Lost Dog Leads to Hot Pregnancy


It was a hot summer day and Alex was on his way home from school. Since it was such a beautiful day he decided that he would just walk home rather then take the bus as he usually did. As he continued to make his way to his house he was approached by the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She looked about 18 years old was about 5’6″ tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes and a gorgeous looking face. She approached Alex and asked him if he had seen any dogs running around the neighborhood. Alex told her that he hadn’t seen any dogs, but that he would help her look for her dog if she would like. The girl agreed and they both took off walking in the direction that Alex had just come from looking for the girls dog.

As they walked they made small talk and Alex found out that her name was Jennifer and that they were looking for a black lab puppy that had ran away from her house. Alex could tell that Jennifer was a bit shook up about her dog being gone and her tried to comfort her as much as possible. They walked for about 4 blocks when Jennifer stopped in her tracks and broke down crying. She sat down on the ground and Alex sat down beside her and put his arm around Jennifer to try and comfort her. Jennifer looked up from the ground and looked into Alex’s eyes.

“You are such a nice guy, trying to help me find my dog” she said.

“I’m just trying to help” he said.

Jennifer reached up with her other hand and put both arms around Alex and he did they same and they embraced in a warm hug. Jennifer looked into Alex’s eyes and then leaned over and started to kiss him. Alex didn’t know what to do but he wasn’t going to stop kissing this beautiful girl. They sat on the side of the road and kissed for about two minutes when Jennifer broke off the kiss.

“I’m sorry” she said.

“No, you don’t have to be sorry. That was wonderful.” he said.

Jennifer invited Alex over to her house for a glass of lemonade. He gladly accepted and they headed back towards the house.

When they got back to the house they went out into the backyard and Alex sat down at the table and Jennifer went into the house and got them both a glass of lemonade. She brought out the lemonade and sat down at the table next to Alex.

“I want to thank you for trying to help me find my dog” she said.

“No problem” he said.

They continued to talk for awhile as they drank their lemonade and they both found out a lot about one another. Alex found out that Jennifer had broken up with her boyfriend about a month ago when she found out that he had gotten another girl pregnant. She was still a little emotional about the situation and started to cry when she talked about it. Alex once again came to the rescue and put his arm around her to comfort her. Jennifer got up from her chair and grabbed Alex by the arm and they walked into the house. Jennifer told Alex to have a seat and that she was going to put on something a little more comfortable because she was really hot from being out in the heat for a long time.

Alex sat down on the sofa as Jennifer went upstairs. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Jennifer went up to her room and got undressed and slipped into her bikini and put on a pair of shorts to cover up her bottom. She came back downstairs and asked Alex if he wanted to go back out and look for her dog. Alex gladly accepted and they went back outside. Jennifer suggested that they take the car this time so they could ride in the air condition. They went into the garage and got into Jennifer’s car. She backed out of the garage and they were once again off in search of Jennifer’s lost dog. They drove around the city going down every street and they couldn’t find the dog anywhere. They went to the dog pound and the police department and no one there had found any lost dog’s either. She gave them all a report and they said that they would call if they had any information.

It was getting to be late evening and the sun was fading fast. They knew they wouldn’t be able to search anymore today so they headed back toward the house. Jennifer was heading back the same way that they had come from before when she took a sudden turn. Alex knew this wasn’t the way they had come from but thought that maybe Jennifer knew of a short cut. Jennifer was driving real slow and Alex didn’t know what was going on.

“Is there something wrong with the car” he said.

“No, Nothing at all.” she said.

They came to a long and dark driveway and Jennifer turned in. Alex was starting to get a bit worried but he still didn’t say anything. They drove down the long driveway and suddenly in the distance appeared a lake with a beautiful view of the moon. Jennifer drove up near the lake and put the car in park and shut it off.

“I have always wanted to come back here and sit and look at the beautiful view” she said.

“Yea, it’s a spectacular view.” Alex said.

Alex couldn’t help but to look at Jennifer’s beautiful body.

“Your very beautiful” he said.

“Your quite handsome yourself” Jennifer Maltepe Escort said as she smiled.

They leaned over toward one another and began slowing and passionately kissing. As they continued to kiss Alex was exploring Jennifer’s body. He was running his hand over her back and over her huge tits. Jennifer was only wearing a bikini top and Alex loved the site of her beautiful tits. He slipped his hand under the bikini top and started to fondle her tits. He reached behind and undid her bikini top and let it fall to the seat. All of this was happening while they both never let loose of their wonderful passionate kiss. Alex took his hand and cupped Jennifer’s breasts and began kissing his way down her neck. He kissed and sucked at her neck for awhile as he fondled her breasts in his warm hands. Jennifer was so excited and she just threw he head back and enjoyed what was happening.

Alex continued his way down her body and finally got to her breasts. He kissed his way down her left breast until he got to her nipple. He took the nipple into his mouth and started to suck on it like a little baby. Jennifer really enjoyed the feeling of him sucking her nipple and let out a loud moan. As Alex continued to suck on her breast Jennifer wanted to get a first hand look at what was under Alex’s shirt. She started to lift up his shirt and he let go of her breast and she took the shirt all the way off. When she got the shirt off she noticed that Alex had a nice set of pecs and a wonderful set of rock hard abs. That was exactly what she liked in a man and she really loved it on Alex. Alex went back to sucking on her nipple as Jennifer ran her hands all over his chest and stomach. Jennifer pulled Alex off of her nipple and laid him back in the seat. She got as close to him as she could and started to kiss his entire chest. She ran her tongue all over his chest and kissed every square inch.

She worked her way down and then made her way back up again. When she got back up to his neck she stopped and kissed and sucked for awhile as Alex enjoyed the feeling. She worked her way back down his chest and she finally came to his waist line where his shorts where. She unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off of his hot sweaty body. He was wearing a pair of flannel boxer shorts that looked to be a bit small for the package he had inside. Jennifer slid her hand into his boxers and started to stroke his rock hard cock. Alex closed his eyes and put his head back on the seat and enjoyed what was happening. Jennifer was masturbating Alex and was having a hard time finding the shaft of his penis. She knew that he was huge and she just had to see for herself. She slid his boxers up and off of Alex to reveal his 9 1/2″ rock hard cock.

Her eyes got huge when she saw how big he was and she knew that she had to have that piece of meat inside of her. She continued to stroke his big cock and Alex reached over and started to unbutton her shorts and slip them off of her. He threw her shorts onto the floor and made his way back to get her out of her bikini. He slid her out of her bikini bottom and noticed that her young pussy was just dripping with juices. He bent down and stuck his tongue into her wet pussy and started to lick up all of those love juices. Alex looked up at Jennifer and smiled.

He got back up and said “Are you ready for this huge cock to be inside of you”

“Oh baby” she said. “Give it all to me”

Alex opened the car door and got out of the car. He opened the back door and climbed into the back seat. Jennifer followed out the driver side of the car. They got into the back seat of the car and they started out with another long and passionate kiss. Jennifer started to lay down on the seat and Alex got on top of her. He positioned himself over top of her with his young hard teen cock right over her young wet pussy.

“Be careful” she said. “I’m still a virgin”

Alex’s cock grew even stiffer when he heard her say that.

“Well that makes two of us then” he said.

They engaged in another wet passionate kiss and Alex entered her just like a professional. With no help at all Alex started into her wet pussy. He went slowly so he wouldn’t hurt her and Jennifer let out a loud moan.

“Does that hurt” he said.

“God no” she said.

“It feels great. Keep going”

Alex entered her more and more and soon he had his whole 9 1/2″ cock deep inside her young cunt. He started to move up and down and in and out of her pussy. Alex was so hard and so horny that it didn’t take him long until he was about to cum. Jennifer felt his cock swelling even more and knew that that moment was about to come. At that thought Jennifer let out a loud moan and started to cum. Alex couldn’t hold back anymore and he too was sent over the edge and sent his hot fertile teen sperm deep into Jennifer’s fertile cunt. Alex kept cumming and cumming and it started to spill out of Jennifer’s cunt. After he finally stopped cumming they kissed some more as Alex’s cock was still deep inside Jennifer’s cunt. With his cock Maltepe Escort Maltepe still hard and deep inside her cunt Alex sat up and Jennifer did the same.

Alex straddled her lap and then opened the car door. Together they slid out the door and got out of the car. Jennifer walked back wards as Alex pushed her toward the lake. He turned and laid Jennifer on the hood of the car. His cock never leaving the comfort of her warm teen cunt. They crawled up onto the hood of the car and Alex began to once again screw Jennifer. This time lasting almost 15 minutes he sent more hot sperm deep inside her hot fertile cunt. Finally Alex’s cock started to go limp and he slowly pulled it out of Jennifer’s hot cunt. They laid nude on the hood of the car in each other’s arms as they stared up at the moon. Slowly they both drifted off to sleep as they laid on the hood of the car.

They slept for almost 4hrs before they were awoke by the brightness of the sun as it started to rise. They looked deep into one another’s eyes and then looked at the lake. They both had the same idea and got up from the hood of the car and headed down toward the lake. They slowly entered the water and it was nice and warm just like a bath tub. They went out as far as they could and then they stopped. Alex brought Jennifer close to him and they started to kiss again. Alex’s cock grew hard in no time. They continued to kiss as the hugged closely in the water. Alex slowly slid his hard cock deep inside Jennifer’s cunt. He began to move his hips back and forth and slid his dick in and out of her pussy. Slowly he pumped his cock in and out and in no time they were both moaning loudly as Alex once again filled Jennifer’s cunt with his teen cum. He slid his cock out of her pussy and he grabbed her hand and they headed out of the water. They got back to the car and Jennifer got in the trunk and got a towel out and they each dried off. They got back into the car and slipped back into their clothes and then headed back toward the house.

As they drove back toward the house Alex started to drift back to sleep. As Jennifer drove she noticed that there was something running along side the road. When she got closer she saw that it was a black lab puppy and she pulled off to the side of the road and got out of the car. Alex woke up to see what was going on and just smiled when he saw that Jennifer had found her puppy. She hugged the dog for a few minutes and then put him in the back seat of the car and they continued on their way home. They got back to Jennifer’s place and she invited Alex in for some breakfast. He told her that he needed to get home so that he could get some sleep so he could go to school.

“Well why don’t you come on in and crash in my bed.” she said.

Alex pondered the idea and then gladly accepted.

They went into the house and Alex wondered why there was no one home.

“Where is everyone at” he said.

“They all went on vacation for 3 weeks to the Bahamas” she said.

“Ohhh” Alex said as he smiled.

Jennifer took Alex by the hand and led him up the stairs and into her bedroom. She wasn’t very tired but told Alex that he could lay down in there to get some rest. Alex went and laid on the bed and shortly fell asleep. Jennifer went back downstairs and made herself some breakfast and then went and laid on the couch and watched some TV. After just a few minutes of laying on the couch she too drifted off to sleep. She was awoke 2hrs later by the sweet aroma of Alex leaning down to give her a kiss.

“I have to get going to school” he said.

“Ok” she said.

“Will you stop by after school” she said.

“Of course I will.” he said smiling.

With that Alex walked out the door and headed off to school.

In the few short weeks to come Alex and Jennifer grew even closer and officially became boyfriend and girlfriend and they even met one another’s parents.

Three weeks to the day that they had met and had their magical night together Jennifer came down sick. After a few days of being sick she decided that she had better go to the doctor so she could get some medicine. She scheduled an appointment and went in to see the doctor.

“Well Jennifer” said Dr. Lynwood. There is a very good reason why you have been sick for the past couple of days” He paused for a few shorts minutes as Jennifer waited for him to continue. “Your Pregnant” he said.

Jennifer looked shocked at the news but deep down inside she had a wonderful feeling of joy. She went home from the doctor and called Alex and told him to come over because she had something to tell him. Alex came over in just a few minutes and he went up to her room.

“Sit down on the bed baby” she said.

“I have something to tell you. There is a very good reason why I have been sick for the past couple of days” she said.

Alex’s mind began to wander and the thought of pregnancy struck his mind.

“I’m Pregnant” she said.

A big smile came over Alex’s face. He jumped up off the bed and grabbed Escort Maltepe Jennifer in his arms.

“YAHOOOOOOOO” he said.

“Oh baby that is so great.” he said.

Jennifer just smiled because she knew this was going to be a happy time for both of them. Jennifer’s parents ran up to her room when to see what all of the yelling was about.

“Jennifer what’s all the yelling about” said her dad.

“Mom dad, we’re pregnant” Jennifer said.

Jennifer looked a little worried.

Her dad came up to her and grabbed her and hugged her.

“That is so wonderful sweetie.” he said.

“Congratulations sweetie. I know you will make a wonderful mother and Alex will make for a great father.” said her mom.

Alex and Jennifer were overwhelmed by the way her parent’s took the news. They left Jennifer’s house and headed over to Alex’s place. They told his parents the news and they gave them the same supportive congratulations that Jennifer’s parent’s did.

In the months to come Jennifer was beginning to develop her pregnant form and Alex was loving the new shape her body was taking. Jennifer was now four month pregnant but looked as though she was about 7 months pregnant. She went to the doctor for her regular checkup and found out that she was not only pregnant but she was pregnant with twins. That explained why Jennifer was so big for only being four months along. She went home and told everyone the news and they were all very excited for her. Her parents were very supportive for them and so were Alex’s parents.

As her pregnancy continued Jennifer grew hornier and hornier and loved that fact that Alex was with her all of the time and they could have wonderful sex. Her parents were very supportive of her pregnancy and didn’t mind if Alex and her had sex in their house. They knew she was very horny and knew she needed to be pleasured.

The day Jennifer learned she was pregnant with twins was a very unusual day for her. She was hornier then normal and she had to finger herself 4 times to keep herself satisfied until Alex got home from school. When Alex got off of school he went straight over to Jennifer’s house in hopes of getting laid. When he walked in the door Jennifer was waiting for him in the nude. She grabbed him in his arms and had his shirt off of him before he could even put his books down. She pushed him up against the door and stripped his pants and boxers off of him. Alex was rock hard when she got to his cock. Their lips met in a passionate kiss and Alex spun Jennifer around and rammed his long hard cock into her pregnant teen pussy. Since Jennifer’s stomach was so huge they couldn’t kiss as Alex fucked her.

He bent backward and rocked his cock into her pussy. As Alex and Jennifer were by the front door fucking Jennifer’s parents slipped in the back door. They walked into the living room and saw a bare ass up against the door and just smiled and walked out of the room. Jennifer and Alex continued to fuck and Alex was getting close to shooting off his load. Jennifer felt his cock start to swell and she knew that he was getting close.

“Oh Yes baby. Shoot that hot cum into my cunt” she yelled loudly.

“Oh baby, baby. Yeeeeees. Oh god damn baby.” Alex said as his cock started to shoot hot loads of cum deep inside of Jennifer’s pussy. He sent 6 hot loads of cum deep inside of her cunt screaming and moaning the whole time.

“Oh my” said her mom. “What a hot ass that boy has.” she said.

Jennifer’s dad walked over to his mom and grabbed her into his arms and they started to kiss.

“I think our daughter having sex has turned you on” he said.

“Oh yea” she said.

And with that they both had their clothes off in a matter of seconds and were fucking on the kitchen counter. Alex and Jennifer heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen and went in there to see what was going on. To their surprise there was Jennifer’s parents on the kitchen counter fucking. Jennifer and Alex just looked at one another and smiled.

“I guess we got them both horny” said Jennifer.

Alex smiled.

Alex’s cock was still rock hard and was dieing for more. Jennifer grabbed his cock and led him over to the kitchen table. Alex lifted her up onto the table and slid his hard cock back inside her horny pussy. Her parents looked up from what they were doing and grinned and went back to fucking.

“Oh baby. God. Yes. Baby. I’m going to cum” said her dad.

And with that he shot a big load of cum deep inside of his horny wife. As they moaned and yelled during their orgasm’s Alex and Jennifer were going at it harder and faster then ever. Jennifer was now cuming and that sent Alex over the edge. Cumming again and again deep inside of Jennifer. They all got up from what their respectful places and just looked and one another and grinned. Still naked they all walked up to one another and had a group hug.

This kind of sex went on for the entire rest of Jennifer’s pregnancy. When Jennifer reached her 6th month of pregnancy the doctor put her on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy because she was so huge he didn’t want her to injure herself. Being in bed was good for Jennifer and her and Alex continued to fuck. Alex waited on her hand and foot for the remainder of her pregnancy.

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