shared folder on his PC, ready to be shared with his friends at the Bikers Club. ********* Now that I’m a “junior” author, I understand how important it is for a writer to receive your feedbacks, kind readers. So, everytime I read something on Nifty that I like, now I take my time to reach out for just a “thank you” to the author: please do the same, emails are for free and we authors live (almost) for your appreciation. Thank you to all of you that have provided a feedback! Please keep Nifty alive, donate to http://donate./donate.html … Seriously, do it. My other stories on fty//bisexual/incest/little-alex-jenny-and-the-machine

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