Losing Our Virginity:Michelle and I


Losing Our Virginity:Michelle and IHow Michelle and I first met and lost our virginity to each other at the age of 15 and Fell in Love This story takes place in September of 1986:My name is Rob and this is my story hope everyone likes it.I met Michelle in the 10th grade as we both were in the same home room and had a lot of the same classes.At first Michelle and I did not get a long to well as she was very out going and popular for being a freshman .It was because she was very beautiful.She has long dark brown hair beautiful brown eyes caramel colored tanned skin 36D breasts 26 inch waist 38 hips 5’9 140 pounds.Everytime I saw her I would stare at her.She would angrily ask me what are you looking at. Me being shy and kinda skinny would look away dejected the other girls with her would laugh at me and make fun of me. One day in the beginning of October I see her by herself and she was crying. I went over to her and offered her a tissue she took the tissue then told me to fuck off.Michelle then yelled out wait.She came over to me and apologized for being mean and thanked me for the tissue.I quickly worked up the nerve to ask her what was wrong.She told me she didn’t want to tell me right now that she would if I came to her house and hung out with her.I stammered out yes and she smiled the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I couldn’t wait for that day to end .When the final bell rang I was by the front exit to the school but she was no where to be found. I waited like 30 minutes and she finally came down the hall her face was flushed as I think she was surely crying again.Michelle comes over to me kisses me on my cheek and thanks me for waiting. Shethen takes my hand and we leave through the doors leading out into the street.I couldn’t believe my luck having the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with me without being mean to me or asking what I was looking at.I asked Michelle what was wrong she then told me that our Substitute teacher Mr. Goldman tried to force himself on her minutes before I came down the hall. He told her how she was giving him all these signals and that the Pink short sleeve blouse and black mid thigh length pleated skirt she was wearing caused him to think that she was a slut who liked to tease. She slapped him He then threatened her if she told anyone that he would tell the Dean that she was wearing clothing that was to revealing and that she assaulted him. Tomorrow he wants her to stay after school and give him head till he leaves at the end of the week.Michelle then stopped walking letting go of my hand and started crying again uncontrollably. I walk over to Michelle and take her head into my chest and held her tight.She turns her head and I kiss her forehead telling her I am sorry that lousy bastard did that to her and that I would go with her to the Dean Mr. Brown the first thing in the morning.That made her cheer up a little bit. She told me she was sorry for how she acted toward me as she was flattered that I Thought She was so beautiful even now with her make up all messed up.I went on to tell her that I was sorry for staring but I couldn’t help it because I liked her a lot and wanted to just admire how beautiful she was.Michelle said thanks kissed my cheek and we walked holding hands to the bus.We had to wait for a while as the last bus had just left as we came outside.Finally the bus we needed to go to her house came .We get on the Q17 and sat down in the middle next to each other.Michelle rests her head on my shoulder holding my hand. I had to pinch myself as to make sure I was not dreaming. Thankfully I was not everything happening was real.I had the girl of my dreams sitting next to me looking for someone to console her after a very bad day. I was very happy to be that someone very glad I made the choice to go over to her.Michelle can I ask you something?Yes of course Michelle says back to me. How come you didn’t go to one of your girlfriends to tell them what happened .Michelle then said “Because I think your a sweet guy and would be more understanding than them also that most of them only followed her around so they could be popular like she is and also that some of her girlfriends she felt like she couldn’t trust them. and she felt very alone and scared and didn’t know who else to turn to”. I kissed Michelle on her forehead told her that I am here for her and that I want to get to know everything about her.Michelle then says I could ask her about anything I wanted to know and she would tell me. So the first Thing I asked was what her nationality is that I love the tone of her skin.She tells me that her Mom is white and Irish and that her Father is Dominican and fairly dark and looks almost black.Michelle then tells me she has a younger sister and that she is 13 and her name is Vanessa and that she looks a lot like her except her skin is not as dark as hers.I then asked her what kind of music she liked .Michelle tells me that she likes rock and some hip hop and that her faves are Run Dmc , b**stie Boys, The Scorpions and Def Leppard and also Aerosmith and AC/Dc. Those are are all the same groups that I like I told her as she rang the rope on the bus as her stop was coming up next .Michelle takes my hand and lead the way off the bus and across the street to a very tall building with terraces. Michelle goes in her little purse pulls out her keys and opens the door.I hold the door open for her she kisses my cheek then takes my hand again.We walked to the elevator and I pressed the button to go up.The door opens up right away as it was there waiting.I comment how quick it came.Michelle then says that the elevators are programmed to stay in the lobby when not in use.We then ride up to the 9th floor walk to the left down to the last door on the right side .I ask Michelle if she is sure her parents would be okay me coming home with her.Michelle tells me it’s okay as her Dad is out of town on business and her Mom is asleep as she works as a nurse at night at the near by hospital then called booth memorial.What about your sister? Oh she is at her one of her friends houses Michelle replied. As Michelle is opening the door her mom is there sitting on the couch talking on the phone.Her mom asks her Who is your friend I didn’t know you Had a special guy.Michelle introduces me to her mom.This is Rob he is a sweet guy and he is my classmate and I like him very much. Her mom then takes Michelle into the kitchen to ask her why she was upset and crying.After a few minutes Michelle takes me in her bedroom.It was nice a full sized bed with a few stuffed a****ls pink wallpaper a desk with a lamp and a private phone line of her own.I ask her if I could call home and tell my mom That I was okay and that I met a Girl and I was staying over for dinner and that her mom is there and after dinner her mom would drive me home she said fine and to have a good time.I hang up and start telling Michelle all about myself.Michelle then asks me if I had ever been with a girl alone in her bedroom before.I told her that this was the first time I have ever had strong feelings for a girl and I repeated that I thought she was very beautiful.She says thanks.She then tells me she will be right back as she wants to wash her face and change into something more comfortable.Michelle comes out of her Bathroom dressed in these tight pink short shorts and a white t-shirt.Wow was the first word that came out of my mouth she took my hands and put them on her breasts and kisses me and tells me that she is glad That I am here with her right now .I tell her that I like her a lot and that I was glad that I could be here for in her time of trouble. Again she kisses me on my cheek .Michelle then tells me that she is still a virgin and that she wants me to be her first and I tell her that I was a virgin too as the only thing that I have done so far is masturbate.Michelle then tells me that she would love to try that with me first before she has sex with me for the first time and that she likes masturbating as well. Michelle then takes off her top and and shows me the most beautiful pair of breasts I have ever seen.Her beautiful brown nipples and areolas which are perfectly sized to each other.I ask Michelle if I could touch them as I had never seen or felt a woman’s breasts for real before.She says yes and as I start groping and fondling them she tells me to slow down and take it easy.I tell her I am sorry as I never touched breasts before so she took my hands put them on her breasts and gently massaged them with my hands in hers .Michelle then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.I thought to myself wow I can’t believe I am doing this. I saw stars and fireworks going off in my head as I closed my eyes and kissed her beautiful lips back.Michelle then stopped kissing me and told me to sit in the chair next to her bed as she could feel my cock getting rock hard for her.I sat down as she said to.Michelle then said to pull my pants down as she wanted to see my cock.Michelle sat down on her bed looking at my cock and commented on how she liked looking at my cock and how this is the first time she has ever seen one before either. I ask her to touch it she comes over and slowly moves her hand down my shaft. I was In heaven as so far this is the best moment of my life. She kissed the head then sits back on the bed then pulls down her short shorts and lays down on her back now she is fully nude.I thought to myself how awesome her pussy looks.I ask her if I can touch her pussy she says no baby I am afraid we would get to carried away and also because she is not on the pill yet.I said okay she smiled and said she would go to her doctor next week and get some birth control pills.Michelle tells me that she wants her first time with me to have more planning and be very special.I said yeah that sounds great to me baby.Michelle then says to come over to her so I do. Michelle then says to gently touch her pussy so I Gently insert my finger spreading her pussy lips which were very nice and pretty big.She lets out a low moan her clit is growing hard like my cock sticking out a inch or so .Michelle says to sit back down she lays down on her back rolls over and reaches into her bedside table and gives me some lotion to lube up my cock so I could masturbate .I take the lotion squeezed a little bit on my hand and slowly go up and down my cock.Michelle lays back on her bed and spreads her legs wide and sticks her fingers inside her pussy .I watch closely as I continue to glide my hand down my cock as Michelle starts to vigorously fuck her virgin pussy with her fingers .I quickened the pace that I am using.Michelle then starts to shake and brings herself to a huge orgasm.She sits up comes over to me and puts her hand on my cock and starts jerking it fast.She then tells me she wants to taste my cum.I said yes as long as I can taste hers .So she puts her other hand by her pussy and rubs it till she gets a good amount of her juices on her fingers. She then takes her fingers to my mouth and I start sucking them as she continues jerking my throbbing cock in her hand. Oh wow your pussy tastes so sweet and tangy I tell her.She smiles and kisses my throbbing cock as she jerks it even faster.I then tell her I am about to cum so she gets on her knees and tells me to cum down her throat as she has seen that in a few pornos and wanted to taste my cum too.I stand up and start shooting stream after stream of cum in her mouth and on her lips.Wow I couldn’t believe How she managed to swallow so much of it I will never know.Michelle then tells me to get fully naked and that we could clean up together in the shower.She takes me by my hand and leads me in to the bathroom I take off my shoes and then my socks and pull off my pants and take off my shirt.Michelle leads me into the tub as I am now naked for the first time in front of a girl.I am shivering a little bit from nervousness she comes closer telling me its ok as she likes my body very much.and hugs me closely.Michelle then stops hugging me to turn on the water adjusting the temperature so its warm.She gets the water to the right temperature pretty quickly.She then hands me the soap and turns her back to me so I can wash it for her.I work up a good lather and start gently washing from her neck down her shoulders down her canlı bahis back.I kissed her neck as I work my way down farther and stop at her ass and gently take her ass in my hands and kiss each beautiful cheek.I then continue to soap her ass .Now it was my turn to get my back clean.She slowly cleans my neck and kisses me like I did to her .As she is cleaning my back her mom knocked on the door asking where I was and also that dinner was almost ready.Michelle told her I was sitting on the toilet talking to her while she was showering. I got out of the shower dripping wet so I could go near the toilet as I had to pee anyways. I then asked her mom what was for dinner she said we were gonna have some left overs from Vanessa’s birthday party that past Saturday and there was a lot of food left over .Their grandmother made traditional Carribean dishes with pork and chicken and beef and seafood and rice with beans and fried plantains with brown sugar.I said wow that sounds better than what my mom would have made.I thanked her mom for having me. Her mother said it was not a problem and is glad Michelle met a nice young man like me.I said thanks.Michelle finished washing her hair as I joined her back in the tub she put some shampoo in my hair and gently massaged my head getting the lather nice and thick.she then took the hand held shower off the holder and rinsed all the shampoo out of my hair .I get a little soap in my eye so Michelle takes the hand held shower head and sprays my face with the water.and drys my face gently with a towel. She then turns the water off and puts the hand held back in the holder over head.Michelle gets out of the shower and drys her hair a little and then drys her body. then she hands me the same towel so I can dry myself off.Michelle “what am I gonna wear I don’t have a change of clothes”? Michelle then tells me not to worry that she will grab something from her dad’s closet.She puts on a pair of panties and her pink short shorts and the white t-shirt from before.Michelle then says to wait here she brings me my boxers then leaves again to get me something to wear.While she was getting me clothes I put on my boxers.Michelle comes back with a dark blue Adidas sweatsuit and kisses me and says here baby try this. I put the pants on and a red t-shirt of hers that said love on it in white letters.I then put the sweatsuit top on and zip it up halfway .Michelle then takes my hand and leads me to the dining room as dinner is ready.I pull out the seat for Michelle and her mom.I sit next to Michelle. Michelle leads the three of us in prayer before eating.Thanking god for the food and for finding a new special friend.I say how I am glad I worked up the courage to talk to you as I Fell in love with you the moment I saw you the first day of high school.Michelle looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes and kisses my cheek and says that she was glad that I now am a part of her life and that she felt like she has known me for all of her life.Her mom asks so tell me why you came home with your make up all messed up and why you were crying .Why didn’t you want to tell me before?Michelle then told her how our substitute teacher Mr.Goldman tried to come on to her cause he thought she was dressed to slutty and that she did that because she liked teasing the fellow young men in her class by flaunting her body.She then said that was when she slapped him .He then said that if she didn’t perform oral sex on him he would go to the dean and report her for assaulting him.She then put her face in her hands and started to cry again.Her mom asked me if I had saw this happen and if I had seen him try this with any of the other girls in our class.I told her mother that I had not seen what Mr.Goldman had said to Michelle.I said no but I wish I had as I would have decked him .Michelle then said that was very sweet but was glad I came when I did as she wouldn’t want me to get in trouble.I said to Michelle that I would do anything for her,She said just being here for me is all that she needs.Her mom then says Michelle you got yourself a keeper.”Yes mom I know that for sure” says Michelle.She then asked her mom If I could stay with her overnight as she doesn’t want to be alone while she goes to work.Her mom says It would be okay If my mom said it would be okay. I then asked if she could say that she was gonna be there as my mom wouldn’t allow me to be alone with a girl at my age. Her mom says okay This once I will Lie for you as She doesn’t want Michelle to be alone right now either.Michelle’s mom then calls my mom to tell her that I would be spending the night with her daughter and would be sleeping in her other daughter’s bed as she was staying at a friends house and the bed would be free.My mom said okay but that Rob has his medicine here that he needs to take everyday .Her mom asks what the medicine was .My mom told her it was called synthroid and the dosage was 100 mcg.That’s okay My daughter Vanessa takes the same dosage and she would be sure I got my dosage in the morning. Her mom hung up the phone. I then thank her mom for a great dinner and for graciously welcoming me in her home. She says that she is glad to have me as I was a perfect gentleman to her daughter. Michelle then kissed my forehead and took the dishes to the kitchen sink.Her mom said she was gonna shower and get ready for her shift as she had to be at work at 7 pm for her shift.She thanked me again for being there For Michelle as most guys are scared off by her being so pretty but kinda mean to guys. She thought it was weird since she was such kind caring mature young lady.I normally hate doing dishes but I went in the kitchen to help Michelle with them.She said I was her guest and I didn’t have to. I told her that I like spending my time with her.She said she likes me being there and to go get a chair and sit next to her.So I did as she wanted. I put my hand on her thigh.she touched my hand then left my hand there and finished doing the dishes.Michelle finished washing them pretty quickly .She took the chair back to the dining room and then took me by my hand and sat me down on the couch then she laid down with her head in my lap and turned on the tv with the remote.Michelle then said so baby you know my nationalities but I don’t know yours .I am part German, Irish,,Scottish and British.I know you might not wanna talk about it what happens when we go to school tomorrow are we gonna be like we are now kissing holding hands or like we were before this afternoon.Michelle says to me not to worry as she will love me even more tomorrow and likes how we are getting along and she would never do anything to hurt me.I said that I love her to even though we have been together a few hours.It feels like I have known you for ever and I kiss her on the lips long with passion.Michelle moans softly and says that I am a great kisser being it was the first time I kissed a girl.We talked for a few more hours . Michelle got up pulled me up from the couch and lead me to the bathroom so she could brush her teeth .Then she ran it under hot water and gave me her toothbrush to use on my own teeth.I took it from her kissed her said thanks.Michelle then squeezed toothpaste on my tooth brush and I brushed my teeth. Michelle lead me to her bedroom and told me to take off the sweat pants and matching sweat top and she neatly folded it and put them on the chair.Michelle then told me to lay down on her bed and tucked me in.She the came around to the other side of the bed lifted her bedspread and got under the covers with me and lays her head on my chest and looks in my eyes .I kissed her forehead again and say good night.Michelle says honey before you go to sleep can I ask your opinion on something .How should I handle this teacher tomorrow.I tell her I think you should ask some of the other girls if they have been hit on by Mr. Goldman. Michelle says nah I don’t want the whole school thinking I’m a slut.Michelle I think your a very beautiful caring girl and I think your the greatest girl I have ever met.I think tomorrow me and you should go to Mr. Brown the Dean of our school and tell him everything Mr. Goldman said to you.When should we Michelle asked.I think right after school we should go to see Mr. Brown. I kissed Michelle on the Lips and suggest we get some sleep cause tomorrow is gonna be a long day. I wake up at 7am and Michelle is not in the bed with me .I call out for her she comes in the the bed room with my pill and a glass of water.She puts the pill in my mouth and I take the water to swallow it .Michelle asks me how I slept ? I slept great how about you. Michelle told me she had a few nightmares about Mr. Goldman touching her and forcing himself on her.I kissed her on the lips and say that I was sorry she had a bad night. Michelle says to me “I didn’t baby having you here made me feel better.We need to get ready for school don’t we. I will go to my Dad’s closet get a few nice things for you to wear as I want you to look good ” .What was wrong with what I wore here yesterday? “Nothing but I don’t want anyone to make fun of you for wearing the same clothes 2 days in a row”. Oh ok baby! Michelle says to me to go shower she will make something to eat and lay out something for me to wear .Are you sure your dad won’t mind .Michelle tells me no not to worry he won’t ever know anyway as Vanessa or her mom will do the laundry before he comes back home.Michelle then asks me how I want my eggs .I tell her scrambled with a little salt and some bacon and white toast.She kisses me on the lips and tells me to scoot in the shower and get washed and to use her toothbrush again that she doesn’t mind also just put on the boxers and the t-shirt I put out for you I don’t want you to get the clothes dirty .Okay Michelle wish you could join me .Michelle says loudly that she already showered.I quickly showered put on the socks and boxers and white t-shirt she left out for me on her bed. I then came to the dining table as Michelle announced my food was ready.The eggs tasted great so was the bacon and the toast.I compliment her she says thanks and that she cooks every night for her and her dad when her mom is at work.Who taught you how to cook I ask Michelle? My mom and my grandmother. “Dad likes my cooking more than my mom’s cooking but he begged me to to never tell her that as he didn’t want to insult her mom.” Michelle tells me. Michelle sits on the chair across from me while I finish eating.When I am done she takes the plates and silverware and washes them.Michelle then goes to the bathroom and finishes getting dressed .Michelle comes out of the bathroom into her bedroom wearing a light blue long sleeve top and blue jeans and a black pair of chuck Taylor’s .I finished getting dressed in black slacks with a dark brown belt and a white long sleeve button down shirt. I button the shirt all the way to the top. Michelle walks up to me unbuttons the top 2 buttons. kisses me behind my ear and takes a little Aqua velvet and gently pats it on my face and rubs some on my chest. I Put on the sneakers she left for me a pair of Adidas superstars with black stripes.Michelle then puts on some hot pink lipstick.Michelle then asks me if I am ready I reply yes and we go out the door and she locks the top and the bottom and the deadbolt.I walk over to press the down button.Michelle comes behind me kisses my cheek as the elevator comes she realizes we both forgot to take our back packs.Michelle goes back to her door unlocks it and brings my backpack .I ask her why she didn’t bring hers. Michelle tells me that’s okay she put it all in mine..I laugh and say cool okaythanks.She locks the door again and runs to the elevator as I am holding it and hands me the backpack.It isn’t as heavy as I thought it would be as Michelle only packed my books as he has all the same classes as me.We rode down in the elevator.We exited the elevator I walked a head So I could hold the door open for Michelle after she went through the door I exited and pinched her ass as she walks in front of me. Michelle turns around and kisses me deeply.I kiss her back deeply.She then whispers in my ear to behave when we get to school.We go to the corner to catch the bus thankfully it came quickly we got on and there was one seat I ran to get it so Michelle could bahis siteleri sit. She said “I rather you sit so I could sit on your lap”.That caused my cock to start getting hard. Michelle whispered me that she was sorry that I got wood If we weren’t on the way to school she would help me relieve it .Michelle looks over and sees some old man staring at us thinking we are dry humping .The one thing Michelle hates is for people that she don’t know to stare at her.She turns to face him fully unaware that she is grinding my cock making me hard as a rock.She shouts at him whats your problem pervert stop looking at us. He responds by calling her a whore.Michelle gets up as we are near our stop she takes my hand we walk by the dirty old man .First she slaps him really hard and then I punched him in the face. We got off the bus the old man gave us the finger while his nose bled. Michelle looks at me looks down and sees my hard on. Michelle whispers to me sorry that she was grinding me like that, but she got pissed off at that dirty old pervert.I told her I was sorry I punched him after she slapped him. Don’t be he deserved it just be careful at school you know we have a lot of assholes there especially Mr. Goldman.I then asked Michelle what are her plans for him.I have something special for that fuck she says to me. Michelle and I wait for the light to change so we can cross Francis Lewis Blvd so we can go into the school building as quick as possible as we are a half hour late.To our misfortune the one person we did not want to see on the other side of the door was Mr. Goldman he gave me a late slip and told me to go to class by myself. I told him to go to hell that I am not leaving Michelle with him.He comes over to me with his hand made into a fist and tells me he will punch me if I don’t leave Now!!!. Michelle’s face is now turning beat red she starts screaming at the top of her lungs Do not touch him or I will hurt you. Mr. Brown comes along with a few security guards to see what all the commotion was about. Mr Goldman proceeds to starts lying to Mr. Brown that yesterday He caught Michelle Smoking cigarettes by the girls bathroom and that she was wearing revealing clothing. Michelle then tells Mr.Brown how Mr. Goldman was a liar and was not telling the truth that he cornered her and started touching her and saying if she told He would tell you how I assaulted him. “Did you hit him Michelle”? Asked Mr. Brown.Yes she replied only after he said that I had to suck his cock everyday after school. Mr. Brown then said he will be dealt with you both can go back to class.Michelle’s friend Tammy was on her way down the stairs and heard what was going on and said “Michelle was telling the truth That she was forced by Mr.Goldman to perform oral sex on him the day before.That really pissed me off even more and I went right after Mr. Goldman and punched him in his face. I got one more shot at him hitting him in the jaw before the security guards held me back .I asked Mr. Brown if i was in trouble now for hitting Mr. Goldman he said to take Michelle and Tammy to class with me as he would be taking over for Mr.Goldman.Michelle took my hand and kissed my forehead as we walked to class. Tammy said Thanks for hitting Mr.Goldman I said no Problem But I did it because he disrespected his duty as a teacher and what he said about Michelle. He was lucky those security guards held me back. Relax baby it’s over now I am very glad you didn’t get suspended or arrested says Michelle.Tammy then says Michelle your so lucky to have such a good friend like Rob. He is so much more special to me than a just a friend Michelle tells Tammy. I smile and kiss Michelle full on her cheek.She turns to me and kisses me full on my lips.Tammy cheers Way to go Rob I Didn’t know you had it in you to tame Michelle.See you both at lunch gotta go back to class.Michelle and I are about to arrive at our class when the bell rings.So Michelle and I go into the classroom for the next class.Michelle takes my back pack off my shoulders and takes out her book for the class and pulls her table and chair next to mine. The teacher Mrs .Anderson asks her why she is doing that.Michelle replies because She forgot her books at home. Okay that’s alright for today but don’t let it happen again! Replied Mrs. Anderson .As Mrs Anderson is about to tell us what page to turn to in our books Mr.Brown Intercoms the room asking for Michelle and I to come to his office to discuss what happened this morning and yesterday afternoon..Michelle takes my book and puts it in my back pack we both get up and leave the classroom holding hands.We go up stairs to the main floor .We get to his office he tells us to come in and to sit down.Mr Brown tells us that Mr. Goldman Was arrested and confessed That he harassed Both Michelle and Tammy among others ,However I must suspend you Robert till the end of the week.Michelle stands up and says that I didn’t deserve to get suspended and that if he suspended me that she wants to be suspended to. Mr. Brown Then said he would inform our parents. Michelle said that’s okay for me but his mother is at work and she can’t be reached.What about your father Robert. I start laughing and reply yeah sure if I knew where he was. Fine will your mom Take responsibility for Robert. “Does she knew what happened yesterday.Michelle says yes that she knows. Mr Brown then says Fuck it That bastard deserved it go back to class .I will let you both off with a written warning.Robert you got a great Girl Friend their you treat her right” Says Mr. Brown.I reply of course even though we have been together for only a day seems like we had known each other all our lives. Mr. Brown then says “Well Robert and Michelle Please behave okay your both good students please keep up the good work the bell should ring any second now you can go to your next class “. We go to the next class .Thankfully after the next class It was Lunch Time!!!I walk Michelle to her Home Economics class as It was a Easy A. When we got to the class she gave me a long deep passionate kiss and told me she would make me something special during class.I asked her what she was going to make for me.Michelle said no It will be a surprise my sweet Robbie and then she kissed me on my forehead and patted me on my ass to go to my class.I went to my history class .But all I could think about was what my Michelle was making for me in home economics.During class Anna one of Michelle’s friends came over to me and asked if it was true that I punched out Mr. Goldman.I said yes that I had hit him but wasn’t to proud of my actions as I almost got suspended.Anna said You should be proud that Asshole Mr.Goldman tried the same thing with her but he Thought twice when she told him her dad was a cop he left her alone real quick.Anna then said you Know Michelle why didn’t she come tell me that happened I would have comforted her too.She was very upset so I went up to her and held her in my arms. she confided in me but that is all I will say as I don’t want any rumors going around about Michelle.She is lucky to have you babe.You can call me Rob.Nice to meet you My name is Anna Treat her good okay.One more thing Quick watch out for Vinnie he is a real big asshole that has a thing for Michelle.She doesn’t like him because he keeps beating up any guys that talk to her.Thanks for the heads up Anna.Your welcome Rob.Finally the bell rings and its time for Lunch..I run to the cafeteria as I can’t wait to see Michelle as I missed her very much and had not been away from her side for 24 hours so 60 min felt like forever.On the way I see the decorations for the fall dance and took a red rose from a bucket I and cut it with these scissors that were laying near by. A few students see me take the rose and I say sorry. This blond haired girl I didn’t know her name said sure not a problem anything for the guy that decked Mr. Goldman.Wow word sure got around quick here. I get to the Cafeteria and Michelle is waiting for me holding a plastic bag with something wrapped in tin foil inside it .She kisses me then asks me what I am hiding behind my back.So I hand Michelle the rose.She hugs me tight I hug her back she then kisses me on the cheek.I then tell Michelle how much I missed her she kisses my cheek again and says I missed you to Robbie let’s get on line so we can eat then I will give you my surprise for dessert.Rob don’t worry about lunch I will pay for us both. We get to the front of the line and pick up a tray with food already on it .Lucky for me it was a hotdog and sauerkraut and beans and milk.I ask for juice but that was all they had.Michelle then tells the lunch lady that I am allergic to milk to please give her something else for me.The lunch lady goes to the store room and takes a can of coca~cola and says here hide this in your purse so nobody sees it.We both quietly say thanks.The lunch lady then replies anything for the k** that Knocked that bum Mr.Goldman on his ass.Wow Michelle I can’t believe how many people hate that Mr. Goldman fool.Michelle says yeah everybody hates him besides being a all around creep he is arrogant and mean and very strict.Michelle and I go to the register and the cashier tells us to go ahead as lunch was on her.She then says no thank yous’ are needed As she is happy at what I did To Mr. Goldman. Michelle then looks at me as we walk to her table where all her friends are .Michelle introduces me to her girlfriends.You all know my Boyfriend Rob he is my love so please be nice to him.Anna says we met and gave me a thumbs up so did the rest of her friends.Rob will be with me all the time so I hope you can all accept that.They all nod their heads and say sure Michelle.Then a really big muscular guy started walking over towards us my back is to him so I do not see him coming.Anna motions that Vinnie is coming towards us.Anna sighs Oh no this can’t be good.Then I feel A tap on my shoulder.I turn around and see total darkness as Vinnie is so big he is blocking the lights. I go to get up Thinking He is gonna pummel me, Michelle also gets up And goes Between Vinnie and Me.Vinnie then speaks and says relax I just wanted to shake your hand for punching that asshole Mr.Goldman. He harassed my little sister in Junior high school a few weeks ago.He then told me how he made her cry and threatened to lie and say that she was smoking and doing d**gs.Vinnie then tells Michelle that he is happy that she found a nice guy like me he just wished it could have been him.He held out his hand and we shook .Vinnie then whispered in my ear if you hurt her I will kill you .Don’t worry I love Michelle Very much! I replied. Good later ladies and gents!” Vinnie says.Anna then says wow I thought he was coming to kill you for being with Michelle most guys he beats up just looking at her!Your Becoming a legend Rob.I then pull out Michelle’s chair so she can sit.Christina Says wow and a perfect gentleman too.I am sorry I Made fun of you staring Rob Your a very nice guy Michelle is very lucky!. Michelle Smiles a big Beautiful smile and says thanks for accepting her and me as a couple.When we finish eating Michelle puts the rose in her hair and then opens the plastic zipper bag and takes out something wrapped in tin foil.It turns out to be a nice big slice of 3 layer angel food cake with chocolate frosting.I say wow you made this for me.Kinda yes It was my assignment for this week.I tasted and it was nice and moist tasted like heaven.”You like it Rob” Michelle asks.I finish eating the piece of cake.I then kiss her deeply and tell her how great it was.Your not just saying that to be nice are you Rob she asks.Of course not my love I did mean it it was great cake because it was made with her love for me.Thankfully all the rest of my classes were the same as Michelle’s were so we spent the whole day together.When the final bell rang Michelle said she wanted to go to my house as her sister would be home and just get in the way and that she wanted to make love to me very bad.I said yes as my mom wouldn’t be home till like 8pm so we had 4 hours.Michelle then asked if my mom Would let her stay over like her mom let me.I called my mom I then tell her she would stay on the couch I have in my room. After some badgering on the payphone by the d**gstore my mom says okay only if her bahis firmaları mom said it was fine but she didn’t know what to make for dinner when she got home.I said to my mom we would worry about that later You will like Michelle she is very smart and very sweet and caring and very pretty.As I am saying that to my mom Michelle is making funny faces and I start cracking up.I tell my mom good bye and she would see us when she gets home.I hang up the phone and Michelle and I go into Walgreen’s and go to the pharmacy to get condoms and ky jelly.I looked at the price and said wow these cost a lot of money. Michelle goes into her purse and takes out a Credit card and pays for everything.We then leave and get on the Q88 to go home we get off by the Mobil gas station and walk a few blocks to my house.I unlock the door and My cat Max who was the meanest cat I ever had came up to Michelle and purred and rubbed against her leg.I said to Michelle you must be a angel or something because the only other person he likes is my mom.I might be imaging it but I could swear as I looked back while leading Michelle in to my bedroom that Max gave me a wink and a thumbs up!. Michelle opens the door to my bedroom I apologize for the big mess that is my room.She says its okay after we make Love she will help me clean it up.I tell Michelle to be careful stepping around as I don’t know where Marmalade is hiding he is a orange beige tabby.He comes out from under the bed and comes up to Michelle and rubs against her leg and jumps on the bed.Michelle sits on my bed pets him he looks at me meows.Michelle says that’s so sweet he is asking you if its okay to show affection to me.I tell Marmalade it is okay and he then goes on her lap and starts licking her face.Oh Rob he is so sweet just like you Michelle says.He runs over to me and licks my hand I pet his head and tell him to behave as I need some privacy with the beautiful girl you were just licking.I put him down on the floor he goes and sits next to Michelle.Aw Rob he missed you I think you hurt his feelings.Michelle pulls me by my hand and has me sit next to her and the cat.We both lay down on the bed and he lays down between us and starts rolling around as we both pet him.I could get used to this Rob I never had any pets before but I like your cats both are very good looking and sweet.I go on to tell her what a nasty cat Max is that he sits on the fridge and hits me in the head.I’m sorry Michelle says Maybe he is playing with you.Why are they kept apart she asks me.They are both males and they fight neither is fixed as they are house cats.Is that why there is that smell.I’m sorry about that Michelle.It’s okay Rob I Love you I don’t mind I am happy to be here with you. Michelle and I move closer and start kissing each other deeply on the lips.I remove my shirt and tossed it on the chest of draws.Michelle then runs her hands up and down my chest.I ask Michelle where are the rubbers and ky jelly.I think we left them on the dining room table.I get up and went to get them .They were on the Table just like she said.I run back in the bedroom and Michelle is getting out of her jeans.She is wearing very sexy white lace panties with a floral pattern in white as part of the lace.I come over to Michelle and slowly pull her shirt over her head.She tosses her shirt on top of mine.and folds her pants and places them on top of her shirt and my shirt.Then Michelle reaches behind her back to unclasp her matching white bra releasing her beautiful breasts her nipples were so hard they stuck out 1 or 2 inches.I was Semi-hard and Michelle saw this and got on her knees and unbuckled my pants and pulled them and my boxers in one move.She looks at me and says I have watched a few pornos and saw this girl do that.She took my cock in her hands and started kissing and Licking it.Michelle then put my cock in her mouth and gently sucked it with out biting down.I was surprised as she looked up at me and said her mother told her about how to do that as she had walked in on them doing that once when she was 14. The one thing my mom said was not to bite down on the penis and to relax my mouth taking deep breathes through her nose.She then put my cock back in her mouth and sucked my rock hard cock deep in her mouth all the way to the balls.Michelle then takes my cock out of her mouth and strokes my cock in her hand and with her other hand cups my balls and starts kissing and sucking them.Michelle sensed that I was about to explode so she puts my cock back in her mouth.A few seconds later I start shooting my load down her throat.Shot after shot she swallows it all.I am in disbelief as I have seen pornos where most of the chicks could not swallow it all with out some coming out of her mouth but not my girl Michelle.I look down at her and tell her I love her.She stands up swallows the remaining cum then kisses me on my mouth.I love you too Robbie baby says Michelle as she takes a condom from the box opens the wrapper with her teeth and puts the condom in her mouth and rolls it down my cock with her mouth.She then lays on her back and says come here big boy put that cock inside me now.I quickly come to her and tell her first I want to get your pussy soaking wet.I spread her beautiful legs apart and proceed to kiss and lick her inner thighs teasing her pussy lips with my tongue.Michelle pulls my head to her pussy and I start licking and nibbling her clit.She starts moaning in pleasure loudly.That makes the cat to start meowing.Michelle and I look over at the cat then back at each other with big smiles on our faces.I then stick my finger inside her pussy and proceed to move it in and out at a quick pace.That causes Michelle to start having a tremendous orgasm bigger than she did yesterday.It takes a few seconds for her pussy juices to start spraying out all over my face.Her juices taste so sweet and tangy .When her orgasm is over She tells me to come to her so she can kiss me and taste her juices mmmmm I like how that tastes almost as much as your cock juice Michelle says.Thank you I say to her.Michelle then grabs the Ky jelly and squeezes some out on her hands and rubs it inside her pussy and she hands it to me to put some on my rock hard cock.she then points at me and motions me with her finger to come closer.I come over and Michelle pulls me over to the bed then she pushes me flat on my back.She sits on my crotch just a few inches from my cock.She reaches for it but misses and my cock spanks her in her asshole.Michelle looks down at me and says “I’m not ready for that Robbie maybe sometime in the future My love”. She then takes my cock in her hand raises her ass and lowers her pussy slowly down my throbbing member.When Michelle slides all the way down she yelps loudly as I finally pop her cherry.She continues sliding down my cock moaning and screaming in pleasure.Michelle starts to have her second orgasm this one being more intense than the first one when I ate out her pussy.She gushed and sprayed out all over me there was some blood in it as her hymen had been broken she freaked a little but I told her it was all normal so she continued riding my cock.Michelle now laid down flat on top of me our nipples mashed together as she slowly went up and down my cock we hugged each other tightly and kissed as she quickened the pace a little bit.Michelle yelled Oh god Robbie Baby you feel so good inside my tight pussy.Fuck me harder!!!!!!. So I did As I started to buck back as we were embraced in each others arms.Michelle still screaming my name Robbie!!! Robbie! started to have a 3rd orgasm this time it sprayed the cat in the face he made a face and ran away.I looked at him And said that’s what you get for being nosy.Michelle looked over and said to me awww Robbie baby you hurt his feelings again.I apologized as Michelle kissed me on my lips her tongue deep inside my mouth as my tongue went deep in her mouth.”Robbie my love I want you to cum on my breasts like in the pornos she has seen so please let me know when your ready” she says.I pull my cock out of her pussy the condom all gooey from her cum and blood residue from popping her cherry.Michelle rolls on her back takes my cock with the rubber on and sucks on it.”Robbie I love you and I love how the blood with my cum tastes I am so glad you were the one that I gave myself to” Michelle says to me.She takes off my rubber and strokes my cock with her hand and points it at her breasts as I start shooting a second massive load all over her nipples and areolas and one shot lands on her cheek.Michelle smiles and says that last shot was like seeing Peter North shooting a load.My final shot landed on her lips.She licked it off with her tongue and said MMMMMMMMMMMM!! I love the taste Of my Robbie’s cum.I turn and look at the clock and it says it is 7:30 pm.Michelle says wow time sure does fly by when your making love.This is the greatest 2 days of my Life so far Michelle I don’t want our love to ever end I say to her. “I am so glad to have You in my life now Robbie you mean the world to me. I gave myself to you because I love You and am very happy that you comforted me in my time of trouble and were there for me and supported me through it all. Even though during the first month of school when I was mean to you you still found it in your heart to comfort me.Your a kind and caring person That’s why I love you Robbie. From now on my love I am gonna be the best person I know I can be.I want you to be proud of me.” says Michelle.I am already Proud of you my love. We better get washed up my mom will be home soon.Michelle gathers all our clothes together and brings it to the bathroom as I get 2 towels for us and meet her in the bathroom.We shower quickly and get dressed as my mom would be home any minute.We go in the living room and sit on the couch holding hands and kissing a bit when I hear my Mom turning the keys in the door opening the bottom lock as we didn’t lock the top.Michelle and I get up from the couch walk to the front door to greet her as she comes in.Hello Mrs.C I am Michelle I am very pleased to meet you as your son Robbie is a very sweet and caring person.He really helped me through a very tough time.My Mom says thank you for being sweet to my son as he is very shy and sensitive when it comes to girls.Michelle replies back I don’t think you will have to worry about the shy part anymore We have helped each other breakout of our shells.Mom What are we going to do about dinner as we are hungry I asked.I don’t know I am short on money and there is not enough food for Michelle as I didn’t expect company my mom replies. That’s Okay Mrs. C We can get a Pizza I have enough to pay for it Michelle says back.Are you sure honey My mom replies. Yes I am sure I want to do what I can to Make Rob happy Michelle says.Your very lucky son you found a special girl don’t ever let her go My mom says to me.Oh Rob did you take your medicine this morning my mom asks me.Yes Mrs. C I gave it to him Myself this morning Michelle replies.Michelle then says Mrs. C why don’t You go take a shower I will call the pizza place and order it what would you both like on it.Mom likes Pepperoni I like meatball.Michelle gives me the phone to dial the number I hand it to her when I hear it ringing.She gives them my address and what she would like to order.Michelle tells them she would like a large Pizza with half pepperoni and half meatball And a 2 liter of coke.Michelle then asked how much will it cost. They replied $12.50 and that it would be there in a half hour.Michelle replies thanks.The pizza comes as my mom gets out of the shower .Michelle pays the pizza guy and brings the pizza to the table.I got us 3 plates and 3 cups one for the each of us.I had 3 slices Michelle has 2 my mom had 3 .Michelle then takes the plates in the kitchen and I bring the cups and I help her clean the dishes.There was a lot as there were the bowls for the cats food and a lot of silverware.When we are done doing the dishes Michelle helps my mom open up the sofa bed so she can go lay down to go to sleep.Michelle and I are gonna go to sleep on my bed okay mom.My mom says fine just check on the cat if he finished his dinner to put the plate in the sink she would wash it tomorrow.Don’t worry Mrs . C I will wash it now if he is done.We finally lay down on the bed.Michelle was just wearing one of my t-shirts and her white panties.I lay down flat on my back and Michelle lays next to me with her head on my chest.We went to sleep.What a great first time we had together.

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