loosing my virginity discovering my sissy side

loosing my virginity discovering my sissy sideIt all started in my bedroom. A couple of young men finding porn for the first time in their lives. Jerking off everyday to various porn videos; back when you used a landline for the internet. I remember one day after my best friend left picking up his cum towel which he usually never left just sitting out. I remember picking it up getting some on my hand and my first instinct was to lick it up. That day I tasted cum for the first time. I remember jerking off that night licking up every load that exploded from my boi clitty!! I was in heaven. I also started shaving my privates and my ass. And sometimes I would wear panties to school or when hanging with my best friend.Sorry for the back story hehe…Getting AcquaintedSo one day at my friends house where we rarely jerked off my friend was like lets watch some porn in my moms room she has a video. So we went and watched. The first time I had ever seen a sex scene with 2 girls and 2 guys. The girls had sex and then the guys. When the guys started making out that is when my friend first touched me on my knee asking me if this was ok that we watched this part. My clitty was so hard, so he grabbed some towels and we did our thing but for the first time ever without sheets on. Now he was a year or so older than I was and had girlfriends. Me I was the chubby fat k** that touched a boob and made out with some girls. I remember watching the porn with the 2 men making out and eventually fucking each other’s brains out. I remember watching my friend jerk off more than the video. I was memorized by his big black dick. OMG it was absolutely amazing. I remember cumming really early into watching the video, hehe I actally came twice he made fun of me asking me if I was a little excited he too came but not til the girls entered the scene. So that was that after that we cleaned up. I really remember thinking to myself how badly I wanted to to touch it. Later that day we decided that we would have a sleepover. We were in our pajamas watching a movie. I had kaçak bahis on a pair of gym shorts and underneath a pair of pink panties nothing special and just a few days ago I had shaved my privates and ass hehe. That’s when my friend made a move on me, slipping his hand over my boititties and kissing me for the first time. I was amazing my clitty sprang to attention and he felt me up as if I were his girl, he guided my hand to his waste and we made out what seemed to be forever, kissing me deeply rubbing by titties and feeling my butt. I was on the bottom rubbing his side and back feeling his manly muscles. I remember feeling his black hard cock against mine and just leaking precum. His cock was easily 3 times the size of my boiclitty. Unfortunately for us we heard a door open so we had to break off one another. I had a wet spot in my shorts and my clitty was so hard but lucky for u sit was small and noticeable hehe he hid his nicely between his legs. Later on that evening when everyone was finally asleep he asked me to get naked but to leave my panties on and to join his on his bed. He had on a pair of boxers and a t shirt. I was completely naked. I was basically a boi in a girls body. I had boititties probably an A cup no hair on them and I didn’t help that I shaved my privates so my clittly looked so little compared to his. He had me get on top of him and I did I was straddling my best friend as he played with my naked titties. MY clitty was dripping precum at this point and I thought I was going to explode that’s when he pulled me down and kissed me deeply touching my naked body dry humping me his big black cock rubbing up against my clitty, it wasn’t long before I came all over my panties it was heaven and the best orgasm I had ever had I started to moan and he stuck his finger in my mouth and ordered me to suck. He then pulled out his cock and got over top of me. He pulled my clitty out of my panties and jerked off over my telling my to play with myself. I will never forget him cumming all over my clitty then kissing tipobet me while he rubbed my cum soaked clitty through my panties like you would rub a girls clit til I exploded and came for a second time. That night we made out a few times and I rubbed on his cock through his pants a couple of times. He was so gentle with my. It was weird but felt right even though we were good friends. This would change our relationship ? heheA few days had past and we were at my house when my friend asked if we could watch the porn he had taken from his place. The scene with the 2 men. Of coarse I wanted to and popped it in. that’s when he told me I was going to jerk each other off and the first one to cum sucks the other off. He knew I was not going to win this contest. So as I was about to cum he asks me If I would like to cum on his cock so I moved over towards him and started jerking myself he then started sucking on my titties I came immediately that’s when he knew he had complete control over me and told me to lick my cum off his big cock. I did as I was told. I will never forget holding It in my hand for the first time knowing that I was going to suck on it. I had seen his cock many times in the locker room, jerking off in each other bedroom often getting a peak of it before I came so seeing it that close and in my hand was so exciting I remember putting it in my mouth for the first time tasting my cum as I slide my lips up and down sucking up his cock like it was a lollypop. It wasn’t long before I felt him start shaking that’s when he grabbed a hold of my head and came in my mouth. I swallowed almost instinctively and he pulled out of my mouth and his last few drops landed all over my face. It was amazing I put his cock back into my mouth and sucked the rest of the cum out of him. Remember tasting him on my towel and now thinking how much better it was now than then. He then slapped me back to reality by slapping his cock against my face handing me a towel to clean up, instead I whipped it off my face with my hand tipobet güvenilir mi and licked it uo. He asked me if I was ok with all this and I told his I was. He then left for the day.That night was the first night I ever played with my boipussy. Since I knew my friend would be spending the night. I wanted my friend to fuck my like the guy in the video so I found a dildo and for the first time that night fucked myself with my dildo. I remember it feeling amazing. I know a lot of people say it hurts the first time but for me it was amazing. The next day my friend spent the night and that night we were making out on my bed he said suck my cock so I did and this is when he got physical with my. He started fucking my face, shoving his hard cock down my throat forcing me to take him deep. He did this for a while stopping ordering me to get on all fours. OMG it was happening. I had lubed my boipussy earlier so I was prepared. And I heard the word for the first time, this is a nice boipussy are you ready for my cock, I said yes please fuck me, I want you inside me. Crazy the things you say in the heat of the moment. He then asked me to get into his book bag and to see that stuff he bought for me.In the bad was a cock ring, a pink thong a pink nighty with lacey stuff around the butt and some light pink nylons. He asked if I would put them on and said if he was to fuck me he was not going to touch my clittySo I put on the clothes and added the lube he had gotten for me. I will never forget what happened next he ordered my on all fours he got behind me and move my thong to the side and I felt the head of his cock against my boipussy I remember backing up onto his head and it going in for the first time, my virginity was taken by this beautiful black cock and I was loving it instinctively backing up and down on his big hard cock, he got on top of my and grabbed a hold of my titties and fucked me for a good hour. I will never forget feeling how hard his cock got before he came into my boipussy it was absolutely amazing!! After he came inside me he turned me over and rubbed his hard cock against my clitty til I came onto his cock and in my panties. We then cuddled and fell asleep til the next morning. This would become our routine for the next few years. I love being his sissy.

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