Little Jake’s Pervertions pt1

Little Jake’s Pervertions pt1Jake was an 18 year old boy that like most teenagers his age battled with raging hormones all the time. It seemed he was always horny and just the gentle breezes blowing his way was often enough to make his dick stand and salute. When not otherwise engaged in school or sports he thought of sex 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He was always looking for new ways to indulge in his passion and quench his thirst for the release he needed. Although he masturbated at least 3 times a day he never lost the urge to do it again. Only the social activities of life prevented him from masturbating more often.At school he was often dreaming about the girls in his class, walking across campus or sitting in the library. He had sexual thoughts for some of his neighbors and even strangers in the street. If it was female he took the time to at least look and if she was well endowed then he might stare and follow her for as long as he could. He was always looking for a way to catch a glimpse of a girls cleavage if she bent over, ‘accidentally’ bump and maybe cop a feel of a girl coming in or out of class. Even some of his friends called him “The Perv” for his obvious actions.So when one morning as he woke up to get ready for school his mother walked in to make sure he was up. Unfortunately he was ‘up’ and it was pretty obvious looking at the tent in the blankets. He saw his mother’s eyes glance at the blanket and then tell him to get up and pee if he needed. Embarrassed, he yelled to his mom.”I need a little privacy and I am awake, just leave!”With a little giggle his mother left him to change and get ready for school. She told him breakfast was ready and it would only get cold if he dilly-dallied. At least it was Friday. He got ready quickly and headed to the kitchen to eat. As he ate he looked his mom over, he’d always had a thing for a thing for his mom but could never admit to anyone, much less to himself. Still he found ways to observe her without her noticing. At 42 she was still a good-looking woman, her firm breasts, he learned by rummaging the laundry were a 42 D and she was slim, had a waistline a teenage girl would die for. Jake thought that her best asset was just that, her ass. It was it a full ass but firm and together with the rest of her body she was the “MOM” all his friends bahis siteleri called a MILF. (Mother I’d Love to Fuck). When she went to work all the young guys and older men would stare as she walked past.This morning Jake woke up extra horny. He already had masturbated once and he still was semi erect. Watching how his mother’s ass looked under her nightgown was not the type of activity that would allow his cock to go soft, in fact it had the opposite effect. He was able to see how each cheek of her ass came together and the panty line just above her ass helped define the area. His thought was interrupted when his mother said.”Honey, it’s time to go, or you’ll be late for school.”As he realized he was going to be late, Jake ran out of the house. He was wearing sweatpants, loose boxer shorts and a t-shirt since he had gym today. He had to hurry to make the public bus to get to college. It was rush hour so as he made his way to the bus stop he knew it was going to be full of people going to work or school etc. His mind was already thinking of how this could be an advantage to him. Then he noticed her. She was going to be his victim for the day. She was older probably the same age range as his mom. She was wearing a long skirt that hugged her body tight and he could see the dips and curves of her ass. As she waited for the bus, Jake positioned himself to follow her onto the bus. It didn’t take long before the bus had come and everyone rushed in to climb in. No one wanted to be left behind for fear that they would be late to there jobs or appointments. Jake made sure to work himself to where he was right behind the woman on the bus. As people kept pushing their way in he took advantage of his position behind her allowing himself to be squeezed closer and closer to her.He was in heaven as the crush of passengers had him so close to her that his semi-erect cock was nestled in the middle of her round firm ass cheeks. Although she didn’t look back it was obvious she could feel him. As she shifted a bit he knew she felt his cock growing hard in his pants. Jake acted as if nothing was happening and he stared out the windows just like everyone else. If asked he could always say it was just a casual bumping of the two bodies on a crowded bus, he could not control it! As he glimpsed down he saw güvenilir bahis siteleri his crotch pressed into her ass. He had gotten braver and he was now taking every opportunity he could find to push his cock into her ass. Each time the bus started or stopped the force of the change in motion he would not only allow his body to push into her, but he also pushed as well just to make sure he was as impacted in her crack as he could get. He thought he could notice some signs of discomfort as she glanced back at him and try to squirm away from him to no avail. Whenever she looked back at him, Jake would play it off by looking the other way. When she wasn’t looking he would stare down again and see how his hard cock was almost encased between her ass cheeks.Her reaction said it all. She seemed desperate, disgusted and annoyed. She would keep looking for someplace to move but this only made Jake more excited because every time she would move, even slightly, he could feel her ass clinch around his cock. This made him push his crotch area more into her ass, very softly each time, but when the bus jerked violently or bounced he would do it vigorously. It wasn’t long before his stop so as he made his way to the door of the bus he gave her one last poke just to feel her ass cheeks squeeze his cock one last time. She looked back in amazement at his impertinence. Although she was certainly glad that he was getting off she was still disgusted be what he had been doing to her. She refused to believe that is was just accidental, she knew she had felt him deliberately push his cock into her.As he walked off the bus, he tried to hide the huge erection making a tent in his pants. He ran to the gym and straight to the bathroom and he jacked off furiously releasing a blast of semen all over the floor.The remainder of the school day was uneventful he couldn’t wait to go home and enjoy his weekend. He took a shower as soon as he got home and when he was finished he went to the kitchen to warm up some food for dinner. Later when his mother came home from work she asked Jake how his day was but Jake was too caught up in his mothers breasts. They were popping out the front of her blouse and his eyes were popping out of his head staring at them. She told him good night since she had to go to work early canlı bahis tomorrow. She said she would take a quick shower and hit the sack early. Jake said good night to his mom and told her he was going to watch some TV for a while longer. Well minutes later Jake was laying on the couch, his eyes were glued to the TV watching a program, but his mind wondered away. It was back on his Mother’s firm ass. He could not help thinking it was his Mother’s ass he had rubbed against on the bus that morning. Combine those images with the sight of her melons popping out of her blouse earlier and Jake was aroused again.He was stiff as an iron rod. He could not stop imagining all that stuff. Eventually it hit him. Mom is a heavy sleeper! Why not go grab a peek while she sleeps. So he did. He was already stroking his cock as he peeked through the crack door of his mother bedroom room. She was fast asleep wearing her small nightgown and lying on her side with her back facing the door. He wasn’t positive that she was completely asleep so he waited another a half an hour. This time she was lying face down and he could see she was deep asleep. He slowly crept into the room this time so exited he could feel the pounding of his heart. He stroked his cock harder as he admired how beautiful mother’s body was. Her nightgown was so short it pulled up a little letting him see the bottom of her ass cheeks and how they filled her panties. He couldn’t help himself he started to slowly lift his mother nightgown exposing her firm silk pantied covered butt. Oh my god he whispered to himself as he continued stroking his cock harder and faster as his heart raced. He was quickly reaching a point where his release would be soon. He hoped she didn’t wake up because he had no explanation for this insanity. But her ass was driving him crazy. He had never ever considered doing something like this but his hormones were ruling his brain and lust was blinding him. He crept closer and got up on the bed all the time telling himself not to push it this far. Now he was stroking his cock frantically while watching her ass and hoping that his mother wouldn’t wake up. He was at the point of orgasm, he couldn’t hold it anymore and he started shooting and spraying streaks and streaks of cum all over his mother ass and panties. His body jerked with each explosion as globs and globs of semen were forced from his cock forming pools on his mother ass. He was in ecstasy and his body shook and he closed his eyes in pure pleasure as he watching his own man juice covering his mother ass.

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