Subject: Little Justin and his teen friends Little Justin and his teen friends Part 1 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ Little Justin, who was ten had been his brother’s fuck toy for as long as he could remember. Well, It wasn’t really something he worried about, it just happened to be that way. One day when it started, Justin’s older brother Levi, who was sixteen, was babysitting little Justin. “Thanks a lot son for looking after your brother we really do appreciate it as we haven’t been out for a good time” Levi looked at his dad and said back to him, “It’s not a problem just have a good time” As he said this his dad and he and his mother left telling Levi were they were going to be and gave him a number in case of any emergencies. They were sitting in the living room and Justin was in his white bikini briefs and Levi only wore his blue Adidas shorts. It was a warm and humid summer night. At eight o’clock and Levi said to him, “Come on kiddo, time to go to sleep.” “No, I can’t. It is too hot, I can’t sleep this way.” They went upstairs, grumpy, Justin followed his older brother. Their bedrooms were on the second floor of the house, and indeed it was a warm humit night. “Well, you can sleep in your undies, you don’t have to wear a pajama.” Levi suggested, watching Little Justin quickly strip off his white briefs and changing a his favorite briefs. Jumping under the covers wearing nothing but his white Spider-man briefs the boy smiled happy. Levi looked at him and smiled, the kids briefs looked cute and his little butt cute and inviting. Little Justin’s frame was slim, showing his muscles under his skin, he looked young but very good. Levi moved his hand under the covers and he stroked his smooth chest, touching the boy’s little nipples, he rubbed Justin’s ass and said, “Your cheeks are firm, boy.” Without thinking the boy pressed his butt into his hand and hoped Levi’s hand would slip under the waistband of his briefs. Levi thought he was making a joke and he laughed. He poited at his little brother’s little boner under the Spider-man, and said, “Spider-man is getting bigger.” Little Justin smiled at him and Levi smiled back and whispered, “Good night!” Little Justin took his hand, he didn’t want Levi to leave. With his sparkling blue eyes he begged his brother to touch him everywhere. What Levi didn’t know was Justin wanted badly to impress him, to make him happy. He practiced every day to get a more muscled body and he couldn’t wait to cum. He even sought out a few boys who were older, and asked them about sex, they teached him the words, to suck, to fuck and jerking off. Levi never seemed real happy about his young body, and they never got close to those magic words. It’s amazing, now his big brother Levi touched his butt and the boy loved it! Little Justin knew Levi wanted to invite Arthur that night. Arthur was somewhat older, he was nineteen and Levi’s mate and buddy. Justin loved the strong older teen and hoped he could see them again the way he saw them some days before. Three weeks ago he woke up and heard some noise from Levi’s room. There must be something happening in his brother’s room. He woke up to Arthur’s low voice, and his brother’s younger voice, deep in conversation. I couldn’t hear the words, but he knew well enough, buddies discussed sex late at night. Little Justin was holding back his tears of frustration and jealousy. The young boy heard the shower and knew they took a shower together and their laughing. Their naked feet rushed back to Levi’s room and Little Justin heard the bed move, knowing it’s about to begin. Little Justin heard everything, and dreamed of it, pretending he was watching them doing it. Arthur would kiss Levi’s neck, and he push into his lips. They looked so good and horny, Arthur caressed his blond hair, and kissed Levi’s lips. His older brother would smile, blush and turn away. Arthur would ask him what was wrong, already knowing the answer. They had a very noticeable erection, sticking up proudly. Arthur just smiled at him, and patted his blond head and started to massage his tight stomach and chest. Little Justin closed his eyes, he was waiting to hear the yelp, the screams and noises of their fucking. Justin got out of bed and cautiously step out into the hallway. The boy’s heart stopped when I saw his brother’s door open. Little Justin crept up to the doorway and peered in. The first thing Justin saw was Arthur’s firm ass pumping. Justin had never seen them fuck before and it was incredible, watching Arthur’s ass and massive thighs flex. It demonstrated his power over his brother Levi. They were on his brother’s bed tohether, the sheets crumpled at the bottom of the bed. It was a single bed, way too small for their activity. The bed was banging up against the wall with every thrust. The only thing Little Justin saw of his brother from this angle were his two feet, one on either side of Arthur’s hips. Little Justin was shocked his legs could even spread that wide. Levi was a short guy, even for gaziantep travesti his age and was wide open for his buddy. They groaned and made love. Each time Arthur pushed forward, those feet jerk out a bit, to return to rest on Arthur’s hips. They were almost hooked around him, and Little Justin was sure Arthur was fucking his older brother hard and deep. Little Justin couldn’t believe it, but Arthur thrust harder and deeper into his brother. He was a kind and rough at the same time, fucking animals. Desparate to unite their sweat covered teen bodies. Arthur was pounding Levi with no abandon, and Justin started to worry that maybe he has somehow was in pain, he grunting became deeper and his yelling more desperate. Little Justin crept into the room, trying not to make any noise. The boy did make a bit of noise, and he felt certain Arthur would turn around, but he didn’t even seem to register with him nor did his now well fucked brother, as far as he could tell. Arthur was fucking his brother and Justin got to the side, Little Justin saw that Arthur was actually cradling his brother’s head in his hand. As he moved forward, he put his other hand behind his brother’s head, and leaned forward. Levi’s blue eyes were wide open and staring up at Arthur. They look hungry, horny and their were no signs of pain or discomfort. It was lust for more and they were eager and lost in their sex play. Arthur just grunted and moaned in time with the sometimes high-pitched moans Little Justin’s older brother. The strong teen leaned forward and laid the most tender, passionate kiss on his brother’s lips. He sucked hungrily at Levi’s face, and his brother took it in. Justin watched his brother instantly, his pink tongue darted into his buddy’s mouth. Arthur was still did a rapid-fire long-dicking. He never took his cock full out, so Levi’s ass, never got a break, but he’s fucked and fucked. Levi seemed to have no complaints at all, however, as the two continue their passionate, loving sex. Justin groaned with them, his briefs tented and he forgot himself and groaned. “What the fuck are you doing here?” Arthur yelped as he pulled himself out of Levi’s ass in one yank. Little Justin looked at his massive, insanely hard cock, slimy with lube. Justin looked to his brother, his face is turned away from him, but his open, gaping hole is on full display. Arthur looked at him shocked, but his face suddenly changed into a grin, “You’re interrupting, little Justin,” Arthur simply said and looked at the little boy watching them, “You don’t understand, I didn’t hurt him! We don’t fight, we like this!” There was a moan from the bed, and it sounded like his older brother was trying to say something. But he was panting so hard, it was impossible to hear what it was. Arthur seemed to understand it, though, because he replied, “Hold on, Levi.” Arthur stood and Little Justin was impressed by his naked frame and throbbong hard cock. He grabbed little Justin by the nape of his neck and pushed him gentle to the door. “Little boy, you cannot understand this yet. Forget it, but do not talk to anyone about it, it’s a secret. Be a sweet boy and go to sleep,” He said and smiled at him, pointing to the door. “Sleep well, boy.” He waited smiling, his arms folded across his muscled chest, his hard cock swinging just in front of him. Little Justin was suddenly compelled to reach out for it, to grab it. He couldn’t believe it, but he wanted him to fuck him like he was fucking his brother. But he didn’t. So he started to shuffle his small feet toward the door, and Arthur turned back to his brother. As Little Justin walked away, he heard the adorable little moans and cries of pleasure were picked up again. Justin sat against the bedroom door for the next few hours, and listened to both of them reach multiple orgasms. He stroked his penis and his dry orgasm was overwhelming his small body, and he was in a state of euphoria. He tried to relax and lay back, and jerked his penis a few more times, still in ecstasy, this was so good. It was powerful. Little Justin knew everything had changed somehow. This was three weeks ago, but Lillte Justin remembered everything all to well. Now little Justin was in bed, and had his boy fantasy about them. Despite his efforts to stay awake he fell asleep with a huge smile on his face and Levi checked on him. Levi went into the living room. He texted his buddy Arthur and asked him to come over and to spent the night. Levi and Arthur had sex since they were young teens, but it had been a while since we had touched and kissed each other like lovers. However, tonight it was obvious that Arthur was turned on by the idea of sleeping together in Levi’s room. Levi was horny by touching little Justin’s ass; he knew he was happy with his little brother but avoided to touch him more intimately. Arthur was at the door and they hugged, they were hard and undressed to their boxer shorts in the living room. They couldn’t wait gaziantep masaj salonları to get upstairs. Looking back on it, they should have been embarrassed, but none of them even thought of that, their excitement was clear. Standing there in the middle of the living room, “I dare you. You pull your undies down to your feet.” Suddenly Levi said to Arthur with a smile. “Fuck that, buddy. We are exposed this way, you even didn’t close the curtains.” Arthur laughed, “Okay, your way.” he dropped his boxer shorts to the floor. Revealing his naked body an waving his hard cock. It was much bigger than Levi’s cock. Levi dropped his own briefs but was suddenly embarrassed at the exposure, Arthur was right. They smiled and quickly pulled their shorts up after quick glances at each other’s cocks. Arthur was uncut, which was not the first time Levi had ever seen that, but he liked that. It was Arthur’s turn to give a dare. Without discussion they started their dare game. Arthur dared Levi, saying, “You will do anything I say for thirty minutes.” “H� buddy, that’s not fair!” “It’s a dare game, you have to take the dare.” Levi knew that Arthur was inventive and was worried about his dare, but nodded. “Come with me, buddy, this will be interesting,” Arthur said walking to the bedroom where Levi’s little brother Justin was sleeping. Little Justin was tangled up in the covers with them wrapped around his feet. “I dare you to take his briefs off without waking him up.” Levi looked at Arthur and slowly crept forward. Little Justin was lying on his back and breathing deeply. Levi very slowly slid his finger under the waist band and looked at Arthur as he put his fingers into his briefs near his smooth boy crotch. Little Justin moved slightly at this invasion and shifted his young body so that his balls were resting against his fingers. They stood frozen waiting a moment for his to sink back into a deep sleep. Once his breathing slowed Levi began to inch his briefs down slowly freezing any time his little brother moved at all. After what seemed like forever he finally untangled the sheet and pulled his briefs off and was happy that was over. “You have fifteen minutes left.” Arthur said smirking. Levi stared at him in surprise, but he was already at half-mast with his young cock free of the waist of his boxer shorts and exposed to his friend. Arthur quickly ran downstairs leaving Levi to wonder where he was going. He returned with his rucksack and smiled. Arthur opened it and showed with a huge grin Levi a little dildo and a bigger one together with a bottle of lube. He waved the little dildo in the air, “I wanted to use on you to open you up, but… well, changed my mind.” He handed the little dildo to Levi, he nodded to the sleeping Little Justin, “get it in him.” Levi stared back in disbelief. “No way, it is going inside him. He’s so young, he will wake up and tell my mom.” Arthur smiled at him, “Wrong answer, buddy. You get to pay a price for that. Bend over Levi. Come on, be a good loser.” Levi leaned forward and Arthur smeared some lubricant between his buttocks. Levi trembled with pleasure and his friend now pushed the little dildo deep inside him in one single move. “Warm him up the dildo, Leci. Do it for your sweet little brother. You gonna get it inside him. It will be easy.” Arthur whispered. Levi’s little brother Justin was lying there with his boy hole facing up. With the little dildo still inside him, Levi applied a lot of lube to him and massaged his ass until he could slide my thumb into him without waking him up. He glanced at Arthur, who responded by grabbing his balls and taking the little dildo out of his ass, replacing it, sliding his thumb deep inside Levi’s ass. “Go on, you have ten minutes left.” Levi pressed the little dildo against Little Justin’s tiny hole but the tip of the dildo didn’t enter. Levi didn’t want to be in trouble with Arthur so he pressed harder to get it inside Little Justin’s sphincter. As soon as an inch entered him, Little Justin jumped a bit in his sleep, he groaned but was taking the tip of the little dildo into him. Luckily, the ten year old didn’t wake up, but Arthur pulled back on Levi’s balls bringing him into the doggy position. Arthur moved and took the larger and bigger dildo and pushed the whole thing into Levi. It disappear into Levi’s young teen ass and Levi gasped at the fullness and squeezed as he followed it with two fingers smashing the dildo into him. Arthur pulled his fingers out of him and pressed them into his mouth. Arthur kept thrusting his fingers into Levi’s mouth hard and demanded that he sucked on his little brother’s hole to get the little dildo out. As Levi put his mouth down there, Little Justin, his sweet little brother, woke up and looked shocked and very confused. The boy felt his brother’s tongue sucking and de little penetrating dildo inside his ass hole. “What’s that…? Oh hell, what are you doning?” Arthur calmed gaziantep escort bayan him, “You are very special and we have to help you. Is that okay?” Little Justin nodded amd smiled again. Arthur pressed Levi’s face into the boy’s ass and told Levi, “Levi suck him, made little Justin hard, suck your little brother’s beautiful penis. This cute boy is in need, we have to help him.” The boy was in complete pleasure as he pushed up to meet Levi’s tongue. Levi sucked his hard penis, and he got hard while Arthur slid a finger into the willing boy. “Take my finger boy, that’s nice… I will go slowly.” The three of them watched each other. As soon as Little Justin took Arthur’s finger, that was done. “Like that, sweet boy?” Lillte Justin nodded and Arthur smiled back at him and said, “I have one more minute to proceed my dare. Levi, we change position. Now, finger fuck your little brother. I will suck him till Little Justin has his orgasm.” Levi pried his butt cheeks apart and looked at his hole for a long time and leaned down and started licking Little Justin’s smooth and wet boy hole. At the same time he jacked off, till he came. He made a lot of white warm teen juice and caught it in his open hand. Levi fingered some into Little Justin’s butthole and rubbed the rest on his butt cheeks and a little on his little smooth balls. Arthur asked him, “Do you like it?” Little Justin was blushing, “I like when you lick it.” Arthur was smiling softly, “lick what, boy. Say it out loud for me.” The boy blushed again, “My butthole. I like when you lick my butthole, Arthur.” Little Justin was feeling excited and scared and naughty all at the same time and Arthur was glad the little boy liked it, when he licked his small butthole. Do you feel your brother’s tongue now on your swollen penis. He is doing it now, boy, he sucks your penis. Do you want me to lick your butt a little bit?” The boy smiled happy, “Yeah, I feel him, Oh it feels so good.” Arthur licked his boy pussy and finger fucked him. The boy groaned, and pushed back on him. “I’m gonna give my cock to you and you’re going to suck on it a little, okay” It’ll be okay, Sport. I’ll show you what to do, all right.” Little Justin was silent and nodded. He opened his mouth and Arthur moved his big teen cock over his tongue. “That’s it, baby. Good boy. I knew you’d be a big boy for me.” Little Justin looked at Arthur with pleading eyes, “I need you to open your mouth for me really, really wide, okay sport? As wide as you can, okay?” Little Justin did and Arthur continued, “That’s a good boy. That’s a sweet baby. Open your mouth. Close your eyes. Here it comes, baby. Here it comes.” Arthur pushed his cock forward into Little Justin’s mouth. Levi looked up from the boy’s butt and the bigger boys exchange glances. They smiled at each other, “Wow…” “Thanks!” Little Justin mumbled with his mouth full, making yum sounds. They were rock hard and dripping. Little Justin started jacking his little boy dick while he sucked Arthur’s cock as a puppy. Without instructions he swallowed Arthur’s pre-cum, he loved the attention, he loved them all the way and didn’t care about he unexpected rush of feelings in his ass and on his tongue. Little Justin’s body was on fire. Arthur said to Levi, “Hey buddy. I think you got all, your first boy pussy taste off him.” Levi came up and smiled at him, “No, man. There’s much more. My little brother tastes delicious!” Arthur grabbing him by the head and moving the little boy’s head back and forth on his cock, “Okay, so do it. I won my dare and you love it.” Levi mumbled, “There’s a lot more. Let me just keep going, okay? Let me just keep…” At the same time Little Justin groaned, he was suddenly frozen with a mixture of fear and lust, he barley understood what was going on. Arthur took his penis and stroked it. “I’m going to make you feel nice, and don’t worry.” He said, “You’re a beautiful boy! If don’t want me to stop I will make you a little man now!” Arthuur gently kissed him on his wet mouth and placed his big hand on his penis and whanking him. It felt amazing to have this strong teen playing with his penis, and he was also sucking his hero’s cock. Little Justin was breathing very rapidly and Arthur felt the boy was about to have an orgasm, so he said, “Look at me, and don’t be frightened you’re about to feel something incredible.” Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through Little Justin’s body. This was all very overwhelming. Little Justin shot his own dry shiver. He was hold by his brothers best friend, his cock in his open mouth as his penis shivered through his first gay dry orgasm. Arthur got excited. He didn’t let his blond head go. While the boy was still in a daze, he stroked his body and continued face fuckinh him. “Keep going, okay? Get it all inside.” Little Justin nodded with his mouth full of his cock. “There’s still more. There’s still a little more!” Little Justin sucked him, of course, and Arthur felt only pleasure in his warm sucking mouth. The little boy enjoyed the feeling of his hard teen cock in his open mouth. He was so obsessed with sucking that it hadn’t occurred to him that he would cum again at some point. Arthur held his blond head as the warm cum shot deep in his mouth. Little Justin gladly swallowed all he could, but some cum ended up on his lips and ail

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