Local Hero’s Room With A View


“Local Boy Saves Mother of three girls, Life!” The headline screamed.

I made the front of our local newspaper. They said I was a hero, but from my hospital bed, I felt anything but. It all started on a hot spring night. I was just weeks past my 18th birthday. I had just gotten home from my weekly poker night, with the boys. I was making a late night snack, when I heard a terrible crash outside. I quickly sprinted out the door, my heart pounding, as I saw the awful site before me.

A large car had smashed into the tree, right in front of my house. Rushing up to the car, I remember my stomach turning when I realized someone was still in the car, pinned by the steering wheel. Suddenly, the car burst into flames, knocking me to the ground. I sat in total shock for a couple of seconds, as the car quickly became engulfed in flames.

Panicking, when I finally remembered that a person was still in the car, I tried to open the door, as flames scorched my skin. The door wasn’t budging, so I reached into the vehicle and grabbed the occupant under the arms and pulled with all my might and fell backward, as the occupant fell on top of me. I quickly felt blinding pain and things went black.

I woke up in a hospital room, too drugged up to panic. The first face I remember seeing was an older looking nurse. She tried to comfort me with words, the best she could. She told me I had second and third degree burns on my arm and hand, and minor burns on my face, also I was going to need a skin graph on my back of my left hand and arm, and well frankly I was going to be there a while.

I was still racking my brain, searching for answers, when she started reading from a newspaper, it was an account of the car crash. It seems like a older women who was up late feeding her cat, saw the whole thing, and had excitingly given her account of what had happened, to every news station and newspaper around.

For the next several days, my hospital-room was a constant stream of reporters, politicians, policemen, firemen, and anyone else who wanted their picture in the paper, with the local hero.

Even my mother made it, as drunk as she was. My mom was having her own troubles, after her third marriage broke up, so she hit the bottle like she always does. After her initial appearance, she never showed up again, as I was an adult in her blurred eyes.

My buddies all came to visit at first, and then they slowly stopped coming by, but honestly I could hardly blame them; the hospital was a very depressing place. It didn’t help that I was in a four-person room with three real-old gentlemen, who were just waiting to die, and when one did, they just rolled another one in.

Finally after about a week, or so, I started to realize what was going on around me and could remember it the next day, as the drugs were being cut back. My day nurse was an older nice looking Latin lady. She carried a few extra pounds, but she had this sexy accent, that made her voice sultry. Everyone called her Nurse Maria.

Nurse Maria and a younger nurse were making their rounds one morning, when she said it was time for my sponge bath, and they were going to take the catheter out, as I could now use the bathroom. It was a relief to say the least, but it was still a little embarrassing, as they were working on my groin area, but I just watched my little TV.

Finally Nurse Maria was sponging me down, I’ll admit it felt good. She washed my chest and then arms and legs, finally getting to my groin. She apologized, but she said she had to wash me really good down there today. I really couldn’t see what she was doing, as she worked under the covers, but I sure felt it. I suddenly became aware of my groin stirring, as she washed my dick and balls clean.

“Well seems like the medicine is wearing off,” she said.

My face must have been beet red, cause it felt like it was on fire, even the non burnt part.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, I’ve been around for twenty years, seen a few in my time,” she said, as she washed my face, with a face cloth.

After she left, leaving me semi hard, I really was still in too much pain to do anything about it. And that’s how it went for the next stretch, my nurse would come in the morning and would wash me head to toe, sometimes she would turn me over on my side and wash my backside. Everyday it became harder, to well, not become hard.

On the day I was scheduled to have surgery, on my left hand and arm. Nurse Maria came in, and said she had a surprise for me. I noticed she wore a sly grin on her face, as she left me for a second. My mind was racing as to what she meant, although I know that I had confessed to Nurse Maria that I was really nervous about my upcoming surgery, and I was.

Nurse Maria came back in, only this time she didn’t come in alone. I quickly got what she meant by surprise, as she introduced me to a student nurse. The surprise must have been that the student nurse was a cute blonde with baby ordu escort blue eyes. As I shook her hand I noticed her impressive breasts were straining against her pink top. It was almost like her uniform was a size too small for her.

“Steven, Mandy is going to help me wash you today, is that all right?” Nurse Maria asked.

I just shook my head, as my mouth was seemingly too dry to respond. Nurse Maria handed the sponge to Mandy and folded my gown down to my waist. As Mandy moved over and started to wash my chest, her perfume hit me like a tone of bricks. I must confess, I was also staring down the top of her uniform, that seemed to be missing a couple of buttons, as she washed me, and well it happened. My cock slowly grew and grew, as hard as I tried to stop it. Soon it was seemingly as hard as it has ever been.

Mandy patted my chest down with a towel and then folded my gown back up. I held my breath, because I knew what was coming next.

“Oh My!” Mandy giggled, as she spotted my erection, when she folded my gown up. I started to apologize profusely, as I was embarrassed as all hell. I mean this was a hospital, and a little sponge bath was turning me on, my hard cock now pointing towards the sky.

“Nurse Maria what do we do now?” A blushing Mandy asked.

“Just continue, it’s natural,” Nurse Maria said, as she flashed me a mysterious smile.

Mandy washed my legs and then quickly washed around my excited member. Then she turned me over on my side and washed my back. My erection was almost painful at that point.

“Now normally that’s where we leave them, but Steven here is our little hero, I think we can bend the rules, just a little for him!” Nurse Maria oozed.

I don’t know who was more shocked by this sentence, Mandy or me.

“He’s the guy who saved the lady down the hall?” She whispered.

“Yep, he’s one brave guy,” Nurse Maria said, as she whispered back in Mandy’s ear. She continued to whisper in her ear, as both of them seemed to be staring at my erection. I fought my instinct to cover it with my hands, as I was embarrassed as hell.

“You have to be kidding me?” Mandy moaned, as Nurse Maria pulled the privacy screen around us.

“I’ll be just outside here,” she said, as she slid outside.

“What do I do?” Mandy whispered to me, but I was having my own problems, as it felt like my head was going to exploded, both of them. She would look at my cock and then back at my eyes, like she was pleading with me to let her off the hook or something. I was too nervous to do, or say anything, at that point. She finally gripped my cock, in her tiny hand.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” Mandy groaned, as if she read my mind.

Mandy used some soap and water and worked it over my shaft, as she picked up the pace of her strokes. I wish I could have held out forever, as it was one of the most stimulating experiences of my life, but with the combination of factors, I quickly was spilling cum out in all different directions.

“Oh my god!” Mandy cried out, again reading my mind, as she started cleaning me up furiously. She looked me in the eyes and I noticed her eyes were glassed over, as I think it hit her, as to what she had just done. Mandy finally left and Nurse Maria opened the screen, but remained silent instead she just gave me a wink. Sadly that was the last time I ever saw Mandy. I had my surgery, and everything went all right, although it was quite painful.

A couple of days later I noticed Nurse Maria just wasn’t herself. When we started to talk, she just opened up on me. It seemed one of her favorite patients had passed away. Well the tears just began to flow, as she cried on my shoulder. I guess for just one day, the job got the best of her, because she poured her heart out to me, and then it was my turn. That day for over an hour, we talked about everything, after she seemingly knew everything about me, and I her.

After that day Nurse Maria would come in several times a day, just to talk, and sometimes to just hold my hand. I remember one day she asked me if there was one thing, she could do for me, what would it be? Well looking back at it, I don’t know why I didn’t even think of the sexually implications of the question, but at the time I just said the first thing that came to my mind. I asked her if there was anyway that I could get a different room. Maybe something with a view. She gave me a small kiss on the forehead, and said she would see what she could do.

A couple of days later a short Orderly came in, and told me he was there to move me to a different room. While I was happy to be out of the room, I was a little disappointed when I first got to my new room. It was a real small room with just two beds, but they were only like four feet apart. There wasn’t anyone in the next bed, but from the flowers and newspapers on the table I knew someone was going to join me soon, but I wasn’t at all prepared for what happened next.

Nurse Maria osmaniye escort came into the room pushing a wheelchair, and in the chair was a stunning looking girl with short blonde hair.

“No fucking way!” I know, that’s what I said too.

“Steven this is your new roommate Cindy,” Nurse Maria said, as I offered them a shy wave.

Nurse Maria helped her into the next bed, and Cindy quickly pulled the sheet over her, as if to cover her small gown that did little to cover her obvious curves. I got the quick feeling that Cindy wasn’t really happy sharing her room with me, and when Nurse Maria left, well she confirmed it, by simply telling me so.

When the second and third shift nurses came in, even they were a little surprised by the arrangements. I didn’t know it at the time, but Nurse Maria had written on our charts that we were life-long friends, who had agreed to the arrangements, so after a few days the strange looks died down.

The first day I tried to make small talk with Cindy, but the only thing she seemed willing to talk about was her boyfriend and her accident. I found out her boyfriend was the ultimate hunk, in her eyes. Yet when he came in to see her, all’s he did was talk about himself, and then would leave five minutes later, without even asking how she was doing. I also found out she was in the hospital as a result of an accident as well, a rollerblading accident. Seems she fell into some small trees and one of the braches punctured her stomach.

The next morning Nurse Maria came in early, and asked me how I slept, with that sly grin on her face. I wanted to tell her that, it was not what I had in mind when I said something with a view, but I just said, fine. But I really didn’t sleep to well, as well there was a fine piece of ass sleeping right next to me, and well sadly she snored. Nurse Maria gave me a quick sponge bath, and then she gave me a couple of paper towels, but when she did, I just looked at her quizzically.

“You might need them,” she whispered, as she turned away.

I was still a little slow, as to her meaning, at the time, instead I watched her shake the still sleeping Cindy.

“Let’s go sleepy, time for your bath,” Nurse Maria moaned.

The sentence certainly snapped me to attention. I watched Nurse Maria pull the privacy screen in-between us, as I moaned in disappointment. I listened intently to Nurse Maria, as she took Cindy’s Temperature, and blood pressure. As I was looking to my right, there was some sort of heart monitor in my way, but I could see a small gap in-between the monitor and the privacy screen, beams of light shining through.

“Ok honey lets open up your robe!” Nurse Maria oozed.

I almost feel out bed when I heard that. Like out of some bad porn movie, I pictured it happing, while grabbing the bed’s remote control. I had an idea. I slowly lifted the head, of my hospital bed, until I finally could see in-between the gap. I gasped, quickly covering my mouth with a hand, when Cindy’s naked legs come into view. I slowly raised a little higher, trying to make as little noise as possible, especially when I heard Cindy inquiring about me. She wanted Nurse Maria to double check, to make sure I couldn’t see anything. Nurse Maria just told her I was still sleeping, so they should just be quiet.

I was now a stomach level, Cindy had a nice flat stomach, nicely tanned, shinny skin, she had her left leg slightly raised, but I could tell she wasn’t a natural blonde. I heard Cindy ask for some warmer water, followed by the sink running, as Nurse Maria was changing the water.

I just had to check out the rest, so I inched my way higher. Finally as I leaned forward a little, I could finally see her breasts. She was lying flat on her back, the head of her bed raised ever so slightly, but her breasts still trusted upwards. I quickly noticed she had tan lines from her bikini top, which was fine with me, cause it accented her nice pink nipples and areola. Staring at her nipples, I was glad I wasn’t hooked up to my heart monitor anymore, or I would have set the damn thing off.

Nurse Maria came back in and was standing on the far side of the bed; leaving me an unobstructed view. She wet a sponge and asked Cindy if the water suited her. Getting the ok, Nurse Maria started to wash Cindy’s stomach, running the sponge up in-between her breasts, before making small circles around them, finally slowly running it right over Cindy’s pink nipple. I just loved the way her nipple sprang back up when the sponge finished traveling over it.

“Please nurse is this necessary?” I heard Cindy plead.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, but we have to keep clean,” Nurse Maria snapped. One thing I knew about Nurse Maria is she hated patients that complained about every little thing. Nurse Maria went back to work, as she washed down each leg, and then back up. She got a small towel and patted dry Cindy.

She had Cindy roll on her side facing me. I quickly leaned ostim escort back afraid, but I couldn’t see Cindy’s head, so I figured she couldn’t see mine. Nurse Maria washed her back and was drying it, with the towel, when our eyes met for a quick second. My heart skipped a beat, like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But soon I felt like a convict, who just got a call from the governor, as Nurse Maria went on with her work unfazed.

Next, she had Cindy roll over on her other side, bringing Cindy’s beautiful ass into my view. I watched as Nurse Maria washed her small tanned ass cheeks, she must have worn a thong. Then the most amazing part of the whole sponge bath happened. Nurse Maria raised Cindy’s left leg with her forearm, and ran the sponge in-between Cindy’s legs, back and forth several times, which brought more pleas from Cindy. As for me, I found out what the paper towels were for after all, as I used them to clean myself up.

For the rest of the morning I tried to get back to sleep, but after the morning events, all’s I was having were erotic dreams about my roommate. I was snapped out of a dream by a male voice in the room, it was her boy-toy, who informed her he was leaving for a weekend with the boys. You could say he won the Mr. Sensitive award. Also her doctor had to be the runner up, he came in to the room in the afternoon. I couldn’t help but hear that she was going to have surgery in the morning. He explained that they would be joined by the surgeon soon, but first it was time for a little look. When he said this, I assumed he meant at her wound.

He untied the front of her robe and then pulled it open rather roughly, her wound was on her stomach, but she was now lying total naked, to the doctors view, as he made sure the robe was all the way open.

“Please close the screen!” I heard Cindy scream, as she pulled her robe close.

The old gray haired doctor’s eyes caught mine as he closed the screen, but he remained stone-faced. He went back in and spent some time undressing the wound. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist, both got the full view of Cindy’s fabulous body, when they joined him a few minutes later. I know these men were professionals, but I would assume that patients like Cindy are far and few, as they spent a lot of time explaining their procedures to Cindy. As compared to my surgeon who informed me in like one minute what he was going to do, while these men stayed with her, for a full fifteen minutes.

“The nurse will be in shortly, to prepare you for surgery,” the doctor said to Cindy, as he opened the screen back up and left with the other men.

Cindy seemed a little flushed, as she called a friend on the phone and told her story. As she did, I found out she had indeed been embarrassed by the whole incident. Her biggest gripe, the doctor wouldn’t let her wear a bra, or panties. He used infection as a reason, she used perversion.

Two nurses came into our room just after the news, one was an older, battle worn, nurse and the other a young, fresh faced, red head. After they cleaned our meal trays away, the red head pulled the privacy screen around Cindy. I quickly heard Cindy moaning and complaining, but I just heard the nurse say, doctor’s orders.

“I just don’t see why you have to shave down there!” Cindy cried.

“Your wound is just to close to take chances with infection!” The older of the two nurses snapped.

I noticed another nurse enter the room, carrying a large tray. She was dressed in one of those pink outfits, that Mandy wore, only the skinny girl certainly didn’t fill out her uniform the same way.

“Ah you’re not Cindy,” she said, as she came around the screen.

“Yah she’s in there,” I moaned.

“Really that’s strange,” she said, as she pulled the screen back and stepped in.

I heard her introduced to Cindy, she was indeed a student nurse and she was there to do the shaving. She also wasn’t real careful closing the screen behind her, as she left a large gap, which I took quick advantage of.

I watched as the older nurse opened Cindy’s robe and rolled her over on her sides and took the whole thing off. I heard her say that Cindy wouldn’t be wearing it tomorrow anyways. Cindy was still doing her share of groaning, about the whole thing. Thankfully the older nurse moved down to the end of the bed, to watch the student nurse, leaving my view unobstructed. The younger nurse closest to me put one of Cindy’s legs up on the bed’s rail, as the student nurse put some lotion on Cindy pubic mound. She had to rub in the jell, until it started to foam up. I could see Cindy squirm about as she did this, calling for the Lord several times.

The student nurse took a razor and slowly shaved Cindy, the other nurse offering advice. She had Cindy pull her other leg up, as far as she could, as she moved down around Cindy’s pussy lips. I could hear Cindy moaning that she couldn’t believe this, and well that made two of us. Finally they rolled Cindy over on her side and shaved the bottom of her pussy and then her anus, when they rolled Cindy back over, the student nurse washed her down with a wet cloth and then dried her with a dry one.

“See that wasn’t so bad,” the older nurse moaned.

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