Living with a Bull-Dyke


42. Here I am. 42. What do I have to show for it?

A now empty house in a nice neighborhood, boring cars that cost a lot of money, and a big pity-party that is the recently divorced and, in my mind, I’m the only one there.

It was amicable. Probably euphoric for her. Half of everything, 50/50. Fair, I suppose, but was it really? Investments, the house, the timeshare. But I got the added bonus of the legal bills. Swell.

My only one fortunate, financially not emotionally, event was an estranged cousin had left me some money when he passed.

I didn’t know what I was going to do. Everything was liquidated. I felt too old to get roommates or stay at a hostile and go into the office everyday with a suit.

Craigslist. A bastion of hope?

“Garage apartment for rent. Furnished, all utilities. 300 square feet, $500. 6 month lease increments.”

I mean, if the place wasn’t a dump, that was less than a quarter of my now former mortgage. I could really afford to change my lifestyle with my dwelling so cheap.

I called, a husky matron answered and confirmed it was still available. Of course when we met she was nosy. It was an open-room in a gambrel style garage but still in a good neighborhood and it even had a little deck big enough for one chair and a beer fridge.

I took it on the spot, paid for six months in advance, which she liked, and moved my very limited items in over a weekend. Small, tight quarters. Cozy some would say. But I had a shower, propane heat and a cooktop.

It was a little weird sleeping in someone else’s bed but I bought new linens, egg crates and made it as much of a home as could be with old dusty posters from college.

However, outside of work, I didn’t get much interaction. Mostly with my landlord on occasions. We’d run into each other with garbage. We were friendly ordu escort but not close, she gave me my space and we seemed “okay” with one another. After a few weeks, I was convinced she was a dyke. Hey, nothing wrong with it or to cast her sexuality in concrete but there’s a type and she was it. Out of date hairstyle? Check. 90s mom jeans? Check. Built like a brick shithouse? Check. Practicing air humping in an open window with strapon? Okay, come on a dead ringer, right?

Maybe she noticed I wasn’t having people over. Maybe because summer was hitting its pique. Maybe I just wore lonely better than the rest of you mother fuckers, but I was invited to a BBQ at her house.

What I had guessed was correct. mostly women in attendance, many very affectionate with one another. It made my pants strain, everyone was nice and slightly past their point of gentle intoxication. I had many conversations, a few gentle probes of my recently new relationship status. My landlord, Laura, was speaking with some of her guests around the corner. they couldn’t see me, but I was standing, sipping a beer.

“He looks like he’d take a pegging good, Laura.” said a younger, stringy-lithe woman. “Are you going to give him the famous ‘Laura-Longstroke’?” she continued. My cock swelled at the words. the sudden vision of Laura making me beg and she slammed into my ass. It sent all too recent memories flooding back at me. My wife was disgusted that I’d even consider asking for such a thing.

Laura laughed and said she’d give it to the woman’s girlfriend if she wasn’t careful.

I came around the corner after my face had stopped flushing. I thanked Laura for introducing me to her friends and for the hospitality. I shook her hand, and left but, maybe it was the beer, decided I would stop, bend over and fiddle with my shoe.

I got a whistle, osmaniye escort but when I looked up I couldn’t tell where it had come from.

I jumped in my Jeep and went for a drive, clearing my thoughts. It was spring, one of the first really nice weekends. Everyone was likely at a BBQ When I got to the overlook of the mountains, it was quiet, desolate. No other cars around. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.

Laura, perhaps the ‘alpha’ in her group, giving her friends the ‘longstroke’ – while not traditionally sexy, I could see the appeal. Clearly the other women looked up to her as some sort of mentor.

I checked over my shoulders and grasped my cock through my jeans. I thought of Laura, he thick ass, pumping. Was she pumping a woman? In my minds eye, I could see the ass bent over in front, Laura’s long, thick flesh covered cock was pounding an ass, a tight hole. I freed my cock from its pants, sat butt-naked on the Jeep bumper and stroked my shaft in one hand, firmly squeezing my balls in the other.

My mind continued to fantasize, Laura had on a harness attached to her flesh covered pole. She was saying “take it, take my cock you pussy-boy” and “this is how you’re supposed to fuck” and “that’s right, flex that virgin hole on my pole” and that’s when I knew it was me in my fantasy and that’s also when I spilled my white seed. I looked at my cum, white and thick on the dirt parking lot. Still no-one around. I tucked myself back in and drove off.

I stopped at a coffee-house, checked my phone and eventually came back to the apartment. Most of the cars were gone and the backyard empty. Laura’s bedroom lights were on as I came up the stairs. It was early evening, I turned on the TV, put a baseball game on and lay myself in my bed. Even with my curtains mostly closed, I could still get a good ostim escort look into Laura’s room. Being spring, my windows were open and so were hers as I found out later.

An hour later, I heard some heavy moaning. My dick rising instantaneously.

I looked out, at the right angle, and I could see a young brunette bent over, her cunt being railed hard by a thick, purple plastic cock, attached to Laura. Laura spanked her, said she was training her. The woman begged her not to stop – I knew I would have blown my load in minutes if I had been doing the fucking – and Laura didn’t stop. Eventually the girl had cum enough and Laura took her long, colorful cock out her, and placed it on the young woman’s mouth. She cleaned it eagerly. I couldn’t hear what was said next but the strangers head was soon in Laura’s ass and then, after she removed the toy, her cunt. Laura eventually climaxed, hard and loud. My dick, swollen and purple in my hand, my balls on fire and I quickly went to the bathroom and stroked another orgasm out. Wishing it had been me, wishing I had been Laura’s little fucktoy for the night.

I awoke early the next morning. A similar sound, I looked through the curtain and the brunette was riding a black dildo, thicker and longer, her ass looked so good in the window. I couldn’t see Laura but knew she was underneath. Laura’s hands clasped the brunettes ass and pivoted bother their knees, and fuck, Laura pounded the bitch. Going all the wait out and then all the say in down to the fake balls. There were streaks of girl cum all over the cock and the brunette gasped, loud. She shuddered. There was some brief kissing and then Laura removed the toy, and shoved her cunt into the girls face. She stood over her, making her worship and thank her pussy. She grabbed the brunettes hair and kept her in place. This time, though, when Laura came, she say my head in the window. We made eye contact as she orgasmed. The little brunette licked up Laura’s slit and the kissed, the brunette getting a slap on the ass as she walked by.

Laura gave me a thumbs up… and I awkwardly waived back.

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