Little Red Emily Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: If you haven’t read Little Red Emily (the first one) you should read it before reading this one. This story will stand alone okay, but you’ll enjoy it more if you understand the background of those involved.

– – – – –

It was about nine o’clock on a Saturday morning when I heard the doorbell ring. I was in my pajamas and enjoying a third cup of coffee. Outside it was sunny but still chilly on that particular March morning. Dana was at work – something she had to do every other Saturday. This just happen to be one of those work days for her. She had left the house well before seven. I had gotten up with her and had gotten some chores done around the house early. I didn’t mind getting up with her as it usually allowed us to set the tone for the day. Since it was a Saturday, Dana’s work day would be slightly shorter than normal and when she got home we could enjoy some playtime. Unfortunately, this particular Saturday morning included Dana’s period starting so the best I was going to get when she got home was a good blowjob. Still, I made the most of the morning and was looking forward to Dana getting home.

Laundry was running; the dog had been taken care of; I’d had breakfast and was heading down to my basement office when the doorbell rang. Walking down the hall from kitchen to front door I looked through the glass and saw Emily standing there.

Emily is the petite redheaded bartender from one of our local hangouts and not long ago (as I write this), Dana had given me Emily as a birthday gift. Dana and I have been married for over 25 years, both of us in our early fifties. We’ve been in the lifestyle (swingers) for about ten years and that was what empowered Dana to ask Emily to be a birthday present for me the month before. After some conversation between them, Emily had agreed and my birthday had been a lot of fun. It was Emily’s first time (ever) for having unprotected sex and she made it abundantly clear both to Dana and myself that she really enjoyed taking bare cock and having me cum inside her. She also made it clear that, with Dana’s approval, she’d like to come back for repeated experiences.

I opened the door for her and invited her in. The temperature outside was in the low-forties and while Emily was bundled for the weather, her tight fitting jeans still showed off her petite but still very sexy legs and butt. As soon as she came in the door, right after I said, “Good morning,” she embraced me and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I almost spilled my coffee but wasn’t about to complain. My cock started to harden as our tongues entwined and I reached down with my left hand to get a good feel and squeeze of her sexy ass.

When Emily finally broke our kiss I looked down at her smiling face and said, “Well… good morning again. Dana didn’t tell me you were coming over.”

Emily looked down for just a second before looking back up and saying, “That’s because she doesn’t know.”

“What?” I asked her. The tone in my voice wasn’t one of aggravation at all, but I was surprised that Emily came over without Dana’s prior knowledge.

“I thought she’d be here,” said Emily, somewhat defensively. “But when I got here and saw that her car wasn’t here, I didn’t want to turn around and go home.” She paused before continuing. “When I was here for your birthday she said she was okay with you fucking me more, so I didn’t think she’d mind if I came over.”

“I see,” I replied, thinking for a few moments of my own. Given that the best I was going to get from Dana when she got home was a good blowjob, and remembering how much fun Emily was for my birthday, AND remembering when Dana said it was fine that I could fuck Emily again, I thought Dana probably wouldn’t have a problem with it. Still, we had an agreement. We were free to fuck other people but we had to tell each other beforehand if we could and barring that, immediately after.

With that in mind, I had Emily follow me back to the kitchen where my phone was on the counter. Picking it up I sent a text to Dana that said, “Can you call me? Emily just showed up here.” Less than a minute later my cell phone rang and I answered it, putting it on speaker.

“Good morning again, baby,” I said in a cheery voice. Dana didn’t sound as cheery when she replied.

“Good morning. Your text says Emily is there?”

“Yep,” I said. “She’s standing right next to me. You’re on speaker.”

Before Dana could say anything, Emily said, “Good morning, Dana!” in her own cheery voice.

Dana was polite in her reply but I could hear the coldness in her voice. “Good morning, Emily. What brings you over this morning?” I thought the question was unnecessary but I knew where Dana was going and felt it in my best interest to remain quiet for the moment.

“Well, I remember you saying it was okay for Frank to fuck me more if I wanted when I was here for his birthday, and I woke up horny this morning, and…” Emily took a breath and Dana interrupted her before she could continue.

“And so you thought you’d just come over and fuck my husband without so much as texting me to see if it was okay?” Dana’s voice bursa escort was flat. She sounded neither angry nor happy; just neutral. Emily was beginning to get the hint that Dana wasn’t real happy about her having come over unannounced.

“Um, yeah,” said Emily, now starting to sound a little nervous. “I hope that’s okay?”

Dana let that hang for a moment before saying anything. Finally she replied, “Yes, it’s okay. But in the future, as a matter of courtesy, before you assume you can just enjoy my husband, how about if you send me a text or call me and ask? It’s a matter of respect.”

“I understand,” said Emily immediately. “I didn’t know but I will be sure to in the future.”

“That’s fine,” said Dana, her voice now sounding a bit happier as she continued. “Frank?”

“Yeah, babe?” I said.

“Have fun,” she replied. “But do me a favor?”

“Of course, Sweety,” I said. “What’s that?”

Dana’s voice had a slight edge to it when she answered me. “Fuck her like you’re mad at her. Teach her what the price of disrespect is.”

“I will be happy to,” I said back.

Emily said, “Huh?” when she realized what Dana had said.

“Have fun, baby,” Dana said. “Text me when you’re done with her and she’s gone.”

“Will do, my love,” I said with a smile. Emily still looked confused as I disconnected the call. Looking Emily in the eye I said, “Strip.”

Now she looked genuinely confused. “Huh?” she repeated.

“STRIP!” I said in a louder and less pleasant voice.

“Aren’t we going to go up to the bedroom?” she asked.

I kept my voice flat as I answered her. “We’ll get there… maybe. But right now, if you want to get fucked, you’ll do as you’re told. Get naked. Here. Now.”

“But I…” Emily started before I interrupted her.

“Now!” I said sharply. “Or go home.” I saw the look on her face and knew she didn’t understand what was going on, so I explained. “You heard Dana. She gave you permission to enjoy me and me permission to fuck you, but she also gave me a directive: to make sure you understood what you had been disrespectful to her just showing up without giving her the courtesy of a text or call first. The price you’re going to pay is me fucking you like it’s punishment… of a sort.” I paused and let her absorb that. “That means that if you still wanna get fucked this morning… if you still want a bare cock inside you and my cum up in you… you’re going to do as you’re told, when you’re told and without complaint. I promise you a good fuck, but it’s not going to be warm, romantic or gentle. I’m going to fuck you like I’m mad at you.”

She didn’t say anything back but indicated her understanding and her continued intention to stay for sex by starting to take off her clothes. I enjoyed watching her gradually expose her body as I sipped my coffee. Her nipples were quite erect as she dropped her bra off her shoulders and let it fall on top of her blouse where she’d dropped that on the kitchen floor. She kicked out of her shoes, unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, hooking her thumbs in her jeans and panties as she wriggled them both down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and was naked before me. Her pussy looked to be as smoothly shaven as it was on my birthday.

Backing up against the countertop, I set my feet about shoulder width apart, still holding and sipping my coffee. Looking her in the eye I said, “Get down on your knees and get my cock out.” Emily didn’t hesitate as she stepped over closer, dropped to her knees and untied my pajama pants. It was with great pleasure that I looked down at her as she pulled my pajama pants down to my ankles and my semi-erect cock was released right in her face.

“Now,” I said with a happy smile, “worship my cock.”

“What?” she asked looking up at me.

“I said, worship my cock,” I answered her. She still looked confused, so I gave her further instruction. “Lick, suck and stroke my cock… massage my balls… make me believe that you can’t survive the morning without the cum in my balls being delivered into or onto you.”

Finally a look of understanding showed on her face and she moved to her task. With her left hand cradling my full balls and her right hand gently holding the base of my growing cock, she opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and started licking up and down my length on both sides… the underside… and then all around the swollen knob of the head.

My cock quickly grew to full erection as I sipped my coffee and looked down to see her attending to her “duties.” I had to give her credit. She was eager and energetic about her task, sucking and stroking my cock like my cum was oxygen and she was suffocating. I set my coffee down and reached down with my left hand to stroke her red hair, leaning my other hand on the countertop to just enjoy the good head she was giving me.

She stopped licking and started genuinely sucking my cock, bobbing her head up and down. She’d suck back until just my cockhead was still between her warm wet lips and then she’d sink her head down and take most of my length. She was getting all but about an inch of my seven inch bursa escort bayan cock into her mouth and I could feel my swollen head banging on the back of her throat. Her hair was so soft in my hand… and I made a fist of it, grasping a handful of her hair, and pulling her face harder onto my cock. As she sank her mouth down onto my length and got to her stopping point, I thrust my hips forward and pulled on her fair to force my cock farther in, causing her to gag.

I could feel her pulling away, her hands moving down to push on my thighs, trying to get my cock out of her mouth. I let her off and she looked up at me with a confused look on her face. Why would I treat her like that? I looked down with a smile and raised an eyebrow. Did she understand? Dana had said to treat her like I was angry at her; to fuck her like I was mad. That involved little to no concern for her comfort. Gagging? I couldn’t care less.

She got it. She opened her mouth up wide and dropped her head back down onto my length, forcing herself harder down even before I used my handful of her hair to push her head onto my shaft even harder. To her credit, she shook her head back and forth a bit, not gagging, but doing her best to get more of me into her mouth… and that meant into her throat. When she pulled up I let her go, but as soon as she’d had a breath I pulled her back onto my cock. She didn’t resist but just went with it, and soon I was just fucking her mouth, pulling her head back and forth by her hair. I was almost shocked when she started moaning. I realized she was enjoying being treated this way.

I took advantage by fucking her face for another few minutes, feeling her spit drool down my balls and dripping onto her chest and down her flat belly. With my handful of her hair I directed her to suck my balls back and forth as well, just reveling in the pleasure of having this young hot redhead at my disposal. When I felt my orgasm starting to build, and knowing I didn’t want to blow my load this soon, I pulled her off my cock and up to stand in front of me. Still directing her by the handful of her hair that I had, I turned her around and put her back up against the countertop. Releasing her hair I grabbed her waist and lifted her up onto the counter. I put one hand in the center of her chest and pushed her back, laying her back on the wide counter.

I hooked both hands under her knees and lifted them up high, pushing them apart wide and opening up her slick wet pussy for my view… and for my tongue. Holding her open I lowered my face down to her sex, sticking out my tongue and softly… almost teasingly light… I flicked it across her clit. Her entire body jumped in reaction to the barely-there stimulus and her hips thrust up, showing me how badly she wanted more.

Truth be told, I wanted more too. Her pussy was sweet tasting. It reminded me of the honeysuckle juice we used to enjoy as kids. I dipped my tongue into her hole, tasting more of her juices and licking my way out… up… more firmly across her clit, making her moan loudly with pleasure. She held one of her hands along the edge of the countertop to stay in place and put her other hand on my head.

Sliding my mouth back down I fitted my lips to hers, sucking on her hot opening and holding that vacuum lock while I slid my tongue in and out of her sex. Gawd she tasted good and her moaning made it clear she loved what I was doing. As the tone of her moans changed, I switched up what I was doing, moving my mouth up to form that same suck-lock over her clit and lashing it with my tongue. Her reaction was immediate and amazing as her hips thrust up and her thighs began trembling.

She came hard like that against my mouth with her thighs still trembling. She stopped breathing while she came but I couldn’t tell if she was holding her breath or simply incapable of breathing through the pleasure. I kept on lashing her clit until her orgasm seemed to be easing up and then I reduced my pressure on her clit to bring her down slowly.

When her orgasm was complete I stood up, moving one hand to grab a handful of her hair again and pulling her up to a sitting position on the counter. I pulled her into a kiss and was surprised with the hunger she displayed as she seemed to devour my mouth. We were kissing but I got the distinct impression that she was cleaning her pussy off my mouth more than she was kissing me. The thought made my cock jump.

I let go of her hair and backed away from the kiss, my cock at full erection and precum dripping from the head. I moved a couple steps over to the breakfast nook and sat down on one of the chairs there. I positioned myself so her task would be easy enough and said, “Come get on.” It was a delight to watch her hop down off the countertop, take the few steps over to me and straddle my lap. I looked down as she grasped my cock and lined me up, sitting her pussy down onto my length until her feet were off the floor and 100% of her bodyweight was pushing her wet box down onto me.

Emily put one hand on the back of the chair and the other on my knee and began to rock in place, not moving her pussy up or down escort bursa but just grinding it on me back and forth, stirring my length around in her sex. It felt quite heavenly and I just sat for a few minutes enjoying it as she ground on me. Then I looked at her face, saw that her eyes were closed and realized that, in that moment, she was using me for her pleasure. While I was enjoying it, I had a directive from my wife: I was supposed to be fucking Emily like I was mad. To me that meant either I was going to use her without regard for her comfort OR I was going to make her experience some minor discomforts to go hand-in-hand with the pleasures she was getting.

To that end I put both hands on her chest, pinching on her little nipples… HARD. Her eyes popped open and met mine as I pulled on her nipples, distending them away from her, still pinching them. The look of surprise on her face was almost immediately replaced with a look of pleasure as she moaned and her head fell back. My manhandling of her nipples might be causing her discomfort, but it was obvious she was getting off on it. I added a twist motion to the pull and then released them as she moaned again. And then I pinched / pulled / twisted them again. As I repeated the motion she ground on me harder and faster, still using my cock to pleasure her pussy. I reminded myself that this was only the second time in her life she’d had a bare cock inside her and part of me was glad she was enjoying it. Part of me was looking forward to filling her young sex full of my hot cum.

And it was soon going to be that time. “Get off me,” I said to her. She stopped moving and looked at me. “Get off me,” I repeated. “Bend over the table.” Still looking at me she did as she was told, sliding her wetness up my length until her pussy released me and then she stepped over to the table, bending at the waist. I didn’t move from the chair as I was enjoying the about face-level view of her ass and used pussy. “Bend over it flat,” I said. “Reach across and hold on to the other side. Don’t let go of it unless I tell you to.” I was pleased to see her do as she was told and I enjoyed looking at her wet swollen pussy lips before standing up to approach her from behind.

Putting my left hand on her hip and taking my cock in my right hand, I held it to rub the head up and down her slit a few times. I made sure to press the cockhead against her clit as I rubbed it up and down between her slick lips, making her jump. I wanted to see if she’d let go of the table or if she was just surrendering herself to me. To her credit, she never let go of the table.

Guiding my cock to her opening I pushed it into her, letting go of my length and putting that hand on her other hip. Holding her hips I began to move my own, moving back and forth in full length strokes. When I moved back only my cockhead was still engulfed in her hot slickness. When I moved forward my full balls slapped against her clit as my pelvis pushed against her butt. Her pussy felt good and I knew this was how I was going to cum.

I began with a steady but not fast stroke… almost all the way out… all the way back in… grind… back out and repeat. As her moans built and my balls began to tighten I increased the speed and strength of my strokes but only those INTO her. SLAM in… pull out slow. SLAM in… pull out slow. I soon realized she was moaning with every hard thrust of my cock. I also realized that my orgasm wasn’t far off.

“You like that cock in your pussy?” I asked her in a hoarse voice.

“Yes!” she exclaimed as I slammed my cock into her.

“You like being fucked like a slut?” I asked.

She didn’t answer me as I slammed into her. I pulled my cock out and stopped. “Answer me or I won’t fuck you anymore,” I said. “Do you like being fucked like a slut?”

“Yes,” she said softly… almost shyly. I rewarded her with a hard slam of the full length of my cock.

“You do?” I asked pulling out.

“Yes!” she exclaimed as I slammed back in.

I kept up my slamming hard fuck as I said, “Tell me what you want.” SLAM.

“Fuck me!” she answered as I gave her a hard thrust. “Fuck my pussy!”

“You want me to use this slut pussy?” I asked. SLAM.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Fuck my pussy!”

“You want me to cum up in this pussy?” I asked. SLAM.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Please…” it almost sounded like a whimper.

“You want my cum dripping out of your pussy?” I asked. SLAM.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Gawd, fill my pussy up… please!”

“How much cum do you want in your pussy?” I asked. SLAM.

“All of it!” she replied.

“Do you want me to find friends to help fill this slut pussy?” I asked. SLAM.

She didn’t answer me. I held off on the next stroke. “Answer me!” I commanded and added a hard slap on her ass. I stroked my cock very slow and shallow, not penetrating her more than two inches. “Do… you… want… more… cum… than… I… can… give… you?” She only moaned in response. I slapped her ass again and stopped moving all together. “If you don’t answer me, I’m going to stop fucking you and send you home without any cum in you at all. Give me an honest answer. How much cum do you want in your pussy?” She moaned again and I could sense that she was fighting some kind of battle between her mind and her body. Finally, her body won.

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