Subject: Little White Pills, chapter 37 Folks: please continue to support your fellow horn dogs by donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html. Help 2020 have a happy ending! (ba dum bum) Chapter 37: “First Time for Everything” The rest of Cal’s week was an unreal blur of school work and frustrated horniness: his senior project was coming due fast, but memories of what he’d done with the training toy kept distracting him. Matt continued to be MIA, barely even texting, and didn’t even show up to their team project meetup on Thursday. Although he did hand his part of it off to Hannah, so they weren’t totally boned. But Cal had to pick up some of the slack on top of all his other midterm shit, which left him no down time. And his morning sessions didn’t let up of course, so there was no sleeping in to catch a few extra Zs. If anything, it was worse: he couldn’t stop thinking about that mind-fuck of an orgasm he’d had Sunday, and found himself lying in bed reliving it when he should’ve been sleeping. Not to mention he found himself checking out pretty much every bulge in sight now; if he’d had time for the gym he probably would’ve had a stiffy the whole time thinking about all the meat swinging around. But after giving him a taste it seemed like Sir wasn’t going to let it happen again anytime soon, so Cal spent the rest of the week with weird dreams, aching balls, and wet spots in his underwear. Fuck my life, he thought as he slammed another coffee. He should’ve joined Stevens and Anderson in the cooler when he had the chance. Totally bad idea–but he couldn’t help wishing. And then there was Bryan…fuck, what was he going to do when _he showed up tomorrow morning? The delivery stud had been about to do…something…last week when they’d gotten interrupted. The way Cal was feeling now, if he pressed it at all Cal was pretty sure he’d buckle like a cheap lawn chair, never mind the videos or what his dad would say. He was too horny, and too fucking exhausted, to say no. Cal growled in frustration and shook his head. He realized he’d just wasted ten minutes thinking about Bryan’s fatty and all the things he could do with it, and made zero progress on the take-home exam that was due at midnight. At this rate he’d be lucky to be done by then; there was no way he was going to make it to the frat house, Matt’s, or anywhere else. He sighed heavily and went into his kitchen to load up the Mr. Coffee again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cal yawned and rubbed his face as his alarm slowly dragged him back to wakefulness. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he finished the exam at 10:00 the night before (helped along by some Aderall he’d forgotten he had) and then laid down on his bed “for just a second.” He’d planned to at least have a celebration shot once he’d hit Send, but instead he’d woken up at 3 a.m., still in his clothes, and only then because he had to take a piss. He woke up just enough to pull off his jeans and slide under the covers, and then he was out cold again. His teeth had furry socks on them, he needed to shave (all of it, he realized as he checked his chest and nuts), and he could’ve gone for a couple more hours for sure, but he didn’t feel like a zombie anymore. He rubbed the crust out of his eyes and sat up, than gathered himself to prepare for the morning’s activities, whatever fuckery that would be. His mental tone was sour, but it didn’t stop him from starting to chub a bit at the thought. By the time he’d finished his morning routine he felt almost normal again. It didn’t hurt that the butt plug had started up while he was in the shower, leaving him with a massive hard on. Usually this left him feeling horny, but also embarrassed a little, but for whatever reason it really didn’t bother him this time. Fuck it: he had a great cock that looked pretty damn sexy bouncing in the early sunlight like that, and he was tired of feeling guilty about how much he liked getting his ass played with. There, he’d said it: he liked butt stuff. The thought made him feel lighter, and on a whim he reached back and grabbed the base, sliding the plug partway in and out. The laptop screen was dark, so he could see his blurry reflection as he did. “Yeah, that feels good,” he murmured, watching himself. He flexed his dick and sighed quietly as his ring tightened around the probe. “Uh huh.” A drop of fresh precum glistened at his piss slit, and he wiped it up then licked his fingertip. His whole body felt heavy with anticipation; whether Sir wanted him to or not, he was going to be dropping a load today. He couldn’t imagine a training session that wouldn’t push him over the edge in the state he was in. His ass felt…hungry. Something about that new lube he’d gotten last week was making it extra-sensitive, and any jolt from the probe went right through his dick, reminding him of Sunday’s session with the training toy. He wiggled the butt plug, remembering, and watched the drop of juice slide down his shaft; was it weird that he thought it looked hot? It didn’t matter: the plug felt so damn good in there. He realized his mouth was hanging open as he wriggled his hips around it, and forced himself to stop, let go of the plug, and straighten up. With a start he realized just how close he’d gotten to coming: not right to the edge, but a couple more minutes of that and he’d be shooting hands-free again. Jesus, what a mess. He shook his head to clear it, but it was a fight not to start up again. When the clock hit 8:00 it was almost a relief: it was easier to keep some self-control knowing he was being watched. Although if the hotel videos were any sign he was probably being watched anyway. But what could he do? He was pretty sure Sir wouldn’t overlook him covering up the laptop lens or pulling out any cameras that might be hidden around his condo. (Would they really have done that? he wondered. He hadn’t even considered it before but…shit, maybe. Way too late now though. And he couldn’t really get more fucked anyway.) “Boy.” The computer voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “Yes sir.” “Hard and dripping already. You must be one horned-up little piggy.” Cal swallowed. “Yes sir.” “Let’s see if you’re still keeping yourself ship shape. Let me see those balls.” They weren’t exactly hidden with Cal’s cock already standing up and out of the way, but he rolled them around anyway. “Good boy. Now the other side.” Cal turned around and spread his legs, then bent over so Sir would have a clear view of his backside. “Very nice boy, nice and smooth.” The plug quivered and Cal twitched; he couldn’t stop a whimper from coming out. “You are horny, aren’t you piggy?” “Yes sir,” Cal breathed. The faintly electric pulsing in his gut didn’t let up, and he dropped to his elbows on the bed; he could feel his legs starting to shake. “Does your pussy need another workout?” “Uh huh,” Cal nodded, “yes sir.” Please, he thought, please let me get off today. Whatever it took. “What sort of workout piggy?” A throb that made his head drop. “A cock sir,” he said in a strangled voice, “my pussy needs a cock.” “Anyone’s?” “Yes sir, anyone’s. Please sir, I gotta come,” he panted. “If I gave you a hotel room key and told you to wait there face down, ass up, would you do it?” “Yes sir!” He’d take some rando’s dick, no problem. “Let anyone just come in and fuck you? Anyone?” The dildo did that throbbing thing on his prostate and Cal gasped, forced to brace himself on the bed to stay on his feet. “Yes! Yes sir! I just wanna come!” The probe backed off to a light tickle and Cal’s head sagged as he tried to get his equilibrium back. His whole body felt swollen up like a balloon that was ready to pop, the maddening tingle inside him consuming his thoughts. Whatever it took, he thought to himself. Anything. “All right boy, let’s see if you’re serious. From now until…let’s say noon today…you can come all you want as long as you’ve got a cock in your pussy. A real man’s cock, not the training toy. Can you do that? Keep your shit together long enough to lose your cherry?” “Yes sir!” Cal barely registered anything after “you can come…” It didn’t matter anyway: he had his chance. “We’ll see. Let’s have a show of good faith boy. Look at the camera and repeat after me.” Cal lifted his head and looked over his shoulder at the laptop. “My name is Cal Brenner and I need to get my pussy bred by a real man’s cock.” The probe twitched and Cal’s eyelids fluttered. “My name is Cal Brenner and I need to get my pussy bred by a real man’s cock.” He groaned and bit his lip from a pulse of stimulation. “Hurry!” he gasped. “Nice touch boy.” The probe suddenly turned off and Cal took in a deep breath of relief; his legs had begun shaking from the adrenalin surging through him. “Now turn around. You’ve got some training films to watch.” “Yes sir.” Cal assumed the position and proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes watching various guys getting railed by an assortment of cocks in all sizes, shapes, and colors. He didn’t need the probe to keep him hard throughout the show; if Matt had been there Cal would’ve been riding his meat within 5 minutes. The sudden ring of the doorbell startled him out of his haze, and the screen froze. “Better get that piggy–sounds like your delivery is here.” The voice sounded smug. “Yes sir,” Cal nodded. As the computer screen went black he hopped into a pair of jeans, shivering at the feel of rough fabric against his hypersensitive glans. Fuck, it was Bryan. Cal felt a brief surge of terror, knowing what was almost definitely–no, totally–about to happen. But his dick (and ass) were running the show now, and there was no way he was going to pass up a chance to nut at last. He’d figure out how to handle Bryan’s massive tool somehow. “Coming!” he shouted as he zipped up his fly and buttoned his jeans. He took a second to push his hard on to the side so it wasn’t poking over the waistband, but the bulge was pretty fucking obvious. Along with the smear of pre-cum glistening on his abs, but if anyone was close enough to see that then it wasn’t going to be an issue. Cal grabbed the doorknob and started to open it, then skipped to one side behind it as he did, suddenly realizing that it might not actually be who he hoped it was. But no, it was Bryan all right, looking damn fine as the morning sun shone on his red hair and trimmed beard. Cal had never thought of delivery uniforms looking all that sexy before, but Bryan definitely filled his out nicely. “Morning,” he said,”gotcher package here.” To anyone listening it would’ve sounded like a random delivery run, but the way his blue eyes sparkled Cal knew he wasn’t referring to the box in his hand. “C’mon in,” Cal said as casually as he could manage. He closed the door behind the courier, but before Bryan had a chance to say a word Cal had him pinned against it, knocking his ball cap off in the process, and had his tongue down the stocky man’s throat. Bryan got over his surprise in a hurry, dropping the box so he could slide his hands inside the back of Cal’s jeans and massage his ass. Cal growled his approval as Bryan’s grip went lower, pulling his glutes apart and tugging the edges of his hole. He began hunching against Bryan’s frame, the sensation of the rough Carhart jacket against his smooth chest intensely erotic somehow; down below he could feel Bryan’s bulge swelling to match his own. “Godamn, you’re ready to go aren’t you?” Bryan said when they took a pause a minute later. “I need to get fucked,” Cal breathed, “bad.” “I know baby, you’ve been waiting a long time haven’t you?” Bryan had managed to work his hands all the way down, and as he spoke his middle fingers grazed the flesh outside the base of the butt plug, which chose that moment to give Cal a little extra encouragement. “Yes…” Cal said weakly, “yesss.” Bryan’s fingers had started wiggling the base around a little, and Cal whimpered. He was a good 3″ taller and probably 20 lbs heavier than Bryan, but at that moment the older guy could’ve knocked him over with his little finger. “Don’t worry baby,” Bryan cooed, “Daddy’s got what you need.” He pushed his tongue into Cal’s mouth briefly. “Let’s put something in there you’ll like better than that butt plug.” He gave said plug a firm push then slid his hands free. “Let’s get to that bed.” He shucked off his jacket and shirt while Cal watched, revealing a broad freckled chest dusted with red hair. Cal popped his jeans’ button and shimmied out of them as Bryan knelt to untie his boot laces. Instead of standing up right away though he grabbed Cal’s shaft and slid the first couple of inches into his mouth. “Mmmm…” he hummed appreciatively. Cal twitched as Bryan swabbed the juice off his head, the stimulation releasing a fresh trickle of juice. Oh shit that felt so good…too good. “Hold off,” he gasped, “I’m gonna nut.” Bryan let him slide out, but kept his grip. “You sayin’ you’ve only got one load in there?” He cocked one eyebrow, then briefly took Cal’s smooth nut sack into his mouth. “These feel pretty full to me.” Cal twitched from the stimulation on his shaved skin; his willpower was crumbling fast. Even the thought of his friends and family seeing all of those videos of him was seeming less and less important. He forced himself to grab Bryan’s grinning head and gently push him away. “I need to get fucked,” he repeated hoarsely. Bryan nodded. “Yeah, I think you do.” He stood up and kicked off his boots, then opened up his jeans and slid them down to his knees. His massive cock strained against the blue boxer briefs he was wearing, the cut head clearly outlined; a dark blue dot marked the location of his piss slit. “You wanna help me out of my underwear?” he asked. Cal nodded and dropped to his knees, but before he reached for Bryan’s waistband he decided he had a better idea. He buried his face in Bryan’s crotch and huffed in his scent, rubbing his face against the fat shaft outlined under the thin cotton. Gripping the waistband between his teeth he began pulling it down, sighing in satisfaction as his nose slid into Bryan’s exposed pubes.. A heady mix of cedar shavings and yeasty precum filled his nose; he growled impatiently as he worked to free the delivery gaziantep escort man’s fat shaft. “You hungry for that cock, baby?” Bryan grunted as Cal wrapped his lips around his sticky glans and began swabbing it clean. “Yeah you are…uhhh….” A fresh trickle of precum leaked out when Cal gave the base a good squeeze, and they both grunted in pleasure. “Nice,” Bryan hissed, and Cal doubled down on his efforts, spending the next couple of minutes getting to know the cock in his mouth better. His jaws were just starting to get a little tired when Bryan pulled him off. “Time for the main event.” His eyes crinkled in anticipation as he tilted Cal’s head up to meet his gaze. “You ready babe?” Bryan’s hands were warm on his skull, as warm as his blue eyes, and Cal’s whole body felt like it was swollen, not just his cock, he was so eager. “I need to get my pussy bred,” he whispered. His asshole literally ached in anticipation; the probe wasn’t nearly enough anymore. “Yeah you do,” Bryan said in a throaty voice, “you muscle bottoms always do. Get up on the bed and Daddy’ll get you what you need.” The remaining clothes went flying and in seconds Cal was on his back with his knees up and thighs apart, watching Bryan’s cock bounce wetly as he hopped onto the bed between his legs. The redhead grabbed the base of Cal’s butt plug and tugged. “You’re not gonna need this anymore, are you?” he asked. It was a rhetorical question: the plastic cylinder was already sliding out of Cal’s hole as he shook his head “no,” and then his hole was empty. Bryan tossed it aside and in a practiced move pulled Cal’s calves up on his shoulders and pressed his fat hardon alongside Cal’s hole, with the tip grazing his balls. He ground into Cal’s hips, sliding his shaft against Cal’s pucker, and the senior groaned. “What do need, baby? Tell Daddy what you want.” He thrust again, pressing the shaft against Cal’s smooth taint in a way that made the dark-haired jock squirm uncontrollably. “Your cock!” he panted, “I need your fat cock in my pussy!!” Bryan moved his hips again. “Unnnhh!…hurry Daddy, fuck me!” He couldn’t believe the things he was saying, but he was past caring. All that mattered was satisfying the urges centered around his ass. “You ever been fucked by someone as big as me?” the burly redhead asked. His beer can ground against Cal’s hole, emphasizing the “big.” Cal shook his head impatiently. It didn’t matter, he could take it, he was sure. *Wanted to take it. “Just fuck me,” he panted, “hurry.” Bryan’s eyes narrowed momentarily, assessing. “Where’s your lube?” Cal shook his head. “I’ll be fine.” Bryan snorted with a lopsided smile. “You are cherry aren’t you? Believe me, you’re gonna want more baby doll. Where you keep it?” “Unhh…bedside table,” Cal grunted in frustration. He’d already greased up the probe–couldn’t they just get to what he wanted? He squirmed across the bed and scrabbled blindly, searching for the squeeze tube. His task got easier when Bryan put his legs down and he could roll onto his stomach and look in earnest. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Bryan fish a condom out of his jeans pocket, then bounce back onto the bed while Cal was still rooting through the pile of shit he had in there. How could he have misplaced the fucking tube?! He’d just used it, for fuck’s sake! “Shit! It’s by the bathroom sink. I’ll get it.” He raised himself up on his elbows, ready to fetch it. “In a minute,” Bryan said. Cal turned his head and saw the brawny redhead eyeing him hungrily. “Gonna do a little prep work first,” he said roughly, and gripped Cal’s ass cheeks hard, then pried them apart hard enough to stretch the tender center. Cal had only half-figured what was happening when Bryan dove forward and speared his hole. The jock yelped as the twin sensations of rough beard and slick tongue assaulted his brain. His sphincter clenched in pleasure, then sprung open, hungry for more. His head dropped like someone had disconnected all the muscles in his neck, and then he was sobbing into the pillow as Bryan began eating him out in earnest. “MMMNNGGGHHDD!!!” He’d assumed the porn stars who went nuts when someone tossed their salad were just acting, like when they moaned away even though they weren’t hard. But this…”FCKK!” His legs jerked as he tried to spread his knees apart–anything to get Bryan easier access to his hole. The courier didn’t need any encouragement; he growled and dug in his thumbs to stretch Cal’s ring wider, then pushed in all the way. The soft bristles of his beard tickled and scratched Cal’s shaved taint and crack, nothing between them and the sensitive skin, while his muscular tongue probed and pressed, swirled and teased, demanding Cal submit. Cal realized this was the sensation the probe was meant to imitate, but the real thing was 1,000 times more intense. He sobbed again in ecstasy as he pushed his ass back into the redheaded hunk’s face, then squealed into his pillow as Bryan motorboated his tender pucker, scratchy beard and slick tongue alternating and making his head spin. He couldn’t help himself: his hips started grinding against the bedspread on their own, and he could feel a torrent of precum pouring out, soaking the fabric. He was dimly aware that he shouldn’t be doing this, that something bad would happen if he came, but the waves of pleasure coming from his ass drowned any other considerations out. It was dumb luck that saved him. Or maybe, he thought later, Bryan just knew how to work a guy over and keep him from coming before he wanted. In any case, just as the trickle of fluid spilling from his piss slit threatened to become a geyser the stud backed off: with a final swab of his tongue over taint and ball sack he pulled his head out from between Cal’s thighs. Cal felt him climb up his body, hovering over him. Bryan had been dripping too: the head of his cock was wet where it touched the base of Cal’s spine. But the rest of him was warm, radiating from inches away. So was his breath as his lips grazed Cal’s ear, the beard tickling lightly. “Your pussy’s nice and wet now, isn’t it baby?” he said in a low voice that made Cal shiver. Cal unclenched his fists from the bedspread. “Yes,” he said hoarsely. He cleared his throat and licked his lips. “Yes,” he said louder. “I’m getting you ready baby. Ready for this.” He lowered his body fractionally and started rocking his hips, his shaft sliding lightly in the crack of Cal’s ass. Cal didn’t hesitate to angle his hips, pooching them up to increase the friction. “That’s it, show Daddy how much you want his cock.” He pressed a little harder as he moved, and Cal pushed back; he could feel Bryan’s bush moving over his ass cheeks, which made him think of how the big stud’s beard had felt. “Fuck me Daddy,” he whimpered, “I need your cock so bad.” God, he did. It was like he hadn’t gotten off in months. The part of him that should’ve been freaking out about begging a guy to pound his ass was long gone, replaced by a hunger to come that radiated out from his pucker through his nuts and dick and then completely took over his brain. “Fuck my pussy,” he groaned. “Mmm…such a hot little muscle slut,” Bryan murmured approvingly, “you’re gonna love getting fucked so much.” He pulled away and sat back on his heels. “Go ahead and roll on your back baby.” Cal flipped over and eyed Bryan’s muscular frame hungrily–especially the fat slab standing out from his flaming red bush; he licked his lips. Bryan stroked it slowly, holding his gaze. “This what you want baby?” he asked in a throaty voice; Cal nodded eagerly. “Good girl…finger your pussy for me while I get the lube, okay?” He got off the bed and backed towards the bathroom, eyeing Cal hungrily as the horny jock slid one, then another digit into his ass and began sliding them in and out. He was already slicked up from the lubed-up probe, and Bryan’s tongue had loosened him up nicely; he had no trouble fitting them in. He didn’t dare go near his dick or even play with his balls, he was that close. But the look Bryan was giving him made him feel slutty as hell–even more than when he’d swallowed all those loads next to Matt–so he made sure to put on a little show of rocking his hips and moaning softly as he fingered himself; no faking needed for sure. Bryan made a low rumble of approval as he watched, looking away just long enough to grab the bottle of the new lube before heading back to the bed. “You look so fuckin’ hot,” he murmured, settling in next to Cal. His body felt warm and hard, and Cal shivered at the touch. He squirted some of the orange liquid onto his fingers and reached between Cal’s legs. “Lemme feel your pussy baby.” Cal moved his hand away, then groaned as three thick fingers penetrated him, stretching his ring wider than it had ever been. Bryan rolled partway on top of him and slid his tongue into Cal’s mouth, its thrusts mirroring his movements down below. Cal whined and gripped the delivery man’s head in one hand, pulling their mouths tight. Making out with a beard was a strange experience, but after what it’d done to his hole he thought it was sexy as fuck. He returned Bryan’s kisses hungrily, groaning as he was stretched open. “That’s it baby,” Bryan encouraged, “show Daddy how you want to get bred.” He pushed in even deeper and Cal whimpered. A cloudy drop of juice emerged from his piss slit to break free and drip onto his belly. “Oh yeah, you do don’t you?” Bryan breathed. He levered up onto his elbows, maneuvering between Cal’s legs and hovering over his body, then began pumping his hips slowly with only their cocks touching. Cal groaned as Bryan’s hot meat slid lightly against his, the redhead’s pubes tickling his smooth shaft. The switch from vigorous stretching to light teasing was unbelievably erotic, beyond even the feel Matt’s hands roaming over his body. Cal wrapped his legs around Bryan’s waist, hungry for more contact to resume. Bryan smiled widely as he did, his expression sweet and wolfish at the same time. “*Now you’re ready baby,” he said in a low voice. Cal nodded; he was waaay beyond “ready.” “Fuck me Daddy,” he said, hoarse with desperation, “I need your fat cock in my pussy.” Bryan’s smile widened. “Whatever you want, baby.” He pushed up and sat back on his heels and in a practiced move tore open the condom wrapper, suited up, and had his fat head pressed against Cal’s hole. As the pressure increased Cal felt a burst of gratitude that Bryan had taken his time: even three fingers hadn’t prepared him for just how massive the piece of meat invading his guts was. The extra lube was absolutely necessary, but it wasn’t enough on its own; Cal felt his hole being stretched farther than it’d ever been, by a long shot. His ring burned as he struggled to accommodate the plum-sized head, but every time he did Bryan backed off, waiting patiently for him to adjust. “Just breath, baby, breath,” he said soothingly. His hands slid over Cal’s thighs and torso, caressing and distracting. “That’s it…yeah…” He bit his lip. “Yeah…your pussy feels so warm and tight…so good…” His face was flushing as he continued sinking in. Cal barely heard him: his entire existence was taken up with the massive invader breaking him in. Each time he thought he’d gotten it Bryan would press in a bit more and he’d have to adjust even more. Wave after wave of mild pain fading to discomfort fading to a warm pleasurable glow and then back to the pain as Bryan took ownership of his body. “Deep breaths baby, deep breaths.” Bryan’s hands gripped his, muscular and slightly calloused–a man’s hands–and Cal opened his eyes to see the burly redhead watching him closely. “You good?” Cal took a deep breath and let it out. His ring relaxed another fraction, but Bryan waited for his nod before he began easing in again. “You’re really fucking big,” he said in a strained voice. He still wanted this, but his dick had softened up a bit from the stress. Bryan’s eyebrows twitched up in amusement. “Yeah I am. You’re gonna love it I promise…you’re almost over the hard part baby. You know you need this…show me…ah yeah…” Cal felt a sudden pop deep inside, and realized the ridge of Bryan’s glans had made it past his ring. It wasn’t going any deeper, but the discomfort was fading fast and it was getting easier to breath. Bryan gave a knowing grin and began rocking his hips the tiniest amount–barely a fraction of an inch but it was enough to engage Cal’s prostate; his dick began twitching and rising in time to the tiny thrusts. “There you go,” he encouraged as that warm glow spread through Cal’s groin again. “You’re so fucking big,” Cal repeated. But this time it came out as soft moan. Bryan’s cock was doing things to him he hadn’t dreamed of, and he was just beginning to fill Cal up. “More…” This was so much better than the probe: the way Bryan filled and stretched him completely, the slick friction of his shaft against Cal’s lube-sensitized guts, the way it relentlessly stimulated his prostate…. Cal surrendered to the pleasure and felt his last bit of resistance melt away as he opened up completely to the fat cock inside him. His cock was quivering, shedding precum nonstop onto his belly. “Fuck me Daddy,” he moaned, “fuck my pussy…” “There you go,” Bryan said. In one smooth motion he lowered himself on top of Cal, warm furry chest against the bottom’s smooth one, and slid the rest of the way in. His pubes and belly ground against Cal’s engorged shaft as he did, and that was the final straw. Cal barely had time to register what was happening when he exploded with a sharp cry and warm jets of cum began filling the space between their bellies. Bryan didn’t seem surprised: he just rocked his hips slowly as Cal kept coming, letting his fat shaft milk him. He nuzzled Cal’s neck, his beard tickling the sensitive skin there. “That’s it baby,” he cooed in a low voice, “come for Daddy. Show him you love his cock…” “Aaaaynnhh…” was all Cal could get out. His orgasm was so intense it almost hurt, but the release of pressure in his balls was a pleasure all his own. He’d had no idea how much the last few days of edging had gotten to him until he let go. And what a way to go: this was suriyeli escort as completely different than with a chick as it could get. It wasn’t just the thick slab filling his insides, but the weight and feel and warm man smell of Bryan on top of him, furry body sliding against his, that was a massive turn-on. His arms and legs were wrapped tight around Bryan’s body, maximizing the contact as he finished thrusting; the smell of cum filled the room. “Oh God…” he finally said, weakly. Suddenly he felt embarrassed: he’d lasted what, three seconds? “Sorry.” He heard Bryan laugh lightly in his ear, and when he lifted his head up he was smiling. “What for, baby? You lasted longer than I thought.” “I…did?” Did Bryan think five seconds was normal or something? It didn’t seem like it: the redhead’s cock was as stiff as ever as it continued lazily rocking inside Cal’s ass. “Yeah,” Bryan grinned, “I thought you were gonna come while I was eating your pussy.” He slid his tongue into Cal’s mouth briefly. “You’re so fuckin’ thirsty,” he said. “I’ve just…never come that fast,” Cal said. Or stayed hard after. Maybe it was the fact that Bryan’s cock was still pumping in and out, or maybe it was just the man-on-man contact, but his hard on had barely sagged. “‘Sokay,” Bryan murmurred as he nuzzled Cal’s other ear; the soft scratching made Cal arch his neck in pleasure. “I love the smell of cum.” “Yeah…” Cal agreed faintly. His hotel adventure with Matt had been hot as hell, but right now he was having trouble focusing on anything but what Bryan was doing to him. His dick was puffing back up fast, and he began rocking his hips again while his hands roamed over Bryan’s back. Fuck this guy is built, he thought, he had muscles everywhere. Bryan rumbled in approval as he explored, sliding his tongue into Cal’s ear and nibbling on the lobe in a way that got him breathing faster. Cal slid his hands lower and grabbed onto the redhead’s muscular glutes, pulling them in as his legs squeezed. Bryan pushed in all the way, grinding his bush against Cal’s smooth taint as he bottomed out and making the student jock groan. “You like that cock baby?” he growled. “Mmhmm,” Cal whined, nodding. “Yes…” “So warm and tight…” Bryan sighed. His tongue traced a line from Cal’s ear along his jawline and then, as he began humping faster, slid into his mouth. Cal’s back arched in pleasure as the massive piece of meat slid back and forth inside him, and he moaned. “Oh God…more Daddy, more.” Bryan obliged, face reddening with effort. “Your cock feels so good…unhh…breed my cunt.” “Your pussy is so tight baby,” he panted, slamming harder as Cal’s hole loosened up even more, “gonna fill you up with my cum. Mm!” His last thrust shook Cal’s entire body. “Make me come Daddy! Make me come! Oh fuck!” Cal was starting to shake as Bryan slammed into him harder and deeper, the shock waves in his ass meeting the twinges of pleasure from where their slick bodies rubbed his glans. “Take it!” Bryan grunted. He’d broken out in a sweat as he went to town, and their slick bodies writhed and slid together faster and harder as their fucking became an animalistic frenzy. “Take my fuckin’ dick!” He was banging into Cal’s body too hard and fast for them to kiss but his hungry gaze was locked on Cal’s as he rammed home, the thrusts sliding Cal’s body across the bed. Cal was working up a sweat too as he clung tight to the delivery man’s muscular body, pushing back against the thrusts that were driving him wild. “You’re fuckin’ cock!” he cried out, “You feel so fuckin’ good in my pussy!! Oh Jesus Christ!!” He didn’t think it was possible, but Bryan’s dick felt even bigger and harder than when they’d started, and he loved it. “Pound me with that fat cock Daddy! Harder!” He reached a frenzy as the feel of slick flesh-on-flesh overwhelmed him, and knew that he was going to blow again soon, adding to the cum already lubricating them. “UNNHHH!! HARDER DADDY FUCK ME HARDER!!” He grabbed frantically at Bryan’s ass, hungry for whatever extra fraction of an inch he could get; he barely noticed that he was banging up against the headboard. “Unhh…so FUCKIN’ TIGHT!! FUUUCK!!” Bryan roared. “TAKE MY FUCKIN’ LOAD!! UNH UNH UNH UUUUNNHH!!” He rammed deeper than he’d ever gone and his whole body stiffened as he began shooting into Cal’s ass; for a second the bottom wondered if the condom was going to hold up. “BREED! YOUR! HOLE!!” he chanted, and then with one last thrust he collapsed, panting, on top of Cal. “Oh shit,” he groaned, “holy shit.” He inhaled deeply and blinked widely a few times as he came to his senses, finally registering the fact that Cal was still squirming hungrily underneath him. He braced up on one elbow, then slid his right paw between their bodies and wrapped it around Cal’s shaft. “Time for you to come baby. Lemme feel that spooge all over me.” He rammed deep again, then began stroking Cal in time with his thrusts. He wasn’t gentle–Cal had made it clear he wanted to get railed hard–but the mix of sweat and cum made the bottom exquisitely sensitive to his tight grip. Three thrusts/strokes later and Bryan got what he wanted. “Fuck me, YES, FUCK ME!” Cal wailed as he came. “HARDER!!!” He couldn’t speak words after that, just cried out again and again as the semen exploded from his balls. If the first orgasm was over before it began this one was the opposite: wave after wave of pleasure rolled across his body, coming from everywhere their bodies touched. The feelings in his dick and ass were almost an afterthought, it was so intense, and Cal’s eyes rolled back in his head as he wrapped himself around Bryan as tightly as he could, hunching and thrusting in ecstatic release that went on and on. When he finally came to his senses and his eyes fluttered open he saw Bryan grinning down at him. The big jock kept milking him, ensuring he got every drop Cal had to offer; when it was clear he’d succeeded he slid his palm through it, smearing the globs over Cal’s torso and chest. Cal lay their lazily, too blown away to worry about having a guy smear jizz all over him. “You’re really into that, huh?” he finally asked once he was able to form words. “Told you, I love the smell of a guy’s fresh cum. Tastes good too.” Bryan licked one nipple clean then bit it lightly, making Cal twitch from the little shock of pleasure his teeth set off. “And you had a lot of it. Both times.” “Yeah,” Cal agreed, “guess I was super-horny.” He blushed as he remembered some of the shit he’d said. “I don’t–I mean, I’m not normally into–I mean, I don’t wanna bang my dad or anything, or, um, you know, stuff…” he finished weekly. Oh my God, he thought, I begged him to fuck my _pussy. What the fuck was wrong with me? But he knew: he’d been so worked up he would’ve done anything to get off. Which apparently he did. “Hey.” Brian rolled on top of him, but kept up on his elbows. “It’s cool, really. We all say crazy stuff during sex.” He was still deep in Cal’s ass, and he ground his hips a little to remind him. “Hot stuff.” He kissed Cal, his tongue sliding in briefly before he lifted his head. His blue eyes held Cal’s gaze. “I know lotsa guys like you: tough gym boys, but you just love getting fucked good and hard.” He pumped his hips slowly and Cal sucked in his breath; he couldn’t deny it. “And you were super fuckin’ hot. Even better than I thought, and I jerked off a *lot the last few weeks thinking about you.” He kissed Cal again. “So don’t sweat it babe. Nothing wrong with being a jock bro out there, then begging Daddy for some cock in the bedroom.” He pushed in all the way and held there, still massive even as he started to soften. “Okay?” He thrust again, once. “You good with that?” “Uh huh.” Cal had just come–hard–but Bryan’s fatty could still make his eyes flutter and put a hitch in his breath. “Cool.” Bryan kissed Cal again, then rolled off to one side, pulling out slowly as he did. His condom was swollen with the massive load he’d deposited, leaving his dick coated in white goo when he stripped it off. “You wanna clean Daddy’s cock?” he asked as he tied a knot in the rubber and tossed it in the waste basket. Cal didn’t reply, but he did lean over and do what Bryan suggested. They’d both come too hard and too recently for it to turn into another round, but he realized he enjoyed giving a lazy tongue bath. Bryan smelled like sex and sweat and cum; it tasted just as good as the first time he’d swallowed it and Cal didn’t miss a drop. When he finished it just seemed natural to curl back up next to his guest, who put a friendly arm around him as they chilled out. “You cool?” he asked. Cal nodded. The redhead took a deep breath, considering, then continued. “Cool. ‘Coz sometimes…” he caressed the side of Cal’s face, “…it can be a little weird the first time. For some guys.” He stared intently into Cal’s eyes. “It was for me anyway. So no pressure, y’know?” He waited for Cal to nod before he broke eye contact, then kissed him lightly on the forehead. “That’s cool. Good deal.” They ended up hanging for a while, which was something newish for Cal: Matt was the only other person he’d done anything like that with after sex. Maybe it was the endorphins, but something about Bryan’s warmth next to him, and the feel of his warm hand idly roaming over Cal’s body, was…nice. They mostly just shot the shit, nothing heavy, although Cal did let it slip that he and Matt were fooling around a little, which piqued Bryan’s interest. “He another muscle bottom like you?” the redhead asked. “Umm…I dunno,” Cal confessed. “We haven’t really done that.” “This was your first time, huh? Getting fucked?” Bryan didn’t look judgy or smug, just curious. “Yeah.” Cal blushed a little. He hadn’t thought of himself as a virgin in a long time, but Bryan was definitely his first in at least one way. “Cool. Low key, you were super hot.” Bryan gave him a little one-armed hug and kissed his forehead. “Buuut…it’s almost 11; I should probably get going. Mind if I clean up?” “No, sure, that’s cool. I’ll get you a towel.” Cal hopped off the bad, realizing as he did that he was kind of sorry it was over. At least I’m not crazy horny anymore, he thought. Although he was still a little swollen. “Thanks.” Bryan took the towel, walked into the bathroom, and got the water heating up while Cal stood there feeling awkward. He should probably just check his email or something while Bryan cleaned up. It was just that the guy was so damn fine to look at… “Oh hey, how did your work emergency go? Is that lady okay?” he asked. He really did want to know, but he couldn’t help looking at the dusting of red fur on Bryan’s ass, his eyes following the crack to where those bull nuts hung just out of sight. “Helen? Yeah, she’s doing a lot better. A couple of the volunteers were really freaked out at first–she’s kinda everyone’s grandma–but she didn’t break her hip, thank God, just a nasty bruise. She’s hobbling around cursing her ‘g-damn walker,’ but she’ll be fine.” He smiled and shook his head. “She’s one tough gal,” he said fondly. He switched the shower head on, apparently satisfied with the temperature. “Well?” he asked. “Huh?” Cal wasn’t sure what he meant. One side of Bryan’s mouth twisted into a grin. “You gonna stand there while your dick gets hard, or you gonna help me clean up?” Cal looked down and realized he was more than a little swollen: his shaft was already lifting away from his balls, and it wasn’t stopping. He also realized that Bryan was in a similar state. “Yeah, okay, cool.” He nodded and followed the redhead into the stall. It was a bit of a tight fit–Cal’s condo was nice but no luxury loft–but the close quarters didn’t bother either one of them. They took turns lathering each other up, getting harder as they went. Cal relaxed and closed his eyes as Bryan rubbed shampoo into his scalp, scrubbing the redhead’s crotch and balls in return. He kept them closed as Bryan stepped closer, their hard ons pressing together as they kissed. One hand slid down his back and into his crack, and he spread his legs to let first one, then two soapy fingers into his hole. Bryan played with him for a couple minutes until Cal couldn’t stop his hips rocking; he grinned wickedly when he slid them out. Cal returned the look and began soaping up Bryan’s backside. When he found the smooth skin at the base of his crack the stocky jock didn’t say anything, just raised one cocky eyebrow and widened his stance. His eyes slid shut and he let out a satisfied “mmm…” when Cal pushed a finger in. “Nice…” “You like that?” Cal asked, a little surprised. “Sure,” Brian said easily, “I love getting fucked. My first boyfriend and I would flip fuck all the time.” He smiled faintly as his ring squeezed Cal’s fingertip. “Oh.” Cal was kind of surprised, but…that was definitely something to think about. “Not as much as you though.” Bryan’s eyes opened and he looked Cal in the eye as he wrapped his arms around him, one hand sliding lower until his fingers resumed exploring Cal’s hole. “Right?” Cal bit his lip and nodded. Bryan knew him all right: if he had to choose between that fine ass or the monster cock facing him, he’d go for the package in front. Brian reached behind him and turned off the faucet with his free hand. When he was done he put his hand on Cal’s neck, turning it so he could put his lips to one ear. “What do you want baby?” Cal shivered; the hunger in Bryan’s voice was back, and it made him weak. “Ahhh…I want your cock again Daddy,” he sighed. “Yeah? How?” Bryan’s lips and beard moved over his neck, making it hard to think. “I…ahh…wanna ride your dick. Fill my pussy up while I shoot my load all over you.” Bryan was making it hard for him to think, at least about anything else. This role play shit was turning him on more than he’d thought possible. “You need to get bred again? Stretch that jock hole open some more?” “Uh huh…” Cal squirmed under Bryan’s touch. The dirty talk was really turning him on as he got into it. “I wanna feel your cock ramming into me.” He ground his crotch against Bryan’s fiery pubes, already leaking from the groin-on-groin rus escort friction. “Yeah you do,” Bryan growled, “you were born to be bred. Let’s get your pussy what it needs.” They were both breathing heavily as they toweled off, eyeing each other’s bodies the whole time. Half-dry was good enough for both of them, and less than a minute later Cal was pulling Bryan after him back to the bed, his hard on leading the the way. Bryan wrapped his arms around him from behind when they reached the foot of the bed and nuzzled Cal’s neck again–he definitely knew what he was doing, Cal thought as he leaned into it with a soft moan. Bryan slid his right hand down Cal’s torso and through his cropped dark pubes, then began slowly jacking him as his other hand rolled Cal’s nipple. “Fuck me Daddy,” he moaned. Shit, he’d already come twice and he was still begging for it like a bitch in heat. But he couldn’t help it: the feel of that beer can sliding in his crack, so close to his hole, made him feel drunk he was so horny. He clenched his asshole in anticipation, then opened it wide as he pressed his ass backwards. He really, really needed to get off. “Such a horny little slut,” Bryan said approvingly, “I fuckin’ love it.” He unwrapped himself from Cal’s body, then stooped down and fished another condom from his jeans pocket while Cal watched. Cal put one hand over Bryan’s as he prepared to tear open the packet. “I wanna feel you come inside me,” he said. How sexy would that be? Would he feel it when Bryan shot his load? It was hot as hell to think about. Bryan cocked one auburn eyebrow. “You on Prep?” “Huh?” Cal was confused–he sure _felt prepped and ready to go. He thought he’d gotten good and clean that morning anyway… Bryan shook his head slightly. “That’s a ‘no’ then.” He tore open the packet with his teeth and spit out the corner, then wrapped his free hand around Cal’s dick. “I’ll fuck you until you’ve got jizz running out your hole once you start taking that little pill, but until then we’re playing it safe. Get your ass down to the student health center tomorrow and they can hook you up. Or I can give you one of the info packets we hand out to the LGBT kids at the shelter. But until then–” he gave Cal’s rod a long slow tug that made the student suck in his breath– “I’m wrapping up. Don’t worry,” he twisted and squeezed and Cal’s breath hitched as a drop of precum oozed out, “you’re gonna know my dick’s inside you, baby.” He stepped close and stroked again. “Making your jock cunt ache.” Cal whimpered. “Making you blow your load.” His breath was warm on Cal’s face. “Put the rubber on me,” he said softly, “lemme fuck your brains out again.” He held up the pink disk for Cal to take, locking his blue eyes on Cal’s dark ones as it unrolled along his length. They stroked each other a couple more times when he was done, then Bryan twitched his eyebrows. “Ready?” “Yeah,” Cal nodded vigorously. His cock was already slick from the precum Bryan had smeared over it. Bryan smirked a little, then jumped backwards onto the bed and slid up until his head came to rest on a pillow; he spread his legs slightly. “Come and get it baby,” he said, and Cal felt a droplet of precum forming at the sight of him. Cal crawled up the bed on all fours. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed his alarm clock: 11:18. He had time… He lowered his head and took one of Bryan’s balls into his mouth. His sack was manscaped, but still had fuzz on it. Cal rolled it around, savoring the fresh taste and mentally comparing the feel to Matt’s shaved nuts. “Aw yeah,” Bryan said approvingly. “Get on it…mhmm!” He spread his legs to give Cal better access. “Suck my balls baby…fuck that’s hot.” He breathed in through his nose, heavily, as Cal began tongue bathing one, then the other. They felt warm and full; Cal wished Bryan would raw dog him just so he could feel their contents inside him. He opened wide and took both into his mouth, swabbing them with the flat of his tongue while his nose bumped up against Bryan’s wrapped rod and the bush surrounding it. The freshly-showered scent filled his lungs, and his exhale was a hungry growl. Bryan laid his hands on Cal’s head and spread his thighs, encouraging his exploration. “Yeah,” he whispered, “just like that. Unh…” He squirmed as Cal’s lips pulled lightly on his scrotum. He stroked Cal’s head and sucked in a couple of deep breaths as the jock’s tongue lapped at his tender skin. “Got a big load in there for you baby,” he said hoarsely, “why don’t you fuck it out of me?” His face was flushed and he looked as horny as Cal felt. “Yeah,” Cal agreed, and climbed over Bryan to grab the lube; the delivery man’s body was warm where he brushed against it and Cal shivered at the touch. The need to feel Bryan’s cock inside him was suddenly overpowering. “Yeah,” he repeated, and smeared a healthy glob of orange goo over the rubber. Bryan’s shaft was warm and fat and hard under his palm, pulsing reflexively as he slid his hand over the fat head. He thought for a minute, considering how he wanted to ride the monster; Bryan just watched quietly with a slight smile on his face. Reaching his decision Cal stood up, planted his feet on either side of the stocky redhead’s hips, and squatted down. Bryan guided his ass with one hand while the other positioned his dick, until Cal felt the massive warmth pressing against his hole. How could he have forgotten how big that thing was? But it wasn’t that he’d forgotten really; he just didn’t care enough to stop. He especially didn’t care when Bryan’s hand wrapped around his dick and started slowly stroking; the redhead grinned at the whimper that got out of him. “That’s it baby, open back up for me,” Bryan cooed. His head was at Cal’s ring, stretching it taut, and making it hard to think. Cal rested his hands on Bryan’s broad shoulders for balance–that made it easier–and bit his lower lip as he focused on getting the fat head past his sphincter. “Yeah, there you go baby doll…deep breaths…open up your pussy for Daddy’s fat cock…” His blue eyes bored into Cal’s as he spoke, calming but oh so fucking sexy, while his slow strokes sent shivers of pleasure up Cal’s spine that drowned out the discomfort. “Let me in baby…lemme give you what you need.” Cal whimpered hungrily, the sensations in his dick and hole demanding more stimulation. He was close, he could tell…almost there…. With a relieved “unh!” he worked his ring past the fat head at last, and now it was the smooth massive shaft that he felt. “Ohhh…Daddy your cock feels so good!” God did it. This position didn’t have the body contact like before, but Bryan was hitting his prostate at a different angle that he was really appreciating. “Unnnnhhh…” His eyes fluttered as he slid lower, until he felt the soft tickle of pubes against his nut sack. A fraction further and then he’d bottomed out. “You did so good baby girl,” Bryan said, “you’re so good at taking my cock.” With his free hand he pulled Cal in for a kiss, his tongue sliding into Cal’s mouth to complete his penetration. “So warm and tight,” he sighed when they broke free, “you were born to be fucked.” He rocked his hips a little and Cal moaned lightly as his hole stretched open. “Yes,” he gasped, “I fuckin’ love your dick inside me.” His whole body felt swollen with pleasure, and without even thinking he began rocking, riding an inch or two up and down; the sensation was as mindblowing as the first time. “I wanna feel you come, feel you come in my pussy.” He began moving more as his muscles loosened and the discomfort faded, leaving nothing but pleasure. He’d been an idiot to fight this, it was better than any sex he’d had before, and he knew he was hooked. “Fuck me Daddy!” he urged, “Fuck me!” He bounced higher, riding more of Bryan’s massive shaft, and now the fat head was pushing at his sphincter from the inside; Cal probably would’ve slipped off if it wasn’t so big. But it stayed in and he rode the monster back down with a long moan, Bryan’s pubes grinding into him before he began the cycle over. “YES, YES, HARDER DADDY HARDER!” Bryan was jacking him in earnest as Cal sped up, his balls beginning to pull up. “Ride my cock baby, ride it!” Bryan began slamming his hips up to meet Cal on his downstroke, and the young jock wailed as the motion battered his prostate. “OH GOD YES!! JUST LIKE THAT DADDY! FUCK MY PUSSY FUCK IT FUCK AAAAHH!” And Cal exploded. He watched in amazement, almost an out-of-body experience, as thick jets of white cream burst out between Bryan’s fingers–he didn’t think he’d had any left after his first two orgasms, but it seemed like he sure did. “OH FUCK YES!!” he wailed as it overflowed and began dripping off Bryan’s hand. The glutinous coating left his cock incredibly sensitive, and Bryan’s iron grip combined with his thrusts sent Cal’s nerves into overload. “FUAAAHH!…” He bounced up and down, utterly focused on the feelings coming from his ass and how to make them last as long as possible. His hands dug into Bryan’s meaty traps for dear life as he rammed his glutes against his partner’s groin, struggling to keep his balance as his orgasm obliterated every thought in his head. Again. Of course it didn’t last as long as it seemed: Bryan’s thrusts were still forcing the last drops of cum out of his balls when he came to his senses. The redhead’s eyes were squeezed shut, his pale lashes barely visible, as he thrust up into Cal’s hole. “Take it baby, take it!” he panted, and with a loud groan he rammed his hips against Cal’s ass while his mouth fell open. Cal almost thought he could feel the piece of meat inside him get even bigger. His training kicked in, and he squeezed his ring as tight as he could while he rocked in time to Bryan’s thrusts. “Breed me Daddy, breed my hole!” he chanted, as Bryan came and came and came inside him–for the second time Cal wondered if the rubber was going to survive. “Oh. Shit,” Bryan gasped as he slowly lost his intensity. “Fuckin’ A.” He thrust one last time, hard, into Cal’s hole, shivering as he did. Then all the tension ran out of him and he lay there panting. He looked as drained as Cal felt, in every sense. Cal collapsed forward onto Bryan’s shoulder, somehow managing to move to a kneeling position without letting Bryan’s cock leave him; they were both breathing hard. “Holy crap,” he muttered. “Oh yeah holy crap,” Bryan replied, nuzzling his ear. His big arms wrapped around Cal’s torso and pulled him tight; Cal could feel one hand was wet with his own cum. “You were fucking amazing.” He thrust lazily up once, still hard, and Cal murmured in approval. “That was even hotter than I thought it’d be,” he whispered in Cal’s ear. “You are one sexy motherfucker.” He nipped Cal’s earlobe, making him smile. “Thanks.” Cal had never felt this chill after getting laid before, but he’d never had his mind blown like this. “That was…pretty sick.” As he came to he was starting to freak out a bit, but he couldn’t really lie and…even as it was starting to soften, Bryan’s dick still felt pretty fine where it was. Bryan pulled him in for a kiss before he could think much more about it, then rolled them over so he was on top. One hand caressed Cal’s face, and then he slid out, leaving the frat boy feeling surprisingly empty. He gave Cal a quick kiss on the cheek; a quick brush of warm lips and bristly beard. “Now I’ve definitely gotta get going, for reals.” He rolled half off the bed and grabbed the nearest piece of cloth he could find, which happened to be Cal’s underwear. “Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve gotta be at my day job toot sweeet. No time for another shower.” He pecked Cal’s lips. “Too bad,” he grinned “That’s fine,” Cal said. The clock read 11:52–still time, but yeah, Bryan needed to go. He was already pulling on his pants at least. Bryan’s face twisted into a wry smile. “Chill, I’m not gonna ghost you. Not with that phat ass.” He winked. “But I really do have to be at the shelter in time for shift change.” He padded back into Cal’s living room, collecting clothes as he went; Cal pulled on his briefs and followed behind. Brian’s wiry red hair popped up through the top of his his henley and he pulled on his jacket; somehow looking he looked even better in his delivery outfit than out of it. “But I’ll be seeing you again next week I bet.” He threw Cal a wink. “Maybe sooner?” He grabbed his boots and sat on the couch to pull them on. “Um….” This was a lot to process. “Yeah, sure.” Cal half-ignored the question as he looked for the old dildo; it’d ended up at the foot of the bed. He padded to the bathroom sink and washed it off. Something must’ve shown on his face because Bryan paused tying on his laces. “Hey, Cal.” He waited for the taller jock to acknowledge him before he continued. “It’s cool man, I’ve been there. I’m not looking for a boyfriend, I’m not telling anyone, none of that. We can just have some fun–as much as you want–and then that’s it.” He stood up, ready to go. “No pressure, okay?” Cal nodded, feeling a bit numb; the enormity of what he’d just done was starting to sink in. Bryan’s hands were firm on his shoulders though, holding him to the floor. “You’re fine, we’re fine, this is all cool, okay?” Bryan said, looking up at him. “I’m not pushing, this is totally your call.” He stepped close, their bodies nearly touching. “Do whatever you want baby.” He leaned in until his facial hair tickled Cal’s ear. “Anything,” he whispered, and Cal shivered. The quick pressure of warm lips on Cal’s jawline and then Bryan was backing away with a warm smile, taking the old dildo from Cal’s hand to drop in the the return envelope. “Take it easy Cal,” he said, and then he was out the door. Cal took the deepest breath of his life, let it out, and sat down on the couch; his head was spinning. What the fuck had he just done? And–oh shit!–it was 11:57! He darted back to his bedroom and grabbed the latest butt plug; no need to lube it up before sliding it in. Hell, now that he’d managed Bryan this thing was a breeze; hard to believe he’d ever struggled with it. He pulled his briefs back up and flopped back on his bed, trying to digest what he’d just done and what it meant. It was too much to think about right now though; in an effort to distract himself he grabbed his phone off his bedside table, ready to read the latest Apple News updates. But it was a text from Matt that was waiting in his notifications. “pls come by. Need to talk.”

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