Lost and Found

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There are times in life when a series of small events, actions, or lack thereof, can lead to an unexpected and life changing result. In our case the small event was a boring as hell meet and great at the nicest hotel in the city. I don’t come close to the social level, or wealth level, of the people that frequent that hotel. I certainly don’t work at the level to warrant an invitation to a party held there under normal circumstances.

I’m David and I am the design engineer/inventor of a new device that has management excited. Outside of our clearly defined industry no one else cares what the device is. Within our industry it is a game changer. One of those things that you could ‘what-if’ yourself to death about. ‘What if I had invented it on my own? Would I now be beyond filthy rich?’ Of course, if I had invented it on my own the chances would have been slim to none that anyone that mattered would have ever seen it. In the end what matters is that my career was now reasonably secure, and my bonus is going to be amazing! So, I couldn’t bitch too much.

It only follows that management wanted me there for the grand unveiling during a huge party at the nicest hotel in town. Investors wanted to see the face of the guy who created the newest new thing. Talk about mandatory attendance! Nothing short of a national disaster would have gotten me out of going. The same requirement implicitly included my wife Susan. I doubt that if the roles were reversed, I would be so easily accepting of the idea. Instead of resisting, Susan embraced it. Even though she would be out of her element, as would I, she supported me without hesitation.

Susan and I met after work at our preferred local watering hole. The Silver Grill makes the best burger I have ever eaten, and Susan agrees with my opinion. Over burgers and beers, I told her about the upcoming party. Her enthusiasm was infectious to the point that I was almost looking forward to it. I had to smile at her excitement about the event. It didn’t surprise me given a moment to think about it.

Susan is my sunshine. She has a wonderful outlook on life and gives every situation and everyone in it the benefit of the doubt. That said, she is nobody’s fool. I was irresistibly drawn to her from the first time I heard her laugh and my eyes landed on her at a college party. She is several inches taller than my five foot-six inches. She is slender, but not skinny, with all the bumps in the right places and those bumps are quite easy on the eye. Her legs are my favorite feature. Her perfectly shaped legs seem to go on forever. Legs that beg for my hand to glide upward on a mission of discovery. Her tight round ass invites stares. Guys have been known to walk into things when they catch a view of her legs and ass. Her slender neck and pert breasts with nickel sized areola beg to be kissed, sucked, and nibbled. Beautiful green eyes shine humorously, and auburn hair hangs in ringlets down her back.

She is in amazing shape because she is competitive. She isn’t a gym rat. If there isn’t competition, she isn’t interested. She gets her workout playing tennis, golfing, and running half marathons. She is just as competitive playing pool, bowling, or playing cards. You would expect someone that competitive to be a sore loser when the game doesn’t go her way. You would be wrong. She is just as magnanimous in loss as she is in victory. To her, the game is the thing. She isn’t trying to beat you. She is trying to beat the game. I have never met anyone, male or female, anything like her. I am a blessed man.

I decided that if we had to go, we would go in style. I knew I was spending a bonus I hadn’t received yet, but I didn’t care. We, especially my wife, deserved knew clothes, “Babe, I have decided that we need to dress for the occasion and that means new clothes for both of us.”

Susan grinned at me, “Well then hubby of mine, it is my goal to dress you like the hunk you are!”

“I don’t get to pick out my own clothes?”

“Nope, not a chance. You have the fashion sense of a nudist camp and you can’t see colors for shit.”

“OK. Then I get to pick your clothes. I will let you help me with color coordination, but you have to wear what I pick out for you.”

“Conditionally. If you pick out some potato sack, I am not wearing it.”

“Oh, trust me, it won’t be a potato sack or an onion sack for that matter. Although I do find the idea of net stockings intriguing!”

“Maybe some other time on the net stockings. I don’t think they would fit in well at the kind of party we are going to.”

My head was spinning with ideas and the erection forming in my pants meant I had to change the subject until we got home. Either that or let everyone in the place think I liked them a bit more than they might be comfortable with. We decided to get started the next day. If we couldn’t get everything on Saturday, we would finish up on Sunday. The party was a week away on Saturday.

I shop like I work, with a goal in mind. I plan and execute erotik film izle the plan until it needs adjusting, and move on from there. I don’t normally do the kind of shopping my wife likes because it is much too random for me. I made an exception in this case and enjoyed almost every minute of it. The fittings got tiresome, but the rest of it was fun. Especially picking out Susan’s clothing for the evening.

If Susan had known where my mind was going her competitive streak would have come out and who knows what she would have made me wear. I just happen to be smart enough to know that and was determined to keep my own council. Even so I have to say the suit she picked out was by far the nicest clothing I had ever owned, or even touched for that matter. She even bought me silk boxers.

I am built like a fire plug, short and wide. I am not fat, or even overweight, I am just very wide and very muscular. I tend to intimidate people that don’t know me, at least until they see me smile. I did a good bit of brawling growing up and have a few scars to show for it. As a young man I felt the need to address wrongs violently. It took me a while to figure out that a good ass kicking will not change evil behavior for long, if at all. I am still more than happy to issue one if needed. I just find that I no longer need to issue them as often. Susan has seen me in action twice. Once to protect her and once to help a stranger. She didn’t rejoice in it, but she didn’t condemn me either. She made it clear she understood why I needed to do what I did, then she fucked my brains out.

My clothing nearly always needs to be altered. Pants that fit my legs are too wide to fit my waist and extend past my feet. Shirts are nearly impossible. I have three ‘X’ chest, shoulders, and arms, but a medium waist. Shirts that fit my upper body have sleeves that extend well past my fingers. Fortunately, the tailor we bought my suit and shirts from also made them and he assured us that all would be ready no later than Thursday.

The tailor recommended a local jewelry store for the cuff links. I had never owned a pair and was astonished at the price range. The set that Susan picked out were the same azure blue as my eyes, or so she says. I have no reason to doubt her even if they looked kind of green to me. She held one up next to her green eye and I could see that there was not a bit of green on the cuff links. I can see bright colors perfectly well, but shades of color confuse me. Navy blue is black to me.

The occasion, that Susan picked them out, and that the cuff links were things of beauty meant that they were destined to be a lifetime keepsake. They were nearly as important to me as my wedding ring even though they would probably never leave the safe at our house again after the party,

I wasn’t a bit confused about color when I saw the necklace. A marquee cut emerald surrounded by gold that was elegant but not overstated. The jeweler held it up next to Susan’s face and I could see that it matched her eyes perfectly. I was ready to buy it immediately until he told us the price. It was ludicrously expensive. It was my annual salary expensive, and I would have bought it anyway if Susan were not already aware of the price. She made it abundantly clear that she could never wear something that cost more than our house, even assuming we could afford such a thing. She would be worried about something happening to it constantly and would not enjoy wearing it.

I was deeply disappointed that I could not buy it for her. We bought my cuff links and a matching tie tack before moving on to lunch. I was so excited about shopping for Susan I didn’t have much appetite. Susan picked up on my lack of appetite, “You are not eating, and your hands won’t stop fidgeting. What’s going on with you?”

“I’m excited and nervous.”

“About what?”

“Shopping for your party outfit.”

“Why on earth would that make you crazy? You aren’t planning on dressing me like a stripper or something are you?”

“I can’t explain it in a way that makes sense. And no, I am not dressing you like a stripper. I don’t get to buy something nice for you that often so please be patient with me.”

“OK big guy. You ready to get started?”

“Yep, let’s hit the road babe.”

The store I wanted was nearby. When we walked in the door Susan grabbed my arm, “Do you know where we are!?”

“Yes dear.”

Before Susan could say anything else a classy woman who looked to be a few years older than us approached us, “Hello, I’m Genevieve. Welcome to my shop. Are you by chance the Broadlanes?”

“We are. I’m David and this is my wife Susan.”

“Oh yes! I remember that deep voice of yours.

“Susan, you are beautiful and sexy. I cannot wait to find you something wonderful.”

We followed Genevieve deeper into the shop. I could not help but notice that she had a model’s body and a fine ass. Her golden hair hung nearly to her waist. I was surprised that Susan didn’t bust me for staring film izle until I looked at her. Susan was watching her walk away as well. Hmm, interesting.

Genevieve stopped at the desk where two of her associates waited, “Please bring coffee and tea to the back fitting room. After that I do not wish to be disturbed unless the building is literally on fire. If you have an issue you think needs my attention please feel free to wow me by resolving it yourselves.”

Both women nodded their agreement and Genevieve turned to us, “Please follow me. My friends call me Viv.” She smiled sexily at Susan, “I do hope we can be friends.”

We entered a room like a small living room, minus the television. The furniture was high end. A sofa sat near one wall. Viv motioned for me to sit on one of the two wingback chairs centered on the other wall. “Susan, please undress and I will be back in a few minutes with some dresses for you to try on.”

“Don’t you need my sizes?”

“I modeled for ten years and have owned this store for ten more. I can tell sizes in my sleep dear.”

Viv left the room and Susan walked over and sat on my lap, “Oh my god! Do you think she is as hot as I do?”

“That is a loaded question babe!”

“Seriously! Be honest.”

“She is very hot. I couldn’t help but notice she has taken a shine to you as well!”

Susan bit her lip, “Do you think so? Wouldn’t it be amazing if she is the woman we have been looking for?”

“I have to admit that it would be.”

Susan and I have this ongoing fantasy of having a threesome with another woman. Believe it or not the idea was Susan’s. She had a few sexual experiences with women before we met and was interested in having another. She wanted me to be a part of that experience. We are open minded as a couple and would not be averse to some conditional sexual fun with other people. The conditions being that both of us would be involved and that it was just sex, not love.

I didn’t have my hopes up that this would be the time. When it comes to sexual adventures, finding the right people, working out the timing, and assuring discretion is almost as difficult as winning the lottery. A soft knock on the door was followed by the entrance of one of the sales associates. She set down the tray with our tea and coffee and locked the door as she left.

I poured while Susan undressed down to her green silk underwear. Her bra was low cut and nearly transparent. The matching thong was made of the same material. I talked her into wearing the set because she needed to see how the neckline of the dress would fit. If she had to go bra-less with the dress she needed to know if her nipples would show. Plus, I really like seeing her undressed like that!

A few minutes later the lock clicked on the door, the door opened, and Viv backed into the room pulling a dress rack. She closed the door and locked it before turning toward us. When she saw Susan, she stood frozen. Susan smiled sexily at her, “Hi Viv. Do you see something wrong?”

Her response was throaty, “Not…at…all. This is going to be a pleasure. You have no idea how hard it is to fit some of the rich cows that come in here that insist their size ten ass will fit in a size six. If I had to squeeze you into something it would just look sexier.”

I settled back to watch as dress after dress was carefully fitted to my wife. I couldn’t help but notice that Viv was touching, no, downright caressing Susan as she fitted her. I suspected that both had wet panties by the third dress. I can certainly vouch for the erection I was sporting! Around dress five or six Susan apparently reached her breaking point because she reached out, tilted Viv’s chin up, and kissed her on the lips. Viv smiled up at her, “I thought you would never get around to that.” After that it was off to the races. They were in each other’s arms and kissing deeply. They completely forgot I was in the room.

Susan took her time undressing Viv. Her lips followed the hands that were undressing Viv and she kissed her way down to her well-formed tits. Viv’s hand was inside Susan’s thong and her fingers were massaging her pussy. Suddenly Viv pulled away and shoved Susan down on the couch. She threw Susan’s legs up, grabbed her thong, and yanked it off. She immediately plunged her head between Susan’s legs and went to town on her pussy. Susan was beyond aroused at this point and Viv may have set a new speed record for making my wife cum. Not happy with making Susan cum once, she stayed after it until she brought her to a second cumming!

Susan had to shove her head away to make her stop. By this point I had my cock out and was slowly stroking it. I knew I wouldn’t last another second if I didn’t go super slow. Susan sat up and kissed Viv deeply before lowering her to the couch. Susan knelt on the floor and pulled Viv’s hips toward her. She lowered her head and her mouth enveloped Viv’s shaven pussy.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I undressed and got down behind my wife. I slid my seks filmi izle cock up and down her slit a few times to wet it and began to slowly insert it into her drenched pussy. I kept my strokes slow and easy so that Susan could maintain contact with Viv’s pussy. The closer Viv got to cumming the more she squirmed. Finally, she thrust her hips hard against Susan’s face and I was forced to pull out or get my dick broken.

Viv had both hands gripping my wife’s head as she ground her pussy against her face. She stiffened suddenly and began to orgasm. I stood and watched her cum on my wife’s face. Susan returned the two-orgasm favor and finally leaned back while Viv caught her breath.

Viv opened her eyes and looked at my crotch, “Oh my! Susan, your husband is huge!”

Susan grinned, “Yes he is, and he is really good with it. Would you like some?”

“Uhm, I don’t know. It looks scary big.”

“I promise he won’t hurt you with it, although you might be a tad sore tomorrow. It will be a good sore I promise!”

I gently pulled my wife away and moved between Viv’s legs. I teased her for a bit by sliding the head up and down her slit and across her clit. It wasn’t long before her hips were thrusting toward me and I knew she was ready. I leaned down and kissed her deeply. I broke our kiss and whispered, “I don’t want to hurt you so please don’t thrust against me at first. Let me get us started and once you are comfortable you can thrust all that you want.”

Slowly and gently, I inserted the head into her. “OH MY GOD HE’S HUGE!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Hell No, don’t stop!”

Inch by inch I entered her until she gently pushed against my stomach. I noted her preferred depth and slid back out until only the head was embedded in her. Slowly I penetrated her again and I could feel her walls stretching around me. Gradually I increased the pace, and her hips began to move to meet me. We got lost in each other for a while. Our lips met and she moaned into my mouth as our tongues touched. I had to grip her hips and hold her down as she orgasmed. She was thrusting at me so hard I was concerned that she would hurt herself. When she finally calmed down and I slowly withdrew my achingly hard cock. I kissed her deeply, “Are you alright dear?”

“I have never been so alright in my life. No one has ever fucked me like that. Thank you, sir may I have another?”

“Viv, it has been my pleasure. You are the only woman I have been with since Susan and I met. I think Susan and I both would like to give you another!”

“Speaking of another, you haven’t had your first! Susan, would you mind if I suck your husband’s cock?”

Susan laughed, “Well he did just fuck you so, I guess it will be alright.”

Viv motioned for me to lay back on the couch and she moved between my legs. She grasped my cock and began to lick up and down my shaft. She kissed the tip before sliding her mouth over the head. She then proceeded to give me some of the best head I have ever had. The combination of suction, tongue, hand, and mouth proved too much for me, and I could feel the pressure building. My blood pressure must have been off the charts when I started cumming. I was sure that I blew the back of her head off with the first shot. The four that came after just added to the carnage.

I was shocked to see a fully intact head smiling up at me as she finished swallowing and licked her lips, “Nice load David. I wouldn’t mind another of those as well!”

“Maybe next time I’ll try shooting it in your tight pussy.”

“Darling, every pussy is tight if you are in it!”

Susan grinned, “So, you want him to cum in you and swallow him at the same time? How does that work?”

Viv shook her head rapidly, “Hell no! I want another of each, and not at the same time! If I happen to orgasm a few times while he is getting there it isn’t really my fault is it?”

We took advantage of the full bath connected to the dressing room. Susan used the bath while Viv and I got dressed, “Viv?”

“Yes dear?”

“I want Susan to be wearing the sexiest and classiest dress ever seen in that hotel. I want the underwear to be the same. Finally, no panty hose. I want her wearing pull up stockings. I want to feel that transition from the silk of the stocking to the silk of her thigh when I sneak my hand into her panties. I will leave the rest up to you.”

“Oh god! That voice of yours, and what you said. You’re going to make me cum again if you keep talking.”

“I would love to keep talking, and other things, but for now let’s focus on Susan.”

Susan walked back into the room and kissed us both deeply, “I never expected this to happen, but I am glad it did!”

Viv smiled, “I think we are all in agreement with that. Now, let’s finish up. I know the dress you need. Give me five minutes and I will be back.”

Viv left, wheeling the dresses behind her. Susan came over to me and sat on my lap. We did a thorough lip and tongue inspection, purely by feel. When we finally separated, we snuggled a bit, “So, Susan sweety, did you enjoy your new friend?”

“Oh, hell yes! I never imagined being with someone as hot and sexy as she is in my wildest fantasies.”

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