Little tease

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Little teaseI’d been keeping my eye on you most days of the week. I couldn’t help but notice you on the bus in that short dress. I could nearly see your pussy clearly but then you’d only tease me. I decided to follow you home. As you walked in through the front door of your empty house you didn’t quite close it. I had my bag full of the rope I was going to tie you with it was now or never. I creeped in through the door closing it gently behind me. You where standing there with your head phones in looking at a picture on the wall. I walked up behind you grabbing your hands and quickly tieing them behind your back. You started to scream so I grabbed the gag out of my bag and put it on shutting you up. I pulled out your head phones and you looked dispersing. What’s the matter little slut can’t handle it not being in control its not your turn to tease. Now shut up you whore. Your dress short barely covering your arse as I throw you face first into the sofa. I lift your tiny dress above your arse and give it a spanking your arse going red raw. Now whose a little tease and thinks it’s ok. Time for you as my little slut pig to find out what she gets. şişli escort I role you over your tits are looking nice in your dress. As I pul it down and Unping your bra. Now they look succulent. I give them a slapping watching your face horrified and tears rolling down. What’s the matter bitch don’t like it? Tough as I stick my mouth on them swirling my tongue around those nipples making them all erect as your sobbing turns into a soft moan. That’s better piggy be quiet your not in control and it’s my turn. I lift the front of your dress reveling that perfect wet pussy already soaking. Are you enjoying this slut? As I smack your pussy hard and you yelp not expecting it. I rub my fingers on your pussy lips before delving a couple in to massage your clit. You start to get aroused more and more but that’s not enough for me. I pull away and clench my fist before slamming it deep into your tight pussy giving you a almighty moan as your pussy feel the rush of pure enjoyment. I fist you a couple of times your moaning louder and louder. Before you shudder and squirt juices everywhere all over the floor.I’m starting to enjoy it as a massage your şişli escort bayan arse with a couple of fingers. My cock starting to show through my trousers and I undress. Are you going to be quiet my dirty little slut? You nod slightly worried. I take your gag off and you catch your breath again before I grab hold of your hair pushing you to your knees on the floor I pull your head back you can’t help but look up at my big cock infront of your face. You moan I can’t take that it’s to big. As I push it into your mouth. You suck the tip thinking that’s all as I keep pushing till my cock is deep in your throat. How’s that my whore? You just moan cos you can’t talk as your gagging on my cock and spit is spewing out of your mouth. Choking harder now as you need to breath. I pull out as you desperately take in air. Before I slam it hard back in. What’s the matter bitch can’t handle it? I pull out as you full to the floor trying to catch your breath. Dirty slut you are. As I role you over showing me that bare still red arse. Seems my cock is wet enough to go straight for your tight tiny hole. You beg me no please don’t I’ll scream Ive never mecidiyeköy escort had that hole filled as I pull the gag round please no. I put it on and slam my cock into your tight wanting arse l. You moan hard and try to pull away but I pull back on your hair so you take me cock deep. How’s that you dirty slut. As I fuck your arse hard. You just shack your head. I pull out and slam my cock into your dripping pussy damn your soacked you little whore. As I fuck it your moaning gets louder as I take of your gag. You say please don’t stop fucking me I want your cum in my pussy. As I pull out slamming my cock into your arse again using your pussy juices to help ease it in. You moan out loud but you love it. Ahhh don’t stop you say. I fuck you hard as you start to cum squirting again and again. Mmm dirt cum slut likes that as I pull out and pull your head round. Shoving my cock back to your mouth how’s thar dirty bitch you want my cum as you nod. I fuck your mouth hard and fast. Before stick my cock deep into your throat and cumming. You try swallowing it all but there’s to much it starts to spew out of your mouth of your tits and down your body. You love it that much you start to cum yourself. I pull out and make you clean up my cock as I dress myself back up you ask me to untie you. I laugh as I pick up my bag. Your family can come home to find what a disgusting dirty cum slut you are.

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