Subject: Little Steven part 2 Nifty needs their donations to provide these wonderful stories — in your own words. fty/donate.html Thank you for all the lovely emails telling me how much you enjoyed the first installment. There will be plenty more. Email me any time at ail LITTLE STEVEN DISCOVERS WHAT HE LIKES. PART 2 I went home in a daze. My fantasies up to that point had been about boys my own age, or a year or two either side, but the feel of Bill’s adult cock in my mouth, the taste of him and his pleasure at what I was doing were all amazing. I’d had an amazing orgasm, the best of my life so far, and when he’d taken my dick into his mouth it was awesome, but I think the thing I enjoyed most was sucking him and tasting his spunk. That was what kept going round in my mind. When I got home my mum asked me how I’d enjoyed the disco, and I told her it was great and made up who I’d danced with and what songs they’d played. My mind was elsewhere though, and as soon as I could I went to my room and pulled my trousers and pants down. My cock sprung to attention immediately and I ran my fingers over the smooth foreskin. It still felt slightly sticky from Bill’s saliva. I pulled the skin back and leaned down to smell it, but there was nothing like the taste and smell of Bill’s big man cock. I tried to lean far enough to take it in my mouth but I was nowhere near supple enough. I began to stroke it more enthusiastically, gathering speed and imagining Bill watching and telling me how sexy I looked, and before long the orgasm came. There was less liquid than before but enough – I dipped a finger in the little puddle and put it in my mouth. At first I was disappointed that it didn’t taste as strong as Bill’s, but I liked it. It was thinner and tasted quite sweet. I understood how people would enjoy man spunk and boy spunk, like dinner and pudding. I licked it all up. My masturbatory fantasies changed overnight, and I learned new ways to bring myself to orgasm. My favourite was in the bath. I would soap up my hand and slide my cock in to the thumb end of a loose fist, recreating the feel of Bill’s warm wet mouth. My thumb and forefinger were his lips and I found that by moving my middle finger certain ways I could replicate some of what his tongue did, licking under my cockhead. I tried sucking various things that were vaguely cock-shaped: carrots, bananas, cucumber, etiler escort shampoo bottles, mum’s hairbrushes. I smuggled my mum’s Grattan catalogue into my room and spent ages staring at the men’s underwear section. The models’ cocks were all tucked down so I couldn’t really see the shape but I had an imagination and fantasised about sliding my hand inside the pants and taking a big man cock in my hand, then in my mouth. I looked at the boys’ underwear too and wondered how their little cocks would look and taste. Up till then I hadn’t thought about sucking cock at all and now I could think of nothing else. I also became fascinated with men’s balls: I had seen Bill’s mighty sack bouncing as he wanked himself and I wondered how that would taste and feel in my mouth. I paid more attention to my own tight little scrotum and cupped snd squeezed my balls while wanking my lovely slim eleven year old cock. I still had a week of school to go before I would be able to go to the park at the time Bill had said, and every day at school I looked at all the other boys and wondered how big their cocks were and whether they would taste sweet like mine or salty and manly like Bill’s. My cock was erect almost constantly. Finally the last day of school arrived, and we got away early, so I could be on time for Bill. While everyone else got on the bus I rushed to the park and headed for the toilet block. I looked around for a while and didn’t see him so I decided to check out the toilet myself. I didn’t need but went in anyway. There were two men standing at the urinals, one just moving away from the other. One was taller and blond and the other a bit shorter with dark curly hair – I thought they looked like Starsky and Hutch. They both turned their heads to look at me so I felt I had to pretend I’d come in to do something and not just because I wanted to suck cock. I went into the cubicle nearest the urinals, dropped my trousers and sat down, making a lot of noise about it so they would think I had good reason to be there. I thought I would wait for them to pee and leave then I’d go outside and look for Bill again. But they didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Then I noticed a hole on the side of the cubicle, a couple of inches across and about three feet up, just in the right place so that when I leaned forward I could see through etimesgut escort it. The two men were still there, standing next to each other. Now that I was side on I could see that they both had erections and the man further away had one hand on his own cock and one hand on the closer man’s. He was pumping both, quickly and enthusiastically and the man closest to me had his head thrown back as if he was about to spurt. I recognised the look on his face. My cock was rock hard in a moment and I couldn’t help but wrap a hand round it and start to wank while I watched. It continued for a couple of minutes until the closer man looked my way and smiled directly at me. He must have seen my eye at the hole. I jumped back in fright. I heard them whisper to each other, then footsteps and a knock on the cubicle door. “Hey, little buddy. You enjoy watching men wank each other? Come out and join in if you want.” I was too nervous to say anything and thought if I just sat silently they would go away. Then I noticed the hole on the other side of my cubicle and the eye looking at me. I still had a hand wrapped round my stiff cock and I hurriedly covered myself up with my shirt. “Are you shy, buddy? We’ll leave you alone if you’re really not into it but your cock looks interested.” I still didn’t say anything but I looked back at the hole through to the next cubicle and the eye was still there. Just knowing a man was looking turned me on. I lifted my shirt again to let him see my cock sticking up. “Wow,” he said. “Nice big cock. I would love to suck it for you.” I didn’t touch it – I would probably come at the slightest touch. “Put it through the hole if you’re shy. I promise you’ll love it.” As if to demonstrate the eye disappeared and an impressive cock was pushed through several inches into my cubicle. “Do it like this and I’ll suck you dry.” The cock was withdrawn and the eye appeared again. “Yum,” he said. My cock was like a rock and I was so horny I thought I might come just sitting there. I couldn’t resist. I stood up and tried to put my cock through the hole but I was too short! Even on tiptoe my cock was not high enough to reach. I spoke for the first time. “I can’t reach. Put yours back through.” “Really? Awesome.” The cock reappeared, the bulbous head first then the rest slowly fed through. It looked harder and bigger than etlik escort before and I thought I had done that to him and felt great. I wrapped my hand round it first, feeling the silky and slightly sweat-damp skin and the rigid rod beneath. It seemed a bit smaller than Ben’s but just as thick. I started to move my hand up and down the shaft and the foreskin moved with it. I was on my knees so it was just at face height and I could smell the manliness of it – I remember thinking it smelled like cheese and onion crisps. Then I opened my mouth wide and engulfed the purple head. The man gasped and whispered, “Oh fuck, yeah. That’s amazing.” I remembered what I enjoyed doing in the bath and flicked my tongue under the head, pulled it out and licked the slit, and engulfed it again, moving my head up and down keeping my lips as tight together as I could. I hoped I was doing okay. After a minute he began to move back and forward, not far but thrusting into my mouth, feeding me more of his length than I thought I could manage. After a moment of panic when I thought I couldn’t breathe, I got the hang of it even as the head beat against my throat, almost making me gag. I kept my head stilĺ and let him fuck my mouth. My nose started running and tears dripped from my eyes but feeling the cock pounding in my mouth was too good to stop. He tried to warn me before he came but it was only a strangled cry and he pumped spunk into my mouth and down my throat, again and again, still thrusting but staying at the back of my throat longer each time. Eventually he stopped moving but I kept licking and sucking and earned a few more drops of rich, creamy spunk. He finally withdrew and his shrinking cock disappeared back through the hole. I looked up and saw the blond man looking over into my cubicle – he looked flushed and must have been watching all the time. I smiled at him. “You next?” I said. “Fuck yeah,” he said. I unlocked the cubicle door and he was round in front of me in a moment, cock jutting from his trousers. I fell on it like a starving man and sucked him to completion much more quickly than the first guy. I got another load of man spunk in my belly and, perhaps for the first time in my life, felt that somebody appreciated and liked me. “Anyone want to suck mine?” I asked. “”Yeah!” they both said at once. The blond guy was closer and took my cock in his mouth and I watched his head bob for a very short time before I squirted into his mouth. He kept sucking on it but I was too sensitive and had to pull out. I pulled my trousers up again and wiped my nose and eyes, and smiled at my new friends, whose names I didn’t even know. “Nice meeting you guys,” I said, and went home.

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