Subject: Living on my own ain’t so bad Suggested category: Gay; IncestDisplaying my email is ok. It wasn’t long to discover that living on my own was kind of boring. I just turned 20 and moved into my own place, finally out of my parents roof, but came soon to realize that it is not all cracked up to be. Sure, friends come by, I could leave the dishes in the sink, and I was able to walk around in my underwear or naked and do what I want, but in reality, I was missing my rents and brother. I started to ponder, is it always this boring?. Luckily, I was still able to visit home to get some food, money, and do laundry. About three months into living on my own, I got in a groove of work, paying bills, and having an occasional girl come over for some fun. It was nice not having to sneak a girl in anymore. Recently, Sarah came over and got all bitchy about wanting more pleasure and affection. I mean come on, I got my nut, what else does she want. I fingered her, licked her and then shot my load on her tits. I didn’t realize she wanted to cuddle and stuff afterward, this was not what I wanted. I didn’t want her to come over anymore until she realized i’m not the type to settle down right now. I’m young and just having some fun. I have my whole life ahead of me. Well, from what happened yesterday, Sunday, I don’t think I’ll need to call Sarah anymore. I was at home getting ready for the week ahead meal prepping and doing laundry while trying to watch some movies. It was a casual Sunday, nice evening by this point. That’s when Brandon knocked and walked in like he owns the place, my place. I was just relaxing chilling on the couch in my boxers, luckily I hadn’t yet decided to throw on some porn and get to my usual Sunday jerk off. Brandon looked pissed. I didn’t even get a word in when he went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers out of the fridge and started ranting about how mom and dad were being strict and he couldn’t go to some party because his calculus grade was slipping near graduation. He was ranting about how he’s 18 now and they don’t need to worry about him or look over his shoulder all the time. I just sat there trying to ignore him, but he kept going on and on, and i’ve been there, i’ve done that, I don’t want to relive it. Finally, after about 10 minutes into izmit rus escort his rant, he finally said hi and acknowledged I was there. I could care less at this point, but now I was focused on getting him out so I could get to my Sunday routine of jerking off and passing out on my bed. I don’t know at what point it was, but after laying on the couch and bullshitting about home and the parents, I was starting to look at my brother, younger brother, in a different way. Maybe it was because I was horny and needed to get off, or was I just staring at his legs and how they looked sexy in those shorts, or the fact his shirt was a little tight on his athletic baseball body. Whatever I started to think, I knew this was a bad idea so I sat in silence, staring. Eventually, Brandon realized this and asked if I was ok. I snapped out of it. I just said I was tired. By then, I realize the beer he handed me earlier was starting to take effect. I was horny, I wanted to cum and I think I wanted my younger brother to do it for me. I noticed he started to get tired so I told him to crash over at my place. At first, he said no. I told him he shouldn’t drive anyways. Then, I told him i’d text mom and dad and tell them you’re staying here and will help with his studies. Brandon at this point was tired and ok with it. We headed to my bed, I mean come on, I have a single bedroom, i’m only 20. Not much happened as we headed to bed, me in my boxers and he chucked his clothes down to his as well. I hadn’t got off yet, the beer felt good, but I wasn’t ready to sleep, I needed to get off. Brandon didn’t need to apparently. Soon enough, he was slightly snoring within a few minutes. I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted to touch those legs I admired earlier, slightly hairy, but his muscles were well defined. I slowly rubbed them and noticed I was boning hard at this point. I moved my hand up his boxers a bit and was close to heat, his balls, fuck they were so close to my hand and could feel the heat from them already. I stopped, I can’t do this, it’s my brother, my good looking athletic brother that’s following in his big brother’s footsteps playing ball and soon to graduate. I couldn’t hold back long. I let my hand go up a little further, finally, I got to his balls, they were smooth izmit escort like mine, he keeps them shaved. I was turned on by this. Brandon’s cock was the next exhilarating feel that I had never experienced. Sure, I jerked off with a few buds in high school, but here I was touching his dick. It wasn’t hard, but it was getting firm as I kept my hand there. As any guy would know, a few small strokes while squeezing it only takes a few seconds before it starts to really grow, especially at our age. Fuck, he’s hard. All in my hand. Brandon is definitely a grower and a shower, I’d say he got to a full seven inches, fuck it felt so good to feel his hard cock in my hand. I’m squeezing his cock, i’m touching his balls, i’m slowly stroking it, I was so immersed into it that i didn’t realize Brandon woke up but didn’t move. I was so lost into his dick that when I finally moved to get a better angle, he’s on his back staring at me smiling. I froze. What the fuck do I do now. I literally stayed there for close to a minute while he stared at me. Finally, Brandon spoke with a nod. “Don’t stop, it feels fucking amazing.” I stared again at him, my hand instinctively started stroking him with longer strokes this time as I just stared at him he stared directly at me. His face gave away the pleasure he was receiving at this time. Here I was, big brother taking advantage of my brother’s hard cock. I must’ve be giving him a great hand job because he started to moan a bit and now he’s starting to move his hips meeting my rhythm all while slowly moaning at me. Suddenly, reality kicked in a bit. I stopped. I still had his dick in my hand and he looked at me. I felt bad. Brandon did nothing but keep staring at me. Is Brandon’s hand moving between us? It moved toward me, it fished in the hole of the boxers, grabbed my cock giving it a good squeeze and he again said, “don’t stop.” He’s stroking my dick too. We’re brothers and we’ve got each others dick in their hand stroking, both hard as hell. The covers come off all the sudden, our hard dicks standing up in our hands being stroked by the closest person I could be with. I don’t know how long we laid there stroking each other’s dicks, but here was my brother, a mini me, athletic, smooth body, fit, and an amazing cock. All traits of his big brother. I kocaeli escort wasn’t wanting this to end, it was amazing. The feel of his warm hard dick in my hand and I could keeping doing this. It felt good, but he had other plans. He stops stroking me, I wonder, is this when he reality hits him and knows this is wrong. I look over and Brandon looks at me and he gets up and looks at my cock. Here he is, so fucking hot and now he’s looking at my throbbing dick, he pushes me on my back and he goes straight for my cock. I didn’t have time to react, he takes my cock in his mouth, I moan so loud, it feels amazing, best fucking blowjob and it’s only been about 20 seconds. I’m now wrestling around moving my hips as my little brothers takes it all in. He’s sucking it down, he’s getting it wet and stroking with his hand. I can’t hold off any longer, I tell him i’m about to cum. Brandon doesn’t let up, he goes faster and i’m tightening my ass ready to cum so bad that nothing could have stopped me. I unload and push my hips up and he’s there taking it all in his mouth as I look down and see him swallowing every thing. All of it, he won’t stop. At some point, I wasn’t sure how or when, but I realized I’m squeezing his ass and his other hand is jerking his own dick. Without hesitation, Brandon gets up, straddles my body, dick in hand and jerks off as I watch. I’m still coming down from an amazing blow job and orgasm that I don’t think i’ve ever shot so hard. Mmmm fuck ya, he’s bucking, he’s moaning and now he’s squeezing his cock and cum is shooting from his dick and landing on my chest. I instinctively moan and he does too. What a fucking sight to see. My cock is hard as he’s sitting on it between his ass cheeks where’s it’s soft, but warm. Brandon is now coming down from what I just experienced, a mind blowing orgasm. Brandon finally realizes what just happened and gets off me and lays down next to me. We’re both a bit sweaty and heaving. I don’t know why, but I said, “fuck that was intense.” Brandon says that was fucking hot. It took some time, but we realized what just happened and we both knew it had to happen again. Tomorrow’s Monday, Brandon has school and I have to go to work. It’s late now and all I want to do is sleep. I have never been so satisfied. I don’t know, maybe two minutes or two seconds, I fell asleep. I woke up around 5:00a.m. and i’m on my side and little brother is my little spoon. My dick is hard and squeezed between his ass cheeks and we’re both naked. I liked this, I wanted this and I just never knew.

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