Living The Dream Ch.06.


Living The Dream Ch.06.This is the continuation of a story that I started some time ago and never got round to finishing. I published part 5 on here a week ago and this is the next part. It may be worth your while to re-read the earlier chapters to give you a better idea of the dynamics of the group.Fay and I spent the next week in a mad whirl of preparing for the coming weekend. We both found it difficult to concentrate on work, I know I certainly did. We would both dash home at the end of the day and immediately log on to the laptop. We spent a lot of time scrolling through various on-line shops picking out items like manic erotic shopaholics. I was eager to get a slightly bigger plug for Sofi as well as some proper fancy clamps. I felt we were more upmarket than plastic clothes pins.We spent some time chatting with Lotti, getting to know her better, and finding out more about her likes and dislikes. She also explained to us about being a switch and slowly a plan began to form. We agreed that she should arrive on the Friday evening, once her work had finished, and we would enjoy ourselves with some threesome fun. We would save our energies for the Saturday when we had arranged for Sofi to visit. Lotti asked if it was ok if she brought some of her own toys. She said she had a paddle and a couple of floggers and both Fay and I were keen to try these out for ourselves.We also spoke to Sofi to check she was ok and that there was no lasting damage. She was bright and bubbly on screen and assured us she had enjoyed every moment. I told her she could expect more of the same but said nothing about a fourth guest. She blushed and giggled in anticipation. She wanted to know what we had planned but we refused to tell her. We told her we liked the young girl persona she had come as when she visited and asked her to find something appropriate to wear. We also told her she was not allowed to masturbate or orgasm until she was at our house. This was after a suggestion from Lotti. It would keep her on edge, she told us.We also checked the original website but nothing new had appeared since that first nervous exploration. We seemed to have perfectly timed our first visit there. We also spent a lot of time watching porn and I was amazed at how keen Fay was. We watched some of the more extreme sites trying to pick up hints and tips. We were slowly introduced to a whole new world and learned more about the ideas of denial and edging, neither of which we had come across before. Needless to say, we were eager to put our newfound knowledge into practice.When Lotti arrived early on Friday evening she turned out to be just as pretty, if not more so, than her clunky computer image. She arrived with a small suitcase on wheels which she said contained some items for the weekend. We were eager to see them, but she told us we’d have to wait until tomorrow. We ordered food from the Chinese and sat around drinking wine and chatting until it arrived. I found it difficult to take my eyes off Lotti. She was wearing an electric blue dress with a scooped back and a V-line neck at the front that seemed to plunge almost to her navel. As she moved, I got frustrating glimpses of her small but neat breasts. She was obviously not wearing a bra. The skirt of the dress was also alarmingly short, but she used great skill when sitting down to retain her modesty. It could not however hide the fact that she was wearing black hold-ups and she kept flashing an inch or two of naked thigh. As we ate, she and Fay sat on either end of the sofa while I was in my customary armchair. When we had finished, I gathered up all the empty cartons and took them into the kitchen. When I returned with a newly opened bottle of wine the girls were no longer apart. Fay had slid along the sofa and was now tight against Lotti, looking into her eyes and toying with her hair. They seemed oblivious to me. As I put the bottle down Fay leaned forward and kissed Lotti on the lips. It was an advance that was not rejected but accepted eagerly.I spent a while happily sitting in my chair, cradling my wine glass, and watching as the two girls got more heavily involved. Fay seemed to be taking the lead but Lotti was not far behind. That first kiss quickly turned into something more intense and tongues izmir escort bayan became involved. Fay’s hand had already found its way inside the top of Lotti’s dress and was clearly enjoying the feel of her youthful tits. Not to be outdone the buttons on Fay’s blouse had somehow come undone and I could see the red of her favourite half-cup bra. It was one of my favourites as well as I loved the way it let her nipples peek over the top. One of them was already between Lotti’s thumb and finger and was being squeezed and tugged. One of Lotti’s shoulder straps had slipped down her arm and revealed her almost girlish breast. I only caught a quick sight of it before Fay’s head covered it as she began to kiss and suck it. I watched as Lotti’s eyes closed with pleasure before they opened and looked directly at me. She smiled and then her eyebrows went up as Fay slipped a hand under the hem of her dress. Without being told her legs spread to allow access for Fays exploring fingers. I could now see that she was wearing panties, the same colour as her dress. I watched as Fay’s fingers traced the line of Lotti’s pussy back and forth and Lotti’s face took on a glazed expression as the feelings wafted over her.Then Fay pulled her head away, reluctantly letting go of the now hard nipple.“This is such a nice dress,” she said, her voice husky and low, “it would be a shame if it got damaged.”She started lifting the hem of the dress and Lotti lifted her bottom off the seat to help. She held up her arms to let Fay lift it over her head. I could now see the miniscule thong she was wearing. She was almost displaying it as she sat quietly allowing herself to be undressed with her legs splayed wide, her silk-covered pussy displayed to me.As her head emerged from the dress she leant forward and kissed Fay on the lips.“Your blouse looks very expensive as well,” she commented with a sly grin.Fay carefully put the blue dress to one side and then grinned before undoing the rest of the buttons and taking the blouse off. She then reached behind her for the zip of her skirt. It made a quiet rasp and she pulled it down and then she wriggled it over her hips and down her legs before kicking it out of the way. She looked splendid in her red bra with the nipples showing and her red thong. It was by no means as small as Lotti’s but was just as sexy in my eyes. I was a lucky man to have such a beautiful and adventurous wife.This time it was Lotti who lowered her head and started to play with Fay’s tits. She reached around and unclipped the bra and went to work. Fay sat back, cradling Lotti’s head in her hands. She looked over at me and smiled. I could tell she was having fun. But I was beginning to feel left out so I gave her a quick frown and a sad face. Her smile broadened and she beckoned me over to join them. I needed no second bidding and went and sat next to Fay and we kissed deeply. Lotti must have sensed the movement as she looked up briefly to find me sitting with them before going back to work on Fay’s tits. She also reached out a hand and began stroking the front of my trousers.I had started to get hard just watching them especially when they undressed and now the sight and feel of her small hand tracing the outline of my cock finished the process, leaving it rigid and ready for action. It strained against the front of my trousers, making the fabric go taught. I decided to help her out and unbuckled my belt and unzipped myself. Her hand immediately dived in and started to search for a way into my boxers. She knew what she was doing and in no time, I felt the warm touch as her fingers wrapped around my shaft.Fay looked down and watched as Lotti stroked the full length of my hard dick. She pushed Lotti’s head off her own tits and forced it slowly down.“Kiss it!” she said in a commanding voice, “he deserves it.”Obediently she leaned across Fay and her lips circled the head. I just lay back and let her get on with it. With Fay’s hand on the back of her head, urging her on, I felt my dick slide into the warm wetness of her mouth. And then, it kept on sliding. No tentative first try, it kept going deeper. If she was showing off trying to impress me then that was fine by me. I felt the tip of her nose butt up against my belly and then her tongue izmir escort bayan flicked out and licked my balls. She was no first-timer, this had to come from years of practice. Even Fay could never manage to go that deep. I decided to test her limits and put my hand on the back of her head and held her firmly in place. To begin with she complied quietly but eventually she started to wriggle and push back against my hand. A second hand locked her in place. I could sense her rising panic. I relented and released her. She came up spluttering saliva everywhere, mostly over me. She had ribbons of sticky drool leaking from her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She looked up at me trying to work out what was going on. I answered by pushing her head back down forcing my dick deep into her again. This time she struggled from the start, twisting her head this way and that. Fay grabbed her thin wrists and locked her hands behind her. She was helpless and she knew it. This time when I let her up, she was calmer. She sensed we wished her no harm.With her wrists still being held behind her Fay forced her off the sofa to kneel on the floor and then joined her, kneeling behind her, and keeping her in place. I prolonged her agony by continually forcing her head down and holding it in place. To give her her due she tried really hard to stay quiet but eventually the need to breathe always came back. As she was now willing to suffer the treatment it left one hand free and I unbuttoned my shirt and wriggled out of it. I let her head up and allowed her a brief respite while I pushed my trousers and boxers down my legs out of the way. I stood up and let her see my hard dick properly for the first time. Fay pulled her upright and back to rest on her shoulder, one hand cradling her head. I took half a step forward and pushed into her mouth again. She didn’t shy away and willingly opened wide and took it all again. My dick was slippery with her drool and I easily felt it slide all the way. I held it in her once again. Now trapped from retreating by Fay knelt behind her I had no need to hold her in place. This time when I released her, her drool ran from her chin in ribbons and landed on her tits. I leant down and spread it over them and then picked up more from her chin and smeared it across her face before pushing back into her mouth. This time I didn’t go deep and hold it but roughly face fucked her. She looked up in alarm, but I ignored her pleading eyes. I was intrigued as to how far she could be pushed. We hadn’t thought to discuss safe words before we started this, so I tried to sense if I was going too far.More saliva was leaking out and I gathered it and spread more over her face and tits. Further down I could see Fay’s hand inside the front of her thong. I was dying to be able to see what she was doing. Fay looked up at me and gave me one of her sly grins. She was enjoying herself. And so was I as I continued to fuck Lotti’s mouth, occasionally pulling out to allow her to take a deep breath before plunging back in. I started to think that this was too easy for her, so I pulled out and stepped back. Fay understood immediately that it was time for the next phase and pushed Lotti to one side, making her sprawl untidily on the carpet. I knelt down and tugged at the scrap of her thong and pulled it off. As her legs lifted into the air Fay grabbed her ankles. She pulled them back and over her head. Now Lotti’s pretty little arsehole as well as her juicy cunt were displayed to me. I determined to have both of them. Coated as it was with her spit my dick slid easily into her cunt. She grunted at the suddenness of it and then started to respond as I pushed in and out. Fay was knelt at her head, leaning forward, and playing with her tits with her spare hand. I hadn’t noticed when, but her underwear had also disappeared. Her knees were spread, and I could see her obvious arousal. I guessed that Lotti would be expected to deal with that at some point.I could feel my orgasm beginning to build but I wanted to delay things, so I pulled out of her cunt. Time to try her arse, I thought. I think she knew what to expect and she bowed to the inevitable. With her legs pointed to the ceiling and held in place by Fay she had little choice. At any time, she could have called a halt, but it was to her credit that she remained silent. We only learnt afterwards that she was, as she explained it, floating on a higher plane, and this is what she had been hoping for when she replied to our message. Experimentally I coated my fingers in her cunt juice and then used just one to start with to push into her rectum. I was surprised by how easily it went in. It seems that our little slut was no stranger to having her arse played with. I tried her with two and then three fingers and she took all of them. I let her rest a little as I slowly let my three fingers slide in and out of her before I slipped them free. I watched in fascination as her sphincter slowly closed. I shuffled forward a few inches and poked at her with the tip of my penis. I slowly increased the pressure and it popped in easily. I kept pushing until I was all the way in, my balls resting on the cheeks of her arse. She looked up at me and gave me a smile that seemed to come from some distance away. At least she seemed happy, I thought as I began to slide in and out. Fay had now transferred her attentions to Lotti’s cunt and was pushing two fingers inside. Amazingly I could feel them moving through the thin wall that separated us. I sensed a tension build in the girl beneath us and I looked at Fay. She had noticed as well and started using her thumb on Lotti’s clit. That seemed to tip her over the edge, and she went rigid. The grip of her arsehole on my dick was almost painful and that sent me over the edge as well. Fay and I clung onto her for dear life as spasms shook her. I felt my cum pumping into her and gave one last thrust before I began to sag. My whole being was spent.“You OK? Darling?”I heard Fay’s voice faintly and I started to come back to the real world. I looked up and smiled at her and nodded. My dick was softening and slowly slipping out of Lotti and I sat back and let it come out all the way. I watched as my cum slowly leaked out of her and began to drip onto the carpet. I looked around and found her discarded thong and used that to stem the flow, at least temporarily, pushing it in with a finger to act as a plug. Lotti herself was dead to the world. When I looked at Fay, she smiled weakly and gave me a resigned shrug.“Looks like my orgasm is going to have to wait. She’s out for the count, poor thing.”She let Lotti’s legs come forward and I caught them and lowered them gently onto the ground and then gently rolled her onto her side. Fay stood up and went to find something to cover her with and came back with a warm blanket. I checked Lotti over as much as I could. Her breathing was regular and seemed to be quite normal. She was simply asleep. I decided the best thing would be to leave her where she was, at least for a while. I dragged myself onto the sofa and Fay came and sat next to me and nestled into my side.“Wow!” I commented. There wasn’t much more for me to say.“She’s quite a find,” Fay added as we snuggled together and gazed down at the sleeping girl. “We’ll let her sleep for a while before we take her upstairs. Young Sofi is in for a bit of a shock tomorrow, I think.”We continued to sit there quietly. I had poured us both a glass of wine and we nursed those and just snuggled together. There seemed to be no need of words. It also gave me some time to recover.“We should wake her up,” said Fay after a while.“So soon?” I asked her.“She’ll be fine. We need to get her upstairs to bed. Besides, she still has me to take care of. I never got to cum, unlike you two.”“Oh, sorry, darling,” I said, feeling genuine sympathy.She gave me a look of mock sadness and toyed with her pussy. Slowly she got off the sofa and crawled across to the sleeping figure. She pulled off the blanket and shook her, none too gently I thought. When there was no response, she shook her again even more vigorously. This time Lotti stirred slightly and mumbled something in reply. Fay gave her a hearty smack on her exposed bottom, and she yelped.“Come on, lazy bitch, you can’t sleep there all night. Time for bed,” Fay said, once more using her commanding tone.Grabbing a handful of hair, she started to pull Lotti upright. The poor girl seemed to be in a daze but managed to stumble to her feet. I think Fay realised how out of it she was as she let go of her hair and put an arm round her in support before leading her slowly up the stairs. With a sigh I forced myself to stand up and follow them.

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