Lockie Ch. 03: Bi Now


***Lockie appears in my Mason series. Halle appears in my Lyla series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.***


The phone ringing jarred Lockie out of his nap, it was the fourth straight night he had passed out drunk on his sofa. He placed his hand on the floor and rummaged for his cell phone among all the empty beer bottles and fast food wrappers.

“Hope I didn’t wake you.” Curtis barked.

“No I was up, just doing some crunches. ” Lockie lied as he ran his hand through his greasy dark blonde hair. He turned his face and gave his arm pit a quick sniff, he recoiled slightly and groaned.

“So, I have come up with a game plan to get you back on track and up where you belong. It wasn’t easy let me tell you.”

“Finally.” Lockie thought. He had signed an exclusivity deal with “In’DaMan’d” porn studios weeks ago and had heard little from Curtis. He supposed that his little melt down on the set of his first movie didn’t really endear him to the boss. He was under no illusions that his big following on the cam side of the studio was what still kept him on the books. He was the number one star until he got his former best friend Mason a screen shot with the studio. Everything had gone to shit since then.

“Yes I am not sure if you have been following her, but the female cam rooms are blowing up. Our original star Halle is going off the charts, she nearly has the same amount of followers you have. I have organized a guest appearance for you this weekend at big sexpo in the city. You will be promoting the website and signing head shots, that sort of thing. There is a back room that we are selling V.I.P tickets too, things are a bit different in there but we will talk about that again.”

Lockie was trying to take all of this in, the first thing that struck him was more competition. First Mason and now this Halle girl, he started to feel his star slip from his grasp. On the other hand he was glad to be still working. After months with the studio he had become accustomed to the money and lifestyle, he knew nothing else.

“Thanks I will be there.” He replied appreciatively.

“And try and be sober if you can, if this goes well we can maybe shoot a solo scene and talk more about branding you onto a dildo. I am sure you will do great but a lot is riding on this, after your recent hiccup I think it will be important for you to connect with your fans on a more personal playing field.”

Lockie chuckled to himself as he recalled the weekend he spent in a hotel room recently with one of his super fans and her husband. Lockie ended up fucking them both.

“Something funny Lockie, I really hope you are taking this seriously, Halle is co headlining the appearance so she will make sure you stay on track.”

“What! I have to share the appearance.”

“She is hot right now, we don’t want to draw too much attention to your off screen antics so we are just going to pretend that the rumors circulating were over dramatized. This isn’t your comeback Lockie, it’s your last chance.”

Lockie held the phone to his ear as the dial tone buzzed. He threw it on the floor in frustration, he went to grab the bottle of beer on the table but set it back down. He stripped naked and went to shower, no matter what Curtis said this was his comeback and he was determined not to fuck it up.


The warm water splashed onto his face, slowly he began to feel human again. The drunk stupor he had self inflicted on himself for the last month was taking effect. Where he had rock hard abs in the past he was now noticing a slight pouch. He would get back into his daily work out regime. His cam show the previous night showed that some of the followers he lost due to the bad publicity were slowly trickling back. Lockie’s fans continued to email him messages of support and love. The upcoming appearance both daunted and excited him, he had not done one before. He was used to only interacting with his fans through the messenger part of his cam show, even then he rarely made contact. He smiled to himself as he put a large dollop of shampoo on to his palm and began to massage it in to his hair.

The last fan mail he had replied to had ended in a weekend of drunken debauchery, the first night he fucked Monroe his biggest fan, the second night he had fucked her husband Carter. He found the liaison necessary, it filled a void that had been slowly eroding away inside of him. It had started when his former best friend Mason came to work at the porn studio. Lockie acted like a spoilt brat rather than be supportive of his friend.

“Burnt that bridge.” He thought angrily as he watched the suds swirl around his feet before going down the drain.

Mason would know just what to say to him to make him feel better, he had come close to picking up the phone and calling him, telling him that he was so sorry for how he acted that he was a douche and Kartal Escort to please forgive him. He didn’t feel worthy of Mason’s forgiveness just yet so he drank away his feelings. Besides feeling embarrassed at his actions in recent weeks he was also struggling with his feelings for both men and women. Mason would have just said one sentence and it would have all made sense.

“Mason’s not here though.” He said aloud and slapped the wall in frustration, he could feel the familiar stinging sensation behind his eyes, he inhaled deeply and looked to the ceiling, steam dancing against the light. “What the fuck is going on with me?” he whispered to nobody.


He sat in Curtis’ office and waited while his boss finished a phone call to his location scout about using a farm for his next feature film. He looked at the promotional stills on the wall that the “In”DaMan’d” studio had produced. Lockie glanced quickly over the pictures of Mason, his stomach gave a jolt when he seen his friends cheeky smile and killer body on the cover of their movie. Lockie was just a floating head behind the rest of his naked, oiled muscular co stars.

He heard footsteps and a female’s voice talking, he assumed on the phone. A girl around his age entered the office, a giant hand bag slung over her shoulder. She was similar height to him, her hair was short and brown, her body was slender. She was wearing a denim mini skirt with a green singlet. Her small breasts protruding against her top. She smiled at him after looking him up and down. He didn’t know what was happening before their appearance, with him being on his best behavior he had come all ready to go. He wore a black and red shirt the sleeves were cut off showing off his toned biceps and full sleeve tattoos. His had gotten his hair cut the other day and he had tamed it finally with copious amounts of gel. His black jeans showed off his thick thighs, his leather boots gave him an extra inch of height. He wore his beaded brown necklace for luck.

Lockie could hear her wrapping up her call as she set her bag down on the seat that he had been sitting in before he got restless waiting.

“Hi I am Halle, you must be Lockie. Great to finally meet my male counterpart.” She said as she extended her hand.

“Excuse me.” He replied a little more defensively than he intended.

“Your still the number one male cam star for the studio right. They are going to announce that I am the number one female tonight at the show. I ramble sometimes, ignore me.”

“Right, that’s awesome, congratulations.” He had started to sweat, he really wished Curtis would hurry up and come back to this office.

“You excited for tonight?” She asked.

“Yes, I guess so, I have not really done any promotional work before so I am not sure how it will go.” He looked at her pretty round face, he found her cute but wasn’t instantly attracted to her. He had seen her nudes on her site biography but didn’t pay much attention, he remembered from her picture that she had large pussy lips and apparently she was a squirter.

“That’s right, you were cut from the online Q+A for the last movie weren’t you, I heard it was because you were a bad boy. ” She added with a smirk.

“Something like that.” He said pulling out his phone and scrolling his messages, he didn’t care if he was being rude, her forward approach to him was the last thing he needed, especially on such an important night to him.

“I am sorry if I said the wrong thing, as I said, I ramble.” She smirked flirtatiously. “I am so looking forward to tonight, has Curtis filled you in on any details?”

“No not a thing, he said to be here at 8pm and he would run through it all. I hope he hurries up I really need a fucking drink.”

“You and me both sexy.” She laughed and pulled out a large bottle of vodka from her bag. “Shall we toast to a good night.”


Curtis arrived as they were sinking their third drink, the conversation between them had just begun to flow more easy than their initial first impressions.

“Sorry I got held up, there is a slight issue with the location, I have seen it and know it is going to be perfect for our next feature. Oh I hope you both are not hitting it too hard, tonight is very important for you guys and the studio.”

“Don’t worry we just started to pass the time.” Halle said sweetly.

Lockie noticed how her demeanor changed once Curtis walked in, while she was flirting with him and talking freely she was now sitting up straight and she was more focused. He didn’t know if he was just being paranoid but he was on edge since he found out that it was going to be sharing the spotlight at the appearance. He knew that he shouldn’t view her as a threat as they both had different followers and demographics, but he had been under Curtis’ wing for a long time now and was unwilling to relinquish Kartal Escort it to anyone. Again he felt self conscious and silly so to combat those thoughts he did what the only thing he knew what to do when he felt like this, he sank his vodka and poured another.

He looked up to find them both eyeing him and his glass.

“Don’t worry,” Halle said as she patted Curtis’ arm. “He has had less than me.”

“Sure,” Curtis said slowly. ” About tonight, you will arrive in about an hour, have a little Q & A about the studio and how you got in to the cam business, then some signings and pictures with fans. There will be drinks provided so I hope you mingle, at about eleven o clock you will both move into a private room where another set of fans have paid handsomely for a more intimate setting with you both.”

Lockie didn’t understand what Curtis meant by this but Halle was obviously in the know as she giggled loudly and winked at Lockie.

“And what does more intimate mean?” He asked trying to keep his voice steady.

“Well I put some feelers out to some contacts that I have, old associates and college friends that I haven’t seen in years, it is how I managed to book a whole room at the sexpo this year, the publicity we could get from this is astounding. My old buddy really did me a favor here, in our email exchange he mentioned that to get the studio and his company on the map, not to mention increase both of your star power in the community itself, that it would be beneficial for all involved if at the end of the night you both participate in a live sex show in front of die-hard fans and potential new investors in the industry.

Lockie’s mouth went dry. He could see Curtis draw back in anticipation, Halle just poured herself another drink and looked between the two men excitedly.

“I know this is a bit of a shock Lockie but at the end of the day its similar to camming, only this time you are in front of the fans and not behind a screen.” Curtis spoke quickly, he wiped his palms on his pants and sat behind his desk. “The money and buzz we all could make from this is crazy. I should have mentioned it to you this week I know but I wanted you to focus on you, not have this potentially getting inside your head.”

A million different things began to race through Lockie’s mind; all those eyes on him as he and Halle fucked, the pressure to maintain and perform well, when he was in a scene involving others it always stressed him out. On the other hand, he would be fucking a girl so that pressure would leave his mind hopefully for an hour or two, also the way that Curtis was acting and speaking made it pretty clear that he really needed Lockie to help him out on this convention show. He could use this to his advantage going forward. It would be good to meet some of his die-hard fans, he appreciated the affection Monroe and Carter showed him but to actually get among them and garner some praise might just be the ego boost he needed right now.

He swallowed his drink and set it on the Curtis’ desk.

“OK, but I have a few conditions. Halle would you give us a moment.” Lockie said commanding his voice to sound stronger than he felt.

“I have to change anyways.” She said happily as she swung her giant handbag over her shoulder. “We are going to have some fun, you and I.” She stuck out her tongue and left the room.

“You should have told me Curtis, it wasn’t too long ago that I was the star of this studio, I didn’t ask for much or play the demanding asshole role. As soon as I ruffled a few feathers and Mason began being selective with his roles, you throw me aside. I understand why you did it but now I am asking that you show me the respect I deserve.”

Curtis opened his mouth to interject but was silenced as Lockie raised his hand. He was scared when he started speaking but now found, undoubtedly helped on by the vodka, that with each word he spoke was a big weight off of his shoulders.

Curtis closed his eyes and sighed deeply once Lockie had finished speaking, he glanced at his watch before he spoke.

“If you give this your all tonight, then I promise we can have a sit down meeting in the next few days and sort out your future, I agree that you were treated badly but you have to understand where I was coming from, I have to protect the studio, even you have to admit that lately you have not been doing yourself any favors. “

“I know that, all I am asking for is a fair chance at a comeback, starting tonight.” He said as he sank the remains of his drink and slammed the glass back on to the table.

Halle entered soon afterwards, she had changed and done her makeup, she was wearing thigh high black boots and dark red denim short shorts, a black and red corset

extenuated her curves, her small breasts pushed up and out. Her bob was gelled back giving her a more powerful look, Lockie had to admit that he was impressed.

‘Look at that,” Curtis said as he rose from behind Escort Kartal his desk, “You both match.”

Lockie ran his hands over his red and black shirt and extended his elbow which Halle linked.

“Great minds.” They both said at the exact same time and burst out laughing.


Lockie took a back seat during the Q+A, Halle handled it like she had been doing it for years, he was surprised at the ease in which she flirted and fired back her answers to the crowd, he had read online that she had only been involved in the adult entertainment industry for three weeks. When questions were directed at him he replied quietly and to the point, he rolled his eyes at the stupid questions. Curtis had told him to play on his supposed bad boy rep a little but when it came to the signing he had to be friendly and personable.

The noise from the dj booth pulsated though his body as he signed what seemed to be his five hundredth head shot, he strained to hear what his fans were saying but nodded as if he did. The night was going better than he could have hoped for, he had his own table situated at the back of the large room. The studio had wasted no space in advertising all of their models and features on the site, it was still a shock seeing a giant topless poster of himself behind his table, it was on a raised platform at the back left of the room, his fans walked up and he signed what they wanted, he had already written his name on a forehead, three sets of breasts and two ass cheeks. Halle’s table was directly opposite his, he could see her flashing her tits for all of the pictures, her fans were going wild. Nearly all of her fans were men while Lockie had a good mix of both men and women, they seemed more apprehensive as they approached his table. He reminded himself that this was the start of his comeback so he sipped his vodka and plastered a big smile on his face. He answered all of their questions politely and thanked them graciously for coming out.

He had to admit that the feedback he was getting made him feel better than he had done in weeks. A few told him that they never missed one of his cam shows, they said that they never believed that he was as big an asshole as the websites made out and one even went on a three minute tirade against his rival Dylan O; calling him jealous and conceited. He did try his best to avoid questions about Mason when they were asked, just the mention of his name gave him a pang of sadness. It would have been the perfect occasion for them to hang out in, he made a mental note to ask Curtis to set it up when they were back on speaking terms. As the signing wore on Lockie found himself unwinding, as he caught up to the partygoers he found that their praise and friendliness was definitely the tonic that he needed. As the line ended for his signings he stumbled from the platform in search of the men’s room.

He pushed himself through a wall of sweaty men and women that were crowded around a table full of merchandise and pushed open the heavy door to the toilet. It showed how much was invested into tonight since they had their own toilet facilities and was completely cordoned off from the rest of the stalls and rooms of the sexpo. The brightness of the washroom made Lockie grimace, the sweat on his face was tingling as a blast of cool air enveloped him. Surprisingly the washroom appeared to be empty. He could hear a guy talking on the phone in one of the cubicles as he walked to the urinal.

“I am telling you dude he is even hotter in real life. You should see his arms they are fucking ripped. I know I can’t believe I got to see him either, listen I have to go now I hope I will see him on his own. Talk soon. “

The alcohol made Lockie feel a little giggly as he began to take his piss, he was nearly certain that the man in the cubicle was talking excitedly about meeting him. It made him feel good, after weeks of self doubt and bad thoughts he was adamant that he was going to use this opportunity to turn his life around and be back on top. He heard the click of the stall door open as he shook himself and walked to the sink.

A tall guy emerged sliding his cell phone into his pocket. He had the reddest hair that Lockie had ever seen, it was almost like fire. His skin was pale and he wore a tight fitting white shirt, he was muscular and had a solid build, Lockie put his age at 30. He did a double take as he walked towards the sink and stood beside Lockie.

“Hey,” he muttered as he extended his hand quickly to squirt some soap but in his haste clipped Lockie’s forearm. “Oh man I am so sorry.” He exclaimed turning red.

“No problem.” Lockie replied enjoying watching the guy squirm. “How’s your night been?”

The guy paused and took a deep breath.

“Listen I am going to be honest I am one of your biggest fans and I cannot believe I got the opportunity to meet you tonight. When I read that you would be attending this sexpo I nearly died, I seriously considered going back to your table twice but I felt that would come across as creepy. “

Lockie laughed and passed the stranger a wad of paper towels.

“Thank you for being a fan, if you give me your email address I can put together a fan pack and mail it to you tomorrow.”

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