LittleMissLipService offers Doug an Apology

LittleMissLipService offers Doug an ApologyHi all….I have been so bad about posting stories here, I actually enjoy writing when I have the time and have many, many great true stories that I want to share with all of you naughty perverts ;)So watch this space for several new stories shortly…..This is an entry that I wanted to share with you about something that happened earlier this evening when I offered to take a fellow Xhamster writer’s fantasy and flesh it out into a story…… They had no interest in doing it and I and several other readers thought it started out very sexily and then just died off – we wanted our Happy Ending! You should also know that I love making teasing jokes and being naughty….. and, well, there is no other way around this, but I am quite a smartass and made a joke about someone not involved in our conversation. I immediately felt bad about what I had done as I have no desire to hurt anyone’s feelings unless they are deserving of it…….So you tell me, was my apology good enough?LittleMissLipService offers Doug an ApologyHi Doug – I’m Kim aka LittleMissLipService……you don’t know me, but I agreed with your comment below and asked Jennifer Michelle if I could turn her fantasy into a story……..and then because I am a smart ass, I made a comment about you being underneath me and pulling aside my pink thong and bouncing on your lap………and then didn’t think it was fair that I didn’t include you in the conversation…. so, I wanted to apologize to you Doug………Please allow me to make it up to you….< LittleMissLIpService applies a fresh coat of pink gloss to her lips and gives Doug a naughty bahis siteleri canlı wink before sliding her high heels apart and gliding to her knees. Kim tucks her high heels under her, drags her long pink nails teasingly down Doug’s stomach and pulls his shirt out of the way. She eases open his belt, undoes his zipper and pulls his pants off. Kim kisses and nuzzles at Doug’s inner thighs as she hooks her fingers into his waistband and then pulls his underwear over his hips causing his pulsing cock to spring out and smack Kim on the mouth, leaving a little string of precum trailing from her pink lips to the head of his meaty cock.She giggles and licks the clear liquid from her lips……. “I absolutely love lots of precum, do you think you could help me out” Kim asks then sucks the head of his cock into her mouth while milking his shaft. Her delicate fingers trying to coax out more of that yummy fluid. She let’s Doug’s cock pop from her mouth, as a smile plays over her lips….LittleMissLipService holds her tongue flat and laps and sucks at his heavy balls while her fingernails lightly trace along the inside of Doug’s hips, making him squirm and his growing cock jump……… Kim giggles and let’s Doug’s now shiny balls pop out of her mouth as teases her way up with her tongue…..flicking and lapping, working her way up from the base of his cock. Her fingers circle just under Doug’s glans, his plum shaped head getting fatter and tighter as she lightly and rapidly strokes under the head of his cock……. Fluid starts to ooze deliciously out of the tip and onto LittleMissLipService’s pink fingernails….. She bet siteleri gives an appreciative moan as she trails the clear fluid onto her tongue ……..“I love teasing and seeing how much precum and cum I can get a man to produce for me…. Does that bother you Doug?” she asked“Kim you can tease and suck on my cock until the cows come home or you drain me dry – I’m not complaining..” he said while using his plum-shaped head to spread precum across her lips……LittleMissLipService smiles and then taking his cock in hand she starts to bob her mouth on the end of his cock, trying to make it wet for what was to come as she swirled their combined juices around his throbbing shaft……She withdraws her mouth and spits delicately onto Doug’s cock….stroking and using the saliva to cast all the way down his shaft……“Does a little bit of gagging bother you Doug? I hope not because I really like it and um, it kind of turns me on…” Kim’s face breaks into a wide smile as Doug says it will be no bother at all..“Okay baby, let me do the driving for a bit and then when I tell you, I want you to use my mouth like a pussy and really fuck my throat – okay? And you can squeeze and pinch my nipples a bit too if you like…” Seeing the thumbs up from Doug, LittleMissLIpService spits once more on the end of his cock before resuming her bobbing motions……..She furiously wraps her mouth over his juicy rod……. back and forth in and out….building up a nice layer of saliva as she pushes forward taking him deeper into her throat……she comes up for air and gasps, “Almost there…this part’s a little trickier…” and engulfs him once more…Kim’s hands pull at Doug’s en güvenilir bahis sitesi hips as she repeatedly forces the last few inches of his fat sausage into her mouth…her nostrils flaring, as the piston-like motion squeezes the air out of her throat, creating a noisy pumping rythym..“Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnnggukk……….Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnggukk” “Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnnggukk……….Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnggukk”After a few more minutes of strenuous effort, Kim’s lips are past the base of Doug’s cock and resting on his pubic bone…She slowly works her way back halfway and then slams herself forward too the base of his cock, choking out a muffled “Nnnnggukk” and causing her eyes to water…She repeats this several times until she can pull all the way off his cock and then force herself all the the way forward in one fluid motion…..the only sign of struggle coming from her muted choking…….LittleMissLIpService withdraws her mouth coated in saliva and gasps ….“ Okay baby, fuck my throat….go wild, I love it…”A wide smile slowly spreads across Doug’s face as he grabs Kim’s by her hair at the back of her head……He lazily guides her as she swallows his throbbing muscle, bobbing her face lightly over the end of his cock……. flicking at Kim’s nipples, teasing and squeezing them while he jerks off using her mouth…………. Doug tightens up his grip on Kim’s hair and starts to pinch Kim’s nipple hard…… She opens her mouth in shock as he says “ Okay my slut, now I’m going to make you my little fuckdoll..” and grabbing her by the hair, repeatedly slams his cock all the way down her throat……..“Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnnggukk……….Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnggukk” “Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnnggukk……….Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnggukk” “Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnnggukk……….Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnggukk” “Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnnggukk……….Nnnggukk….nnnggukk…nnggukk” >Apology accepted Doug? XOXO Kim Cumkitten aka LittleMissLipService

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