Subject: A wonderful adventure with my little brother Jacob A wonderful adventure with my little brother Jacob By Chaim groeiutrecht@ Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! My wonderful adventure with my little brother began when our parents were leaving for a trip to Paris. I wanted to stay to have a empty house for myself a few days. My younger brother found out he wanted to stay with me. I didn’t like the idea, but I thought he wouldn’t get into my way so I agreed to babysit Jacob. Well, Jacob was little and cute, he was a good boy. The first night, I made sure that my little brother was asleep and I went to my room and turned my laptop on. I was always pretty horny and soon I felt pleasant and relaxed. I searched the Internet and it’s like the ultimate wanking resource, giving me access to anything I needed. I was looking for images of young teens like myself or even younger. I had been thinking about sex on and off for most of the day and my cock was tired of being teased, it wants release badly. I was all alone at my room, no one to disturb me, nothing to interrupt me. I stripped my clothes to feel more comfortable and sat at my laptop in my tight white boxershorts. I walked up to the mirror and looked at my teen body, not bad for a boy like me. My hand slowly slipped down my body and my fingertips gently felt along the slender, mount of my cock. It felt exciting to me, as if my cock was asking me to go for it. It stirred up under my hand, begging for attention. I began to gasp as I cupped the bulge in my hand and pressed down on it. A ticklish wave of delight swept across my belly and I gasped, an intense, immediate hardness, almost lonely desire hit me. I looked in the mirror and pressed harder on my cock and my hips pressed my cock back up at my hand. My teen bulge felt hard and very warm and I found myself wanting to rub it more and more. I gave in and watching my own reflexion in the mirror and I slowly rubbed down toward my balls, then back up. Still greater pleasure filled his belly and I was hot as hell. Looking at myself I saw my hours of working out finally made me happy. I caressed me abs and somewhat toned muscles, looking proudly at my already bigger legs. The change was noticeable. My cock was still very hard and still pulsing with every beat of my heart, my hard teen cock pressed against the waistband of my white boxershorts. I again gave it another tug, and released it. My cock slapped against my smooth belly. It felt good, an uncontrollable urge overcame my young body. Yet again, I gave my teen cock another tug. This time a bit harder than the last. Growing a bit concerned that I could be heard beyond the confines of the room, I sat up and looked towards the door. It was closed and I was alone. I leaned back again, my hard cock continued to throb, as my heart pounded within my chest. The urge was near overwhelming, so I wrapped my hand around my throbbing teen toy and an image of my little brother flashed through my brain. Yes, I thought about my little brother Jacob. I loved his carefree horsing around, his soft boy skin, the purity of his laughter and a lot more… If I had to be honest, he was my favorite fantasy. I liked to watch my little brother, as he took a shower or walked around in his tight boy briefs. I had been dreaming about Jacob a lot. I wanted to feel every part of his body, smell him, taste him. My cock was throbbing with desire. I move my hand to the crotch of my boxershorts and groan as my hand pressed against my rock hard shaft. A wave of desire sweeps through me and I knew what I needed: him! Slowly, I spat on my cock as a sort of lube, allowing my hand to slide up and down my shaft with relative ease. It wasn’t long until I noticed that my cock got more slippery. I saw a drop of clear liquid coming out of my piss slit. I took my finger and touched it, smearing it around on the head of my hard teen cock. I continued to stoke my uncut cock, my hand gliding easily up and down my shaft, sending sensations throughout my body. As I continued to move my hand up and down the shaft of my rock hard cock. More of the clear liquid oozed from my tip and lubed my cock. The sensation grew even more intense, like electricity coursing through my entire body. My balls drew up closer to my shaft and appeared to get even larger. My smooth stroking motion became jerky, almost hesitant, as I fought to maintain my composure as my whole body drew tense. I clenched my hand around the base of my young cock. My balls swelled, as did the head of my uncut teen cock. I groaned softly and felt my orgasm building up. Thinking about Jacob, as I watched him often in the bathroom, taking his shower or drying off. Oh, and yes, that was before he locked the door, wanting more privacy. I remembered his body all to well, my little brother had a nice penis! He was, like me, uncircumcised and his boy nuts were hanging loose in a supple skinned scrotum. He had a perfect ass, an ass which looked so inviting. I have to admit; it turned me on to see him that way. I clenched my hand around the base of my cock. I wanted his magnificent ass, his hairless hole winked at me, inviting my tongue, my cock. Never refuse a good invitation, I closed my eyes, dreaming of opening my little brother’s little boy pucker the my throbbing teen cock. Only the thought of my cock stretching up his little boy hole, brought me to the brink of orgasm; my balls swelled, as did the head of my teen cock… What a dream, me fucking my little brother! The air was full of the smell of sweat and sex as I squirmed and jerked in lustful abandon. My teen cum suddenly erupted from my teen boy cock. My body lurched as the first spurt shot out of my slit and hit me in the face right below my eyes. Again my body lurched as the second spurt landed on my smooth, slender chest, running down over my nipple. Again, my body lurched, though a bit less intense, as my boy cock shot it’s third spurt, which landed in my bush. My cock pumped out some more small spurts which oozed down over the head of cock, down my shaft, on to my hand. Fuck this was hot, panting from my comfortable afterglow. My body was totally plastered with my juices, slowly dribbling down. When I recovered from my orgasm I remembered one night when there was a quick knock at my door. I looked over and saw my little brother. I wasn’t embarrassed or anything and Jacob had asked if he could come in or if he was interrupting me. I asked him inside which he did, closing the door softly behind him. I was still admiring myself in the mirror as I saw my little brother, in his small boy briefs, behind me in the reflection. Seeing us together, I noticed how much I had developed. He was and looked like a little boy and all I needed was some more prominent muscles. Jacob complimented me on my progress which made me pretty proud and I told him, “Thanks, little buddy,” Jacob asked me what I was doing and I told him “You are too young for that, but you will learn… baby.” My little brother hated that, “Don’t call me Baby.” he protested but he loved to look at me. Secretly I admired Jacob’s younger body. He had the beginnings of abs, and his pink nipples drove me wild for some reason. I wanted to feel him beneath me and I was mot surprised that my cock was responding. It had been a long time since I did cum, and now my cock was telling me it would happily go for it. What did my baby brother do to me? I guess Jacob was cute, with a mop of long curly blond hair that fell in his face and over his neck in back, and blue eyes, with long dark eye lashes that made him look sleepy and seductive even when he was trying to be serious. My little brother already had the perfect body proportions that run in our family, but was too young to get some real muscles. Jacob was still short, and soft and boyish, and… I loved that! I told my little brother, “Get to bed, you need your sleep.” Jacob sighed, shrugged, and went to his own bedroom. After that my dreams and jerkoff fantasies became focused on the little guy. After my afterglow I sat down in front of my laptop again and watched the screen. The boys were about my age and top notch. Wow, toned, handsome, clean-cut; the kind of guys who generally turned me on. The older guy looked the way I tried to look like in the gym. I got real focused, rubbing my bulge, watching intently as the two boys got along. The blonde one was younger and smaller looked like my cute brother. He was sucking on his older friend’s nipples, lapping at his inner thighs and even his teen pussy. I became a horny spectator, a willing one. I wanted to be that horny teen. Believe me, I fucking loved that, teasing my own nipples and touching myself as I watched the two handsome friends having wild sex with each other. As it went hot, I couldn’t help but stroked my hard teen cock in my white boxershorts and never took my eyes off the screen. Gay sex looked always lightyears better than anything else. It was also the thrill of exposing my most secret dreams, of knowing I was watching something I should not watch and dream about; having my own cute little brother serving my needs. I knew for some time that guys turned me on and I had done plenty of fantasizing about my little brother and other boys and men, but never had I imagined that two teens could fuck this way. I looked at the somewhat older Jock, he stood with his hard cock in his hand. The Jock had a good cock on him. I was sure that meat his size would split the boy’s ass in two, but it made me so horny just to watch it, that I felt on the edge of cumming again. On the screen, the younger boy went on his back, exposing himself, showing his crack and his little pucker. The jock lifted the blonde’s smooth legs and rested them on his shoulders. He bent forward and licked the puckered boy hole which caused his little friend to squeal with excitement. After a minute of teasing the tiny entrance, the Jock grabbed the lube to lubricate his blonde friend pussy and his hard shaft. He grabbed the bottle of poppers and inhaled deeply into each nostril before offering it to him. The blonde boy did the same and the cock was breaching him. I watched his blonde friend, who offered his length to his boy hole and gently pressed it in. ‘Oh Fuck,’ the smaller boy cried out as the head eased its way in, but once through the boy’s tight entrance he relaxed. My excited teen cock throbbed in my white boxer shorts. For the next ten minutes the younger boy enjoyed the sensation of the hot cock pumping his little ass hole, what the hell, that’s the way I wanted to fuck my own little brother. Their fucking movements were sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. Either way, it must feel wonderful to fuck a boy and the blonde boy’s face said it all, he loved it all the way. At times, the Jock pulled out to stop himself from shooting too soon before plunging back in for another round. This went on for another ten minutes and I decided it was time I to have my own fun. My cock was already rock hard and rearing for action, so I grabbed my cock and stroked it. On my laptop the Jock still had his shaft deep inside the blonde boy and I dreamed licking his ass, to lubricated my fingers bringing them to his boy ass. I uttered groans of excitement, stroking my cock and licking my fingers. On the screen the blonde boy exclaimed, ‘Fuck, this feels so fucking good’ and I was forgetting everything around me and focussed on the hard cock which was fucking his Blonde friend deep. ‘Take it, take my cock!’ the Jock groaned. Slowly my pace increased, and I could feel my climax rising. On my screen the Jock cried out, ‘Fuck, I’m coming’ breeding his smaller friend. Within seconds my hand went down to my ass again as I was in my own horny heaven. It was not only their fucking. The blonde boy came without touching himself on his belly. As they both pumped their seed out, I closed my eyes and groaned. I massaged my own erection and forced my legs apart and licked my fingers and rubbed them into my crack tuzla escort until I found my own ass hole, and probed at it, get it wet with my spit until it was so slippery that I could push my finger inside. I put my legs in the air and played with my asshole. I slid one finger in, then another one and confused I removed my fingers, I wanted to be the top, to fuck… but my teen hole felt empty. A few moments later, I used my finger again, pushing it inside me, rubbing in and out, and by the third or fourth time my hole relaxed and it started to so feel good, especially since I was stroking my erection with my other hand. I shoved my finger deeper. When I hit my prostate the warmth spread through my body. “Fucking hell. Oh, this feels so fucking awesome,” I mumbled, but suddenly I heard a noise outside my bedroom. I stopped immediately and after a few seconds, I noticed the door slowly my bedroom door began to open. A little hand inched my bedroom door open until he had a view of me. I noticed my little brother in just his briefs and a wide T-shirt. When Jacob saw that I WAS looking at him, he tried to run but I was faster. I quickly pulled my boxer shorts up and got up. I caught him by the arm and squeezed hard, poor Jacob yelled in pain as my muscular hand nearly crushed his thin, skinny arm. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I yelled angry, realizing I was still rock hard and I stood there in just my white boxershorts which were so tented out with my raging hard cock. My little brother knew he was mine now. I knew it and I fucking loved it, there was no turning back now not for him and not for me. “Let me go, please!” Fearing what was going to happen, he added, “I was just going to the bathroom and I noticed your light was on!” I looked at him, “So why did you open the door without knocking? And besides that, why didn’t you go straight to bed when you were done?!’ I groaned. “The door was open! I didn’t mean to spy on you like this. I was just surprised, that’s all, don’t let me interrupt you. Let me go now. I will go straight to bed.” Jacob said and he wasn’t lying, probably. “How long have you been looking at me?!” The boy didn’t answer, only looked down on his feet so I tightened my grip which caused him to groan in pain. He began to cry like a baby boy and he was scared. I felt a little pity in my heart for causing this. No matter what he saw, Jacob was still my little brother. “What did you see?” Jacob looked up at me, “You stroked your cock and put your finger in your butthole!” I released his arm and he fell on his knees sobbing silently. “Do you know why I was doing that?” I crouched next to him and asked with caring voice. “I don’t know… Because it feels good?” ‘Feels good’, what a nice description of jacking my teen cock and fucking myself with my fingers. Holy shit, I was in trouble, but this could also be a good start. Maybe the time was right to learn my little brother a few things. “You know that spying on your brother is wrong? Especially when he pleases himself?” Jacob looked at me, impressed, obvious feeling little and intimidated. “I know and I’m sorry! I won’t do it again, I swear!” He looked at me all teary-eyed. “I know.” I wiped his tears slowly and my little brother calmed down. I was about to let him go but another wild thought came to my mind. “And now we’ll make sure you won’t.” He looked at me with surprise while I quickly put him up with one hand and carried him back to my bedroom, holding him under my arm while he struggled and tried to escape. I threw him on my unmade bed and locked the door with my key which I put on the highest shelf where he couldn’t reach it. Little Jacob laid there not knowing what to do as I slowly pulled down the waistband of my white boxershorts and so he could see that my cock was harder than he had ever seen before. and so hot to the touch. We once talked about “hard-ons” and he must have realized with a slight shock that I exposing my still hard cock for him. “Go ahead and feel it, Jacob. That is what you came here for, isn’t it. Have a good feel of my cock.” My cock was hanging free, hard and pointing at him. “Feel your brother’s cock, Jacob,” I said again. Jacob’s hand went down and he felt my patch of hair and just below, the root of my throbbing teen cock. Jacob’s small hand encircled the base and I groaned softly, his fingers only just touching me made me hot as hell. The skin of his hands was surprisingly soft, smooth and his touch felt hot. Jacob’s little hand stroked down my length. The excitement of touching his first teen sized cock, made my little brother shiver, I saw it rumbled through his whole body. Fucking hell, Jacob did look sexy and his hand on my cock felt so good! I thought I would shoot a load right then and there. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm down myself. “You can’t wait to have that in your little ass, can you?” Jacob was shocked by my remark, he was scared. I smiled at him, “Oh, I will do whatever I want, because you want it too. I know it will be impossible to convince you with words, but there are other ways to teach you a few essentials about sex. Believe me, you will enjoy it…” My little brother tried to get up but I quickly pushed him back on my bed. It’s funny how weak he was compared to me. Anyway, I put him on my lap, in a face to face position. I held him so he couldn’t get away. I took off his T-shirt first, rubbing and stroking his smooth boyish body. I forced his arms up over his blonde head and slowly pulled his T-shirt up. “C’mon, little brother, gonna get you naked,” I said grinning at him as I bared his torso. I liked my little brother so much and Jacob still struggle a bit, in a way that excited me too. And it was obvious I was turned on by his little body. Once I had stripped his T-shirt off, I rubbed my hard teen cock against his soft belly and my cock was leaking heavily, and coated his belly with my hot sticky jizz. I reached up and ran my fingers through his blonde hair and down his neck. “You like this, don’t you?” “Uh-huh.” he agreed and he reached up with his hand and I felt my chest, running his hand over it. I reached up and kissed him gently and softly on his lips. “You sure are cute, Jacob,” I said, touching his face gently as I pressed my naked body against his smaller frame. “You have a sexy body for a kid your age,” Jacob sat up, obvious hating to stop the intimate way I was rubbing his body, but he looked worried. The way his penis was getting harder revealed his real thoughts and feelings. Probably my cute little brother knew I was about to slip my hand inside his boy briefs and groping his hard penis. Well, I did! I reached out my hand and places it over his little basket and feel how hard his cock is. I gently squeeze him thought the cotton, producing a tiny wet spot. I can feel his excitement.. I stroked his penis with my fingertips before my fingers went below the waistband of his boy briefs. Jacob’s penis throbbed against my fingers and I watched the way Jacob’s mouth went slack. My little brother closed his eyes and he gasped, he needed release. Jacob’s reaction excited me, if only my little brother had the nerve to do what he really wanted, but the was too shocked. He opened his eyes and looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. I punched my little brother on his arm, not too hard, just like friends do to wake him up from his trance like state. He didn’t care, I knew Jacob liked it when I punched him that way. I had been very physical, I was always touching my little brother, and Jacob never complained, he liked it although this was different. “You can’t wait to have some fun, can you boy?” I asked him, squeezing his biceps and rubbing his still undeveloped pecs and abs. I was holding him firm on my lap, and felt his resistance weakened but he said, “Oh, please stop.” I knew Jacob was pretending he didn’t like it. I flexed my muscles and hold him tight in place, hugged him. I licked his neck, leaned down and licked his soft smooth boy chest, sucking on his pecs, his little boy nipples. Jacob struggled harder as I reached for the waistband of his briefs again, “No,” Jacob gasped, “please don’t do that,” whimpering, like he wanted to get away, but I held him tight on my lap. “Stop, please stop,” he moaned. “Too late, little brother,” I growled into his ear, “you’ve been asking for it, now you’re going to get it.” I felt so horny, I felt the urge to fuck him right on the spot. I had both my arms wrapped around him in a tight hug, one hand fondling his naked boy torso and my hard wet throbbing rubbed cock between his butt cheeks in his stretched briefs. I wanted to use my cock on him, I felt so horny and really high, out of control, lost in my horny teen sex hunger, beyond caring what he felt or what I did to satisfy my lust for him. It felt like I had no choice and groaned, “Oh yes, I will give it to you!” Jacob opened his eyes wide and struggled now seriously, but I wouldn’t let go. Jacob tried to break free but he also felt how I started kissing and nibbling at his neck, “What are you doing?” he asked. “Something I’ve been dying to do since you went in my room,” I told him and started rapidly tonguing his ear. Jacob struggled harder to get out but I was way too strong for him. I began stroking his penis in his boy briefs and said, “Feels like you’re packing a a nice pencil,” I rubbed his little crotch through his briefs harder. Jacob gasped and trembled, maybe he had never been touched that way by another guy. Sure, I was feeling him up, and whispered, “Enjoy it, Jacob. You are sitting nearly naked on my lap and I’m groping your little boner. I can feel you are rock hard for me through your boy briefs, so don’t deny it.” Jacob struggled and struggled but it felt too good. After some minutes my little brother stopped struggling and got lost in my touching, he groaned softly. Jacob’s body warmth plus his smooth skin made me lost in lust. I had forgotten who he was. I didn’t care who he was. I was my throbbing cock, I was the extreme orgasm that was building. I loosened my grip and wrapped my arm around his waist meanwhile jerking him off with my other hand and licking his ear. I gave in to my lust and Jacob started caressing my cock with his butt. “That feels…good,” I said while moaning in lust and I didn’t care anymore, I was in too much lost in my desire to have him. I turned him around in one smooth movement and pulled the waistband of his briefs down and uncovered his young, white smooth boy ass. I was about to get him totally naked. I pulled his briefs down and I gazed for a while and felt my cock was dripping my pre-cum. Oh, that beautiful boy butt, I decided I just had to hammer his little boy’s perfect butt. I stroked his butt and suddenly I hit his firm, boyish butt with my hand, not hard, but hard enough to feel my strength. Jacob screamed surprised, “No, don’t!” but didn’t move so I hit his white ass again. The thought of my little brother being on my power was in a strange way arousing. I turned him again and tried to tore his briefs down to remove them completely, “No,” Jacob gasped, “don’t.” I was a bit tired of his needless resistance. Understood his confusion, but now it was enough, we were ready. “Stop the bullshit, enjoy it, enjoy what I’m going to give you!” I threw Jacob on the bed again and holding his wrists with one hand I pulled his briefs down slowly with my other hand. Jacobs small boner sprang out, almost hitting me in the face. I jerked back, laughing. I was surprised. Jacob seemed to have hit his puberty very early. I saw his tiny blond pubic hairs which started to develop above his penis. Well, I noticed his prepubescent erection under his tight briefs when he walked around but didn’t expected this. Now I saw my little brother started to grow some peach fuzz above his penis. Maybe it was time for me to start shaving him, like I did myself. I touched his cute boy face and admired his tuzla escort bayan very young naked body. Jacob tried to cover himself with his slender arms, “Your body went through a lot of changes, Jacob. You are turning you into a little man. Lucky me, it’ll take a few years. Your body will change and develop, but you started early.” I took his arms away and my little brother calmed down, “Let’s take a closer look at you,” I said and looked down, and admired his patch of light soft hairs. I reached out towards it, and as my fingers felt the soft crotch hairs just above his throbbing penis he groaned softly. Jacob’s back tensed up a bit and he kind of breathed in with a little gasp. “You’re a boy, growing into his body,” I said. The boy didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to say. I too remember being at his age, constant erections, wet dreams, fantasies. So I knew, even in an open household, those things were not easy to talk about. “Jacob, you should be proud, and you should expect more changes, and it’s all normal and okay. Shit, little man, you are a hot little fucker!” I exclaimed and wrapped my fist around his penis and squeezed it. The boy’s balls throbbed and tiny drops of boy juice oozed from his piss-slit, dripping down onto my wrist. I was amazed as more juice flowed out and I rubbed it around on his glans, pushing my arousal higher. My eyes were on his cute boy face, watching his reaction. “Guess I should start calling you Big Boy,” I drawled, grinning up at him. It was true, I looked in the mirror as I reached around my little brother and grabbed his boner and felt it. I stroked his little erection a few times, enjoying the feeling of his penis. He pulled me against my naked body again, and Jacob melted against my toned maleness and I was drunk with arousal. I wanted my little brother ready to submit to my naked lust, ready for anything. “Way to go, little brother,” I growled into my ear. With his briefs at his knees, my little brother looked cute. “I’m not gay!” He mumbled as his face turned red. “Maybe not, but you will be, when I’m done with you.” I sat next to him and hugged him. I promised him, “By the time this night is over I’m going to fuck your brains out until you beg me for more. It’s going to be either pleasant or painful. It’s up to you.” I sat there looking at his growing penis, waiting for his response. He looked down at his lap, then looked back at me. “Why are you doing this?” He asked, “To teach you what is sex and to please myself. I dreamed about this moment, Jacob.” He looked up at me, “Please…” Jacob felt more than a little uncertain about where this was all leading but needed this, I reasoned to myself. “We’re gonna do it properly.” leaving no doubt that he had no choice but to comply. “Look at me, Jacob.” Finally, Jacob’s attention was drawn to my midsection, the boy was close to tears again. Before he knew it, I wrapped my arms around him, one hand gently rubbing his back, while whispering words of reassurance. Jacob mumbled, barely coherently, about his doubts and fears. I ran my hand up his tiny boy shaft, and around his penis head, and ran it down. I lowered my head slightly, and slowly spit out a glob of spit onto the tip of his penis, which ran down the side and into my hand. With the added lube, I still worked his penis very slowly, wanting him to learn and enjoy all at the same time. I don’t know what was coming over me. I really wanted him to enjoy this so I decided, what the hell, and give him a full experience. While he writhed in pleasure at my hand, he laid back defeated. Jacob’s young boner, stuck straight out, and demanded attention. My spit slowly dribbled down towards his small patch of pubic hairs. My now fully lubed hand, was about to meet his already spit on penis, ready to create quite a sloppy, slippery mess. My hand met his young penis, this time, slipping very freely across it as I jerked up and down on him. My little brother let out a rather loud, uncontained, “Ahhhh…” Jacob was really loving this. Up and down my hand went on his penis, as Jacob squirmed, and moved his feet around. Every time I had another mouthful of saliva, I’d deposit it right onto his penis. Jacob’s eyes were closed in pleasure, as I bent down, putting my face right next to his penis. I put my lips right on the tip of his penis, and rested them there, as well as on the top of my open fist. It was like I was kissing it, but quite the opposite. I opened my lips slightly, and spilled out a fine amount of saliva that I’d worked up. This would surely could sent my little brother over the edge, but I stopped, it was too early for that. I moved up and began to suck his nipples. Jacob melted in my arms, his little penis was hard and I pushed him down on his knees. I was ready to shove my cock in his little mouth and waved my rock hard teen cock at him. “I know how you love his cock, did you ever suck a cock?” Jacob looked up at me totally surprised, “No… of course not.” I smiled, “Well let’s find out if you have the skill and desire to be gay.” Jacob sighted and I tried to encourage him, “Do it, it’s the only way you will know. So we will start out slowly, lick the head. Now run your tongue up and down the shaft. oh boy, suck me, make me happy!” I noticed a grin of hesitation on his face, but my little brother put the head of my cock in his mouth and closed his eyes. I pushed his head down by his long blonde hair to make him swallow more. Jacob choked and moved his head back but I pushed it back again. Jacob had only half of my shaft inside and he was choking on it, he had to learn a lot. It’s going to be a long night. “Suck it!” I nearly yelled at him. Jacob obeyed and sucked. My little brother even managed to swallow more of my cock but still not enough to satisfy my horny needs. I let him suck me like that for a while and I put both of my hands on the back of his head. I held his head still while I slowly began pushing my hips back and forth. I was very gentle at first to let him adjust to it. I couldn’t help myself and some minutes later I started pushing my cock deeper down his throat. I made faster moves going deeper and deeper. Soon I was face-fucking him really deep. Forcing my cock down his throat drove me crazy of lust. I didn’t care if he could hardly breathe, I wanted him to take as much as he could. After a while, I felt I was about to cum and I groaned, “Oh boy this feels so good!” I held his head tighter to prevent him from moving away and closed my eyes in ecstasy. My little brother swallowed my entire dick down to my pubic hair. “You are doing great,” I groaned, “You have a natural talent for sucking my cock” I felt my cock swell and screamed “Oh boy, milk my cock, you little cocksucker,” as he continued to bob his blonde head up and down my cock. “Here it comes! Take it boy, take my load,” My orgasm was long and strong and I shoot a lot of teen cum into my little brother’s mouth. I counted at least six shots. I felt proud of him, but said, “Don’t spit it out or swallow it” I wanted him to savor the taste of my cum. My little brother obeyed me and I knelt in front of him, pulled his chin up and looked in his eyes with a huge smile. Jacob’s cheeks were filled with my cum and a single tear was coming down his face along with a drop of my sperm. I wiped them with my hand gently, and licked my hand clean. The taste of it was amazing. Finally, I let him swallow my cum. My little brother was a good boy, I usually came a lot, but damn, he could hardly swallow it all. I thought he wouldn’t have been able to do it, but he did, he swallowed all and seemed to like it! I put my hands on his shoulders looked in the eyes and said, “You did very well, little brother, you are a born cock sucker.” and I explained to him, “Now that you have sucked my cock. I am going to give you a crash course in gay sex. What you just did was give me a blow job. You are now a little cocksucker. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with that. The white cream that you swallowed is called cum, cock juice or jism, is all protein and a load of protein is good for you.” and gave him a long, tight hug. Jacob returned my hug, which didn’t really surprise me. During his sucking his attitude changed and he only needed encouragement and perseverance. I let him go and laid down on the bed. After a while, he stood up and walked towards the door. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked when he put his hand on the handle. “I thought you were done and…” he looked at me with a mixture of shyness and fear his eyes. He looked up to I put on the high shelf where I had put the key of the door. He couldn’t reach it and I almost felt sorry for him. “Oh boy, I am done, but just for now.” I gave him the a big smile. “What do you want me to do now?” He asked resigned. “Come on, rest on the bed next to me. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.” I patted the bed showing him where he should lay. Jacob rested on his back looking at the wall opposite to me. I was staring at his smooth boy chest, falling and rising as he breathed. After such an amazing orgasm it would take me some time to recover so I asked him, “Do you like me?” He turned his head and looked me in the eyes. “Yes, I do. I like you very much.” I pressed my body into Jacob’s, feeling his warm, soft body, my sensitive nipples raking across his own small boy nipples. I stopped and pressed into him, letting my nipples paste themselves to his cute boy chest. I whispered, “I want to turn you into my lover. I want you to beg for my cock, to dream of my body, to make you my little gay boy.” “No, please. I don’t want to be a homo, a fag, but I liked this…” he said in an unsteady voice. It took me a few seconds to convince myself that I really heard what he said. “Really? Uhh… well, that’s cool,” I said and I couldn’t look up at him. We waited in silence for what? I had no idea. I was frozen and had no idea what to do or say. “I like you,” he said again. “bur people talk bad about homo’s, you know, they hate them, but I liked what we did…” This was it. This was the point of no return, . “Yeah… you did..,” and I continued, “Relax, you can be yourself with me. You can do that, we are brothers and we will have a lot of fun together. I don’t care about what they say about gay people. Listen to your brother and calm the down. It’s something between us, just the two of us. Don’t be scared. You’re a big boy now, you can do it, show me what a big boy you are.” This was a sweet torture. “So, you are gay?” he asked with some hope in his voice, and I found the strength to look up at him. “Yeah, I think so. I mean, I’m horny all the time, and I think about hot boys every second of the day, so I guess that makes me a gay.” He got teary-eyed again. “You think sometimes about me?” I put my hand down and laid on my back. “Oh yes! I think you’re… really cute and sexy.” I think it was a combination of my afterglow and lust that turned me into this. I really wanted my little brother Jacob to be my lover. I’ve been looking at his body hungrily for a long time and now I had him all for myself. I wanted to make love to him as long as possible. “Yes, I did and do think about you a lot, I’m very serious about this, I want you to be my little lover.” He nodded and just said, “Thanks!” There was a deep silence and I think we both slept for some time. When I woke up, I was ready for another round. I told my little brother to turn on his stomach and take his knees under his torso to raise his cute ass up for me. He was a little hesitant at first but did as he was told and soon his beautiful white ass was exposed to me. I spread his ass cheeks with my hands and put my lips around his tiny butthole. I began to lick his tiny boy hole and forced my tongue inside. Jacob groaned softly, but he didn’t want to get away this time and just closed his eyes and held still. My warm, wet tongue danced around his hairless boy hole. To my surprise, when I slid escort tuzla my tongue in his butt, I met no resistance. My little brother just gladly welcomed me in there. Fucking hell, this was the invitation I needed! I couldn’t wait longer and wanted to fuck him. I spat on my cock to make sure it slide in more easily. I spread his smooth legs and lowered him closer down to my bed. I hugged him tightly from behind to prevent him from moving under me and pressed my hips to his. I went in slowly, didn’t open him at first, only moved my cock between his buttocks and just that felt amazingly. I put my thighs between his thighs to spread his legs wider this way exposing his boy hole even more. Jacob was shivering at the sensation. I moved my cock around his cute tiny ass and started sweating which only lubed my cock more. At last, I pulled my hips back, aimed my cock with my hand and pressed on his boy hole gently. He groaned softly and his ass was giving some resistance now, so I had to put more pressure against it. Finally, his ass opened for my cock and allowed it to slide in. Bingo, my cock opened his sweet pussy and I pushed inside as I lodged the glans into his open boy hole. I slid into him, steadily and slowly, his deep groans pushed up from his now open boy hole to his throat. I leaned into him as every millimeter of my hard cock pierced his twitching boy pussy. I put a hand on each of his hips as I levered deeper into him, burying the steely flesh into his stretched boy ass. Jacob gasped quietly but laid still. My little brother’s virgin ass was very tight but it didn’t stop me from entering him all the way. Suddenly he gave out a loud scream, “Oh fuck!” as my cock was nearly demolishing his ass. I didn’t mind that to be honest, in fact it made me feel even hornier. I wanted to be gently, so took him slowly at first, letting pain go away and let pleasure appear. It was a pity, that didn’t happen at once. When I finally hit bottom he made an animal noise deep in his throat. “Oh my god, it burns. I can feel your pubes scratching my ass, you’re so deep in me!” he groaned as I let his no-longer virgin pussy become accustomed to my teen cock. It felt like a velvet-gloved fist clamped down around my throbbing cock, his sweet tight cunt filled to bursting with my cock. He made no more articulate sounds as I slowly started to fuck his little boy-hole open. “Oh man…” Soon I was long-dicking him, sliding out almost completely, so that just the flare of my cock helmet caught in his ass ring as I pulled out and sliding back in until my loaded balls slapped against his up-turned boy ass. Each deep thrust pushed another exclamation out of my little brother as I pummeled his sweet boy hole. Believe me, I loved to fuck his little boy ass as he screamed and squealed. “Ahhh, fucking hell, stop!” Jacob cried out gasping for air. The boy’s wet hole felt so awesome around my teenage cock and I didn’t want to stop. I was going all the way in and out until his screaming stopped. Instead he was moaning loudly and I took that as moans of pleasure. I started taking quick deep thrusts in his tight boy ass to which he responded with louder moaning. “Oh yeah! Just like that!” Jacob begged as he closed his eyes and relaxed under me. “Fuck me, oh, fuck me!” I smiled and began to kiss his neck passionately from behind. I felt him putting his ass higher, closer to me. He wanted me! He wanted my cock in his little boy ass. I was fucking him fast and hard. My hips were hitting his white butt with cute clapping. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” My little brother repeated with each trust. Jacob’s moans were driving me crazy. When I felt familiar tingling around my cock I recognized my upcoming orgasm. You can’t imagine how hard it was for me to pull myself out at this very moment. I didn’t want to cum that soon, I wanted to show him different positions. Jacob groaned in frustration and asked, “Why do you stop?” and I replied, “Oh boy, I’m going to fuck you like my little boyfriend, not like a bitch.” Jacob smiled as I asked him to lay on his back. He was so excited he did what he was told without hesitation. I knelt in front of him and took his legs by the ankles in the air. I spread them slightly and entered him again. “I’ll show you what it truly means to be fucked.” This time I was fucking him fluently making slow moves but coming all the way in. He opened his mouth wide and gasped hardly as my cock was hitting his prostate gland. I put his legs around my waist and leaned over to kiss him. He immediately wrapped his hands around my back, hugged me tightly and wouldn’t let go. I gave him long passionate kiss to which he responded with forcing his tongue into my mouth. Damn, the boy was a good kisser! Our tongues dance around each other’s lips as my cock was still giving his ass a hard time. I have never felt so good in my life! I loved the feeling of his little body twitching and sweating under me. He was gently scratching my back as we made love. My little brother was pressing my hips with his legs as motivation for me to fuck him rougher. Suddenly, to my surprise, he pinned his nails to my back, squeezed his legs around me and gave out long, loud moan. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I leaned back and looked at my brother having his first anal orgasm. Jacob’s small boy cock twitched a few times and shoot out a couple loads of boyish sperm. My little brother’s boy-juice was transparent, not white like mine and loads were small, only few drops each. But he shot them high up to his cute face on his smooth chest. This view was driving me crazy and I came not long after him. I stretched my back in pleasure and pushed my cock deep into my little brother’s little ass. I came and unloaded my teen cum inside him. Breeding his boy pussy, making him my lover. At least six hard throbbing jets of my teen cream blew out of the end of my cock and hosed down the inside of his quivering boy hole. When I finally finished pumping my teen cum into him, I panted hard and tried to see through the fuck fog as I felt my little brother move under me. The boy moaned his loss when my cock slipped from his boy ass, “Oh no…!” My cock was dripping cum and jumping up. Suddenly, Jacob’s heels dug into my ass cheeks and he pushed my still hard, cum smeared, twitching cock balls-deep into his sweet warm boy pussy again. “Ah!” I gasped. Heavy tremors shook my body and I trembled out of control. I buried my face in my little brother’s soft neck and bit him gently. I groaned for mercy, “I’m so sensitive, oh boy, my cock is too sensitive…” Jacob wrapped his small arms around my body with an unknown strength and pulled me tighter to his boy chest. My little brother flexed his ass muscles to squeeze my still rock hard shaft. “Oh, fuck, boy, I can’t…” Jacob squeezed again, pulling my cum deeper and deeper into him, keeping my cock inside. This moment bonded us together in a new way. My hand moved down and I was squeezing his smooth ball sack with my left hand to distract him. Jacob gave me a deep French kiss. We lasted in this embrace for some time and I stopped fucking him for a momentm but my cock was still inside him. Our sweaty bodies were bonded and none of us wanted this moment to end. When I touched his penis he broke our kiss and suddenly yelled, “Ooooohhh…! I’m gonna cum!” Jacob gently bit my ear which brought me on the edge of ecstasy. My hand went back to his smooth balls and I squeezed them harder. I felt a warmth spreading through his young body and he came quickly, shooting his boy load all over my belly. He was screaming in pleasure as his orgasm hit him, “Ohh! Oh! WOW!” he cried out, his eyes wide and his mouth open in total surprise. My hips began to thrust again and my little brother began to push back, so I fucked him again and this time even harder. More determined, more deliberate. Jacob’s face was a mixture of surprise and shock, at all this was so new and he felt amazing sensations. Sensations that showed him a glimpse of his future. I built up to jackhammer my little brother’s squelching boy hole, fully intent on rubbing my cum deep into his bowels. I grunted and gasped and rutted as I tried to work the second cum from my aching balls. Driving my hips to bottom out in my little brother’s surrendering boy hole. “Oh fuck!” I screamed and unleashed a second flood of teen cum up his grasping boy hole. We collapsed on each another, over and into each other, gasping, licking, kissing, smearing our cum and sweat between us. I leaned forward onto his smooth chest, loving the feel of his soft smooth skin against my sweaty chest and belly. I panted into his ear, waiting for my heart to slow back down and my cock to soften. Jacob moaned under me and I adjusted my weight some so as not to be laying fully on him. “That was so amazing. I love you.” I could hear the tears in his voice now as he continued, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that earlier, I was afraid you would drop me.” I leaned over him again to give him another French kiss as my orgasm slowly wore off. I pulled myself out of his little boy ass and rested next to him, I was powerless. We were panting madly and sweating like dogs. “That felt amazing!” he said smiling at me. “I told you it would be great.” I returned the smile. “Does that mean I’m gay now?” “Depends. Do you want to have sex with a man?” He looked surprised, “From now on I want to be fucked by you.” In sudden passion I rolled on him, moved his wet hair from his face and gave him one lovely kiss. We made out for a while until he broke the kiss and begged, “Fuck me again,” he asked with wild lust in his eyes. “Please!” I couldn’t say no to this little, horny guy but I needed time to recover, we rested on the bed holding each other. After some seconds he whispered, “My ass hurts a little!” He giggled as I still tried to regain normal breathing. “But I like your cum inside my body…” I smiled at him, “I’m glad… you liked it.” I could breathe normally again, but it felt like I had run few miles. We laid on our sides so we were facing each other. We cuddled and he buried his face in my more powerful chest. I felt his warm, quick breath on my skin. Jacob’s smooth body was sticky because of dried sweat and the smell of his hair was intoxicating. Jacob pulled his head back and looked at me confused. “What are you suggesting?” he asked with smile on his face I asked him to lay on his back. I rested on my stomach between his smooth legs with my face close to his soft cock. “I don’t think I’ll be able to cum again. Especially after your…” “Don’t worry. I won’t stop sucking you until you do.” Jacob relaxed and closed his eyes. “Okay, whatever you want.” I took his penis in my hand and put up to gain better access to his smooth boy balls. I started licking and sucking them one at a time. When I felt his penis slowly getting hard in my hand I wrapped my lips around tightly and started sucking. He gasped feeling my warm tongue playing with his glans inside my mouth. I was moving my head up and down taking a little more of his penis inside with each move. My little brother’s penis was hard but little so I could easily swallow it all. I even managed to take his smooth balls inside my mouth too. I was sucking him off wildly. I felt the sweet taste of pre-cum in my mouth which made me suck harder. Jacob put his hands on my head and began pulling at my hair. As I sucked more violently, he bent his legs slightly with pleasure. He was moaning and squealing so hard, I didn’t want him to cum. However he couldn’t have held it back for long and came into my mouth. There’s wasn’t much cum left after what we’ve done before so he managed to shoot only one small load of boy cum. I didn’t stop sucking him, though, until he’s gone soft again. I laid on him and we made out for a while. I rested next him on my back and he curled up on my chest under my arm and played with my nipple. I hugged with both of my hands and kissed him on the head. “Can I be your little boyfriend?” He asked pinching my nipple gently. “Of course, you can boy.” He gave me excited kiss and rested on my chest again. “I love you.” “I love you too, Jacob.” And we fell asleep. Thanks for ail

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