Subject: Little Brother Owns Me Part 1 This is a story about how a little brother takes control of his big brother and makes him his slave. The story is purely fiction and is just for entertainment. I hope you enjoy my story. The story will be continued and there will be a lot more characters coming into play in future story part. Please send me feedback about my story at ail Little brother owns me. Part – 1 Let me start off with a background of my brother and me. My name is Tyler I am 21 years old, good looking, Brown hair, and Blue eyes. I Weigh 175 pounds and have a nice 6 pack stomach. I once had a gorgeous girlfriend, which is until my brother took control over me and made me his bitch. My brother’s name is Dillon. He weighs 150 Pounds Blond Hair Blue Eyes suffer body and suffer type. He believes he is god’s gift to earth. He is straight and has the same girlfriend from the 9th grade. We never seen eye to eye on anything in our life. I am more the baseball player and he is the suffer guy. He is care free and I am the one that has to have order. It was my brothers 18th birthday that it all started. Our parents wanted to retire in Arizona and Dillon wanted to stay in California. I had my own house I had bought when I was 20 out by the beach away from mostly everyone. The nearest neighbor was about a quarter mile away. I loved that house and I got a big mortgage that went with that house. My brother asked if he could live with me until he found a place on his own so that our parents could move and retire. Of course I agreed to that I wanted my parents to be happy and relax. So the day had come when Dillon was ready to move in, he wanted to live with me because of the private beach and he could surf as much as he wanted. I was at my parents’ house helping all 3 of them pack up and get ready to move, we got all of Dillon’s stuff all packed up real fast only took a couple hours since gaziantep travesti he only had his bedroom to pack up. We said our goodbyes to our parents and headed to my place. Tyler do you mind that once we get to the house I can catch a wave real fast? No Dillon let’s get your stuff in and then you can go. Seriously I want to catch a wave. I said no and that’s final. We continue to drive and we finally get to the house and Dillon pulls of his surf board and heads to the beach. Hey Dillon I said we need to get your stuff in the house before you go surfing. Yeah yeah you take my things in if you’re so worried about it I am surfing. So I get upset but what can I do. Like I said before I like order, so I take all of his stuff in the house and in the spare bedroom that is now Dillon’s bedroom. I finally get done and sit down to relax when Dillon comes in from surfing. Holly shit you really did move all my stuff in on your own. That’s great I didn’t have to move a finger. Well you have to put your room together now Dillon. Why don’t you do that for me to Tyler? I start to laugh, “You must be out of your mind if you think I am going to do that for you.” Dillon walks over to me and slaps me hard across the face. “Not only do I think you will I know you will if you know what’s good for you.” Who the hell do you think you are Dillon? I’m your new master and you are my new slave. You are to call me master for now on got that bitch? Really you think for one second that will happen you’re out of your mind. At that moment Dillon hit me hard in my gut over and over until I fell down on the floor. He then told me to look up at him if I didn’t want hit again. I laid there on the floor doubled over from the hits and looked up at Dillon as he started to run his bulge in his shorts looking down at me. Well Well bitch look who is in charge now? gaziantep masaj salonları I think I want you to suck my dick now bitch. Please Dillon you don’t want to do this to me I am your brother please don’t do this. Oh you’re going to blow me trust in that bitch. Dillon then started to pull his cock out of his shorts and I got my first look at his cock. He was about 9 inch long and thick as hell. I got really scared and tried to stand up. Dillon then pushed me back to the floor and said “bitch did I say you can get up no I didn’t now open your mouth.” I tried so hard to keep my mouth closed in hopes that he will give up and stop. Not only did he not give up but he took his hand and held my nose shut until I had to open my mouth for air. Once I opened my mouth Dillon shoved his cock right down my throat. I started to gag and chock on his cock instantly. He then grabbed the back of my head holding fistfuls of my hair with both hands skull fucking me brutally. No matter what I did I couldn’t get away. Oh hell yeah bitch suck that dick. Gag all you like it’s not coming out until I cum down that throat of yours so you better let it in and get use to it. All I could do is stay on the floor gagging on his cock. Then all of sudden I could feel his huge cock start to throb and I knew he was about to cum. Oh yeah bitch here it comes. Dinner time bitch swallow all of it. In the back of my mind I was thinking like I have any choice in the matter. Oh yeah oh yeah ohhhhhhhhh yeah that’s it oh swallow every drop bitch. Dillon came like a firehose putting out a fire. There was 8 or 9 big long spurts of cum going down my throat and after that a few little ones. Dillon started to shake and say “oh hell yeah that felt great.” He then pulled out and asked me if I was ready now to put his bedroom together or did I want another round? I gaziantep escort bayan agreed to do as he asked just so he didn’t skull fuck me anymore. I felt so humiliated and degraded. After a hour or so I finally finished putting Dillon’s room together the way he wanted. As I put things together he just stood there telling me where he wanted his stuff. Good job bitch, now get over here and suck my dick again. No Dillon im not going to ever do that again. Ok how about this you suck my dick one last time without me forcing you and I won’t make you do anything else again I will even listen to you and do as you want me to around the house. Or I can just beat the hell out of ya and take it with no deal. After thinking about it I figured I would do it one last time and not have to worry about Dillon beating the hell out of me and forcing me to blow him all the time. Ok Dillon I will blow you after that you have to obey my house rules. And with that Dillon got nude and laid up on his bed and I got up and sucked his cock for what seemed like forever. He was playing on his phone as I was blowing him. He finally started to cum but this time he grabbed my hair and pulled me off and started to cum all over my face. That’s when I realized he wasn’t playing on his phone he was taking pictures of me sucking his cock. He took a few of my face coved in his cum also. He got up real fast and started to save the pictures to a USB drive. He then showed me the pictures and I looked like a gay guy hungry for cock. They looked like I was enjoying myself sucking on cock. Ok bitch here is what is going to happen. Unless you want people to see these pictures of you sucking dick willingly you will be my slave from this day forward. You will call me Sir and I will be your master. You do everything I say for now on. Soon enough I won’t even need those pictures you will want to be my slave bitch willingly. You will also have to break up with your girlfriend. You won’t have the time to be with her anyways. You’re going to be busy being my slave. You got that bitch? All I could do is agree and wonder what the hell I got myself into and what all was my brother going to make me do. To be continued Thank you for reading and please send me feedback to ail

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