Lorna, Mary, Judy, and Emily


I was an only child, raised on a small croft in Scotland. There were no young families nearby so until primary school I had little contact with other children. Even then, I remained an outsider because most of the kids already knew each other and had established groups of friends.Mary and I first met during my third year at school. She and her mum Judy had newly moved to the area and were staying in a farmhouse that was one mile away from my home. Fortunately, Mary and I hit it off straight away, and we became best friends. In fact, during the holidays I often spent more time at Judy’s house than at home.Passing my time there worked well for all of us. Mary and I became sisters: growing up, learning and sharing together. Judy got a second daughter to dote on, which I think she had always wanted and it kept me out of my mother Emily’s way.  She wasn’t a mumsy mum; I think it was difficult for her to deal with or cope with a boisterous youngster. My mother was also prudish. I couldn’t have mother-daughter chats: she became red and flustered whenever I asked about anything girly. To be fair, I later found out that this was how my mother had herself been brought up; she didn’t know of any other way.Judy noticed one day that I was quiet. “You seem out of sorts today, are you okay?”“I’m worried. My chest feels swollen and sore. I think something is wrong with me.”“Don’t be. You’re not ill. This change is normal for a girl of your age. You’re starting to develop breasts, the first steps to womanhood. Hasn’t your mum talked to you about this?”“No, when I asked she just went red in the face and wouldn’t say anything.”“Oh, poor girl. No wonder you’re scared. First things first, come with me.”Judy took me through to her bedroom and got me to take off my top. She held a mirror in front of me and pointed. “Look, these are your breast buds. They are beginning to grow and swell. That’s what you are feeling. There can be the occasional pain, but I think it is your clothes rubbing against them that has made your buds so sore. Dab them with a little of this soothing oil balm while I go get you a training bra.”I had no idea what Judy meant but soon found out. She came back with some packets. Mary followed her through and took her top off. Mary and I faced each other. The first time we had seen the other in the flesh. We both blushed.”Don’t be embarrassed, have a good look, be comfortable with your bodies. You’re both developing breast buds. Yours are slightly more advanced than Mary’s ones, but she will soon catch up. From now, you need a bra to protect those sensitive buds. Today, I’m going to fit both of you with a bra.”Soon, Mary and I were standing in front of a mirror admiring each other in our white training bras. It felt strange, tight and restricting at first but of course, Judy was correct my clothes no longer rubbed against or irritated my buds as I walked.  You will have to wear your bra every day, only take it off when you go to bed. Mary, you don’t need to start wearing one straight away but you can if you want. It would be good for both of my girls to share this small step to womanhood.”“I will wear the bra from now. It’ll give me the chance to get used to it and protect my buds as they blossom. Also, I don’t know why but wearing this bra makes me feel more girly and less of a child.”Judy smiled and kissed Mary and then me on the cheek. “Good. It should be like that. For a girl getting their first bra is a right-of-passage. I’m happy for both of you.”“The bras will become tight or uncomfortable as your breasts enlarge. Tell me when that is happening and I will get you measured and fitted with bigger ones. You can learn about the mysteries of bra band and cup sizes.”Judy spent the rest of the day talking with Mary and me about puberty and what etlik escort would happen to us. Nothing too graphic, but enough to prepare us for the changes and to know when we needed a more detailed chat with Judy.From then, Judy was my mentor on all things intimate, including the birds and bees talks. I’m not sure if Mary and I became synchronized, but we went through the stages of puberty, even starting our periods, at similar times. We shared the trials and tribulations of developing womanhood. Judy was a lovely mum; she prepared us for everything.At school, Mary and I both liked the same subjects, so we were together in the same classes throughout primary and secondary education. Our final grades were good enough for acceptance to the university. For convenience, we decided to rent and share a small flat nearby the campus.Before starting at university, Mary and I spent the holidays helping Judy clear and replant her extensive garden. It was during this time that our relationships moved to a different level.One day I had to stop working and ask Judy if I could lie down for a while.“Are you ill?”“Bad period.”“Come with me.” She took me to Mary’s room. “Try to make yourself comfortable.”I had just flopped onto the bed when she came through with a hot water bottle. “Hold this close; it should help to dampen down the cramps.”I fell asleep almost straight away and was out of it for a couple of hours. When I started to wake up, I realized that Mary was sleeping beside me, her head nestling on my chest. As an only child, I had never shared my bed with anyone before. I put my arm around her, to cradle her closer to me and fell asleep again feeling her warm breath blowing over my neck. The only question, was it just chance that her hand was inside my top, clasping my breast? It was causing very interesting sensations around there.“Come on lazy bones, time to get up and have some supper.”“I’m sorry to have been rude, for sleeping so long.”“Don’t fret, you’ve both worked so hard in the last few days and looked so peaceful, I decided to let you be.”After dinner, I helped tidy up, thanked them both and set off home. I couldn’t stop thinking how good it felt sleeping alongside Mary. Maybe it was just the novelty. It would have been a first time for her as well. Did she get the same feelings, would she want to do it again?Over the next few days, Mary didn’t say anything about that afternoon, but as I was leaving on Friday night, she clasped me around the waist, placed a lingering kiss on my lips and said, “Come over early tomorrow. Mum is going to be away. We can have a proper girly day.”I could hardly contain myself but was also apprehensive. How far did Mary want to go? Was it just going to be making out or further? Judging by her interest in my breasts, I think she wants to explore new territory. I was also unsure about being intimate with a girl. It wasn’t accepted, was it? I decided to let Mary take the lead just in case I was misreading things. I didn’t want her to feel forced into anything, but I did set out some encouraging pointers for her: I wore a thin blouse and no bra.I was nearby Mary’s house by eight o’clock in the morning, she saw me in the distance and ran out to meet me. She gave a lingering kiss on the lips, and we held hands as we walked the rest of the way. I couldn’t help noticing that she made many side-ways glances at my breasts: my nipples were so evident through the blouse. She held my hand even more tightly. Clear message and my chest tingled with anticipation of what was to come.We went through to Mary’s room, got comfortable on the bed and kissed for a long delicious time. I could feel the rise and fall of her chest on my breasts. We were both aroused, but it did not seem to be getting anywhere. keçiören escort Then, I realized that Mary was waiting for me to make the first big move.I threw caution to the wind and stripped off in front of Mary. A delighted smile broke out on her face as she watched me and then started to undress. I must admit that I couldn’t help ogling as she revealed every inch of that gorgeous body. I got onto the bed, pulled her on top of me and held her while caressing her neck and hair and stroking her back and behind. We kissed and kissed as we lay there, breast to breast, mound to mound, feeling the warmth and movement of our bodies close together.  “I’ve been dreaming of this for days: getting even closer and personal with you.”“So, it wasn’t an accident that your hand was inside my top the other day, you were copping a feel.”“Yes, I was just going to hold and comfort you, but your pert breasts were gently beating against me and made me curious. I had to explore them in the flesh so to speak. I couldn’t stop myself and was turned on by your soft skin and firm sexy boobs.”“I’m glad you enjoyed it, but now I’m eager to get my hands on your luscious stack.” Mary giggled and vigorously rubbed her mound against mine. “That’s enough of the talk; I want you now.”I started to kiss Mary’s neck, she whimpered and rolled off me onto her back. I moved down to her pert little breasts and stroked them gently. She began to moan and tremored when I kissed her breasts and started to lick and suck the nipples. Mary began to massage my breasts and pushed me back far enough that she could get her mouth onto my nipples. We were cliched in this way, suckling a breast each, for a long time and getting hotter and hotter. I decided to move further south, released her nipple and started to kiss below the breasts and around her belly button. Mary reluctantly came off my boob allowing me to kiss and stroke all the way down to her mound of Venus.I took things slowly: this was an untouched pussy. The fuzz on Mary’s mound ruffled as I blew through it.“Ooh, that tickles.I gently stroked and kissed Mary’s inner thighs and close to her pussy. On cue, Mary spread her legs allowing access. I had a good idea what to do, but finding the right spots amongst Mary’s fuzz was fun. I had seen mine in the mirror, but hers looked different. I stroked the lips and started to kiss and suck on them. I found the clit and nuzzled and sucked on it as well. Mary was writhing and moaning by now. I moved back down to the lips and started to lick between them while stroking her clit with my finger. Mary was hot and bucking so I pushed my tongue into her vagina. I explored as far inside as I could and licked and licked. Suddenly, she gasped and started to shudder. Cum began to flow, and I struggled to cope but, determined not to lose a drop of those sweet juices, I eventually licked her entirely out. Mary gave out a long euphoric sigh and went limp. I pulled myself up the bed, clasped her in my arms and kissed her with lips still coated by her pussy nectar.After a short recovery, Mary started down on me. However, she could not cope with kissing and licking my pussy.“I’m sorry, I cannot do it.””That’s okay, use your fingers instead.”She gently stroked the lips and clit and slowly pushed one and then two fingers into my fud. She explored and pushed her fingers in and out. I got hotter and hotter down there, and I had a massive climax with plenty of cum flowing out onto her hand. “Keep the cum. I want to us to share it.”Mary and I licked every drop from her hand and fingers. My cum was sweet, but Mary’s nectar was best. We cuddled together, pulled the duvet over us and fell asleep. We stirred around mid-day and as with all new lovers were soon making out again: we kızılay escort did it exactly as before, no need to change a winning combination at this early stage. We woke again at around four o’clock in the afternoon and were kissing and cuddling when I remembered that Judy would be back soon. So, we stopped and had a shower together. That took a long time, due to extended mutual lathering and toweling down. Fortunately, Mary and I were redressed and sitting in the kitchen having a meal when Judy arrived back.”Did you have a nice day together? All play and no work I hope.”I could honestly say, “Yes, it has been fun doing girly things.”There were few opportunities to get intimate during the remainder of the holiday, although sheer lust took over one day and Mary and I romped amongst the long grass in a field out of sight of the house. Notionally, we had gone on a picnic. But the sandwiches we shared were tastier and the juices sweeter than the usual picnic fare.A week before starting at university, I spent three days in the city sorting out the documentation for the flat, getting the keys and stocking up with a list of essentials. It was a cozy little place, having a living room and kitchen, bathroom and large bedroom with two Queen-size beds. While I was there, Mary and Judy went shopping in nearby towns for new bedding and other items for the flat and of course new clothes.On my return, I dropped in to visit Mary and found Judy crying in the kitchen. Mary had thrown a strop after the second day of shopping.”I’m fed up; I’m not traipsing around shops anymore. We’ve got all that is needed; now it is just looking and trying things on for the sake of it. I’ll stay with Auntie Jean for a couple of days.”I was shocked: I had always looked on Mary as being the perfectly behaved girl, but of course, like any teenage girl she could be brattish and go off on one, particularly around certain times of the month.Judy admitted, “I’m disappointed. I was so looking forward to spending quality mother-daughter time with Mary before she goes off to university. I am also angry that Mary was so hurtful and insensitive. I have failed to teach her to behave properly. My mother would have thrashed my bottom if I’d done anything remotely like that. Yes, it’s probably difficult for you to imagine me being rebellious, but I was: my bottom was tanned many times while I was growing up. I know my mother didn’t like to use the belt but saw it as her duty, as a good mother, to teach me to obey and show respect. She packed a wallop, and my bum would be sore for days, but I now realize the punishments were justified and had the desired effect on my conduct. I respect my mum for her tough love.” “Mary is a good kid but can be particularly rude and spiteful at times. I could have curbed that behavior by skelping her bum when it happened but her father was opposed to spanking, and I have always respected his wishes. Timeouts and removal of privileges seemed to work when she was a child, but her belligerent behavior has persisted. I’ve failed,” she ended.”You are a good mother and have a wonderful daughter. Yes, she can occasionally be bolshie, but that will disappear as soon as she has to live in the wider world.”“Lorna, have you ever been spanked?”“Yes, but only once, when I was eight I got the belt from my father. I could hardly sit down for a week, and I made sure never to step over the line or get caught again.”“That short-sharp shock certainly worked. You are well behaved and courteous, but you should have got another one a few weeks ago. I know about the naughty games you and Mary were playing.”I was dumbfounded. How could Judy know?“Didn’t you think a mother would notice? The knowing looks, rumpled bed, and the unique fragrances in Mary’s room after you spent that day exhausting yourselves. So, yes, I know and should have thrashed you both for that indecency, but I couldn’t break my promise to my late partner.”“I’m sorry to have let you down. That pledge need not apply to your ‘second daughter’. Be a dutiful mom and give me the lesson I deserve.

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