Lori Ch. 04

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The Tapas Bar and Grill, like the rest of the Capri Hotel, was small and cozy. Each table was candle lit and piano music played in the background. I stood frozen at the entrance. The cold from the evening air had chilled me, but even more, I was frightened. I took a deep breath, stepped through the entrance, and peered into the dim radiance. The restaurant appeared empty. I glanced at my watch. It was 5:20. The walk to the hotel had taken longer than I expected. Had I missed him? I stepped further into the restaurant and allowed my eyes to become accustomed to the dim light.

The touch on my arm startled me. Then the soft voice offered reassurance. “Lori, I am so glad you came. I was beginning to think…well…that you would not come. I have a table over here. Would you join me?”

I turned. It was Scott. I managed a faint smile, a whispered hello, and allowed him to escort me to a booth opposite the bar. As he helped me off with my coat, Scott remarked on how nice I looked. The comment appeared genuine. It helped lessen my anxiety as I slipped along the leather cushion to the centre of the booth. Scott was neatly dressed in slacks and a V-necked sweater, but it was his smile and his casual, relaxing manner that I found most attractive.

The next two hours passed in a blur. I remember little of our conversation. However, I do remember feeling at ease, laughing lots, enjoying the Merlot, the attentive waitress, and a decadent chocolate dessert, which I could not finish. I truly liked Scott’s company. His soft brown eyes and constant smile put me at ease. This was a dinner date like none other that I had previously experienced. Those had been limited to quick meals at Denny’s and a short drives to the river park to watch the submarine races from the backseat. Scott was attentive and charming.

When dinner ended, over half a bottle of wine and most of my dessert remained on the table. As Scott was assigning the dinner charges to his room bill, I remarked to the waitress that I was disappointed that I could not finish my dessert. She smiled coyly and said, “Your romantic dinner doesn’t have to end here. I can wrap up your dessert and prepare some cheese and crackers if you like.” Then she said with a laugh, “The night is young and you can never tell when you will need a passionate snack.” I glanced at Scott and saw an impish grin on his face. He pointed to the wine and looked back at the waitress. She chuckled and continued, “The cork is still on the table, and we do not count the empty wine bottles. So, what shall I do, pack everything up?”

Scott looked at me with a quizzical look. I could only reply, “Sure, why not?”

After the waitress collected my dessert and left the table, Scott reached over and touched my hand for the first time during the evening. “I’ve really enjoyed dinner. tuzla escort My room has a nice view of the river park. If you feel comfortable, I would love you to join me. I promise you that I will call you a cab whenever you want to leave. I know you have an early morning at the coffee shop.”

I did not reply. I just enjoyed the warmth of his hand on mine, the tender massaging movements of his fingertips on my knuckles, and the sound of his sincere words, softly reverberating through my mind. As the waitress approached our table, I reached out and stroked his cheek, looked into his gentle eyes, and whispered, “Let’s go.”

The waitress had returned with three Styrofoam containers. Scott placed a twenty-dollar bill on the table as we left. I hugged my now heavier coat against my chest as the old elevator groaned and wheezed its way to the sixth floor. At the door to his suite, we both laughed as he tried to awkwardly balance the Styrofoam packages while he fumbled with his keys. When we entered the room, he reached for the light switch, but I stopped him. “Scott, leave the lights off.” The curtains were open, the soft reddish radiance from the setting sun, and the glow from the streetlights below bathed the room in muted light. The window beckoned. Scott’s room had a view of city hall and the river park. I stood before mesmerized.

I remained motionless, fascinated by the scene beneath me, until I heard the sound of Scott opening the restaurant take-out boxes at the table beside me. I removed the corked wine bottle from the folds of my coat and passed it to Scott. Then I placed my coat over the nearby chair, slipped out of my shoes, and continued to stare out the window.

Scott’s hands brushed over my shoulders. I felt his breath against my ear and I turned towards him. “Our waitress thought of everything.” He said with hushed excitement. “There are napkins, cutlery, cheese, crackers, and even wine glasses. I have poured…” He did not finish his sentence. Our lips met in a series of gentle, exploring kisses.

Our lips and fingertips searched, surveyed, and sought the gentle warmth of each other’s being. I loved the feel of his body against mine. His tender kisses and touches softly roused my passion. My hands slipped under his sweater and he helped me remove it. His fingers fumbled with the buttons of my pantsuit jacket, while mine quickly undid his shirt buttons, sought out the warm skin of his chest, and then caressed and pinched his nipples. Scott’s breath quickened. Our kisses grew more passionate and demanding. I broke away from our embrace, slipped out of my pantsuit, and then languidly allowed the window light to play over the satin lace of my camisole and panties. I heard the audible gasp. In the fading window light, I could see the delight in his eyes. I slipped the camisole tuzla escort bayan over my head to reveal my breasts to him for the first time. I watched his reaction and my excitement grew.

Scott had removed his shirt and stepped towards me. I held out my arm to stop him, shook my head, and took a step back. “Not yet,” I whispered. “Just watch.” I taunted him with some seductive hip movements and moved my hands over my body. My fingers teased my skin as they traced circular patterns first over my sides, then my stomach, and finally my breasts. Scott stared. His face painted in pure lust. The wetness and heat between my legs grew, stimulated by the thrill of being watched. I stepped towards him. His hands reached out for me, but I pushed them aside and I reached for his belt buckle.

I knelt before him. Scott’s pants and briefs surrounded his ankles and his erect cock quivered under my hot breath. Aroused by the power and control I felt and the hot touch of Scott’s dick against my cheek, my pussy positively dripped. My tongue lolled around the tip of his cock. The sweet taste of his precum encouraged me. I licked his shaft and fondled his balls.

Scott obviously enjoyed my attentions. He stroked my hair and my shoulders. I directed his cock to my open mouth. It slipped passed my lips and rubbed against the roof of my mouth. I bobbed and sucked vigorously. Scott quivered with urgency. I realized that he was about to cum. My hands encircled the base of his shaft and controlled the movements of his pelvis as he shuddered and shook. Hot ejaculate splashed against my throat and I swallowed hard. I looked up and saw a silly satisfied grin on Scott’s face. I pursed my lips and slowly wiped a drop of cum from my chin all the while maintaining eye contact. Faint tremors still roamed over his body. I helped him step out of his shoes and clothes and then led him to the bed.

He lay beside me with a euphoric smile still on his face. Then he said in a panting sigh, “That was fantastic. I have not cum like that …well since…well…in a very long time. You are incredible! Now I have to do something for you in return.” He paused for a moment, and then rolled onto his side, his head propped up on his right elbow. He began to touch me softly with his left hand. He started with my face, delicately tracing patterns over my forehead, cheek, and neck. I kissed his fingertips as they passed over my lips on their way to my breasts. First, he just caressed them. Then he changed his position so he could fondle and kiss them. Scott alternately sucked my nipples. They grew and thickened with his attention. So did my excitement. Electric tremors were shooting from my inflamed nipples directly to my swelling clit.

I sighed and cooed, “Mmmm, that feels so good.” He sucked harder. My fingers meandered through escort tuzla his short brown hair and gently directed his head to something a little lower down that needed special consideration. His fingers traced through my neatly trimmed pubic hair, stopping briefly to explore. Scott seemed to like all particular attention I had lavished on my pussy.

Scott’s teasing breath and hot tongue produced fantastic sensations. I stretched out. He soon moved between my spread legs. Scott’s tongue and fingers traced languid patterns over my mound and inner thighs. Like a warm bath, the erotic sensations Scott created completely enveloped my body. I floated in the ambiance fashioned by his fingers and tongue. My fingers joined the dance. Everything swirled together; soft penetration, tantalizing anal touches, hot rosebud kisses, teasing strokes. I slipped into a soft orgasmic cocoon, which seemed to go on and on and ended in sweet oblivion.

I awoke to find myself cuddled in Scott’s arms. I snuggled against his chest. Propped up against the pillows, Scott gently stroked my cheek and the small of my back. Through sleepy eyes, I saw the red numerals of the clock radio. It was just after 10.

“I like sleeping with you,” he said. “How about if I set the alarm for 2. Then you can shower and clean up and I will call you a cab. That way we can enjoy each other’s company for a little while longer and you can still be at work on time.”

All I could manage to say was, “Sure.” I was still under the glow of what had occurred just a short time before. I slowly pushed away from him and enjoyed a leisurely, feline stretch. Then I padded off to the bathroom. I needed to pee.

I sat on the sterile vinyl seat of the cab and opened my purse in search of change to pay the fare. There was a hotel envelope. While partially sealed, it was obvious that it contained a wad of bills. I took a deep breath and stared at the envelope. Cabby’s voice broke my trance. “Here we are, ma’am.” He saw me start and begin to rummage around my purse. “No need ma’am. It’s all been taken care of, and I have been told to wait for you and drive you to your next destination.” He smiled at my surprise. Flabbergasted, I hurried into my apartment building.

As I changed into a clean work uniform, I glanced at my purse, which I had hurriedly tossed on my bed. Scott’s envelope peaked from the open zipper. We had arranged to meet again that afternoon at the hotel. I smiled. The realization that I had been paid for sex and that I was about to do it again later that day, no longer infuriated me. I thought back to my first evening with Brian and how I had reacted to his proposal. I attitude had altered. There was no anger or shame now. In its place was a sense of empowerment. What I did had become just another way of earning money, but way I really enjoyed.

I grabbed my purse, tossed the envelope into the bottom of my underwear drawer, checked my donut shop uniform one last time in the bedroom mirror, and headed out to the waiting cab and my other job.

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