Lori Grows Up Pt. 15


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“Okay guys, spaghetti will be ready in three minutes!” Lori announced from the kitchen.

No answer. Maybe they didn’t hear, she thought, so she went to the bedroom to check. She found them both sound asleep, Dave flat on his back, Marty on top, Dave’s soft cock buried deep in her pussy. She gently shook them awake.

“Oh, morning, sweetie…um, sorry, Marty made an offer I couldn’t refuse–” Dave said.

“No need to explain. A little antipasto is always good,” Lori smiled. She kissed him, then kissed Marty, and tweaked her buns. “C’mon, supper is almost ready. Come naked, por favor.”

****at supper****

“Lori, the sauce is great! Another of your mom’s recipes?” Marty said.

“Nope, half my own, half Ragu. The meatballs are Stouffer’s.”

“Everything is really good, babe,” Dave said.”

“Okay with you guys if I turn on tv?” Lori said.

“Yeah, try that skin channel we watched a couple nights ago,” Dave said.

“Haha! Look, it’s that same big brown guy we saw before, with a pretty black chick this time.” Lori said. The tv guy was sitting on the bed, the woman was on her knees blowing him.

“She is sweet, but kinda small tits for a gal that big,” Dave said.

The guy quietly came and pulled out, squirting most of the cum in the woman’s face. She smiled and licked her lips, then straddled the guy, cowgirl, impaling herself on his huge still-hard cock. She took it fully into her vagina, then pumped slowly, swallowing the cock to the hilt on every stroke, obviously enjoying it immensely. The guy was mouthing her tits as they fucked, getting almost the whole breast into his mouth.

“See, Dave, you’re always bitching about breast size, but it’s true: anything over a mouthful is wasted!” Lori laughed. She felt a tingle and became aware that her nipples were in full bloom, and her tits were sweating.

“Wow! That cock of his is over a mouthful, and it sure as hell is not wasted! Must be at least a twelve!” Marty observed as she fondled her own erect nipples.

“Uh, Marty, can you help me with something in the bedroom, please?” Lori said. What the hell got me all worked up…maybe the combination of pasta and porn? she thought.

Dave sat alone, still a little hungry, sipping wine. Hearing the girls softly moaning in the bedroom, already his cock was getting hard. I’m gonna have one more meatball, then I’ll see what those two are up to, as if I didn’t know, he thought.

He smiled, finding them naked on the bed, doing pretty much what he had expected. Marty was flat on her back, her head at the foot of the bed. Lori was on top, sixty-nine. Both were glistening with sweat, having just had orgasms. They were bonus veren siteler intently dildoing each other’s pussies and licking clits, working toward another orgasm.

“Is this a private party or can anybody come?” Dave said.

“Hi hon, join us, and sure, you can cum!” Lori giggled.

Dave went to Marty’s head and she said, “Here, let me get that nice and slippery for you.” She popped his cockhead in her mouth, swirled it, and swallowed a small wad of precum, then slavered the whole cock, “Ulp, umph, glk, glk, gluk!”

“Hon, I didn’t jelly, so take a few strokes in my pussy, but don’t cum, then give it to me good in the ass, please?” Lori smiled.

“Okay sweetie, whatever you want.”

Marty guided Dave’s cock into Lori’s seething vagina, which was gooey with her love nectar. As Dave slowly thrust his cock in and out of Lori’s slit, Marty lovingly caressed and fondled his sack and balls, sucking on one ball then the other. After a dozen cautious strokes, Dave pulled out, not wanting to cum in her pussy. His cock was now coated with Lori’s love honey, which hopefully would be sufficient lube for the ass fuck. He grabbed Lori’s buns and spread them gently, and Marty guided the cockhead into Lori’s beautiful ass.

“Yee-ouch! A little dry still! Uhh, just go easy until I stretch out a little, hon,” Lori said.

“Give her a good deep fucking, Dave. I don’t know anybody who likes it in the ass as much as she does! She likes it deep!” Marty said, as she stroked Lori’s erect clitoris.

“Thanks, Marty, I’ll take that as a compliment!” Lori laughed.

Dave pushed in gently, then proceeded to fuck Lori’s ass with slow, deep strokes. His engorged scrotum swung back and forth in Marty’s face, and she did her best to lave his balls, able to fit only one at a time in her mouth. Lori’s love honey was now all over Marty’s face and tits, but she was impervious to it, even reveling in it.

“I’m startin’ to cum, hon, getting tingly all over. Omigod, your cock feels so good, fuck me deep. Deep!” Lori gasped, as she resumed licking Marty’s pussy.

Dave felt his juice tingling, more like percolating! The urge to ejaculate was overwhelming, but he was determined to hold back until Lori said when. He was getting weak, even holding onto Lori’s ass for support. He continued fucking Lori’s ass gently, slow, and deep. He was sweating profusely, and Marty eagerly licked the sweat from his balls and crotch. He hoped Lori would cum soon, because he couldn’t hold much longer.

Suddenly Marty spasmed with a violent orgasm, “Aaaaah, Unnnnnngh, Auuuuuugh, Unnnnnnnn!”

Lori came next, “Eaaaaaaah, Aaaaaaah, Unnnngh! Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me! Unnnnngh! Dave, bedava bahis give it to me!”

Finally, Dave thought. He pushed in hard to the hilt and held, and it felt like the whole world was coming out of his dick as he jetted enormous wads of hot spunk into Lori’s lovely ass, spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt! Lori said, “Uhh! Give it! Auugh! Aaaaah…I can feel it squirting into me!” He came so hard, his back felt like it was sledgehammered! The huge cumload could not be contained in Lori’s rectum and dribbled out, and Marty eagerly caught every drop on her tongue and swallowed, “Ah, ummm.”

After that, all three crowded into the small shower stall for a much-needed hot rinse. Then in bed Dave spooned behind Marty, Lori spooned behind Dave, and all slept restfully and dreamlessly…for a few hours.

In the dark, Lori gently shook Dave awake, he rolled on his right side to face her. In her slumber, Marty also rolled to her right, wanting to stay close to him, then he felt her warm breasts and hands and breath on his back.

“What’s on your mind, babe?” he whispered to Lori.

“I hated to wake you, but I just wanted to say I’m sorry, again.”

“For what, sweetie?” he said, noticing her nipples were fully erect.

“Same thing as before, acting so crazy. It’s just…I enjoy it so much when you’re inside me, cumming inside me, I just don’t want it to ever stop…I can never get enough,” she whispered, grasping his cock, bringing it immediately to full erection. “When we stop screwing, I feel afraid that it will never start again. I know it’s silly, but I want it again, right now, in the ass again, please, hon. I jellied it for you, mi querido.” She kissed him then rolled on her right side and pressed her sweet soft buns into his lap, guiding his cock between her soft buns. His cockhead felt like it was on fire as she pressed it against her tightly puckered anus. Then he pushed in gently, slowly, until finally the full length of cock was buried in the wonderful warmth of her rectum. With his left hand, he gently caressed her breasts and nipples.

“Okay if we pump slow, sweetie, to make it last longer?” he whispered as he kissed the warm nape of her neck.

“Do whatever feels best for you. I’m jacking my clit and I’ll cum before you do, but don’t mind me, just keep on fucking, hon. God, it feels so good when you’re deep inside me!”

Marty was now wide awake, and as Dave started to pump she whispered, “Okay if I hold your sack while you fuck, love? I love to feel the balls dancing when you’re cumming,” as she kissed his neck and shoulder.

“It’s okay, sweetie. Stay close.”

Dave pumped away with slow deep strokes, pulling out now deneme bonus and then to delay ejaculation. He pumped about an hour, and Lori felt the intense cum tingle building in her ass and pussy and thighs. She jacked her clit faster and faster, unable to hold off any longer. Her back arched painfully as the waves of pleasure ripped through her like bolts of lightning, “Oww! Aaaah, Dave! Aaaauuugh! Unngh! Unnnngh! Auuuuugh!”

Dave felt Marty tense and her breath quicken when she heard Lori cumming, as if she had a symbiotic orgasm herself. Dave waited until Lori’s orgasm subsided then relaxed, releasing a huge ejaculation, shooting thick and hot and fast deep in Lori’s ass, while Marty held his balls and kissed his neck and cheek nonstop. “Lori can’t kiss in that position, so I kiss for her,” she giggled.

Dave took Marty’s hand and kissed it and pressed it to his heart, then they all slept like soundly…for a few hours.

Marty gently shook Dave awake. “What’s up, sweetie, need something?” he said, half asleep, rolling to face her.

“I felt your balls dancing when you were cumming into Lori, and now I want you in my ass so bad it hurts. I know you’re tired, hon, but I jellied up and I’ll do the pumping if you can just get it into me, pretty please?”

“Okay sweetie, just back your sweet tushy into my lap, and I’ll do my best.” No rest for the wicked, he smiled to himself.

Marty reached behind herself and gently grasped his willing but tired dick, guiding it to her anus. It was a little floppy but quickly firmed up under her tender and warm touch. As the cockhead kissed the puckered entrance to her backside, a large wad of precum squirted out, and she rubbed it over the cock for added lubrication. The cockhead was a tight fit, then the whole cock slid in easily, and Dave pushed in to the hilt. Her ass was smooth and soft and warm inside, and he was glad she woke him, very glad, as he planted kisses on her neck and shoulders. Lori was now awake and he felt her warm breasts on his back as she gently cupped his balls. Marty began a slow pumping as she jacked her clit, and already she was sweating and breathing fast, close to a climax. Lori let go of his balls, shoved a dildo into her ass, and began jacking her clit. Marty was the first to violently climax, “Auuugh! Fuck! Unnnnngh! Uhnnnn!”

Lori was next, trembling through a gentle but pleasant orgasm, “Uhnngh! Auugh! Dave! Uhnnngh! Ohh!

Dave was the last to cum, too tired to yell, spewing huge thick hot wads into Marty’s lovely sweet ass. He stayed in after ejaculating, enjoying the wonderful warmth of that soft heaven. He reached behind and took Lori’s hand and pressed it to his heart. She snuggled close to him, he felt her wonderful warmth and softness on his back. In the dark she whispered softly, “I love you, mi querido.”

“I love you too, mi querida,” he whispered.

A gentle rain started, and once again the soft pattering lulled them to blessed sleep…

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