LORNA AND GRACE (A Lesbian Tale)

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LORNA AND GRACE (A Lesbian Tale)LORNA AND GRACE (a Lesbian tale)(The action takes place somewhere in the eastern United States in 1938.)One could say that the Market in Belleville was the center of town. Mind you it wasn’t a big town but, not counting the people who were coming and going, it must have had about one thousand permanent residents. The Market was located in a large building which took up most of the block. There was a main floor where most of the stalls were, mainly vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and the like, and there was a second floor where five to six merchants sold bottles and jars of juices, honey, jams and all kinds of other things that the women in and around town produced at home. About 50 people worked in the Market, with the women at the counters and the men carrying the merchandise. No cars were allowed on the floor so everything had to be carried by buggy or by hand. Lorna had been working in the Market since she had left her parent’s home near Chicago. That was 15 years ago and she was celebrating her 31st birthday this weekend. She worked in a stall owned by local farmers who sold mainly vegetables and eggs. The money was ok and the work was not strenuous although the hours were long, from 6AM to 6PM five days a week and 6AM to 12 noon on Saturday. Lorna lived in a rooming house for ladies, which was just on the outskirt of town, about a 20 minute walk.Grace was a little younger, about 25, and worked in a shop upstairs selling jam. She was new at this, having moved to Belleville from Canada only a few months ago. Her parents had sent her to live with her aunt and uncle, thinking that life would be easier there than in Saskatchewan. Grace was shy and homesick, but she was very attractive and her aunt and uncle were sure she would meet some nice man in Belleville. She was a cute blonde and men liked that. Lorna on the other hand was rather plain, had curves without being fat, but had an engaging smile and was friendly with everyone. Her black hair was always in a bun (which she maintained was more appropriate when you worked with food). In all the time she was in Belleville, she had never gone out with a man. She was simply not attracted to men. As far as everybody was concerned, since she was plain and quiet, Lorna was born to be a spinster.“Did you see the new girl upstairs ?”, asked Marjorie who worked in the stall next to Lorna’s. “No…where does she work ?”, asked Lorna in a monotone voice“She sells jam for her aunt . Second stall from the stairs. Can’t miss her”, said Marjorie with a crooked smile. Lorna ignored Marjorie most of the time. Marjorie knew or thought she knew and Lorna never let on. Marge, as they called her, was nearly 40 and divorced. That in itself didn’t give her much credit around town. Around the card tables, and during church baking sales, women would whisper things. Marjorie was suspected of having had an affair with the baker’s wife. One day the baker sold his bakery and left town dragging his wife with him, the next day Marge was divorced. People loved to believe these stories. Lorna suspected it was true since the woman had been “engaging” with her in a number of occasions. Nothing vulgar, just annoying since Lorna did not find her attractive in the least.“You should go have a look. It’s worth the trip”, insisted MargeLorna had learned not to pursue these conversations since something might slip out accidentally. She knew what she felt when she was alone in bed and couldn’t sleep. She would get up and flip through old magazines of movie stars, stopping at the pictures of the prettiest actresses. pendik escort She would never admit it, even in court, but she knew she had to satisfy the pressure between her legs before she could fall asleep again and be able to do her work the next day. ————————————————————————————————————–Although she was somewhat homesick, Grace did not miss her parents but more the farm she grew up on, the few friends she had, her dog. She was glad to get away from her parents who kept talking about marriage and showing her around the small village nearby like a prize mare. Grace especially missed her friend Lily. They had gone to school together and were as close as could be. When they were both 18, the girls were walking in the tall corn fields and Lily had kissed her on the mouth. Grace had kissed her back. Neither repeated the exercise again. The parents had deliberately placed them in separate schools thinking it was not natural for girls that age to spend so much time together.Lorna needed some honey. She had a small kitchen in her room and liked to have honey in the morning. “Hi, can I have the small jar of white honey ?”, asked LornaAnd the honey was taken off the shelf and put on the counter by the most beautiful young lady Lorna had ever seen — even in her magazines. She fumbled with her change while Grace smiled.“You work downstairs ?”, asked Grace“How do you know ?”, asked Lorna surprised and disappointed at being recognized as a worker.“Your work clothes and you have a piece of lettuce in your shirt pocket”, answered Grace with a lovely smile. “It’s ok. It nice actually”. It was quiet in the late afternoon so the girls had a few minutes to chat although they looked around to make sure the bosses were not there.“Where are you from ?”, whispered Lorna“Saskatchewan”, answered Grace with a laugh“I can’t even spell it”, smiled Lorna“I’ll write it for you one day”, answered Grace“Do you live far away ?”, boldly asked the Canadian“In a rooming house, next to the post office, about 20 minutes away”, answered Lorna quickly“I live with my aunt and uncle just outside the village but they’re away for a week. They had to go to a wedding back in Canada”, answered Grace looking directly in Lorna’s lovely eyes“Come on girl, back selling lettuce, you don’t want the competition to do it for you, do you ?”, a harsh voice boomed across the room.“Thanks”, mumbled Lorna, took her honey and ran downstairs and back into her stall.She stuffed the jar in her pocket but Marge had seen her.“Cute hey ?”, said Marge“Not as cute as you, sweetie”, Lorna heard herself say and blushed.Marge didn’t say another word all afternoon.——————————————————————————————————————Around 6 PM, Lorna waited for Grace to leave work. When she saw her walking out the main door, she walked next to her as if it was by accident.“Hi Grace…someone told me your name…”, muttered Lorna“Hi Lorna…funny a little bird told your name also”, laughed Grace“I was wondering if you were ….well…you know….free go to the movie house on Saturday or Sunday night ?”, muttered Lorna“Oh…it’s Bette Davis in Jezebel…right ?”, answered Grace clapping her hands“Yes it is…you feel like it ?”, asked Lorna who would have fainted if Grace had said no. “I’ll meet you in front of the theatre at 7:15 on Saturday night…is that ok ?”, said Grace“I’ll be there…bye for now”, said Lorna blushing with joy.Henry Fonda was also starring in that movie, but neither woman mentioned him.——————————————————————————————————————–Lorna escort pendik was going to wear the dress she usually wore at church. She didn’t think that would be frowned upon. When she went to a movie alone, and she did once in a while, she put on a rather worn summer dress. Grace didn’t have much to wear but her aunt had insisted she could borrow anything she liked from her own wardrobe since both women were about the same size. Grace chose a dark blue dress which was quite formal and old-fashioned but at least it fit her and matched her blonde hair. Both ladies had a small bite to eat. Lorna was early but Grace arrived on time. They bought their ticket, some popcorn and sat in the middle of one of the last rows. The movie theatre was only half-full so there were many seats to choose from. Lorna had brought a shawl since her dress was sleeveless and she offered it to Grace should her friend get cold during the performance. Both women exchanged smiles in the semi-darkness. Lorna could smell a hint of perfume which certainly came from Grace since there were no other ladies near them. Lorna didn’t have any more perfume and was quite mad at herself for forgetting to buy some. It would have been more useful than the honey !The two women shared a jar of popcorn which they placed on the armrest between them. Often their hands touched as they reached for the container at the same time. Neither apologized nor removed her hand. They enjoyed the hand play throughout the movie, even after the popcorn was all gone.It was 8:15 PM by the time the two women left the theatre. The movie was nearly two hours long but both had loved it even though the ending brought tears to their eyes.Grace took the lead and walked a few feet ahead of her friend.“Isn’t Bette beautiful ?”, gushed Grace as she turned her head“Yes she is…”, answered Lorna who left her sentence hanging.“You have reservations ?”, asked Grace“No…no…I was going to say….something which you may not think proper”, stammered the older woman.“Try me…”, answered Grace, as she turned and walked backwards facing Lorna.“I was going to say…that…you are just as beautiful as Bette Davis…so there..I said it”, blurted out Lorna blushing in the darkness.The road was dark and no one was near the couple. Grace turned around again and took Lorna’s arm and walked silently, then, as she was a little shorter, she rested her head on her friend’s shoulder.Grace had led them to her aunt and uncle’s house. “I thought it would be more comfortable than the rooming house”, said Grace as Lorna looked a little distressed. “Don’t worry. They are coming back only in four days”, said Grace reassuringly————————————————————————————————————“Make yourself at home”, said Grace, ““Would you like some tea ?”,.Grace had turned the small light on in the living room but walked into the kitchen in the dark.Lorna followed her or she followed the perfume she had enjoyed during the movie. Grace didn’t hear of soft footsteps. Lorna took Grace by the shoulders and turned her around gently.“Can …can I kiss you ?”, asked LornaGrace put her arms around Lorna’s waist. She raised her face to the taller woman until her dried lips touched Lorna’s dried lips. Mouths quickly opened and tongues moved against teeth, gums, lips. The women were totally unaware of the drool building up and which began to drip onto the floor at first, then on the women’s cloth-covered chest.Grace broke the kiss and pendik escort bayan took Lorna by the hand, dragging her out of the kitchen towards the staircase.“Should we ?”, cried Lorna“Yes”, screamed Grace, “Yes..if you love me”. The two women clasped hands and walked up the stairs to Grace’s bedroom. Grace sat on the bed to take off her shoes and began to unbutton the front of her dress. “Are you waiting for me to undress you ?”, cried Grace looking at Lorna who was standing there motionless.“No…no ..of course not”, stammered the older woman, as she began to pull down the side zipper of her dress. The women took off their dress, then their slip, and were down to bra and underpants. They stopped, both breathing heavily. Grace turned her bra around in order to undo the snap while Lorna just slid hers over her head. Grace’s breasts were smaller than Lorna’s but upturned and with long nipples. Both women slipped off their underpants at the same time. Grace jumped under the covers before Lorna could have a good look at her. The room was dark but the light from the stars provided enough vision. In turn Lorna slipped under the covers and felt Grace’s warm body next to hers. The two women resumed their kiss and timidly began to move their hands over the other’s naked body. Lorna broke the kiss to suck on Grace’s nipples while Grace, shy little Grace from Saskatchewan, boldly moved her hand between Lorna’s thick thighs until she reached her lover’s wet cunt. Lorna opened her thighs wider to give Grace better access and moved her own hand over Grace’s slightly curly blonde triangle. Both women were shaking as they stroked each other. It was their first time in bed with a woman and they were understandably a little clumsy. Grace was rubbing Lorna’s erect clit without realizing that her lover was very close to an orgasm. Before Lorna could slow her down, the older woman groaned and buried her head between Grace’s upturned tits, shaking with her first orgasm. “Oh I’m so so sorry…”, cried Grace, realizing her lover had come too soon.“Don’t worry”, simply said Lorna, as she got on top of her lover and kissed her way down to Grace’s bushy cunt. Her instinct made her clamp her open lips over Grace’s small clit. She began to lick it and feel it grow until she could actually take it between her lips and suck it. Grace screamed and came all over Lorna’s face. After their mutual orgasm, there was no stopping the lesbian lovers. It was as if each had wanted to catch up on all the missed opportunities they had had with other women. Lorna mounted Grace and the two vixens rubbed cunts until they both came. The two women found each other’s ass and spent some time kneading their buttocks and then fingers were inserted in their puckered holes. Finally after nearly two hours of lovemaking, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. —————————————————————————————————————–The next morning, Lorna slipped out of bed to find the washroom. When she came back, Grace was awake and lifted her arms up, demanding her lover. The two huddled together, kissing. Grace got up to pee as she knew they would start another session of lovemaking when she came back. “What are we going to do now ?”, asked Lorna when the petite Grace tiptoed back to the bed“We are going to make love, silly”, purred Grace“No…I mean yes we are…but I mean after, later, tomorrow, next week ?”, whispered Lorna crying“It will be our secret….until someone finds out”, said Grace calmly“Then what ?”, asked Lorna wide-eyed“I don’t know”, answered Grace, “Let’s not worry about it right now”.The two women kissed and Lorna began to hump her younger lover with the assurance of an experienced lesbian. It was as if last night had been their wedding night. Maybe it was. THE END

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