Love Affair


You gently pull my lips apart exposing the pink flesh and find my flower with your tongue. You feel it come to life as you gently flick your tongue back and forth across it.

Feel my body arch beneath your strong arms as you take me to my peak over and over again. Gently slip a finger into my kitty and feel my pussy clamp down as the orgasms wash over me.

Listen to my cries of pleasure as I scream your name over and over pleading with you to enter me. Please, I am begging you, slide your hard cock into me!! Feel my orgasms pull you in deeper.

I love the way your hard cock fills as it slips deeper and deeper into my tight, wet pussy. I love the way that your cock takes up all the space inside of me while slightly stretching me.

We settle into a nice slow rhythm and the rocking of your body takes my orgasms to new heights. You lean down to kiss me with an urgency. As your lips find mine, you gently pry them apart with your tongue, so that you may taste my mouth.

You gently slip your hands underneath kartal escort me and roll me over so that I’m on top of you. You enjoy me being on top, dominating you.

You love to feel me ride your cock, taking you to new heights as you’ve done to me. I gently slide up and down your cock as my orgasms wash over me. With each orgasm I rock harder on your shaft and as the orgasm passes, I slow down.

You tell me that I am teasing you. Bringing you closer to your orgasm and then taking it back and it is driving you crazy. You tell me that you want to feel my mouth on your cock. I ride you for a couple of more rounds before disengaging my warm and sopping wet kitty from your manhood.

I slowly kiss the length of your body until my lips brush against your head. I lick your shaft like it’s a lollipop made for me and then slowly take you into my eager mouth inch by inch.

I love the feel of your hard cock between my lips. I love to hear your moans as I gently stroke you. Your voice excites maltepe escort bayan me and with a fever I suck harder…closing in on your orgasm. Until you stop me I am staying put with your cock in my mouth and your balls in my hand.

As I continue to suck you into my mouth, I glance up at your face to find you watching me. I love watching your blue eyes looking into my brown ones with such intense heat and passion.

I can feel you getting close to your orgasm, feel your cock swell in my mouth, and I know the end is near. I can see it in your face that you’re fixing to shoot your load down the back of my throat.

I wrap my hand around the bottom of your shaft and match my mouth stroke for stroke, feeling your body tense beneath my hands.

I love the way my tongue feels against the veins of your cock.I love running my tongue up and down your shaft, enjoying the guttural moans that it brings out of your mouth.

I live for the moment when I can bring you to orgasm…to deplete escort pendik you of your supply of cum. I hear you whisper in a breathy voice, ‘Don’t stop!! I’m so close!!’

I increase my strokes with my hand, bringing my mouth just to your head and sucking harder. I briefly lift my mouth from your manhood to get a glimpse of what I’m doing to you and to enjoy my view of what I see before my eyes.

Nice big purple head, swollen with love juices, nice hard shaft in my hand …ahhhhh….I grab a hold of your head with my hand and stroke your head with my thumb and forefinger until I hear you say ‘I’m cumming!!’

It never seems to take long when I use my fingers. I lower my head back over your manhood as you unleash your powerful orgasm into my mouth.

The first shot hits the back of my throat, a bit salty and bitter, but powerful nonetheless, and slides down my throat as the rest of your juices follow. Your cum is so hot!!

I love the feeling in my hand of your cock pumping out the rest of your orgasm. I swallow every bit of your juices and then continue to gently stroke to get every last drop.

As we lay spent in the bed you look down at me between your legs, my favorite place to be, and tell me that in a few minutes after you catch your breath, it’s my turn.

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