Subject: Lockdown Lust 2 Support Nifty! (Incest) Dear Darren I saw the adults only response you posted last week from that guy in Manchester and two things happened. First, I wanked for an hour over it, came copious amounts! And second, I decided I had to fess up about my own lockdown lust moment.  Every night when I go into my back bedroom to feed the pet tarantula (I know, don’t judge me), I catch sight of the bedroom across the alley way from my flat. A terraced street backs on to us, you see. Well in that bedroom is a boy. He’s a teenager. Mixed race, curly hair, very slim. I’ve seen him a few times coming in, stripping off his school uniform and flopping down on his bed to play on his Xbox. And if I’m honest I’ve always averted my gaze and found something else to do, he’s just a bit too young if you get me. However I’ve noticed in the last few months he’s getting more definition, getting a little bit more appropriate-looking if that makes sense. And I can’t help it, I’ve watched the lad undress. He has the same routine. He kicks off his shoes, yanks his tie off like it’s choking him, opens his shirt and removes it to reveal rock hard abs, big chocolate button nipples and a gradually growing set of shoulders. And he ALWAYS lift his arms and sniffs his own pits, which makes me semi every time! Anyway the other night as I fed Talulah (the tarantula), I saw him come in in just a pair of grey boxers, tight around his luscious bubble butt and from where I stood there was a serious tent in front! He goes on his bed which is opposite the window and as he didn’t turn his bedroom light off I could see quite clearly that he was lying there stroking his meat through the fabric. This makes me sound like an utter pervert but I don’t care. I ran into my living room, dug through the mess that is my cabinet and took out a pair of binoculars that I never ever use. Until now. I raced back and escort bayan squatted down by the window so as not to be seen and through the binoculars I got a closer view. Up close his face was a work of art. Caramel skin, thick lips, green eyes that kept rolling back. I scanned down his smooth torso to his crotch and saw his hand was now inside the undies tugging away… and a serious wet patch was forming inside. I dreamed of how it would taste, that sweet teen nectar oozing from his piss slit. I imagined how it must smell to pull those boxers down and get a hit of that ripe teen cock and balls all stewed up with hot boy juice. And that made me reach into my dressing gown and stroke my own eight inches. I stroked in time with him and watched as his hand picked up pace. I swept up and down his body to see him lick those lips, flex those abs and squeeze the length inside his grey undies for a good ten minutes before the inevitable happened.  He filled those undies and the wet patch spread thick and fast. And I unloaded my seed with a heavy splodge all over the bedroom floor. It was so intense. I immediately felt guilty and lowered the binoculars, but as I did I caught sight of something that made my stomach lurch with horror. In the downstairs window, clearly the family kitchen, stood the boy’s father! He was glaring up at me accusingly. He was six feet tall, black, handsome bearded in a check shirt and jeans. And he looked like he could rip my head off without breaking a sweat. I was paralysed with fear! I drew the curtains swiftly and scarpered out of the room. Like that made any difference. I just prayed he didn’t come knocking. I mean with lockdown in full effect surely he can’t. Is it considered essential travel to come and knock someone’s block off for spying on your son having a wank? I showered, I tried to eat, but I just couldn’t settle. My mind played over every possible scenario kocaeli escort bayan – being beaten up, killed, arrested! I mean I’d just LOOKED I hadn’t touched him for God’s sake. I’ve never done anything like that before, I swear. It’s just that I’ve been single six months, in lockdown for four weeks, I’m horny! I can’t help it! Anyway after convincing myself I was going to prison to become someone’s bitch, I avoided the back room for the rest of the night. But I HAD to feed Talulah so about 1am I went back in there, kept the light off and fed the spider. But I just couldn’t resist one little peek… So I opened the curtains… The boy’s bedroom light was off but a shaft of light came in through a door, clearly from their upstairs landing. So I could see him asleep in bed under his covers. So beautiful even when asleep! I was about to close the curtains when I noticed some movement in the room. I grabbed my binoculars and looked to see… his father was in the room with him. A big strapping guy, he was just in check boxers, clearly he filled them well front and back too. He was doing something strange. He was on his phone… but he was filming himself stood next to his sleeping son. He was nodding and talking to someone else on the phone and the screen lit his face as he smirked, wicked, lustful. Then I was stunned when he reached into his boxers and pulled out a massive black cock, hard as a rock. He pulled his foreskin back to reveal an angry purple bulbous head with a gloopy bubble of precum dangling out of the end. He edged towards his sleeping son’s face and gently rubbed the tip on his big lips, glossing them tenderly as he filmed it on his phone. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! My cock ached in my pyjamas as I watched the father part his son’s lips and gently slide his massive tool into his sleeping mouth. He rocked back and forth kocaeli escort slowly, gently fucking his son’s gob. Then he stopped. Pulled that wet cock out. And he pulled the sheets away from his son’s sleeping body. The son was sleeping naked, his own cock, about six inches, hard against his abs. The father filmed the cock and it cast its blue glow over the caramel skin. It looked so delicious to me… and clearly to him too. The boy’s dad got on his knees beside the bed and enveloped his lad’s penis into his hungry perved up mouth, sucking for all it was worth as he filmed himself on his phone. He tenderly blew off his sleeping son for whichever lucky friend was wanking on the other end of that video call. I was now stroking my tool again, a new load building in my balls. Then the dad stopped sucking his boy. He propped the phone up at the end of the bed to capture the action, and suddenly slid a big arm under his son’s legs and hoisted them up so his knees were to his chest. The boy’s caramel pink hole was displayed for the camera – and for me. It was so smooth and tight and delicious. The dad ran a finger over it then held it to his nose. He took a deep sniff of his son’s arse and then held a thumbs up to the video phone. Clearly he approved the scent. He leaned in and and started to tongue his boy out whilst he wanked himself off with his free hand. It was so sick and wrong but so utterly erotic to watch the father’s tongue snake into his lad’s shit hole. I only wished I could be there to join him, maybe add a finger… maybe even my cock… Then the father suddenly stood up, grabbed his phone and filmed close as he held his cock over his lad’s sleeping face and erupted thick white pearls of dad spaff. It exploded covering the boy’s entire face, which dad then licked off without waking him. Slipping his softening black snake back into his boxers, he pulled the sheets up over his son and tucked him in lovingly before leaving the room! I blew my second load of the day and was left in a state of shock. That was last night. If this continues then I never want this lockdown to end! Cheers Jonas Email me your dirty feedback – ail

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