Subject: Man Cam (LonXXX (3) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (LonXXX (3) ……..”Now your gonna fuck me” I growled I climbed up on his body . I was spitting on my hand and shoving fingers up my butt as I did. I thrust into my ass several times before jumping on his lap. I quickly crawled up on him and sat down on his dick. It sliced into me like a knife through butter. I was so loose from desire that it was easy bursa escort for his cock to get inside me. “Ughhnnn Yeahh” I cooed “Nice big meat up inside me stud” “Couldn’t wait to ride this big thing man” I continued “Aweee feels sooo good inside” I began to ride him like a cheap whore on a john. Bouncing up and down or grinding his meat deep inside my guts. I bent down and kissed him as I rode his hot dick. I was groaning from pleasure as I bounced up and down on his lap. “God that feels so good inside” I cooed “That dick feels soo good stud” I continued to ride his dick for several minutes like this before I Pulled him up and to a sitting position. I was still impaled bursa escort bayan on his rack hard dick as Then I had him crawl on top of me as I lay back down on the bed we were on. My legs swung up to land in his shoulders as Lonxxx thrust back into me. His dick slammed balls deep into my guts. “Ughnnn. Aweee yesss” I groaned again “Fuck me stud. Breed my pussy with that awesome dick” “Do it. Do me hard baby” I again reached for LonXXX and pulled him down onto me as he slammed into me over and over. He was soon grunting madly as his body took over. His cock plowing deep into my bowels repeatedly. Faster he went as his body drew closer to inevitable. I was turning my head in escort bursa ecstasy and crying out for his cock. “Fuck that hole baby” I cried “Take it now. Make it yours stud” “Breeed” Lonxxx did. He howled as his orgasm took hold. His body jerked as the first blast rocketed into me. I felt the hot cum as it poured in. One blast then another, then another and so on. He shot a good 6 or so times before Lonxxx was finished. He was grunting and cursing as he did. “Fucker. Faggot fucker ” he yelled “Take my cum fucker” “Take it up that pussy hole” Then when he finished he just slumped over me and was done. We lay there in the bed for quite a while. He dozed off and so did I. When we woke several hours into the night, Lonxxx was up for more fun. So he fucked me again and again throughout the rest of the evening………………… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ end

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